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Mad Men Finale - Peggy and Stan Scene

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The Peggy and Stan scene from the final episode of Mad Men. Content belongs to AMC, no copyright infringement intended.
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No One (3 months ago)
Stan is the man with the plan.
Lyda Caceres (4 months ago)
Peggy answered the same way I think I'll answer if anyone ever tells me they love me. That "What?" will be dripping with "Are you insane?" LOL.
Gill Dawe (6 months ago)
Honestly, probably one of the most romantic scenes ever on television. Can't help but cry like a baby every time I watch it.
10521577A (6 months ago)
This is such a hilarious and charming scene. Mad men's casting director is great at her job (save for Weiner's son lol)
smartalec 88 (9 months ago)
Loved this show until the last season. I'm sorry everybody, but this scene is so contrived and "TV show" like that it just fell completely flat.
Plucky Bellhop (9 months ago)
That moment when she realizes he's not as his phone and you just know he's coming for her :')
rcc1921 (10 months ago)
Watched this scene 3 times and cried every single time.  It was great and so well done.  Love Peggy's reaction and Stan running to her office.  Fantastic acting.
Borkh (11 months ago)
Guess I'm the only one who absolutely HATED Peggy's resolution in the series. Oh well...
C Geer (5 months ago)
Borkh Three Jackdaws That’s too bad. I wish you could have just enjoyed it for the, yes, simple pleasure that it was like so many of us.
Sid Thevar (1 year ago)
what? what?! what...........
Brent Crude (1 year ago)
Stan's smile at 3:44 is everything.
This scene proves that opposites attract and that maybe your best friend may be the one you need even if they’re not the one you want right now
dsn1964 (1 year ago)
I always liked old Stan. Kind of reminds me of Seth Rogen if Rogan came of age in the 60s. Great character and those two were made for each other.
hemmojito (1 year ago)
That came a little as a surprise but it made sense. After all they were together all the time. She doesn't want to admit her own feelings to herself but that's always been her. And that's a very sweet scene.
ScorPWNok (1 year ago)
Greatest escape from the friendzone in TV history
ally dawes (1 year ago)
Every character on this show was so incredibly interesting. Peggy, Roger, Joan, Ginsberg, and Betty were my top 5 I think. Just so many layers to their character
Guccipiggy (7 months ago)
ally dawes I love how you included Ginsberg lololol
isabelsiete10 (1 year ago)
Should have been Don😢😢😢
bawoman (1 year ago)
They went from sworn enemies that hated each other, to reluctant co workers with begrudging respect for each other, to friendly co workers, to work spouses, to close friends, to best friends and finally to what they were truly meant to be. So lovely to watch it all unfold now.....righf from Stan's first episode where Peggy challenged him to a strip down then rightfully humiliated him by calling his bluf.Their fate was sealed forever in that tiny room at the Waldorf ❤
bawoman (1 year ago)
My only complaint is that we got to see so little of them together. We missed out on so much. Imagine Don finding out... ..Imagine the first time they had sex.... .Imagine Peggy taking him to met Ma Olson. Oh well I'll take what I can get I guess.
Steven Frederick (1 year ago)
THIS LINK SHOWS THE GENIUS OF THIS SHOW!!! IT ALSO HAS SOME COMMENTARY ON SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE PITCHES ON THE SHOW: https://www.buzzfeed.com/aubreylivingston/mad-men-the-genius-of-advertising-35szh?utm_term=.xyLQwZ5DX#.rl62No8qW
julia benedit (1 year ago)
love the couple
Melanie Nelson (1 year ago)
One of my absolute favorites TV scenes of all time.
Michael Sieger (1 year ago)
This scene makes sense if the viewer noticed the subtle work the writers had put in to crafting their relationship over several seasons as both characters mature from early contempt and sexual tension to affable adults
Rabiya Laros (1 year ago)
Best entertaining love confession scene ever!! LOL! Peggy & Stan xx
suigeneris95 (1 year ago)
Peggy <3 <3
Sohrob Ganjbaksh (1 year ago)
Probably the most beautiful thing about this scene is that it's over the phone. How many bullshit confessions of love have the mad men given just to have sex right then and there. Somehow the fact that it was over the phone made it more emotional and intimate.
Rebecca J (1 year ago)
I bursted out laughing when she said : " I don't even think about you " xDDD well done Peggy
Unownshipper (1 year ago)
I love Peggy, I love Stan (you know, once he grew a beard and dropped his earlier assholish behavior), I do think they work as a couple, and I think the scene was cute, but I'm not fully happy with this. Maybe I just wish this wasn't saved for the LAST episode (like I wish it were paced better) or maybe I wanted them both to end up with someone new who was just what they both needed... or maybe I just wish Peggy had dumped Abe LONG before they broke up. It all adds up to "could've been handled a little better."
Paul Arbuckle (1 year ago)
Amazing, she was so distracted that she didn't realize she was in love. Either that, or she just convinced herself that she was in love. I prefer to think the former.
Elsa Vélez (11 days ago)
I think, she was in love ehit him, but but dont realized or dont wanted to acept it.
10521577A (6 months ago)
Reminds of the time when she never noticed she was pregnant! Now that will be an issue both her and Stan will have to figure out but seems realistic to think that Stan will tolerate that since he loves the way she makes him crazy
THE ROXY ROLLER (2 years ago)
how can I find me a love like that
The Motorcycle Girl try looking in the office next to you
Eddy Lancelotti (2 years ago)
Honestly, not a good ending for Peggy, one of the deepest characters. It looks like her ultimate search was for a companion, drowning her ambition, a constant in her personality throughout the series. Peggy needed so much more conclusion. Stan is an obvious pair for her, it looks like they failed everywhere else and decided to go with what was there all the time.
Crystal Marie (2 years ago)
ramona lynn (2 years ago)
You have no idea how happy this makes me! I've been rooting for these two since day one. When Stan said "Because every time I'm face to face with you I want to strangle you!" I laughed out loud but also imagined what was coming and got so excited! I've never been in love but I imagine I would react the same way Peggy did...
Memorex996 (2 years ago)
You see Stan come to realization, then a little heartbreak when peggy says she doesn't think of him, and then that bit of hope when she says everything else
depp8444 (2 years ago)
Kinda disappointing this scene. Peggy was the one character that kept the plot moving forward through 7 seasons while Draper ran from his ghosts. She deserved something more than this Nora Ephronesque ending....
Jon Targaryen (2 years ago)
There is nothing wrong with someone getting a happy ending
Memorex996 (2 years ago)
nah, she found her guy. She's struggled in that department, and besides Don, Stan was the only real consistent man in her life. They even kept in contact when she left SCDP
ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ (2 years ago)
I love them together.
Nonaggress (2 years ago)
1:44: Stan: "All I want to do is be with you" "WHAT." "I want to be. With you. I'm in love with you." "WHAT." "I love you Peggy." "WHAT." A free can of beer for the guy who gets the reference I'm making and therefore why this is so accidentally funny for me.
No One (3 months ago)
And then.
John Fake (1 year ago)
Nonaggress o
Christoffel Middel (1 year ago)
say what again! I dare you I double dare you!
EscargoTouChaud (1 year ago)
I'd guess Pulp Fiction
HarpinHurst (2 years ago)
Eiliestl (2 years ago)
Should have been Don.
Anouk2000 (1 year ago)
Maybe Ted was the one, I like them together. Stan by contrast was a jerk an his misogynistic jokes were hideous! Not happy with this finale.
bawoman (2 years ago)
if you say so
Eiliestl (2 years ago)
+bawoman Better than the guy she ended up with.
bawoman (2 years ago)
Eww, no.
bt10ant (2 years ago)
The least believable story line in the finale....
Robert Switzer (2 years ago)
In any other instance, this akward and clumsy love scene would be so corny but for this one instance it fits so well. That akward and clumsy girl we got to meet in season 1 accidentally tripped and fell ass backwards into this which is why it works so well. Peggy wanted to be like Joan but she was just different and it showed in how she found her love.
Tom Helms (2 years ago)
As much as I loved the finale. I felt like this was such a cheesy scene. It seems like it was right out of a 1990s romantic comedy
The1dBumblebee (6 months ago)
cutcc (2 years ago)
This is such an awesome scene. Absolutely perfect ^_^
Jaquelin Montoya (2 years ago)
She should of joined joans business and took Stan with her instead
Arthur R (2 years ago)
D. Pogs (3 years ago)
This was one of the most adorable scenes I have ever seen.
Flamsterette (3 years ago)
cmetzel (3 years ago)
i cri evrytiem
blackdog045 (3 years ago)
I feel like Stan and Peggy's relationship is the most likeable one on the show and the one that I would bet to last the most. Every other relationship or marriage on this show pretty much just felt doomed and always ended in divorce/someone cheating on the other multiple times. Stan and Peggy seemed to enjoy working together, enjoyed poking fun/teasing each other and in the end we see real love between the two of them. Really like that they ended up together.
C Geer (5 months ago)
blackdog045 What?...WHAT?
Moon Along My Head (1 year ago)
It wasn't the relationship we needed, but it was the one we deserved!
Miranda (3 years ago)
This is just the best part of the whole series, ever. I made tiny squealing noises the whole time. I love it.
MiaOver9000 (3 years ago)
The build up to this was so subtle and realistic. Love it
Nia Lucien (3 years ago)
Omg I loved this moment, I was rooting for this couple since they first met. Peggy is definitely one of my favorite characters and Stan was the who could deal with her and take the jabs she threw at him.....
Sophia I (3 years ago)
Lmfao... This is golden
Miriam Nickel (3 years ago)
this scene makes me so happy. i love stan and peggy. i am so glad that finally got together :)
William McCormick (3 years ago)
Stan has been one of my favorite characters for a long time now and the fact that he wins Peggy's heart is the best ending of any two characters on the show. It is so beautiful that I need to go back through the entire series to see the moment where they really fell in love. So wonderful.
Joylibelle (1 year ago)
That time they both had to work in a hotel room working on an account and did this naked?
lisquidsnake (3 years ago)
the one i love...
rgoddess1 (3 years ago)
I loved  this scene... I burst into a big grin.
Dawn the OG (3 years ago)
This was the best!  Stan telling Peggy she makes him crazy...It made me giggle because of that being said to me a few times.  Besides, Stan is hot.  Peggy is a lucky girl.  ;-)
Lauren Bisbee (3 years ago)
So what if it was happy!!! You all get mad when a show ends sadly, but you have a beautiful ending and you're pissed? Y'all need some anti-depressants if a happy ending to a fictional show pisses you off! I love this for Peggy! Those nights at CGC when they would always be on the phone :) Oh and when they hated each other and had to lock themselves in a hotel together and they were both naked! At least they both knew what they are working with! Honestly peggy's ending is the only one i cared about!
VStodder (3 years ago)
Yes this was very rom com like but come on. Elizabeth Moss is so good she absolutely sold it and it was beautiful.
Brent Crude (1 year ago)
Moss is awesome, but I think they both sold it because Jay Ferguson as Stan is perfect, in that cuddly, warm, teddy bear, all-round epic dude way. His smile at 3:44 says it all. :)
Kelaiah01 (3 years ago)
I never really shipped them, but I'm glad they got together, and a lot of credit goes to how the actors played the scene out. It was a little sappy, but not too sappy. And of course it was sweet. x)
stephen nunez (3 years ago)
I was watching this whole scene like YESSS!!! Peggy finally fell for the right guy! lmao
Kelly S (3 years ago)
I'm so happy their ending was full of cheese :).
AProperNoun (3 years ago)
I think I would've found this too sappy and sudden if it weren't for Peggy's absolutely perfect reaction. Her second "What?" is the most Peggy thing that's ever happened and it's beautiful.
Martin Coloma Armas (11 months ago)
Pizza haus!
Emma Thompson (1 year ago)
TheGoldcountry (3 years ago)
+AProperNoun It is a very sappy scene, but they earned it because this relationship grew for a long time. They didn't just drop it and say "OK, these two characters fall in love." They had a long history.
RandomPlayIist (3 years ago)
+AProperNoun Her second "What?" is probably my biggest laugh of the show. Classic Peggy.
Larry Lee Moniz (3 years ago)
I was hoping this would happen.   Stan was the one person in Peggy's life that was a constant.  Even when she left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, they still remained close. Pretty awesome scene.
Vaughn L (3 years ago)
Can you upload the Pete and Trudy scene from episode 13?
cche16 (3 years ago)
Brian Rapp (3 years ago)
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Larry Lee Moniz (3 years ago)
+Brian Rapp Dude, lay off the crack pipe.
JoshinYasha (3 years ago)
I've waited for this for seasons! My OTP *finally* came true!
Natalie Quli (3 years ago)
I have now watched this clip four times in a row. I didn't realize I was such a schmaltzy sap.
C Geer (5 months ago)
Natalie Quli Yeah, well, you’re in a lot of company. In today’s world isn’t it great to be able to get such a sweet, simple kick out of something as admittedly schmaltzy as this?
Nicole Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Richard Wild (3 years ago)
This is the scene I have been waiting for the last couple of years. Stan and Peggy forever.
LollyPolly813 (3 years ago)
Thank uuuuuu
lauren z (3 years ago)
Her reaction is pure gold: "What?!?" I'm so happy for her. She got her happy ending.
designchik (3 years ago)
Loved it too! Thanks for posting it!
Mary Juárez (3 years ago)
loved this scene so much from last nights series finale

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