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Mass Effect Trilogy: Funny Moments(Part 3)

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Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbEKoKJnvYAj0qo4FxqC3_ByfP300HscK Mass Effect Trilogy Funny Moments from Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. This is part 3.
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beezito (2 days ago)
Your channel is seriously underrated. Keep up the good work! :D
MrDragondrian (14 days ago)
The citadel DLC is worth every dollar, just because of the funny scenes
Jakob Carrillo (14 days ago)
Holy cow aliens know about donuts wonder if they know of ice cream steak hot dogs cheeseburgers burritos and nachos pizza to as well as chicken fries mac cheese and a bunch of others
Michelle_Elizabeth (19 days ago)
1:20 but in number 3 u wear one...
Hello there! How about dragon age series romance?
Bryan Chong (1 month ago)
RIP Wrex
teutonieth (1 month ago)
My fav moment was in the party when Wrex and Grunt got into a match to see which one can say "Shepard." the best.
Carl Lewis (1 month ago)
10:00 - Classic Kasumi, she never changes!
Carl Lewis (1 month ago)
01:04 - Ashley at her Number One most funniest and cutest, save in M.E.1 when Shepard flirts and starts to Romance her and she starts getting flustered and blushes. No, really, I think Ash actually blushes a lot when being Romanced and flirts back herself a few times. But, Tali and Liara are even cuter whe they blush more, alternatively.
Muschel Schubser (1 month ago)
Gawd, Kaidan is such a bland, empty suit.That hair helmet alone is a reason to nuke him in ME1.
patrick sedillo (1 month ago)
Iv recently gotten into the mass effect trilogy and am about to finish the third game. Glad to say that you are my new fav channel cuz you cover pretty much everything about it and love seeing the humor in the trilogy
Palawan Gamer (2 months ago)
I need the trilogy😞
Adam W. (2 months ago)
It's more funny talk to Jax on payment question - Maybe. Opens other dialogue where You may end question with joke.
Jaguar550 (2 months ago)
Haha i know im not done yet. I work on part 4.
Motoruven (2 months ago)
While I generally prefer FemSheps voice acting, MaleShep is great as far as snark and sarcasm is concerned.
Timix100 (2 months ago)
Idk how you still find funny stuff in mass effect but you always surprise me thank you and keep making em
Jaguar550 (2 months ago)
Thank you. There is still a bit more. I work on part 4.
Garrus Vakarian (2 months ago)
Future Biochemist (2 months ago)
So Motrin and Aria....? “I’ve always liked Mordin.” ~Aria
Well Bang , Ok ?
Smooth Trooper (2 months ago)
annnnnnnnnnnd now i want to playthrough them all over again badly now
Wreav M'dama (2 months ago)
29:18 Why haven’t we heard anything about Salarian Mozart?
Gustavo Fring (2 months ago)
I'm glad there are so many Liara scenes. Great work, big respect!
tiger maximus (10 days ago)
thanks for responding. man!:) liara is my favorite carrecter. she soo interesting to see and listen to. and oohh even when she mate the profian for the first time. talk to him and everyting. it was soo funny because. the profian was like amusing or something that he said. because liara had soo many quiestion about the profians life!;) soo he said. never mind what do you wish to know??;) and she ask...;)
tiger maximus (10 days ago)
i love liara soo much!;) soo smart maybe naive. but smart. aahh oooh. i remember shepard and liara!;) they were in a chase scence or something!:) jajaj and liara was like truck !!;) shepard i know! truck !;) i knooow!;) jajajaj truck!;)! jajaj there was an explotion jajaja shepard ! there you go!;) or i think he said oook!;) and liara was like your enjoying this arent you!;)? jajajaaj love them both jaaj
Herzon Spartan (2 months ago)
Tali and Traynor starts reciting the periodic table and she dares to call nerd to Garrus for one single element? Irony at its finest.
Forbsey (2 months ago)
It makes me happy to see when videos like these get uploaded years after a game's release. Games as decent as the Mass Effect franchise will entertain people for years to come.
UncleMike14 (26 days ago)
this video inspired me to play through the trilogy... for the sixth time
Igo Dreamer (2 months ago)
Great video, man! What are you specs for the main character? I like to try make one myself.
TheFilmMixer101 (2 months ago)
24:36 XD
Chris Morris (2 months ago)
Motoruven (2 months ago)
Aethyta is such a wonderful troll. :)
Stranger Akari (2 months ago)
I want meself some tupari
Hieu Huynh Trung (2 months ago)
Sarcastic Wrex is what I miss after Mass Effect 1. Damnnnn
Thoughtfull Dane (1 month ago)
At the end though...hes drowning in *meow*
Tali'zorah vas Normandy (2 months ago)
Shepard can never dance and jaguar550 wont get bored playing whole trilogy. "Glad to see some tings don't change."
tiger maximus (10 days ago)
jajaja you know i love mass effect soo much. ashly the way she is. shepard. joker. even liara. they all have a way. of expressing things about themselfs... especialy ashly. i remember in mass effect 3 commander shepard or ashly made a bet of who takes more shots of drinks. and commander shepard jajaajajj i love this guy!:) he said dont break a nail!;) took a shot! ;) ashly was like ! nooo you did not!!;) say that!;) SHEPARD. TOOK A SHOT AND SAID!;) YES I DID JAJAJAJJA! AWSOME!;)
Breno Gomes (2 months ago)
Arphalia (2 months ago)
Woo another! been waiting for this 27:55 Did...did Cortez just make a gay joke? (Yes I'm aware he's gay)
Graeme Harbour (2 months ago)

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