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How to Improve Your Volleyball Serving with Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May

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Olympic Gold Medalist and Sportskool coach Misty May serves up the proper techniques for the jump, float, and jump float serves. Find more Misty May here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RvFE3OLChI&list=PL8qoNtNkOuauBjrxG7b2LlbeDpsC1Y59T Subscribe to SportskoolPlus for a 2 Week FREE trial here: http://www.youtube.com/sportskoolplus SportskoolPlus is the number one video channel dedicated to fitness, yoga, exercise, sports instruction and coaching. Whether you are into extreme sports, team sports, endurance sports, weight loss or just getting in shape, SportskoolPlus has video instruction and training featuring Olympic athletes, X-game stars, and world famous coaches and athletic trainers. Whether you are looking for a complete yoga session, workout tips, or cardio workouts - SportskoolPlus is the ultimate personal trainer. With sports including: Basketball, Baseball, Streetball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Softball, Skateboarding, Training, BMX, Fishing, Golf, Skiing, Running and Racing, Tennis, Snowboarding, Volleyball, Yoga, Fitness, Surfing, Bowling, Cricket, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Sailing, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Doe, Water Polo, Table Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Kite Boarding, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Racquetball, Cycling, and Water Skiing. SportskoolPlus is the destination for non-stop tips, insights, and one-on-one instruction from the biggest names in sports, including: Bill Walton, Jim Calhoun, Magic Johnson, Sue Bird, Al Attles, Brent Barry, Jennifer Gillom, Dontrelle Wills, Nomar Garciaparra, Tony Gwynn, Steve Garvey, Mike Aldrent, Tom Dunton, Bret Mayne, Willy Dixon, Doug Flutie, Ronnie Lott, Joey Thomas, Stephan Boyd, David Aklers, Kevin Gogan, Norm Johnson, Tommy Vardell, Ian Sawyers, D.C. United, Mia Hamm, David Kramer, Marchello Balboa, Jay Jaibert, Jesse Hubbard, John Gagliardi, Greg Cattrano, Mike Richter, Peter Forsberg, Adam Graves, Tom Martin, Rob Blake, Tony Granato, Jennifer Finch, Mike Candrea, Amanda Freed, Mike Vallely, Dalls Rockvam, Omar Hassan, Andy Macdonald, Bob Burnquist, Mark Verstegen, Navy Seals, Tony Simpson, Chad Kagy, Jay Miron, Anthony Napolitan, Allister Whitton, Daniel Ohers, Alan Foster, Mike DelVisco, Mike Laconelli, Ralph Cutter, Lisa Cutter, Hale Irwin, Chez Reavie, Dede Braun, John Abendroth, Jamey Miler, Bode Miller, Erik Scholopy, Phil McNichol, Kristina Kozniek, Daron Rahlves, Wendy Fisher, Dana Hawley, Eric Harr, Lokelani McMichael, Frank Shorter, Linda Somers, Dave Scott Wendy Ingraham, Anna Kournicova, Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan, Bryan Brothers, Brad Gilbert, Matt Doyle, Kristen Smith, Shaun White, Travis Rice, JJ Thomas, Steve Fisher, Andy Hetzel, Misty May, Singin Smith, Nancy Goodstein, Erika Schnike, Abby Wills, Pat OÕConnell, Wingnut, Brian Fedrow, Michael Miller, Malcolm Nash, Peter Vidmar, Christy Ness, Dana Hawley, Jamie Simon, Norm Matte, Peter Mayfield, Chris Bloch, Jack Clark, America One, America True, Chris Horpel, Barbara Knuckle, Terry Schroeder, Dennis Davis, Tony Brett-Kelly, Richard Quick, Dod Wales, Kerry OÕBrian, Cory Roeseler, George Chung, Steve Larsen, Alison Dunlap, Jurgen Beneke, Gerry Price, Mari Holden, Michael Creed, and Andy Mapple. For access to more videos visit us at sportskool.com Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/sportskool And on Twitter twitter.com/sportskool SportskoolPlus Ð where sports are always in session.
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Text Comments (158)
gracie elquest (3 days ago)
i play vooleyball and i dont serve stopping my hand at the ball. you want to follow through
Twice Chewy (9 days ago)
Jordan Sailors (25 days ago)
I just realized this was published on my birthday 😂
Gobogi (1 month ago)
I do a stand float that drops before 10 foot. People think it’s because I specifically maneuver it too, but it’s because I don’t know how to add power to it. I’ve gotten many aces with my weak short floats, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do a strong deep float.
Rida Ahmeti (1 month ago)
i thought she played beach
Gobogi (1 month ago)
Rida Ahmeti it doesn’t really matter since the techniques are the same. It’s just the rules that are different
SoVideo (1 month ago)
You have no idea what a float serve is, don't you? :D
SoVideo (14 days ago)
+Icyy Slimes Yea, he happened to be one, but this video shows that she's not so smart if she has no idea what a float serve really is.
Icyy Slimes (25 days ago)
clearly she does.. she’s an olympic gold medalist.
enzr solution (1 month ago)
Nice From indonesia
jessi o’s (1 month ago)
i’m 15 and in highschool, only reason i didn’t try out for the team is because i’ve been taught wrong how to serve and can’t do it right. i excel in bumping and spiking and setting yet can’t get down the serve
Gobogi (1 month ago)
Just practice the right way. It’s not really that hard if you put effort into the reps
Sophia Wang (1 month ago)
You could play the libero of the team
Sweetie Marigold (1 month ago)
I wish and pray hard to get intact with you😥😥😖😞
Lucy Bryars (2 months ago)
I’m trying out for the freshman team in about 2 months and I need tips on how to get better! Please help! I play school and club right now. I’m in 7th so I’ll be playing 9th in 8th grade
pepe the frog (2 months ago)
Arent you supposed to flick your wrist on a jump serve to make it spike on the other side
pepe the frog (1 month ago)
+Gobogi ohhhhhhh ok thanks
Gobogi (1 month ago)
pepe the frog that’s what they said. They said it should be like a spike.
Awesome video!
Michelle Ohikhena (2 months ago)
but this service, someone can mistakenly play inside the court.Not the opponent side.
Zara Ali (2 months ago)
serious question..........why do all the girls have their knee pads below the knee?
Gobogi (1 month ago)
Zara Ali that’s where you’re supposed to put it. When you dig onto your knees, the bottom part is where you land on not the knee itself.
Sera Graham (2 months ago)
What if your a lefty not a righty?
K C (2 months ago)
Misty is such a terrific, hot piece of ass.
rabin paramanik (2 months ago)
how to be a best libero sir .i want to be a libero so?
angel chaiken (3 months ago)
Idk why everyone is critiquing her serve. She’s the gold medalist...
LoLCollege (3 months ago)
I started playing volleyball around two months ago and I still can't serve properly/consistently - and I'm a 16 male. Physically I know I'm capable of hitting the ball harder than some of my female friends but I don't know what's lacking in my technique that's causing me not to consistently hit the ball over the net
Chloe Xie (1 month ago)
I think it is because you don’t hit the right spot on your hand, I’m 11 female and I can serve fine. You might be missing something.😥
AdrianZeAwes (1 month ago)
LoLCollege It comes with experience, you just gotta get the feeling. People say its all about the toss and swing, but i think the transition of weight from your right to left leg is also as important
Noukynouk92 (2 months ago)
Sounds weird maybe, but I have the same thing. And it is mentally. I am 27 and playing volleyball for 4 years now. I finally know how to serve upper hand but during a game I suck. During training I nail it. I found out it is in my head. If I say to myself I am gonna hit this hard and over the net. Then there it goes. If I am insecure or don't pay attention I fail.
Ariadna Serrano (3 months ago)
LoLCollege there are many things that could cause you to not be able to serve as well or as hard. You need to follow through as she said many times. The timing and the ball toss is crucial to a serve too
wolf (3 months ago)
I’ve heard that I should flex ur arm when u serve is that true. And my volleyball coach told me it would help if I cupped my hand should I try that or is it a bad habit??
wolf (3 months ago)
+Ariadna Serrano oh ok thanks I didn't want to get used to a bad habit :)
Ariadna Serrano (3 months ago)
wolf yeah don’t coup your hand that gives you less power
DΔЯΚ δΗΔDΟШ (4 months ago)
We only have 10 seconds
Lexie Lachance (4 months ago)
I’m 13 doing jump serve but this video definitely helped with the power into it.
Smart Kittens (4 months ago)
Left handed is right left right correct? He never clarifies in the video
Jessica Chattergoon (4 months ago)
Smart Kittens yes your right, he really needs to for people who are left handed just in case
J M (5 months ago)
Misty May is def a porn star name
mads (4 days ago)
J M is a definitely an idiots name
Grace Cookie (6 months ago)
I’ve seen other videos on how to overhand serve and there alright but this on was really specific and helped me
Cassie Eldredge (6 months ago)
Your supposed to follow through not stop on contact.
Gobogi (1 month ago)
So scientifically speaking, the float cannot spin and in order to not spin you can’t follow through. This will allow the air to displace unevenly throughout the ball causing it to shake around like a knuckle ball in baseball. This technique is used so that people get confused on where the balls going.
KNW Wil (1 month ago)
you dont follow through period if you do then it'll go to the right or left not forward
Cutybandit14 (2 months ago)
in the float serve your support to stop to make the ball float more
Strxberry Gacha (8 months ago)
My first game is in 6 days!!! I can hardly ever get it over the net!!!
gracie elquest (3 days ago)
my game is today.....good luck!!
How'd that game go?
HeyoitsmeYT OFFICIAL (9 months ago)
My overhand serve can reach out and I’m 10 is that below or average of my level
Coolspygirl (7 months ago)
That's above average, some 14 year olds can't even over hand.
Hazuki Hinata (11 months ago)
Im a left hander...help mee
Drew Glaser (5 months ago)
Murleve Roberts (9 months ago)
it's usually just reversed steps - for jump serves and spiking the footwork is right, left, right for three step and left, right, left, right for four step
Cataccea _RBLX (11 months ago)
She is so inspiring! I want to be like her in volleyball. I think practice makes progress! :) <3
AdrianZeAwes (1 month ago)
Cataccea _RBLX perfect practice makes perfect.
alexis roy aurillo (11 months ago)
yea i did it from the line to the net im 11 boy
Thomas Vincent (1 year ago)
i’m 13 but i started jump floating at 11 and spike serving at 12 and i can tell you, spike serving is way harder to control than jump float serving
Thomas Vincent (1 year ago)
12 sec? as I remember, it’s 8 seconds
Lucas Brown (1 year ago)
These are useful but why does she always sound out of breath
J M (5 months ago)
I cant breath when public speaking either
jay smitty (5 months ago)
she might be nervous lol I get out of breath when I’m nervous
manny frias (5 months ago)
She does lol
A.A.O (6 months ago)
Haha yea, I think it's cause she doesn't have a mic attached to her, and the only mic is next to the camera.
CoatedDuh (1 year ago)
Shakir Pike (1 year ago)
Hi. bye. Did you make the team?
tennisan (1 year ago)
this is our training youtu.be / kW_ofQEU62s? t = 16
Vineet Neware (1 year ago)
PARANOYA (1 year ago)
Rus sab,pls.
volley 8 kate (1 year ago)
ur supposed to go through anyway and the “drills” were pretty pathetic my coach explained it and how to do it and then he was like try it and i didn’t look like an idiot doing it
Celina Hang (10 months ago)
volley 8 kate It’s a float serve. In a float serve you want the least amount of spin. If you hit the ball and keep moving your arm, you end up giving the ball a large amount of spin. It would no longer be a float serve then. When you stop your hand when you hit the ball, you give it the least amount of spin possible so that it’s unpredictable.
Greg E (1 year ago)
some strategy: if you hit less than 85km/h don't bother spin serving unless its deadly accurate. Over 85k any small amount of side spin will begin to make a difference and dart left or right as well as down at the last second making it almost impossible to pass. I also say 'deadly' accurate because it is a high risk serve and hitting a top spin ball to the centre of the court is just a gift for the opposition, make sure you can pick the lines. If you do insist on jump serving, i suggest that you practice like crazy, go to the gym early and leave late and when you practice, absolutely WHALE on it, as hard as you can THEN work on accuracy. i know it sounds crazy but if you work on accuracy first then try to add pace your mechanics will break down. video tape yourself from in front, behind, and both sides to pick out any quirks you or your coach may notice and get them corrected at max effort. Given new dimpled balls, floats are much more difficult to pass now. accuracy is not as important when you float because it can dart any which way. also, because it is an easier serve to hit and be accurate more players at the amateur level are developing this serve. As a general tip, if your coach asks you to serve at a position on the court (1,5, or 2) what he/she is really saying is "pick on the player in this position" so whenever you practice be sure to have a targe and work on serving to either side of it.
Cutie Gale Jeon (1 year ago)
I'm 13 but when I serve its less.. it can't reach the net😭😭 notice me guys
SoVideo (14 days ago)
What a bunch of stupid replies :D When many people are able to serve over the net, then it shouldn't be so hard. The best way to correct it is through... psychology combined with mathematics! For many persons the ball doesn't get over the net because they are subconsciously terrified with the idea that the ball has to travel a looong 18 meters. Think about this: if the ball travels 18 meters, the peak of the parable (the trajectory) would be at about 9 meters. So your aim could change to sending the ball just be above the net (instead of thinking of the whole 18 meters). Actually, to pass the ball over the net, you don even need an 18-m long shot, but maybe only 12 meters. That means you have to imagine you want to make the ball reach the peak of the parable just above the attack line, which is so much closer. That would solve the psychological aspect. If the real problem is physical weakness, the the solution is again simple: do it in smaller steps. Do one week what is your maximum distance, then next week do just try to make it 1 meter longer. And thus progress each week. But when you learn the aim should focus on the peak of the parable which is half way rather than the destination of the serve. All these, of course, with that smash type of movement, like in karate.
Disney music (26 days ago)
Me too l am 13
marsgirl675 (1 month ago)
Practice my friends! I'm also 13 and I couldn't serve very far, but I asked my coach for help and then practiced a long ass time Now I have one of the best serves on my team
Lucy Bryars (2 months ago)
I’m 13 but I must be taller. My volleyball coach told my shorter teammates that you want to have a higher toss and just keep practicing until you get that perfect serve. I hope this helps you out!!
lil jeff (2 months ago)
ur weak af
Arun Abi (1 year ago)
In which place the hand contact which ball
markmark123412341 (9 months ago)
Arun Abi mostly the palm part but all your fingers and thumb too for control
Meredith (1 year ago)
What about a underhand serve?
epicgamerg1rl oof (1 year ago)
Meredith Wai Underhands are more of a grade school thing. Overhead is the most efficient.
Mia Isabela (1 year ago)
The girl didn't follow through with her arm she stopped it right away like in the position of a high five
gracie elquest (3 days ago)
Angelina (8 months ago)
Mia Isabela That’s because when doing a float serve you are supposed to pop it in the air and not follow through because it helps make the ball harder to receive
Carissa (1 year ago)
Is underhanding not allowed in the professional world?
Sara McCoy (5 months ago)
Nope it stops in high school
soap m (1 year ago)
Carissa no
SharkWhales (1 year ago)
I thought it was 8 second after the whistle
Ariadna Serrano (3 months ago)
SharkWhales it depend on a lot of things like if it’s club or school volleyball. At school for me they gave us 8 seconds at club for me they give us 5 seconds to serve
sydneyelyse (1 year ago)
12?!? At my high school we only have 5 seconds!
totallycuterthanyou4 (1 year ago)
thank you. this really helped !
SportskoolPlus (1 year ago)
Thanks for your feedback and good luck with your game!
Tim Wright (1 year ago)
float serving tip (If you didn't understand reply and i will try explaining it a bit better) Float Serve Tip : In the float serve she can take a step to make it stronger. For example if you are right handed you right leg must be back originally.... But you begin with it on the front and when you toss the ball on the air you bring your left leg to the front and the serve is much more powerful than it would simply be if it was for the way it told us...
Craig Plummer (1 year ago)
im 13 and i can jump serve is that average or is that below my level
The KAS Girls (1 month ago)
AdrianZeAwes I don’t see how they’re flexing, could you please explain?
AdrianZeAwes (1 month ago)
Craig Plummer Bro no need to flex. We know you’re just asking if it is above average or below average, so you can get praises like “OMG YOU CAN JUMPSERVE AT THAT AGE?!?! ARE YOU LIKE OIKAWA OMG OMG” Well lemme tell yah buddy, its average, so don’t think you’re better than everyone, just because you can barely imitate an anime serve.
pepe the frog (2 months ago)
Im 13 and im learning jump serce so that is average
lofiyo (5 months ago)
Craig Plummer u tryna flex on me 😥🤕
TheAmygdaloidfan (8 months ago)
all 8th graders? Or all 8th graders on the volleyball team?
Amelia Colon (1 year ago)
don't you have to swing all the way through for more power?
slim Alyssahh (3 days ago)
Amelia Colon that’s what I thought too
Josephine Vargas (1 year ago)
Amelia Colon it depends on topspin or float. For a float you never have a follow trough with your arm; your follow through is critical for topspin. Use hips for both.
Craig Plummer (1 year ago)
Amelia Colon yes thats what she said
Daniel Liao (2 years ago)
12 secs??? Isn't you supposed to serve the ball within 8 secs after the whistle?
Maddie Ransom (1 month ago)
Daniel Liao yes
simply mary (1 month ago)
mine is 5
Alaina Mcd (1 month ago)
Daniel Liao 5 seconds
Sophia C (2 months ago)
for me it’s 5 seconds
It's me Lauren (3 months ago)
Where I live we only get 5 seconds after the up ref blows the whistle
Abisha Mutsotso (2 years ago)
that is great
Abisha Mutsotso (2 years ago)
that is great
Banzai Banzai (2 years ago)
Great teaching...thks... oh Misry...those short and that beach ball...funny!
SportskoolPlus (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching and the shout out Banzai!

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