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The Undertaker's 20 greatest moments - WWE Top 10 Special Edition

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There are WWE milestones ... and then, there are Undertaker milestones. Here are the 20 greatest moments in the legendary WWE career of the one and only Deadman. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4
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Text Comments (6520)
sydrox HS 4 (17 hours ago)
what thay means by deadman?
Jacob Blust (1 day ago)
I don’t agree with this list
Krishna Suresh (1 day ago)
undertaker SUCKS
Randall the kid (1 day ago)
You suck 🙄😑
sonia kahane (1 day ago)
Wow under taker is cool
sonia kahane (1 day ago)
I’ve never seen undertaker bold
Santosh Chandrakar (1 day ago)
Legend of wwe
kriswhitehead22 (2 days ago)
Patrick silva (2 days ago)
No minuto 1:40 o Batman apareceu
CAGEDagainstAmachine (4 days ago)
To this day I'm convinced there has been more than one person portraying The Undertaker. Back when I was a fan in the 90s, The Undertaker had what appeared to be horn shapes imprinted in his forehead when pinning; he'd also have his eyes rolled back. That seemed to change around the time Kane showed up. I stopped watching in the later 90s, but I'm still curious about the imprinted horns. Not to mention the longevity of his career. Anyone else??
0isay (4 days ago)
8:48 Are you kidd'n me, boy toy?
Brooke Saddler (5 days ago)
I hate brock for ending the streak😢
Aditya Aryan (5 days ago)
2:07 that was awsome
James Bowers (7 days ago)
Do you remember these 2 Japanese wrestlers from the early and mid 80s The Great Kabuki and Kendo Nagasaki?
Pizda Siebisj (7 days ago)
kids show
Javid Afghan (7 days ago)
dad is niet achte Kaka is under taker
TheGodzilla Ning (8 days ago)
My favourite is Taker!
TheLasombra077 (9 days ago)
The ref for number 2 was awesome. Acted like he was hit lmao
Fredrik Svärd (9 days ago)
Why does he look like a fat aging alcoholic
Narayan Asangi (9 days ago)
Alec Gaming (9 days ago)
Sorry but undertaker is a soup of click bait
alex lopez (9 days ago)
Jimmek Bart (10 days ago)
3:46 Zeus?
SD Haffi (10 days ago)
2 under taker is very angry
SD Haffi (10 days ago)
SD Haffi (10 days ago)
I like the 9
kamal thakur (10 days ago)
My favorite wresler Undertaker
J israel S. h. (10 days ago)
Yes!! It is fake but that was a real entertainment
DSyR PNdA SNyPE (10 days ago)
Buckle up teddy ;)
Sadhan Chowdhury (11 days ago)
I love Undertaker
Sadhan Chowdhury (11 days ago)
I love andartakar
Lightningbomb14 (11 days ago)
what about when he threw rikishi off the top of HIAC
UI FunMaza (11 days ago)
Why WWE hides badass versions of The Undertaker???
Thx undertacker to make my childhood happy
snOOPY (12 days ago)
Buckle up teddy!
snOOPY (12 days ago)
He is always doing something hilarious. I love the undertaker!
Km Fahamid (13 days ago)
bts issa snacc (13 days ago)
Taker will always be the best ❤
TOFIK Diwan (13 days ago)
NOTDAD (14 days ago)
The only reason I watched wrestling as a kid
Sayon Mondal (14 days ago)
mick foley broken in half
ROHAN SHETTY (15 days ago)
Undertaker is wwe
Le Epic Gamer (16 days ago)
Kane is sans who else agrees his blue eye
rutgenesis (16 days ago)
I am totally in love with the undertaker!!! love love love!!
x213ERx (16 days ago)
This top 20 sucked. There’s better moments from him.
MCW North East (17 days ago)
Trace Henderson (17 days ago)
What about when he finally faced Kane or Married Stephanie
Sid Switch (18 days ago)
I Hate Brock With Every Fiber Of My Being. Him And Roman.
Carl Adams (18 days ago)
But still he will be better in the WWE Hall Of Fame. I don't know what class he will be in. This year or Next year.
Sarvan Kumar (19 days ago)
Undertaker you are my best hero
fernando lopez (19 days ago)
El mejor que hubo el mejor que habrá es el fenómeno el hombre muerto directo de la calle del infierno para el mundo del Wrestling The Undertaker
KAL just KAL (20 days ago)
I am Anonymous (20 days ago)
1:10 15 chins
Monarch Of Memes (20 days ago)
"You cant make a career Being creepy and dropping people on their heads"-Careers advisors Undertaker-"hold my urn"
Commander Gree555 (20 days ago)
Rest in peace Taker
Nilesh Kumar (20 days ago)
he lose 2 matches bcoz of the old age no one is there who can fight with him in his ageTHE UNDERTAKER DEADMAN
Scott Fox (21 days ago)
Woods (21 days ago)
8:59 When Shawn slapped The Undertaker, the referee thought it was him
Кто такое снимает вы худшие ютуберы хватает над людьми издеватся
Mike (21 days ago)
The Undertaker had the best entrance hands down with lightning, fire and special effects. My skin would crawl and the hair on my arms would raise up once I heard his entrance. Now that’s entertainment at its best.
Jesika McPhee (21 days ago)
When I was young 1st I thought he was dead but no and he was so good back then now he not da good
Jesika McPhee (21 days ago)
Who ever likes undertaker LiKE
B G (22 days ago)
Greatest wrestler of all time.
jamie koch (23 days ago)
When the Under Taker is scary AF but you love him♡ 😁
Poonam Srivastava (23 days ago)
The Undertaker
Fouhed Blanc (23 days ago)
Est que y’a des français
Amiel Ace (24 days ago)
True Abbas (24 days ago)
*One Of My Favorites All Times Great* 💝💝💝💝💝
Juan Fuentes (24 days ago)
I miss him;i miss the 90s....WWF for ever dude 🤛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👆
Venkat Varadhan (24 days ago)
You know..
Ethan Roberts (25 days ago)
If you watch the loud house you would compare Lucy and the Undertaker would go great together and Lynn
Only rock (25 days ago)
If undertake dies then what we will call him
Krishna Dhumale (26 days ago)
Undertaker is best best in the world
Adan Beskaiye (26 days ago)
There will always be that one Deadman, ..the demon of Death Valley, The Undertaker 1990 - Present.
Rupali Gholap (26 days ago)
Who is the Fan of undataker like he
John Rencheck (27 days ago)
I'm pretty sure throwing Mick Foley from top of cage was in Pittsburgh when Foley got up his teeth got driven out his nose he gets up looks in camera and continues match I was totally shocked by his toughness he had to be in incredible pain I have more respect.for him than any wrestler ever his tolerance for pain was incredible
Ivan Cadena (27 days ago)
And 2000 return as the badass? And when he sends the hell down poor Mick Foley through the trap door from the top of the cage?
### deja vu (27 days ago)
Melogali Mahdi17 (27 days ago)
Git them under tanker
creo que ha sido demasiado Internet x hoy 🤤🤤🤤
antonino ciaccio (27 days ago)
Steve Austin (27 days ago)
Had Been, Have Been, Will Had Been Undertaker's Legacy
Pablo Solis (28 days ago)
This is goofy af
Albin Gaming (28 days ago)
He is back at 2018 :D
Arsim Murtezi (29 days ago)
Look he is holding his ashes in his hand!
منتضر احمد (29 days ago)
The first
Woft Ster (30 days ago)
God bless you dude☕🎸🎄🎃
Zooo Zoo (30 days ago)
The wwe king dead man 💪
Not My Name (30 days ago)
Best Tag team was Demolition!!!! Ultimate Warrior was my Man though!!!
Andro Tech (30 days ago)
coffee55543 (30 days ago)
I was waiting for Ministry Undertaker hanging Bossman .
Alf ralf Zalf (1 month ago)
One of the most impressive Charakter in the wrestling World
Akshat Sharma (1 month ago)
All will miss you taker love you
lil.darkheart (1 month ago)
4:55 good luck sleeping😖
jan mejia (1 month ago)
When u watch all your videos 2:28
MOHSEN MAHMOD (1 month ago)
lotte spijkman (1 month ago)
LOL the underweartaker 😂😂
Satender Kumar (1 month ago)
Nice man
Diego Avila (1 month ago)
Minuto 0:11 nace una leyenda
Zach (1 month ago)
This guy is my all time favorite in the WWE. Props to Mark Callaway for giving us some of the greatest performances in professional wrestling history!
Nahid Ahmed (1 month ago)
UNDER TAKER is a deadman

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