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Bleu De Chanel Parfum 2018 "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne/Perfume

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Bleu De Chanel Parfum by Chanel and was released in 2018. This episode of STREET SCENTS Mikey Guido is back to smell Bleu De Chanel Parfum and give his opinion. Let me know what you think of this video and Fragrance Comment down below... Show some support and hit the Subscribe button...
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Text Comments (55)
Visqo Gomez (3 days ago)
Still the OG. Good to see u doing your thing my friend
Nicky P (8 days ago)
Guy thinks he auditioning for goodfellas fake ass
Justin Sauls (11 days ago)
Banger of the year IMO!!! X-Batch is 🔥 as well!
Gabriel (18 days ago)
Yo Al! Check out Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf. It's a *highly regarded* Aventus clone, but for one tenth of the price.
Harold TheTubeman (20 days ago)
Al BBY u is back
Scott Geoffrey (21 days ago)
I think Mikey would appreciate some Green Irish Tweed.
Scott Geoffrey (21 days ago)
We need Mikey on every month, he's a real character, a likeable guy.
benjamin bernstein (22 days ago)
Mickey is back, love it!!!!
ziggy8757 (22 days ago)
this guy is Al Pacinos cousin...
Joe Anthony (24 days ago)
Aw man great vid bro! Thanks for the take. Always great to see your vids.That collab will be EPIC btw
bizzle (24 days ago)
these uploads are awesome mate. oldschool whole the way. reminds me those great old mobster movies. Forget about it! :)
RN Michael Creech (25 days ago)
You rub it, Al removes his shades
RN Michael Creech (25 days ago)
Faghettt about it
I’m crying ova here! Mikey!
Liev EDP (28 days ago)
I just love this guy. 😂
Ney Dogg (28 days ago)
Good to see another wise guy
Armando Molina (28 days ago)
Everyone reviewing bdc parfum lol
Armando Molina (28 days ago)
You should battle sauvage, dylan blue, coach and that one
Suleyyman Karasu (28 days ago)
You guys are great bro
o2xb (28 days ago)
BRING him and Benny back!!!!!
kevin miller (28 days ago)
He looked at Al like" if you tell me not to rub this in again, ill have you wacked! Forget about it......
kevin miller (28 days ago)
dude is hilarious !
john savvas (28 days ago)
Classier version of Benny...You da man Al.
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Mikey is a great guy as is Benny.
Mitchell Gardner (28 days ago)
I think Mikey would enjoy a more masculine fragrance like creed royal oud or bois du portugal, or a barbershop scent like chanel egoiste platinum.
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
I can see that.
Mario Francois (28 days ago)
Damn you stay wearing that hat
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Let's go Mets.
DoorsFan91 (28 days ago)
Have him smell some TF Private Blends.
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Hey I will consider that. Maybe Tuscan Leather.
Scott Piper (28 days ago)
Heeeyyyy! Oooohhh! What’s buddy doin’ sprayin’ the old logo in the intro?
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
My T-Shirt is also the current/old logo. That is going to be the new logo after this.
Danillon Pujadas (28 days ago)
Great but a little too long
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Thanks for watching.
Michael Bullock (28 days ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I like this fragrance I give it a nine out of ten and I would like him to smell prada black sauvage eau de parfum and Tom Ford obre leather and have a blessed night
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Hey Thanks for watching.
aalbertoii09 (28 days ago)
got to get benny back on and have him review Fucking Fabulous
Martijn M (28 days ago)
I bet he's wearing a wire!
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Mikey is a loyal guy no wires.
Omar Ramos (28 days ago)
He HAS to be related to Benny from The Bronx! And are you 1000% sure you wanna have Mikey Guido & Benny together on the same video? Episode of Sopranos on Street Scents! 😂😂😂
Temet Nosce (17 days ago)
+STREET SCENTS Unbelivable similarities!!!!
GoldV83 (26 days ago)
I thought was Benny in white hair!!
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
I can assure you it's not Benny from the Bronx. Mikey is much taller then Benny. I'm trying to get them both on Street Scents.
Mitchell Gardner (28 days ago)
You'll never see Benny & Mikey in the same place at the same time, for the same reason you'll never see superman & clark kent in the same place at the same time. 😏
E Azmi (28 days ago)
I thought it was him to,close though.
Jon Sanford (28 days ago)
I literally thought that was Benny from the Bronx from the thumbnail!
GoldV83 (26 days ago)
Same here
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Mikey is taller then Benny.
Frederick Kittrell (28 days ago)
Me too!!!...
kez850 (28 days ago)
Jon Sanford wtf it’s not??? 😂
duplomacette (28 days ago)
Only in New York, lol
Marcus Williams (28 days ago)
Please do my favorite chanel platinum egoist
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
I love Platinum Egoiste and will consider it.
Jason Pohleven (28 days ago)
Enjoyed the video 👍🏼
STREET SCENTS (28 days ago)
Thanks for watching.

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