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How to Color & Highlight Hair | TONI&GUY Hair Color Technique [Platinum blonde / Champagne blonde]

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Jared shows how to color & highlight hair putting a twist on the classic highlight by using a weave and texturizing technique. Hair Color Products Used: TIGI Copyright Color True Light White with a 20 Volume Activator TIGI Copyright Color Gloss & Creative 8/3 & 9/02 Interested in beauty school or becoming a hairstylist? Click here - http://bit.ly/WNsVEf - to find out more about attending Toni and Guy Academy & cosmetology school. Toni and Guy Academy's cosmetology program prepares beauty school students to pass state board equipping them with a strong hair cutting and hair colouring foundation. Toni and Guy Academy has 26 locations across the U.S. and has a reputation in the hair industry for produces salon-ready graduates. Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Sound Effects by http://audiomicro.com/sound-effects
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Text Comments (196)
Emzie Lou Secrets (3 months ago)
Lift up her hair!! Garenturee it's all dark half way down it will look daft when it put up!
Noline Roque (9 months ago)
Love it 💖💖💖
Kelly Neddo (10 months ago)
Lavesh Pardeshi (1 year ago)
Wow ... so creative technique wonderful sir....
Uttam Rai (1 year ago)
Good technique sir
Farideh Ramezani (1 year ago)
Good job 👌👍. please more high light, colour hair videos. Thanks,
BeautyByAbreea (1 year ago)
How long did this take.?
Noelia Jaime (1 year ago)
But the girls hair is practically white to begin with!
punkroq (1 year ago)
she's so happy that smile...
Maya Wasik (1 year ago)
Caucasian hair is so easy to highlight and lighten or tone if you will bacause of the undertones. try this a asian hair only then will it be a challenge.
Rahayu Lestari (2 months ago)
Yasss, my asian hair need like 4 or 5 times painful bleach proses to get lv9
Srishti Arora (1 year ago)
when highlighting is already in hair we may rihighlight it or not if yes so the higlighting may effect or not
Lauren Miller (1 year ago)
Amazing work
IAndy Zoramdina (1 year ago)
what difference does it make from a black hair
purecotton (1 year ago)
proud to be educated by Toniandguy. Foils just look more professional than 90% people on youtube.
hannah (1 year ago)
I need you to do my hair lol. Ive went to multiple salons asking for this exact color and no one can get it. I'm already pretty blonde to begin with so I don't understand why it's so hard
Rahul Punjabi (1 year ago)
technique was superbbbb and so helpful. thanks ✌
Nicholas Giaquinto (2 years ago)
name of the foils you use they look nice and pliable ty
Emma O'toole (2 years ago)
ive noticed with hair dressers they use terms to describe looks but it doesnt make sense they don't describe how that term looks
surekha humbre (2 years ago)
wow superb!!!
flyingbear Hong (2 years ago)
awesome results !!
flyingbear Hong (2 years ago)
i didn't get the top rectangle area, did you do it like a thin diagonal all over the rectangle?
Cao-Cao Rabbit (2 years ago)
Is it possible to undo highlights? I just got highlights done and I'm so unhappy with it.  The stylist distributed the color throughout and now I'm entirely blond.
Tyler Payne (1 year ago)
Buffy dye it darker
Georgia Myers (2 years ago)
Buffy try lowlights maybe?
michelle lyon (2 years ago)
we take this long to dye my hair at home, I end up breaking the front baby hairs! 😒
Hillary Folks (1 year ago)
michelle lyon use a lower volume developer and put the color on the baby hairs last. Since those hairs are so fragile, the color doesn’t have to be on as long and you don’t need a higher volume developer.
Ciline Li (2 years ago)
一片片 大功 。? 也没 不同
Jasmine Macabayao (2 years ago)
ilove it . but i don't know how to make it on my own hair .heheh
Jamie Todd (2 years ago)
he's so sexy
Arvind Kumar Gole (2 years ago)
René Valdivieso (2 years ago)
love it......
Chandan .j (2 years ago)
good technique but is already blonde
Mindy Wyse (2 years ago)
love it! girl at the salon tried this placement an the client loved it!
Heda Zakuti (2 years ago)
Mindy Wyse
Tan Cakar (2 years ago)
the strange thing is the foils doesn't have guard , never seen before.
C Scribbs (2 years ago)
So basically he touched up her roots. And missed a huge spot.
Zane T. (2 years ago)
Hi Jared, no hair, no problem, right? 😄 ahhh
wasdwasd24 (2 years ago)
It really looks just about the same. It looks more dark if anything. Cool color though!
wasdwasd24 (2 years ago)
Brighten her up? Haha ooook?
Ahsan Dar (2 years ago)
This technique is called the pivoting triangle from the future classics book by Toni & Guy
Hussein Alaa (2 years ago)
Sharon Ditchfield (2 years ago)
Hussein Alaa a
Joanne Rigg (2 years ago)
Love the colour!
Lisa Ann (2 years ago)
Very neat foils! Love the colour
rahaf kamar (2 years ago)
She is already blond!
Maria Flores (2 years ago)
I love the technique, thank you for sharing knowledge.
HIGH TOWER (2 years ago)
The model in the video seemed very happy at the end.Good job.
Gaya (2 years ago)
Thank you for the video. This technique is great for someone who wants very natural looking color, who has fine to medium texture hair. It is very nice mixing it with two or more tones.
Cassy Dowell (2 years ago)
most beautiful neat foils I have ever seen.
Rosie White (2 years ago)
4:32 your tattoo is written in Japanese lol.
Lisa Nairn (2 years ago)
nikkl April ...yea it lovely attoo so Wat wrong with that !!!!! it nothing do u anyway
lashunda farrow (2 years ago)
Love it
Kent Yrag (3 years ago)
Shelby Moore (3 years ago)
does this technique matter on where they part their hair?
LYRIC VIDEOS (2 years ago)
No, I work in a hairdressers, as long as the line you part is completely straight, it should be fine.
luciano de lima (3 years ago)
that look amazen how long to do 1/2 head and when you do full head do you have a video thanks
saima QAzi (3 years ago)
Rose Sixx (3 years ago)
omg he has the same tattoo as Tommy Lee!🙌
Juanita Jones (3 years ago)
sharon shamsudeen (3 years ago)
After hylash whashing or waiping
80monia (3 years ago)
beautiful job :)
Alcy Nascimento (3 years ago)
esplêndido. ! 👏👏👏👏👏
Jerry Zhang (3 years ago)
Human hair products Carnival ! Crazyyy!! $100 for Chrismas gift http://www.dhgate.com/store/20103485
Eileen Fuentes (3 years ago)
he's got big hands. ahem.
Chenise neneboo Welch (3 years ago)
He need to wear a glove that is so unprofessional
Rachel Taylor (2 months ago)
Who wears gloves while foiling?
Joanna Saad (1 year ago)
Chenise neneboo Welch or he's so professional the dye doesn't touch him so he doesn't need to wear sweaty annoying gloves that pull hair.
Edwardo Hernandez (3 years ago)
+chantal soerh 😂 factz 💯👌
Lynn Tucker (3 years ago)
Thank you for your clean and concise tutorial. I only wish there had been a "Before and After" shot, so we could really take notice of the new hi-lights..
brother vs sister (3 years ago)
brother vs sister (3 years ago)
antonia ruiz murtagh (3 years ago)
que pena que seai gay washito rico
MUJER SUTIL (3 years ago)
Warr En (3 years ago)
A lot of work. ...for no result...after looked the same as before
Casandra Thomas (3 years ago)
AÿseLämaN ÜlVi (3 years ago)
Sedighe Ghazanfary (3 years ago)
wery nice
Maria Angela (3 years ago)
This looks like it takes long to do
Ellie Joyce (3 years ago)
Fuck blonde hair
raininthespringtime (3 years ago)
He is soooo cute!!!!!
Salma Dp (3 years ago)
He is so neat!
karen Banza Martinez (3 years ago)
He is ug
AmazonJess (3 years ago)
Looks fantastic. You are a genius. Can't wait to try it
Tilly Wesson (3 years ago)
so you dont put colour on the ends but when you fold it up it will get bleach on it anyways?? so bad for hair! my ends are dry because of this
Lindsay Lu (1 year ago)
You would normally leave the ends out so they wouldn't touch the bleach.
21hairgirl (1 year ago)
Tilly Wesson I noticed that too! When I was in cosmetology school I was always told to leave the rest of the hair hanging out of the foil so the lightener doesn't touch the mid shaft to ends.
rosi buffone (3 years ago)
great work.....
JJ (3 years ago)
I don't understand how is it that I can see such dark tones on the crown of her head if you worked the same process throughout her hair???  (Its not the champagne color I am talking about)
It's her roots of natural re growth, when you weave out a highlight some natural hair is still left out which has roots on it x
Ashley Lo (3 years ago)
what about the back of the head?
Rey Dmartin (3 years ago)
I love your technique. Good job!
rleduc23 (3 years ago)
Best foil technique, video, parting,explaining etc....EVER !! Thank u!
Ramooz Qamar (3 years ago)
Mary Cohen (3 years ago)
Daaaamn he is soooo sexy !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Ashley Gleason (3 years ago)
yup, those eyes!
/-\ (3 years ago)
+Mary Cohen Oof ... fuck. No kidding, girl.
Elene Doucet (3 years ago)
+Mary Cohen I was thinking the same thing !lol
marisol huerta (3 years ago)
Most perfect foils ever😍
Clelia Vela (3 years ago)
Me  gusto   mucho   los  felicito
Marko Simonovic (3 years ago)
Very good !!!
KrunkTina (4 years ago)
Meow.... Jared is HOT... lol
Martin Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Beautiful work!
Taylor Gordon (4 years ago)
Love this technique!
Mariah Cosper (4 years ago)
Margie Graddicks (4 years ago)
Her hair is so pretty
Taryn Thomas (4 years ago)
That was great and very helpful! Thank-you!
Dale Clark (4 years ago)
i enjoyed that. thank you. please in future explain some of the details as to what your numeric system defines. 8/3 = golden 8? 9/2 = 9 ash? what developer ? is clear indicating that its a shine that dilutes to a 9? or perhaps a demi? thanks again, excellent video
Sarah Woodward (4 years ago)
+Steve Arnold where do u work Steve?
Steve Arnold (4 years ago)
8/3 is a golden blonde, 9/2 is a light violet blonde. I'd assume because he's not doing much lifting with the hair, that it's a 20vol activator. Glosses are demi in Tigi, Creative is permanent.  Source: I'm a Toni & Guy grad
L B (4 years ago)
The comment below regarding listening to the educator and no bleach being used... Honey... TIGI True Light IS BLEACH/Lightener. There's a difference between listening & Hearing.
kellyu98 (4 years ago)
You are amazing nice job!
MrJunebug49 (4 years ago)
Great Hlt technique Jared!👍
gigi black (4 years ago)
omg he does it in such an organized and clean way.
Sarah Johnson (4 years ago)
So you highlighted her with bleach along with high lift tint, right? Very nice, natural, and seemingly easy!
Steve Arnold (4 years ago)
No, lightener and then creative/gloss mix. High lifts in the TiGi series are annotated by 100/-- He's using a gloss, which is a demi permanent in TiGi, and a permanent, which is the creative. :) 
graleh (4 years ago)
damn hot guy =)
UGEC (4 years ago)
Anna Lisa (4 years ago)
Love how you're using a model with fine hair. You rarely see this on hairdressers videos.
Katherine C (4 years ago)
To PhoenixAss what has gay have to do with a good hairstylist? He did a beautiful job!!!!
ivoryvignettes (4 years ago)
Beautiful work, Jared xx Perfect highlights without looking stripey

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