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Animal sound Man

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Text Comments (6118)
Jacob Groot (1 hour ago)
2.1K dislike are ignorant people.
Mideyyy (1 hour ago)
When you see your crush and don't know how to flirt
Diamentowy Kolczyk (2 hours ago)
MR.007 (2 hours ago)
He got some serious skill douh
kishor raika (6 hours ago)
That rooster one is so spot on
malachi Holt (7 hours ago)
That is sick
khaled 990 (9 hours ago)
This really is 10 in 1
Exottik (12 hours ago)
Who got this recommended to them randomly?
G r o c h u (12 hours ago)
The real example of reincarnation, but gone too early
Sophian Essani (14 hours ago)
Hey Lindi (15 hours ago)
Heftig 👍🏻😂
nastboyzico (15 hours ago)
its fucking 3am
Jjx Xx X (15 hours ago)
He looks worried
viper acr (15 hours ago)
When your dad hits you 0:30
ShuveR TM (16 hours ago)
Those ten animals live inside him
VampYr (16 hours ago)
man: How many voices can you do? Animal man: Yes
Juri Schäfer (16 hours ago)
Ferid Baxishov (16 hours ago)
Omay qat hau du zed
Bercan 44 (17 hours ago)
Austin Tyler (17 hours ago)
My mind during an exam
Remmy Dembo (17 hours ago)
Fantastik 👍🏽😂
RIZVAN Ka (18 hours ago)
Those innocence in him is the big success Agree= like
NOMANONO MAGANISE (18 hours ago)
I aprrove you Eventhough ido not know other sounds
Zyon (19 hours ago)
lil Thanva (23 hours ago)
Youtube wtf is this
ferozan sherzad (1 day ago)
Omg!! I need to visit this....... animal!
Koray Yildirimoglu (1 day ago)
This man has talent
Is it human?🤨
Tom Bahlburg (1 day ago)
2019 and Here?
Romeo Romeo (1 day ago)
That's all natural sound from black people
legends say he still stands on the street sounding like a chicken
Usmen Usmenov (1 day ago)
we laugh at this man, this man laughs at us.
Sebastiaan Nas (1 day ago)
Welcome to another day of my reccomendations
JOP3 (1 day ago)
Thibo- -Panda (1 day ago)
“Animals left the chat”
Basti TV (1 day ago)
Gotta put in my minecraft soundpack
ICraze (2 days ago)
2015 ...no 2016...no0 2017... nooo 2018...nooooo 2019 oh YES!
_BesserDechNiy (2 days ago)
And monkey?
Henx Clout (2 days ago)
Lionasd Lionasd (2 days ago)
Goldfisch 882 (2 days ago)
Geiler typ
Joseph Bonilla (2 days ago)
Now pay him He deserves it
Minho (2 days ago)
tha pencilflexpods
GG RULZ 69 GG (2 days ago)
When your ina interview and they ask you do yo have any special skills
GG RULZ 69 GG (2 days ago)
Vreau like-uri sunt nebun!€
「Wirus」 (2 days ago)
Nie rozumiem po jakim języku on to mówi...
Gschaftlhuaba Muck (2 days ago)
Do you have any Special Skills? HOLD MY PENCIL🤫
Pete Bristo (2 days ago)
That sounded so real😂😂
Getsuki (2 days ago)
Trop cho le mec !!
Vitas Nnamdi (2 days ago)
Nobody: YouTube: recommends this video.
Cat voice was amazing
Span-CT/IntroDesigner (2 days ago)
0:03 He sounds like a real nibba
Ady 6753 (2 days ago)
I died on the horse one 😂😂😂
GALATA OYUN (2 days ago)
She: I love animal sounds Me:
r1skyy (1 day ago)
2015: nope 2016: nope 2017: god dawn noo 2018: nope 2019: shit yesss lets put this in everyone’s recommended
Nafanya Nafanya (1 hour ago)
people post the same comment 134 times🤦‍♀️
Emerald (22 hours ago)
Actually they recommended this way earlier
blackxXxkonter (2 days ago)
games wap (3 days ago)
Welcome in internet!
Agris Kondrats (3 days ago)
itz- LynX (3 days ago)
i like that both pencils at his ears
Frau Unbekannt (3 days ago)
Why I watched this? xD
В тропических зарослях родился
Bongo TV (3 days ago)
That’s why he have a 2pencils.
ZINZEE STYLE (3 days ago)
ZINZEE STYLE (3 days ago)
Horse sound is really funny 😂😂😂😂
Phatkid (3 days ago)
Wild African hunting techniques .
ChewChew (3 days ago)
My dog went crazy xD
The guy who did Beast Boy's voice, in the teen titans cartoon!
LEGO Nostalg (3 days ago)
Сразу видать,Африка
Farhan Sulthan Zamani (3 days ago)
Bapaknya krisna
Talha Reyizz (3 days ago)
What did i watch, give back my 1 minute 47 seconds
Chloë M.K (3 days ago)
Q: do you have any secret talents? A:
CallMeZin (3 days ago)
Who else got this in there recommendations 4 years later😂
Сантехник (3 days ago)
1:17 моя учительница по алгебре
עידו חרמון (4 days ago)
WTF is this
Two fingers up to those boring farts that gave this a thumbs down
Focus Beats (4 days ago)
*Uploaded* 2015 YouTube: "Lets put this in the recommends."
V Vendetta (4 days ago)
KINITI G.M (4 days ago)
Ooh Kenyan's,
Scuba Scatman (4 days ago)
Who is this guy? Give him his credit you exploiting photography assface
Joshz Gaming (4 days ago)
You know you’ve been watching some weird ass videos on YouTube when this is in your recommended 🤨😂
Роман Уза (4 days ago)
Opinion_Master (4 days ago)
*Not even thanos can beat this guy*
The Exper1ment (4 days ago)
Cool Bri (4 days ago)
Bruh that’s my man
John Y (4 days ago)
Great sounds! Why all farm animals though?
Alberto Reyes (4 days ago)
Thats more than 10 😅
1:22 Guinea Pig :D
Zemědělec Kozák (4 days ago)
Guillermo Loredo (4 days ago)
is this guy taking a dump while doing those sounds ?
This dirty man is become animal
FuryX Kran (4 days ago)
He can not make these noises without the pins
Mohammad Abandah (4 days ago)
So no one is gonna bring up the fact that he casually has a pencil on each ear
かめックス (4 days ago)
Hoschi J. (4 days ago)
BroidisVeli (5 days ago)
BroidisVeli (1 day ago)
Dorys (4 days ago)
Ekko Main! (5 days ago)
What am I looking at?
Nervozni Plejer (5 days ago)
CurryLP (5 days ago)
Thank you, Internet. Thank. You.
I.F.E_YouTube (5 days ago)
1:17 = Marlon

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