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CREED MILLESIME IMPERIAL "STREET SCENTS" The Series. A great fragrance from the house of CREED. This was a great guy, and he seems to be connected I RESPECT THAT!!!!!! Rate/Comment/Subscribe. Follow me on Twitter here's the link http://twitter.com/#!/STREETSCENTS
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Rui Miranda (2 years ago)
You don´t want to mess with this guy Chuck. He works for Tony. Great video!
Jack Tripuh (2 years ago)
Chuck got the swag of a mafia kat lol
Lazz the Wolf (3 years ago)
Mamma mia, I'm sure glad Chuck like this one Al. I thought he was going to pull out the ol' street sweepah if he felt yous was trynna play him for a manichino! MilLe Grazie, HP
David Childers (4 years ago)
Chuck seems like a guy you better not cross.
Herdhe Dashi (4 years ago)
Al what's your Creed convert ratio? Any luck following up with your people you hook up with these samples?
Bankai (5 years ago)
Thats It! what a G
TheRighteous (5 years ago)
I really enjoyed this review Al, this guy is a classic, low key, serious, yet straight to the point. No fiddle faddle, a white collared gangster possibly? I enjoyed it and found myself chuckling...lol
wiifan222 (5 years ago)
I might get this.
The Fearmoths (5 years ago)
Al: "You look like you have expensive tastes". Guy: "Do I? Err...yeah, sure, why not?"
cyber6sapien (6 years ago)
Dunamis (6 years ago)
That guy looks like hes from the mafia.
Brooklyn Levo (6 years ago)
Al here
Fábio Condé (7 years ago)
Christ! Where i can get this? lol !! Perfect! Ure are the man Al!!
martinaee (7 years ago)
100-300 dollars..... "That's it????" LOL I want to know what fragrances this guy has if he thinks Creed fragrances aren't expensive.
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
@CleverDjembe He only does that when he gets a lil nervous. Betsy made him nervous and this guy.. he might have thought he pulled over a mobster.
Guinea54 (7 years ago)
[email protected] my wife is gonna think im with another woman.
tecum15 (7 years ago)
Good video! It was interesting to see what random people think about one of my favorite fragrance!
hardcoredestroyer (7 years ago)
Holy shit!! I live three blocks from that place.
wagsbass (7 years ago)
chuck is rich
superped2 (7 years ago)
You found the Soprano crew fosho of course there gonna love MI shes gorgeous wore her in vegas alot
MyMickers (7 years ago)
I'm sure he is gonna have no problem with this frag. Great vid al!!!!
Aviator1047 (7 years ago)
Al, another great review....keep up the good work!! MI is one of my favorites :)
Patrikduke (7 years ago)
He he he, funny guy...very italian (Soprano) looking, indeed...
STREET SCENTS (7 years ago)
@raidernationcali Yeah this gut was straight out of the Sopranos
frequentairbusflyer8 (7 years ago)
this guy has some serious dough! another great one Al!
frannguyen (7 years ago)
@notreveh Maybe like Amouage Attar
Rafael RZ (7 years ago)
@CleverDjembe Agreed, surprised people dont get scared
xd (7 years ago)
this is my favorite out of the seven creed samples u sent me, other ones..not so much..i did an unboxing video of that, i will probably post it up soon. and again thanks for the samples
Cameron Davis (7 years ago)
Great vid Al! Props!
syarrito07 (7 years ago)
Another Good Job My Man!!! Keep Em Rollin'
AP0LL0edc (7 years ago)
Al... you're like a pusher! Sell that S#!T, hommie!!
theizza68 (7 years ago)
he gotta be italian .. good job Al
raidernationcali (7 years ago)
I like when u pull over them soprano type dudes. gives ur reviews some style. nice job as always.
Heverton Dutra (7 years ago)
More than 300 dollars?! I would love to know what fragrance it was... Clive Christian perhaps?
archelon (7 years ago)
this guy has expensive taste...(Al's mind "I respect that!")
blaquestrength (7 years ago)
I think his moves are fine. That's a part of his character
CleverDjembe (7 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Al's fast movements look a little hectic / over-dramatic on camera?

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