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Text Comments (39686)
Kiet Nguyen (29 minutes ago)
That why these beautiful girl have such ugly babies
hanpo jongsam (6 hours ago)
Not in India
Angelica Yang (14 hours ago)
Tape on her skin
Deedee (14 hours ago)
it was not skin it was tape
Kaka Ocha (15 hours ago)
Crazy Ketket (20 hours ago)
It was taaaaaaaape not skin!!!!
Tohoa Nguyenthi (22 hours ago)
ba tan vlog
Emma Reesh (1 day ago)
There putting tape on there face
Nightmare Dream (1 day ago)
Ernesto Navarro (1 day ago)
2:10 i was thinking why is infinte always pink
Gacha Cookie Katy (1 day ago)
cassie zou (1 day ago)
definitely photoshop
BTS ARMY (1 day ago)
Im Asian k? (Filipino) Are u filipino/asain?
BTS ARMY (1 day ago)
꧁ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜɪᴄʜᴜ ꧂ nice
Same filipino too!💜
ToMbOy GaChA (2 days ago)
That isn't skin its tape
Hanseo Jo 조한서 (2 days ago)
She is Chinese
SuburbanoidMisfit111 (2 days ago)
Just wait until you two fags get ED at 25. LMAO.
Gamnia Leriak (2 days ago)
I love u both... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Banal Knight (2 days ago)
Transformers, robots in disguise....... Asian edition
이yuna (3 days ago)
8:10 what does she drink? Km just wondering.
Claire Avelar (3 days ago)
The girls with the big teeth the teeth are fake
Razan Radhwan (3 days ago)
Infinite/caylus:cute Infinite/caylus:jeez☠️🤯
Los veo Pecadores (3 days ago)
That isn't skin, it's tape u can out in ur jaw
Los veo Pecadores (3 days ago)
Those aren't eyebrows stickers...
dude Vizcarra (3 days ago)
Caylus was in my dream
mostly royale (3 days ago)
Rosa Scarlet (3 days ago)
I thought they were really pale. But now I know they get thousand shades lighter.
Katja Kartsch (3 days ago)
Life is like box of chocolade, you never know what you get! ( Forrest Gump) Yeaaaah!
YL C (3 days ago)
Have you guys heard of waterproof cosmetics?
Yuikai25 (3 days ago)
yes,this is china.not vietnam :<
Sydney Hagans (3 days ago)
That stuff that they were peeling off their face, it was tape.
Michelle Lam (4 days ago)
it’s just some of them are that freakin talented. It’s acyually quite hard, right? and i NEED this !!!! It’s better than plastic surgery but I bet they are most likely Korean and Chinese, I guess
Phing Yenny Herawati (4 days ago)
You too look like brothers
Roxy The hyena (4 days ago)
It's called tape
Swati Pal (4 days ago)
Never make a girlfriend how is chains or Korean
Kimi Mudin (4 days ago)
9:32 gahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahh
Death Wing (5 days ago)
Love it
biker miennui (5 days ago)
biker miennui (5 days ago)
Carmen Bautista (5 days ago)
the thing the girls put their faces was tape
Iva Nicole Rambayon (5 days ago)
Uh-oh, noooooo!!!! Men now know how we can shape shift to a “TOTALLY” different person!!!!
sibusiso makwakwa (5 days ago)
Stop pausing the videos,you talk to much guyz.
Nele12307 (5 days ago)
And here I'm like : What is that cream that makes them whiter, like how?!
Lady_ Dragoness (4 days ago)
Just foundation... you can even get pale paper white foundation, but it's more expensive...
Erum Irfan (5 days ago)
You guys look like a 90s band
not name (5 days ago)
Petty Good job so far
Dionne Mina Hanopol (5 days ago)
I think that it is normal because I am a girl
kerrmann (5 days ago)
Can't watch from you two acting like little annoying kids...
Amber G (5 days ago)
9:33 instant Johnny Bravo
Jaima Delabajan (6 days ago)
You two are funny. 🤣💕
Ashley Anglin (6 days ago)
A y'all sound like twins
Ashley Anglin (6 days ago)
Y'all look like twins
Akhil Janardhanan (6 days ago)
what about photo in passport??
shadow biscuit (6 days ago)
They go from ugly to waifiu
Myrna Singco (6 days ago)
Loney Boo (5 days ago)
I know right!!
Myrna Singco (6 days ago)
Lenece Cameron (6 days ago)
She put tape on her face
Andrew Brown (7 days ago)
It’s tape she used at the start
polly k (7 days ago)
They are chinese
BTR GAMERS (7 days ago)
5:30 ready to jumpscare
four Mark (8 days ago)
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Latrell Terrell (8 days ago)
Boring but funny
Heyyo Jones (8 days ago)
I was trying to sleep and now I'm scared cause of that picture you brought up at 5:45?? Or 5:46 was it?? I don't know.. I don't wanna go back😢😂
james whelehan (8 days ago)
It's called a facelift👌🤗👱‍♀️
Ben Schaffer (8 days ago)
Hahaha lol I love y'all's show & that was great y'all & I laughed so hard through all these videos😂😂😂& I can say that I have talked to girls that looked just like these ones on social media before & wow my goodness did I get fooled or what & when I was I thought to myself hmmm if I know better Asians are not that white lol😂😂😂
Lyla (8 days ago)
Pretty sure there’s only a small amount of Asian people will do this....
Shamie Azriela (8 days ago)
☆♡•Facebook Squad•♡☆ Oh im alone? 😢
xXCrankerXx (9 days ago)
You both look like lovely twins
LD Horselady (9 days ago)
All girls are beautiful no matter what ☺️
Adan Abdifatah (9 days ago)
05:14 Man:I like girls who are pretty in the inside Girl: okay imma just drink my foundation and eat my eyeshadow Man:WTF Girl: am I pretty enough for you now? 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😁😁😁
Touche' Corona (9 days ago)
The girl at 5:05 needs some serious dental work. Asians are more f*cked up than Americans are.
Travis Williamson (9 days ago)
First girl is DEF not Korean or Japanese. Seeing has how the writing is Chinese, Imma take a guess and say she's from.... China? Plus I lived in Korea for 21 years and I know what Korean girls look like. This girl resembles no Korean.
Brokat Houwil (9 days ago)
The pealling the face was tape.👧👺👺👺❤👌✌👏👐
Ferny _10 (9 days ago)
Tal and Caylus the “extra skin” is tape 😆😆😆
7:49 that is a youtuber
Melissa Edouard (9 days ago)
She is a youtuber
Justin .Y (9 days ago)
“eyeliner i think, don’t quote me on that” -Tal
AISHA Aishoo (9 days ago)
Fade (9 days ago)
Kaylis caylus caylis Which one
Femi Rachma (9 days ago)
09:30 got me dying 🤣🤣🤣
Actually, I’ve never seen girls like them in Japan…! ( And those are Chinese videos...!! lol. )
this girl & this two youtouber is same thing for me !
Adren Fu (9 days ago)
2 for the price of one~~
Diaz Castro (10 days ago)
and i thought asian girls were pretty . not any more i give up
Adis Candra (10 days ago)
do we et copyrighted from putting other people's video on screen? help
Juanita Ebrole (10 days ago)
You guys guest wrooooong
OMGgamers (10 days ago)
Armpit problems? i know the feeling m8
Jessica Journeycake (10 days ago)
If I tried to transform I'd look like i was a Halloween costume...scary
amir ghanem (10 days ago)
When girls lie to you: I’m sorry. When you lie to them: YoU LiEd To mE I aM NeVeR TaLkInG To yOu AgAiN!
dancingfools5 (11 days ago)
I am gonna leave the wig on not even a second later the wig is off
Nataline Gloriana (11 days ago)
1:24 it's not skin. It's kinda tape that pull and secure your skin to make your face looks even narrow, not chubby.
Whitterbug 7 (11 days ago)
Dude, they are using apps that have filters (like Snapchat). Makes the transformation more dramatic. And some of them are wearing fake bad teeth at the beginning to make them look especially bad.
BERETTA TV (11 days ago)
Made to be Cool 😁
Sammy Elison (11 days ago)
I made this👍🏿tho this 👍
Anna Pagano (11 days ago)
It is a fake nose
WT Farm Girl Videos (11 days ago)
OMG, this is so funny! These two guys, ahahahah!
Kamrul Islam (11 days ago)
I am from Asia and every girl is like this.
basic easy (10 days ago)
Lol no
Farah Al Yahya (11 days ago)
He best 2 reactors ❤️❤️
Pk Devi (12 days ago)
Joshua Park (12 days ago)
6:00 Very few
D. Thorin (12 days ago)
the nose should not be removed THE NOSE SHOULD NOT GET REMOVED THE NOSE SHOULD NOT GET REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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