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Ralph Laurens Romance cologne/fragrance review!!

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Song:Rise Agianst- Give it up My Ralph Laurens Romance cologne/fragrance review!! Check out fragrancenet.com!! rate comment and subscribe! XD
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meex Amillion (1 month ago)
I'm here from the future.....buy all there bottles because they dont make this fragrance no more.
Luca Brazi (2 months ago)
Wtf gucci guilty sux balls it's great ...That smear campaign for Romance maybe why your not around
shogunate83 (7 years ago)
Romance Silver is a much nicer scent
Luca Brazi (2 months ago)
ALLINKNOTS (8 years ago)
Women's Romance Fragrance smells so GOOD. I haven't smelled the men's version.
Ryan W (9 years ago)
I love the silver!
Patrick Youngblood (9 years ago)
Agreed! Both versions of Romance are very average.
Brandon Lelek (9 years ago)
tim, do you work at the Jared on walden next to the mall?
LOPS666Orange (9 years ago)
I have Romance...i have the aftershave/shower gel set...compare to some other sets i have Romance is GARBAGE...it smell like NOTHING...it's nothing special about it...maybe it just doesn't go w/ my skin...1/10...
thatbrokekid (9 years ago)
Hey Tim, I was wondering if you could recommend me a fragrance that would be good for a high school junior guy(to get the ladies haha); to be honest I really don't want popular colognes like coolwater or Acqua di Gio; I was looking at the Issey Miyake Pour Homme but haven't had a chance to smell yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
jessica j (9 years ago)
Your so cute. Your the type of guy that every 1 likes and i will so date you
chris b (9 years ago)
its weird you said that because I was just looking for that fragrance yesterday at Gottschalks for men Ralph Lauren Romance, but they where sold out, that's one of my favorites , I got that as fathers day gift for a friend, but as you know gottschalks is going out of business so there cologne is 25% off. I was bidding on ebay but I lost, Im gonna do a Video on Vurt Cologne for guys from Pac sun so I saw there where no videos at all on Vurt, u are cute & good looking, I wish u where my date

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