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Blk Wmn Can't Keep They Mouth Or Legs Closed! (Classic Rewind 2012)

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Text Comments (2702)
CLEOPATRA JONES (16 hours ago)
These black women are being EXACTLY what you MEN ask for.
marco conti (17 hours ago)
Eleven years in Africa. When I came, I soon realized how many single mothers were here, some of them very young. In the beginning I believe what people (mostly women) told me : black men like cheating, they don't take care of their sons... After 4 years, a lady who lived in Europe, told me : this is not true, it's because men know that girl fuck anyone, that often for cash, that they don't settle. 90% of the times they do not even know if they are REALLY the father...
Timothy Polk (2 days ago)
Totally, dude. I can not stand black women! They make my dick shrink!
Joe Meehan (2 days ago)
Tommy, you are a brave man!
Gretchen Hughes (3 days ago)
Michael W (4 days ago)
all I had to do is read the title. 100% right that's why they disgust me.. Black women in Oakland California. You ask any woman to see their phone just do it. Why you can't see it cuz she has other men for every day of the week stay single trying to look for the right woman you get the wrong one pregnant.
Bosco Dalocc (5 days ago)
Your right bro
geeksquad smarty (5 days ago)
The criticism of black women are a direct reflection of the reckless behavior of black men. If 7% of black women lead the statistics for STDs, then 7% of the black men gave them STDs. If black women are having abortions, then why aren't black men acting responsible enough to prevent the pregnancy, or encourage her not to have an abortion. If black women lead single parent households, then that's a direct reflection of the lack of moral obligation of the black man to his child. Black men have multiple children by multiple women. Black men don't feel morally obligated to marry black women. Black men don't feel morally obligated to care for his children. Black men won't even wear condoms to prevent pregnancy or STDs. You cannot criticize one gender without that being a direct reflection on the other.
Jackie (6 days ago)
LMAO 😁🤣😂
Filsan Hassan (6 days ago)
Don't say Black woman say Black American woman
Edward Mayfield (6 days ago)
Its either their way or they dont see it no other way
Edward Mayfield (6 days ago)
The Truth hurts
Sheila James (7 days ago)
Fuck you fagot
Sheila James (7 days ago)
Keep the white mans dick and the white womans ass out ya mouth
Greg Foster (8 days ago)
Roger Meade (9 days ago)
White women ain't much different
Dekief C.Moore (9 days ago)
my nigga speaking the truth
Gretchen Hughes (10 days ago)
My Tommy fix!😂😂😂😂
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
Tommy you are a punk bitch if your going to say things about black women, point out how white women do it more.
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
When the average American man go's to a porno site, it's to watch white whorish women mostly.
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
What is the difference of when heavy metal was popular, white women were shaking their asses, dressing like hookers, always in bikinis, and were groupie ho's. Now that type of lifestyle is popular in the rap culture, now it's a problem. Now let's talk bad about black women. Fuck that.
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
Tommy your daughters are black, what the fuck.
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
What kind of woman were American men and boys were looking at in nude magazines, white slutty ass women opening their legs for the world to see. I Dont recall seeing a black women in these nudes magazines. White women have always been the center of attention when it comes to women opening their legs.
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
Everybody here seems to forget who started the porno industry, white men, and white women.
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
boom in your face. (10 days ago)
White women have been the faces of sexism, not black women. Who has always been on the cover magazines of Hustler, playboy, penthouse.
boom in your face. (11 days ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , I am a black man And my experience of having sex with all types of race of women, white women are the easiest, and will do practically anything.
boom in your face. (11 days ago)
Who was John F. Kennedy fucking on the side, Marylin Monroe, a white women. Who was Bill Clinton getting his dick sucked by, Monica, who is also white. But lets point out black women. I don't understand.
JOHNNYBOIJ (11 days ago)
michael barrow (11 days ago)
boom in your face. (11 days ago)
White women are the biggest sluts out there, I am a black man, and I can get a white women to lick my ass before I can get a black woman to do it. Just saying.
MimoShiki the blessed1 (12 days ago)
I must not be black. Because I'm celibate n keep my mouth shut. On another subject is your mother, sister, nieces, aunts BLACK?????? #IJS 👀👀👀👀👀
Marquis Howard (12 days ago)
The brutally raw honest truth #nothingmorenothingless
José Rivera (12 days ago)
Trigger alert!!!!! Truth bombs are deadly.
Maria Cole (12 days ago)
Truth hurts .... never a true word spoken....
david Anderson (12 days ago)
Why do black folks always talk about keeping it real but rarely speak the truth like this man has the courage to do. I’m white but lived in the hood for over twenty five years to witness the truth of what he’s speaking about.....it’s allll true.
Cool As Ice (13 days ago)
Big Pappi Notorious BIG was small
Cool As Ice (13 days ago)
It takes two to tango. No statistics black men stinking dicks lead diseases and black men not paying child support. You know about that Tommy
Cool As Ice (13 days ago)
Rerun was a woman lol
Cool As Ice (13 days ago)
Michael Benway (13 days ago)
God damn,,Tommy is gangster as a motherfucker
Joshua Spencer (13 days ago)
O man i love to watch this guy he always keeping it 100%
shaveece brooks (14 days ago)
Your MAMMA is 1 Black-Woman everybody wishes WOULD have kept her legs CLOSED!! ...would be 1-less IGNORANT RACE-TRADING SELF-HATING BABOON-FACE ATTENTION-SEEKER out here
Tama Doucoure (14 days ago)
I’m doing with unlimited black women because I can find a real one Sorryyyyyy!!!
Steven Ryker (14 days ago)
as a white male I have this to say..... this gangsta should run for senate!!!!!!! keep it real my friend!!!!!!!
Tama Doucoure (14 days ago)
I love my black women but they’re not as they supposed to be
edwinjones1000 (15 days ago)
Truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal Allen (16 days ago)
It's crazy how this is being said as if white women don't fuck their brother in laws and their own cousins 😂😂😂... Hoes come in all races...
Annabel Lee (16 days ago)
You bitches, you.
jovis bully (16 days ago)
Tommy this is your brother... watch this link. https://youtu.be/nKtJxopWBLI
Constance Sims (17 days ago)
He sounds just as nasty as the women that he is talking about.
Travis Jones (17 days ago)
So friggin hilarious! So true about the women taking dating advice from women with out men. Men couldn't be more simple its easy 1.) learn how to cook 2.) learn how to suck a dick and fuck us a few times a week and 3.) Don't be a nag. 4.) Act feminine (shave your legs and pits etc.) That's it! Doesn't sound like rocket science to me.
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
I'm about to Bluetooth this in my car stereo with the windows rolled down at the red light and the volume turned up! Y'all wish me luck and if you don't hear back from me in one hour; come looking for me! 🚘🎛️🚧🚨🚧🚔🤣
dianelle Mompremier (17 days ago)
You never heard latino men talking bad about their women or white men talking bad white men only black men do that
dianelle Mompremier (17 days ago)
White women
P Funk (17 days ago)
Tommy is the truth !!!!
Stephanie Chichester (18 days ago)
You are too funny...ignorant but funny. I think you just espouse this ignorance for attention. Do you even have a damn college degree? If you do you are wasting your time..just ignoranttt! With 3 t's
J R (18 days ago)
RIGHT ON! Can not stand to see ghetto fat rats coming my way
Ashida Mungin (18 days ago)
Black women are uneducated and stupid and noting but hoes
Mystique Darkholme (12 days ago)
Ashida Mungin Yup
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
LMAO 🤣😂🤣😂
Ashida Mungin (18 days ago)
Black women are noting but hoes and bitches
Beth G. (18 days ago)
And black women politicians. Shirley Jackson, Mad Maxine, April Ryan, Whoopi. 90% of them.
Blydia Brown (18 days ago)
Im a woman of color Im not mad at you. I like you
R_66 (18 days ago)
Soto, I have been married over 30yrs, unable to have children. I'm educated and I have a home and a good black man. You are right with some things but what are you doing to make a change. I'm learning so much from the evil you spew out. Not every black woman is what you say. I don't know what happened to the Community. I don't come from your background. I've noticed there is a lot of children by black women but women are not making babies alone. Also down low black men are the ones giving the women Aids, have you been tested? I have never heard any of this evil your talking. What kind of women have you been with. The world views you as everything evil. You're the enemy to the white race. Rant Mr because no matter how much you rant and put your people down, You are a black man with a tag on your back. Wishing all evil on your own to be killed, remember. You are not protected.
Mystique Darkholme (12 days ago)
R_66 How is he an enemy to the white race? 😂😂😂
Mr. Browning (18 days ago)
Why in hell especially after all these years of major failure & shame & embarrassment & after all the multiple Billions of dollars just absolutely wasted on these beastie whores! But yet for some damn reason our Government still just keeps allowing these irresponsible selfish out of control animals to keep breeding like feral rabid dogs knowing full well they can't support them & then the Gov. actually rewards these retards with more money & food stamps & medical insurance & free public housing & or sect.8 & hud ect. & free education & the list is almost freaking endless! When the damn answer is so damn simple & well deserved because of after all the endless & multiple yrs of hand ups & hand outs & free every fucking thing they actually keep just getting worse & worse because to them this is success!! These people (especially the females) have zero shame & no dignity or honor & no self respect all & integrity to them doesn't even exist! To them just these morons thinking that they are getting over on the so called "MAN" Or SYSTEM, or GOV, or TAX PAYING WHITE FOLKS & this so called invisible, fake & make believe so called "WHITE SUPREMACY" BS that doesn't even exist except for the so called "PRO NIGGERS" using it to scare the other dumb niggers who are to damn stupid to try and actually think for themselves, that they literally just want a reason & excuse to keep behaving like primitive savage animals & it's just a pathetic scare tactic that you would think they figured out by now but NOPE!! The majority of these blacks sadly but truthfully really are that damn ignorant & plain old fashioned dumb!! All this BS racism excuses & their wanna be make believe how they pretend to seriously be oppressed here in 2019 America is so lame and pathetic, it's all just more of the bla bla bla the SOS over & over, excuses after excuses & lies & blaming everyone but their selfish pathetic lazy smelly dirty two faced back stabbing anti American hating racist niggers! Honestly the only example I have ever had at 47 years old is & has always been Blacks who were being racist & who were prejudice! Every damn time I have ever seen it or experienced racism it was always every damn time from blacks against everyone else (but mostly white) I've never known a racist person of any race ever except for blacks!Not one damn time in my entire life, except when it was blacks being prejudice to others!! When now it is well past time to act & fight back against America's real worst domestic enemies the racist & radical leftist liberal Democratic blacks! They most all need to be sterilized immediately asap! To start the end of these peoples evil racist reign of domestic terror upon our once great nation before the early democratic liberal party made the biggest mistake in our nations history, to ever believe that these negro's would ever ever become civilized & change & do what was right & be grateful & thankful for all that we had sacrificed & freely done for them only to be taken advantage of! & lie against & used & betrayed & accused of all these ridiculous BS accusations! So we need to sterilize them then adapt & bring back our original segregation laws & orders & now Negro's need to after being sterilized should be put into Negro reservation FEMA style camps like we had done for the Indians! Except of course they would have to be under high level security guards at all times to protect society from these savages & make our streets safe again & to not have to be FORCED by our own damn Gov. to have to associate in every way with these people that we consider our enemy & domestic terrorist & the anti American Commie traitors!! But the first damn obvious steps are sterilisation & segregation! Then we'll see if they are ever able to evolve over thousands of years & catch up & to close the huge gap of IQ & basic intelligence & Maybe one day be able to finally just maybe then be able to rejoin modern normal civilized society !! But until then something must be done to these out of control racist feral beast!
krexoriginal (19 days ago)
"their legs" not "they legs". Lose the ebonics before you go casting stones you fool. Signed, Your Unattainable Dream, an Educated White Woman.
Devin Hill (20 days ago)
Dude don't target sister's like that Bro. My mother, sister's aunts, G- mother ain't none of that! Whatever bitch that had broke your heart did a hell of a job sucka. Stop attacking the queens bitch ass nigga!!
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
+Green Optic LMAO!!! Case in point! 😂🍺
Green Optic (20 days ago)
Was your dad in your Life? He wasn't mentioned...and maybe the women in your life was the reason he bounced...
Nacho Morales (20 days ago)
Wow! But true, I see this at my work. Mr Sotomayor just mailed it and hopefully, changes for the good occur with the women. I thought I was imagining things and guess what, Latin women (young generation) are following the same path.
Domini (21 days ago)
Talk without cursing.
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
Ghetto bitches don't no any other languages. " He good."😂
KIR Ismyjob (21 days ago)
Just wondering,why ALL d blame put on the woman???? When the black "men" are THE ONES coming in them opened legs!!!
Valencia Whittington (21 days ago)
That's true
amarilla griffin (21 days ago)
Tommy please cut out the bad language out it isn't necessary,I would take you more seriously if you spoke to me without offensive language.
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
You feel like he's talking to you?🤣
Reynolds Peele (21 days ago)
woolly zizi (21 days ago)
All the loud mouth black woman who are guilty of all these are here on the comment section,with same loud mouths ,self righteousness,self justification and self everything with lo g dead white women hairs or horse tails winning their loud mouths and teeth ,crying false,instead of learning from mistakes.
Johnny Pham (22 days ago)
What’s that... FACT
Morris Jordan (22 days ago)
Real talk 💯
Sweetie Brinx (22 days ago)
Is this man real
Sweetie Brinx (22 days ago)
LIQUID POWDER (12 days ago)
+Sweetie Brinx Sounds like you have man issues😂 What's wrong, you never get picked in the draft? LMAO! White women are getting the cream of the crop. And to be honest you sound like a motherfucking lesbian; you like meat tacos, bitch? And in case you haven't heard; Harlem is a shit hole, dike bitch! 😂🖕🏾
Sweetie Brinx (12 days ago)
+LIQUID POWDER up yours for real. Ain't that the way you like it?
Sweetie Brinx (12 days ago)
+LIQUID POWDER what's written is written he's that women that he despise so much he's been doing this b.s.for years just like the most of you men. Regardless of what you so called two faced men say. You have to change y'all ways as well. He's that loud mouth women. He can't keep his mouth shut about women he goes on and on with no stopping in sight this is no ordinary man this is a jealous faggot like the majority of you so called black men y'all days will come. And its not going to be anything nice. Stone this punk man. Harlem n.y is in the house
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
You want to try that again; successfully construct a sentence?🤣
G Garcia (22 days ago)
Sir you always fail to address the real issue. The points you address are true however you never mention that folks have turned away from God. They don’t know who their Creator is. They have no idea they were given divine breath. We are created in His image. We are created for greatness but first humble yourself. Seek first favor with our Lord and Savior. Follow His commands. Pray. Seek your eternal destiny ...
RICO GARCIA (23 days ago)
armagedon026 (23 days ago)
Tommy bring back sheriff rachettown
John Humphrys (23 days ago)
Theres a hoax of so many things just type hoax ... Probly could have a list 2 pick from ... Hiv hoax there a few you tub vids of it
Buddy Silver (23 days ago)
"EVERY PENETRATION IS RAPE" It’s back! The “all sex equals rape” talking point is back. : Granted, I thought this most idiotic subject of conversation within feminist circles died when Andrea Dworkin herself croaked, but it’s reared its ugly head with a vengeance in a post titled “ PIV is always rape, ok?” :  What is PIV? It means penis in vagina. radical wind blowing through female outerspace This was written by a very sad, lonely person. @t
John Pratt (23 days ago)
Ok enough already,same negative shit
Coolyguy27 (24 days ago)
I will admit it's not all black women. But the ones you are referring to Tom hate everyone that they themselves know they are better than them. Referring to people that put the work in to better themselves. And the do absolutely nothing to better themselves. So they hate those who do. I actually heard these two black woman talking. And the one said to the other Julius is almost 17 so before they cut me off I got to get some man to get me pregnant. If I'm lucky I will have twins. And then they gonna pay me
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
Coolyguy27 (24 days ago)
Just want to say WHATS UP TOMMY? Love the show.And keep on keepin on
Cohatus Ballinger (24 days ago)
True bro!
One love Mgtow!!!!! (24 days ago)
Tommy you are the motherfuking man!!!!!💘💘💞💖💖💘💞💞💖💘💞💖💖💘💘💘💖💞💞
carolyn pope (25 days ago)
That a lie. Really your mother
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
Nah, he's talking about yours.😂
john w (25 days ago)
have my butt babies
Beardeddark Games (25 days ago)
Raymond Humphrey (25 days ago)
DaM Straight Brother.. Real Truth Bomb's here! Nice 👍💯..
Rob Steffen (25 days ago)
White Rook (25 days ago)
The reason their mouth and vagina are open is because everything goes right thru them.
J T (26 days ago)
Mystique Darkholme (12 days ago)
Valencia Whittington 😂😂😂 Annnnd what about the hispanics? Or asians that come over here with nothing and build themselves from the ground up? 400 year headstart? 😂😂😂 "What the white man has done to African people?" Are you serious? What about what the AFRICAN people have done to African people? Selling their OWN PEOPLE into slavery eons ago? What they are STILL doing to each other? Lets see.... slavery's still going on. (No surprise there.) Women's genitals are still being mutilated. Rape. Murder. War. DISEASE. Widespread AIDS. They rape babies because they believe it will cure their AIDS. Albinos are killed for their "magic bones." Childbrides. No modern comforts... like running clean water, electricity, schooling. There's mudhuts though.... Tell me again how white people are wronging blks?
Mystique Darkholme (12 days ago)
J T Pretty much true. Used to work and live in a majority blk city. I would be in the break room at work and overheard some men talking "every blk dude want a white girl." Plain as day. Also said they might not admit it openly but they do.
LIQUID POWDER (16 days ago)
+Valencia Whittington Are you through with me, Val?😂
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
+Valencia Whittington So you're telling me that you know your way around the kitchen, huh? I must say that I can burn too, baby. I enjoy cooking and I can show you some of my creative dishes if you like. I'm a southern Man and don't mind getting in the kitchen. I actually enjoy it. So you're telling me that you can throw down, huh?
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
+Valencia Whittington Lord knows I'm cracking up over here about that last comment of yours!!!😅 Damn I hollered!🤣
ray matthews (26 days ago)
It's beyond truth, Just way to vile with vulgarities.
Tonya Garner (26 days ago)
Ok curious George😹
Rene Martínez (26 days ago)
I m a Hispánic living in my country, i lived in San Francisco 30 years ago. Man , things have change a lot. Althoug i suport u 100% , i like and love your comments, i just would like you to talk a little bit to Men and respinsanilities. Forgive my english. Love from Nicaragua.
Carolyn Montgomery (27 days ago)
No, your mother couldn't keep her mouth and legs closed Tommy. You are the one that is mad. Lol...
LIQUID POWDER (17 days ago)
You just proved his point.🤣
Chantel Oriakhi (27 days ago)
ulhurusurf club (27 days ago)
Fred Wilkerson (27 days ago)
Maybe if they kept their mouths open more . . . At least they wouldn't be getting pregnant . . . . And instead of poking the pus hole . . . . Ram it in there asshole instead . . . Once again at least they wouldn't be getting pregnant in the butthole . . . . Problem solved . !!!!!!
boom in your face. (21 days ago)
Hey bitch ass Tommy, White women are highly known for not keeping their legs closed, they will fuck anything, even a ugly black man that looks like you. black women stick to their own race more than white women do. So what the fuck.
DARTH Darth (27 days ago)
WOW! I have seen a lot of vids say the same shit U saying. No 1 said it with such intensity or just plain raw truth. Check him out. He did his homework & the vast majority of what he said is real shit. U just made a new fan & subscriber.
Ricky Perkins (27 days ago)
Funny how a black mother fucking bitch have a problem with a mother fucker telling them they are mother fucking obesity.
johan875 (28 days ago)
I am black. Really, am scared of black women. They hate black men.
Ayman Brown (28 days ago)
This is your greatest hit! You have spoken the truth!

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