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Blk Wmn Can't Keep They Mouth Or Legs Closed! (Classic Rewind 2012)

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Text Comments (1963)
Tarnesia Ward (18 minutes ago)
This stupid mf need to get his clan suit and paint his face white and go to the nearest clan meeting. I just came across this, and didn’t even watch much, but all your videos are ignorant and degrading to your own mother, daughters, sisters. I would truly disown you. You’re the definition of brainwashed.
Orlando Botello (25 minutes ago)
Look here nigger...............I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! Idk what or how to say it because whatever I say im sure you have heard before and for the fact that after actually using the 'er' on nigger I'll be considered racist which I am. Everybody is..... common sense, but of course the media or facist quo' (now that's fucking funny because I just used fashion quote like I know what that means) wants you to believe that it's Whitey or The Man that is the racist but as I said I know everyone is racist. Bartender of 27 years in 4 star restaurants to hole in the wall strip clubs . There is or at least what I have seen is most people have no problem with skin color but yet when describing this video skin color will be brought up and since 99% of the people hate loud mouthed fat black women. So boom!!! Even the black man can be racist or is it the yellow commie mf or maybe the big nosed smelly fucktard Jew bastard (that was the best one...smelly fucktard lol lol). So there you have it...... common sense. Fuck......im sorry I got high and thought. Maybe thought too much. Idk.......im a 48 year old and a military brat so coming from a melting pot of races, there was never a issue of race and if a nigger,spic, Jew or whitey joke when my father's friends would come to our house they always used the word but it was never used in anger. I now see there is a race war now and more ever in history because this one ain't over yet. Not by a damn sight. Anyways I am new to getting news off of YouTube and plan on using it more as I find there is truth /bullshit/ or what have you. I recently came across a guy JB Gunner and kinda got into him . I really was getting into him but then it seemed and it's only my opinion that it started to be the same routine. Nothing against him at all, in fact it takes balls to get up there and give your opinion so I very much appreciate what he does as do I with people I hate. Speech is a God damn right and it would be ashame to silence anyone. Anyways..... sorry for this long drawn out comment that is going nowhere but I told you .,....I got high. Again, I fucking love you dude. You are absolutely right with this video. I love how you say what you feel and make no apologies for it. I love the way you talk. I can understand you! Not just in relating to but clear spoken. I plan on watching a lot more of you and I hope to be supporting you and your work very soon. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing a lot more of you.
Bobby Holt (1 hour ago)
U are a pure coward did yo dad shit u out no repect 4 black women lm a man u got bitch ways
Logan Solo (2 hours ago)
LOL! I LOVE this guy! Speak the truth man! Preach it! I'll even give you a fucking A-MEN! LOL!
marie Rose (8 hours ago)
we no this bitch is gone off air..this trash just had to get his dog nethethanalts white dog ass licking ass off here..bye bitch for good..and whites m ade sure his sick ass get off here..WHORAY..THIS BLACK UGLY DOG BITCH IS GONE .
Jon Hammer (16 hours ago)
Hell he's right stop bitchin and nagging and help your men shit they help you got your back and white or black ya act as ya doing them a fava letting em be with you
Joseph Macaluso (18 hours ago)
What kind of demonic shit is this..black women are the mothers of the black communities .if black men would raise their children then we could communicate with the young men...a king runs his kingdom not runs around the world getting laid
Ron Barnes (18 hours ago)
Uh, ok then.
Joseph Macaluso (18 hours ago)
Brothers cant keep their dick in their pants..and cant stand to hear the truth
Guy McDaniel (18 hours ago)
John Holbrook (21 hours ago)
Talking too one of my friends said he only dates white women cause they treat him better we laughed cause I'm white and I only date black women cause they treat me better than white women
Cedric Jones (22 hours ago)
Preach brother!! Keeping it 100 brother!! These hoes ain't Shit!! But Hoes and Tricks!!
Raymond Cruz (22 hours ago)
I'm black and I have never used, nor has anyone in my family ever used, the word THEY as a substitute for THEIR. Where the fuck does that come from???
JAUAN BIZZLE (1 day ago)
sylvia lower (1 day ago)
Diane K (1 day ago)
I'm an old lady now and just feel sad for men, every color. The world is upside down.
Anita Diaz AnitaD (1 day ago)
So, ALL Black women are like this?
Amorai711 (1 day ago)
Once the original African Mind was thoroughly raped and erased the designer mind was inserted into the head of the person whose new role was to raise up persons that functioned contrary to how God created Adam to function. The physical body is human but the mind is a scientific concoction of self-hatred and self-destruction. As such they no longer qualify as being Black or a partner in any real sense of the word. They are for all situations and purposes Margaret Sangers or Ku Klux Klan in Black Face. When any Black Man young and old accept this fact and force himself to restore his natural Adam mentality he will have finally embarked on his Salvation. Halleluyah!
Charm Center (1 day ago)
You run your mouth. And you can get got with your mouth.?, You are fucking hilarious.
Jacqueline Simmons (1 day ago)
Was your momma the same?
Luis Allende (1 day ago)
My hero!
Mike Connor (1 day ago)
In the last 2 years, NCIS Los Angeles the show with LL Cool J had a black woman Nia Long that took over the Special Ops group when Heddy disappeared. She was a very attractive woman who played a nasty, bossy, abrupt, dislikeable, lawless bitch that wore stiletto heels to the office. You wanted to like her, but the roll they cast her in was not likeable, she was 180° out from Heddy who was sweet but deadly. Hollywood pushes dangerous agendas and stereotypes and they need to be called out on it. I love the part LL Cool J plays, a tough humble gentleman with the upmost character. Love your videos. I live in NY, I grew up in West Philly, and was bullied by black kids from first to third grades, a black kid, David Jones, stood up for me. I recently found someone that knows him and hope to meet him soon. We were soprano soloists in the famous DeSales choir. I have not seen him since the 60s. Keep up the good work! When I can donate, I will.
herbert barnes (1 day ago)
You watch too much TV! You sound more bitch than anybody that you called one! You sound like you got a nice comfy spot under massas nuts! Momma issues having ass! You love them white girls huh? & If you fucked as many as you say, that just puts you in the same category as you call yourself placing them! Last but not least YOU TALK TO FUCKING MUCH! You Just Want To Be Heard (I guess momma didn't listen to you enough)!
herbert barnes (1 day ago)
+dade county1219 😂😂😂 No punk ass! I just know that he's following the stereo types that you see on TV! I happen to know actual black women! Do you bitch?
dade county1219 (1 day ago)
But it's all the truth simp
Christopher Pennie (1 day ago)
This brorhaz goin HAMMMM!
Michael Reboah (1 day ago)
Black women are strong, most American black men are too soft and pussified to handle black women
Rosalyn Farley (2 days ago)
Your getting paid for decrading black woman
Rosalyn Farley (2 days ago)
No words sorry a black woman hurt you so bad are you?
Ryan (2 days ago)
omfg this dude busting my guts
Jay Dee (2 days ago)
Damn, he’s going off on black women. I’m a white dude and had no idea about some of these statistics but then again obviously I don’t live in the black community. My experiences with black women and black men for that matter have been positive.
mennis1966 (2 days ago)
Gimme a Break 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 that was my show
Gracie Jones-Hubbard (2 days ago)
where was your daddy, not with your nasty mouth mammy.He didn't teach u to respect women and this is how you were taught to respect your mama because she is one of these black women you referring to. respect your mother, asshole.... u mad cuz we don't want you - hahahaha. head to nappy 4 me... wear a hat next time. stop nasty talking your mother.. shame on u. she must have left you alone as a toddler so u hate back women. Have you tried talking to a Shrink!! they can help you...and Pray!! I will pray for you, too!! Love you Richmond, VA!!
Gracie Jones-Hubbard (2 days ago)
Gracie Jones-Hubbard (2 days ago)
Light Walkers (2 days ago)
Great premise.. However, using too many expletives will not make a change among totalty.. No, every black woman does not represent passive aggression. I’m a white woman and I am 53. I feel that you should not use Ebonics. Please come proper because you sound like a rapper. Moreover, I do respect you. Please come with a better mouth for the public! God Bless you and I love you..💔❤️☯️✝️
Alvin colbert (2 days ago)
I quest it was ok for your mother too open her leggs...
Danville Clarke (2 days ago)
Get off your high horse. You still use nigger and bitch to describe your own people. Our community is in deep trouble and your helping our oppressors. Your hurt feelings does not give you the right to engage your feeble and come up with this drivel. I could come at you with the same attitude that your using but that won't help. We need each other now more than ever.
Nycswan11 (2 days ago)
He's been hurt:(...
1969Vanessa G (2 days ago)
Please give it all to Becky because no black woman needs a man like you or your sycophants.
Soul Painter (2 days ago)
LMFAO....All I can say is thank GOD Tommy's black, if anyone else said these things they would be tarred and feathered and hung from there toes in the town center.
Darrell Hubbard (2 days ago)
Dang! Preach it, Reverend Tommy!!!!
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
we love you tommy!
Dallas Alford (2 days ago)
Saw a black woman today walking across the street with her kids and she was cursing them out.
William Ford (2 days ago)
Jesus Christ sexist af lol
FU! PHUCKU2! (3 days ago)
Name of that tune in the background.... Yee haw! 🤠🐄...
Sunny Zona (3 days ago)
Why was this in my recommended clips?
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
because someone trying to help YOU!
Bullet.Hose.556.762 (3 days ago)
I like straight talkers. cHe's one of them.
Ace Morales (3 days ago)
I wish I could super like this video
Lizabeth Scott (3 days ago)
X X (3 days ago)
WHY , would any man want to get between those
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
mr. xx...because of the X
W and S (3 days ago)
thrown off air 2019
michael truthson (3 days ago)
It never ceases to amaze how this man continues to bash "all" black women as if "all"black women are the absolutely dysfunctional pariah of the 🌏. Yes there is an under belly of black females who are troubled. But the "numbers" he's so adamantly quoting who's numbers are they? Certainly not his own personal findings. So fuck those numbers and him. It's not hard to discern that some dysfunctional black woman/women jacked him up real bad. However, this presentation is utterly ridiculous, woefully irresponsible and far from true. I see no other race of men denigrating their women functional or otherwise in this hideous manner.🙄
michael truthson (3 days ago)
+Rob Robinson who's truth? who's facts? No the truth never hurts unless you like living a life of lies. But bigoted and woefully irresponsible rants are not only hurtful but seriously dangerous.
Rob Robinson (3 days ago)
Straight truth hurt much?
NuDiamond Music (3 days ago)
AND this will get flagged too! Monkey!!
KC Ronn (3 days ago)
Wabbit N Red (3 days ago)
Louie Feyt (3 days ago)
go Tommy!
lorenzo lohman (3 days ago)
This is some very old news
lorenzo lohman (2 days ago)
+Edward Jones Bad news sells much better than good news. I understand that some women like to yell and scream in public, but on the other hand there are some black women who become very good role models in the cummunity. Those good news stories won't sell like the old news.
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
mr. lohman...and your point is?
Mr C (4 days ago)
This man has a way with metaphors.
Nolan Baptiste (4 days ago)
I feel sorry for black women because they are becoming slaves to there own vagina and they die by HIV by %70 these day's and black women need to stop that behavior before thing's get worse.
Richard Brouillard (4 days ago)
u tell it brother see it all the time
townrumor (4 days ago)
🤣💬Lol preach
7751 reese (4 days ago)
Ok your right ask your MOMMA about BOTH???
geeksquad smarty (4 days ago)
Tommy is divorced and does not financially support his own children.
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
ms. smarty...hi...WoW!??! that's some bad dope your on...yes... the so-called black man is sad...please...tell the so-called white woman and man... to stop their lust of them...agin...how do you know?
geeksquad smarty (2 days ago)
+Edward Jones Ms. Jones: You know that black men are infamous at neglecting to pay child support. America can pay off its national debt on what black man owe in child support. Tommy doesn't pay child support, and neither do you. Statistics will back me up on this one. If I am on dope, black men sold it to me. Black men are nothing but dope dealers, repeat offenders, murderers, thieves, and three legged baby daddies. Don't you OD on the corruption and chaos that black men have perpetrated in the black community. Black men a sad excuse for a human being. 😏😏😏😏
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
and agin...how do you know?...not the dope part... about tommy life
Edward Jones (2 days ago)
ok...here we are...miss jones?!?...lol...complete sentence??...fantasty love?....smear of the so-call black woman?...lmao hard!...im not going to do nothing about it...don't have too...your a female or a beta...we see you know about dope and used of it...so please understand this...don't OD!
geeksquad smarty (2 days ago)
+Edward Jones Miss Jones, will you please comment in a complete sentence. How do I know what? Are you having some sort of fantasy love affair with Tommy Smear black women? Tommy uses those two Boulder lips of his to smear black women can't he use those Boulder lips to defend himself? Now I said it what you going to do about it. 😂😂😂😂
Gus Davenport (4 days ago)
Brother, you need to seriously think about all the negative comments on the sisters. Because you are making the problems worse with them. Maybe you should try to help uplift the black race. Please bro stop all the negativity please. Thanks
Annette Marion Auset (4 days ago)
black men creep to open the legs of minors hmmmmm then get punched in the mouth if they tell
Da BIGOMN (4 days ago)
damn son you did them with super power truth bomb now if only church ministers would say the truth to these women instead of filling their heads with bullshit like god gonna give them a boaz man when they can barely handle a broke ass man from the block.
Nicole Radcliffe (4 days ago)
This is sad
Nicole Radcliffe (4 days ago)
So he's speaking on his mom Grandma Greatgrand etc. My mom is a Black women as Am I and neither one of us is like this. Dont stereotype brother. I feel sorry for your daughter. Hopefully she'll have a black man like u that tears her down and disrespect her and call her a black bitch.
geeksquad smarty (4 days ago)
You know when Tommy is going to say something negative about a black woman when his lips are moving.
exodus (4 days ago)
Vintage Souffle, LLC (4 days ago)
Why don't you go check out why. And then you might shut your own mouth. Perhaps you too have been serialized.
Amal Jones (3 days ago)
The Black women biggest problem is three things. One fake ass hair .two their weight. Three that Fucking mouth of there's that is a surefire way that you won't be able to get a man!!!
D K (5 days ago)
And when you are done with black bitches, smack all the entitled white bitches too
D K (5 days ago)
You tell ‘em Tommy
tingastar10 (5 days ago)
Tommy I'm a black man living in the UK, I only wish we had someone like you over here, that tells it like it is over the air waves. Yes Tommy black women behave the same way in the UK, I just hope they view your videos over here too.
Sheijudah (5 days ago)
Wow he's bold with those words of his. .. behind that desk. OH so that's what bravery behind the desk looks like. Hmm🤔😁
dab0331 (5 days ago)
If the shoe dont fit dont lace it up. Only the ones this applies to get mad
royster Futrell (5 days ago)
Damn funny! Serious stuff told in a funny, rapid fire and above all, fearless way. Damn good.
Philip Dennis (5 days ago)
"America is built on Fuck You"--Actor John Goodman
Jasani Harrison (5 days ago)
eternalstolz (5 days ago)
Genius! Keep it up bro. The truth is unpopular
Michael Spiller (5 days ago)
Theo (5 days ago)
strong Eye (5 days ago)
Tacy West (5 days ago)
How did black women get to such a low self esteem. This should be looked at no chance in life with children without a father
7751 reese (4 days ago)
You gotta be pink
Tacy West (5 days ago)
I love it!!! I am so embarrassed by the women in our government. Dear man I don't know you but love you. Blacks can rise up
Moodrah Kamite (5 days ago)
70% of kids born out of wedlock. In New York the most dangerous place for a black baby is in the womb. Shit needs to change. Quit being a sperm resceptical for worthless Niggas.
Horace Connerly (5 days ago)
First of all, let me say that as an American black male, I GET IT. By that I mean I know that he DOES NOT MEAN ALL BLACK WOMEN. He doesn't. He's too intelligent to mean ALL black women. What this man means is TOO MANY BLACK WOMEN. If everyone who views his videos keeps in mind that when he talks about Black Men or Black Women, he DOES NOT MEAN EVERY BLACK MAN OR BLACK WOMEN. He means TOO MANY BLACK MEN or BLACK WOMEN.
makeitso (5 days ago)
Men cant keep their pants on. Kind of a two way street. No ones hands are clean but you pick on one group. These women are not having sex with bears, they are having sex with Tommy who said he hires hookers. What a boob.
April Harmony (6 days ago)
.......I don't understand the negativity surrounding this video. All he is stating what he has experienced. Where's the lie? There isn't any in his experience. Period.
7751 reese (4 days ago)
The lie is portrayals of black women
Azorean 63 (6 days ago)
The truth hurts. Blame the Hollywood liberals for perpetuating the negative black woman stereo type.
Ajagba B (6 days ago)
All true!
rodger rabbit (6 days ago)
Tell it like it is. Ain't no damn different in Detroit. When I hear them talking about they want to be treated like a queen, my head wants to explode. Your crazy delusional welfare ass is NOT royalty. Daaaaamn!
timothyand (6 days ago)
tommy, my dude. hahahaha you riffin!!!!
Deb Abram (6 days ago)
U ain't lying... Lolo
Mario Millan (6 days ago)
Something is wrong with this guy, Sotomayor. Lol. One has to wonder what this 'mans' Momma did to him. Fyi, I'm Mexican but this guy imbarrasses me as a man. This Uncle Tom loves pleasing his white audience. And his white audience loves it and donates money to his channel so he can continue to stereotype Black Women.
Ron Jon (6 days ago)
adam wardheere (6 days ago)
Idiot is hard on black women he is a hater of his own race...Does he know that there are more black women graduate from college and have a better jobs then black men and keep the black family together...He sounds uneducated and confused about the history of black people....I'm an African living in USA and i find his comments about black women insulting and degrating i think he pays more attention to white women and ashamed of his own race....
Mine Finder (6 days ago)
OJ is available to co-host your show. Like minded people should stick together.
Reggie Noble (6 days ago)
Tommy are you going to make me subscribe or what?
David Mack (6 days ago)
Black woman,, how about all woman,,,they all flappin
Justina Fields (6 days ago)
NOT ALL...cause not me🙄
OBrian Ramgeet (6 days ago)
Hell yes 😓😢😭

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