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The Dentist Scene from Finding Nemo | Pixar Side by Side

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Clown around with your favorite fish in this Finding Nemo side-by-side. Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! https://www.disneymoviesanywhere.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pixar Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixar/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pixar Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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Text Comments (285)
Zoey Stokes (11 hours ago)
Oml Lol
Corey's Kid Show (1 day ago)
Darla, stop screaming please
Slender Man (1 day ago)
Did she say Amazon
2:34 make it a meme pls
Jason Santana (3 days ago)
Fddte Jdxhrb
Jason Santana (3 days ago)
Rose Cathall (3 days ago)
iM A praAna
Shaylynn Jones (4 days ago)
N)a; q a
Jocelyn Figueroa (4 days ago)
They darla looks more scary in drawing
Lion fire Cat (5 days ago)
1:05 XD
Alext 669 (7 days ago)
LofiDog (8 days ago)
when you pause it at 1:05 you can see on the mums newspaper at the bottom right, there’s an article saying: ‘troubled by your babies beard?’ Just wanted to share that crucial info with you all 😂🤔
LofiDog (8 days ago)
I used to be scared of this when I was younger but now it’s just funny.
Jayy poleez (9 days ago)
4555u66677⁷77 not 8
rajan patel (9 days ago)
Pumpkinsfunworld (9 days ago)
She's scary ;-;
It's been announced. toy story 4 The wall was not advertised. Wall.e 2😥
I like how this connects to one of the deleted scenes on Disc 1 of Finding Nemo (2003 2 Disc Special Edition Version)
How can in the painting the girl is so mad and also in the other she is happy and like I’m so happy and in the other it’s like ugh I hate fish
Good333 (15 days ago)
LunariaDemon (15 days ago)
A question has this ever happened to you when your teeth are broken how did the bird have how is the window open in the first huge so how's the bird get in the in the in the tank and the room how old is hope that up in 2 egg
Patrick Scannell (16 days ago)
Im glad to see my storyboards look about the same as my favourite movie's storyboard
Michael Rowan (16 days ago)
I can can
Antony Mohsenzadegan (17 days ago)
0:07 look down
0:08 never get away 2x never break the chains
hayylleexx (17 days ago)
I’m xazzzxx
Aleeya Poole (19 days ago)
1:21 dori fun
trice carter (23 days ago)
Megan Eldridge (23 days ago)
Financially DVR them
Delanie laurel (24 days ago)
DreamLandBuds (24 days ago)
She'll probably grow up to be a seafood chef or a fisher...
George Banks (24 days ago)
Man " THAT GIRL !!! " LOL
Janika Forslund (25 days ago)
Ok Ko
Everett Savoy (25 days ago)
Angela Huffstetler (25 days ago)
"?ekspnjubtresufbtgjmutfjytyfnyjyurhytyhrtyusgrrfnyjmcujghhhfhtbf xxxzx cxx
Litonya Freeman (25 days ago)
Mia Lamphier (25 days ago)
This is too sad
Jesusa Madriaga (25 days ago)
This reminds me of coconuts
Karim Kwt (25 days ago)
ن The first thing that happens
Zombi Elaine (26 days ago)
Ll P
Josef Bush (27 days ago)
2:43 DADDY!
Waffleguy (27 days ago)
Just merge already it just add time to the opening
Scott T. Cunningham (28 days ago)
Billy Spell (28 days ago)
0:15 very disturbing...
kayla ramirez (28 days ago)
I' nnnjj
Courtney Burton (28 days ago)
Courtney Burton (28 days ago)
Atreyu's Crazy Cubby (29 days ago)
Kee Lara (30 days ago)
Nathan Cruz (30 days ago)
1:55-2:35 this is what happened, when you shake too hard on the 🐠 from the plastic 💼, Darla!
jojo olegario (30 days ago)
Lorena Sasaguay (30 days ago)
Jeremiah Trimble (30 days ago)
Bendy The Devil (1 month ago)
She better close that mouth 0:55
south park Bruyninckx (1 month ago)
1:04 the incredils
Agnes Quizon (1 month ago)
S AS. Z z. Z z edjjjjjswjjwjwjkkk sent dkskdkkxxjxjzzmmmmzzmmzmzMJZMZZX,
William Rammel (1 month ago)
laloka4life1 (1 month ago)
Billy Plays Games (1 month ago)
jodie dixon (1 month ago)
BRUCE RIDLE (1 month ago)
Sensational Potato Man (1 month ago)
Darla? More like *sped*
1s1up (1 month ago)
well, technically they make a little "detour" before they get to the ocean. Press F to pay respects
Rowell Gregorio (1 month ago)
lusy vangte (1 month ago)
Jesse TheGoAnimator (1 month ago)
0:55 Darla scream
The Great Tatianrus (1 month ago)
Nick Skipworth (1 month ago)
The Dentist Le minaudante de mon King’s #l de Premières Finding Nemo Scene Disney Pixar
Zack Massey (1 month ago)
Darla Sherman has no soul. Get it? She's ginger. South Park mocked ginger kids in Season 9. The episode is called "Ginger Kids".
Regina Mills (1 month ago)
Darla look scary in the story board
Bluey (1 month ago)
0:58 is that light that got broken the projector of the storyboard thing
0:55 1:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Argely (1 month ago)
Tee (1 month ago)
Jimmy Nava (1 month ago)
Hey there! I want to say about you. Yes you. I kinda thinking about your movie. Man your movies are awesome. Oh I just want to tell you about your movie Ratatouille. Man! I sure love this movie. Ratatouille it's one of my most favorite, popular movie ever. I just watched on Disney Channel it was perfect. I love all the characters. The setting. The storys. The animation. The music. And more. Think you for my childhood and my heart 😊❤. It's Been a long time when Ratatouille was on today. Oh and don't forget about I was going to say I hope you well make a video of Ratatouille pixar side by side don't forget bye ✋. I ❤ you Pixar.
BirdOfPrey12 (1 month ago)
Would love to see more Finding storyboards like this!
Slender 2009 (1 month ago)
Darla is so spoopy like if u agree
Mila Vint (1 month ago)
Dogeboi9398 (1 month ago)
0:09 her face on the top is scary
LittleHackySack TN (1 month ago)
I thought it said deleted scene
Dylan Geltzeiler (1 month ago)
2:01 That was for taking the clown fish child away from his home & his father.
1 9 (1 month ago)
Ok i need to watch nemo again
Márcio Nunes (1 month ago)
There's some very interesting papers made by the guys from Pixar, why don't make videos about them?
Jakob Teixeira (1 month ago)
Jakob Teixeira (1 month ago)
Tomas Rojas (1 month ago)
original: angry edited: happy
tsumtsumfan11 (1 month ago)
1:06- EASTER EGG: Highlights magazine
tsumtsumfan11 (1 month ago)
0:03- EASTER EGG: music from PHSYCO!!!! D:
Mystra Copeland (1 month ago)
Hey Disney-Pixar, maybe some time, can you show a Pixar side by side of the scene, It’s Buster from toy story 2?
Keaton Rozema (1 month ago)
Darla is now the devil
anita nadez (1 month ago)
Avalanche TV (1 month ago)
Cartoon Space (1 month ago)
Can we call Darla a main antagonist of the movie?
.................... I don't know how I got here... But I never want to leave.
Sof guess (1 month ago)
Abonne vous a soprano
Michael Mick mock (1 month ago)
Why Darla is angry
William Fairchild (1 month ago)
1:05 Easter Egg for the next Pixar film The Incredibles (2004) after Finding Nemo (2003)

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