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A (Serious) Response and Criticism of Liberalist Principles

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Ben Cox (1 year ago)
Communism is not a middle class ideology it is a working class ideology. Every country that becomes communist/socialist did so because the proletariat rise up against the government not the middle class. Care to name me one country with a large middle class that becomes communist? People are not going to fight the government when they have more to lose than to gain they are going to want reforms at the most.
Ben Cox (1 year ago)
Argent It was not the middle class that did most of the fighting it was just a few members of the middle class that allied themselves with the proletariat for the greater good. In China they try to start the revolution in the cities but it failed it took the peasants to win the revolution not the middle class. Why do you think only poor countries becomes communist? It is because most middle class people are not going to give up their privileges in society to help the workers, some of them are going to do that just because it is the right thing to do but it is going to be the workers or the poor who have the least amount to lose that are going to do all the real fighting.
Argent (1 year ago)
In most cases I can think of (Cuba, China, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot etc) Communist revolutions were led by members of the middle or upper middle class.
Ben Cox (1 year ago)
Ten Outta Ten Winnebagos Russia is a exception because the country was being destroyed by its involvement in W.W.1 and the February bourgeois revolution failed to bring the country out of the war so the middle class turn to socialism in order to stay alive.
L8r G8r (1 year ago)
Classical liberals of the past , even Popper might be right wing Orbanites today. Modern illiberalism/ broadly right wing thinking isn't in itself against or for liberalism or democracy. This is a great speech. https://budapestbeacon.com/full-text-of-viktor-orbans-speech-at-baile-tusnad-tusnadfurdo-of-26-july-2014/
Gladius Fortis (1 year ago)
do u evn reed lowcki dood?
Gladius Fortis (1 year ago)
du u evn no hoo tommy pain is, boi?
L8r G8r (1 year ago)
Liberalists essentially want a totalitarian police state to enforce an ideology of what they are against ,because they don't have any ACTUAL principles, its truly sad and pathetic.
Gladius Fortis (1 year ago)
I think it's probable that Orwell would go more right-wing (I'm not familiar with Popper). Unfortunately, I think it's about as likely that he would have tried to slink into that enlightened centrism hogwash that lefties go to when they see both extremes. muh horseshoe theory muh both sides are bad
L8r G8r (1 year ago)
Another huge issue with liberalists/classical liberalism in general is its somewhat vague, maybe even deliberately. Karl Popper himself valued self preservation of a society over liberalism, sometimes I wonder if he and Orwell were still alive if they would become right wing edge lords.
Gladius Fortis (1 year ago)
For all their vaguely libertarian/utopian ideals of non-aggression and universal fairness, the Liberalists™ would *need* a universal monopoly on violence to control the society effectively.
Scutum Fidelis (1 year ago)
Vee left the high level area to go farm more shills from antitheists.
Alt-Hypothesis had it right, the liberalists are way late to this party. A large contigent of the dissident right is ex-lolbertarian who gave up on D&D rights-lawyering after years of trying to make it work. If Hayek, Von Mises and Nozick couldn't make individualist-contractarianism coherent (let alone politically viable), what hope do these hack wikipedophiles have?
Hyper Bole (1 year ago)
Liberalists aren't worth taking seriously.
When they talk about meritocracy they do not address inheritance. Is the son of a farmer not entitled to the land of his parents? Should the property go to the "best" farmer instead?
Thirty-Six (1 year ago)
A problem with the liberalist principle of blind justice is that a law can easily be created that criminalizes richness, so that rich people get punished more harshly under the same laws as everyone else.
Thirty-Six (1 year ago)
Why did Vee start his video talking about young Earth creationism?
Qwerty (1 year ago)
Thirty-Six That's all he knows about
elrolly Absolutely. Cuckservatives get the rope too...
Thirty-Six Vee compares everything he doesn’t like to his straw man of Christianity. He’s literally a fedora
Luca Bob (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiMqzN_YSXU&t=1s The earth is only 6,000 years old. Not only biblically, but scientifically too.
Mark Hartley (1 year ago)
Never stop mocking Sargon of Cuckistan
Mark Hartley (1 year ago)
I like that 😂
Cortex NRx (1 year ago)
You mean Soy-Goy of Mossad

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