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Germany: Men on sale in Berlin, the new twist to online dating

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Women looking for love in Germany can now literally buy it, thanks to a Berlin pop-up store known as "ShopAMan." The pop-up shop geared towards women is a temporary physical manifestation of the female-geared dating Website ShopAMan, and allows women to 'choose' which men they would like to go on a date with rather than be inundated with requests from strangers. "You have a lot more men on Websites," explains Lotta Weigeldt, Senior Project Manager for ShopAMan, of the concept. "So that's why we changed the whole principle and said, 'Ok, men can only write messages to women if they are allowed to.' And the way how you're allowed to write a message is to shop somebody, to put them in a shopping cart as the woman. So it sounds really goofy and it's kind of different, but it has a serious background and actually it works really well on our Website." The shop is open in the city's central Mitte District until Saturday.
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Hanan Kuehnle (4 years ago)
The weird thing is this..."Millions of German women go to latin-america,africa,southern europe for sexal tourism for they can't stand to be with their own german men!!!"....german men are not wanted by other women!!!...
Turkey bacon584 (3 years ago)
millions of german women?  are you listening to yourself?
Hanan Kuehnle (4 years ago)
If the Palestianians were christian then the situation would not be as is!!!Islam is the problem!!!...
Hanan Kuehnle (4 years ago)
Whay the fuck are you going on about?Me...I want the the extermination of all non-jews???Hell,no!!!I certianly don't!!!I bet you as a muslim would want  that the world caliphate and submit all non-muslims to islam or at least the Jizya!!!Fuck,like I don't know about islam!!!...
Hanan Kuehnle (4 years ago)
I have nothing agisnt modern day Germany!!!I made a comment about german men and that's it!!!...I spent two years living in Switzerland in the 90's and Germany was a neighboring country that I visited quite often!!!I saw many german women with foreign men!!!A woman has the damn right to be with whatever man she wants to be with...regardless of the nationality or race!!!...
Hanan Kuehnle (4 years ago)
Now,I don't give a fuck about your comment but it's true what I am saying!!!German womwn often love to go other parts of the world for sexual tourism!!!...
michael nganga (4 years ago)
Hi guys i am Kenyan living in Tanzania love for money is not love it"s business ,by the way i am looking for date   [email protected] 
Peter Connolly (5 years ago)
The German male is basically  a pussy
Christian Peralta (5 years ago)
those were gays, as soon as the girls took them home, i bet they would slip out the bathroom window, lol.
feprivat (5 years ago)
ZeroFortyFive (5 years ago)
These men look very gayish.
nriab23 (5 years ago)
These men don't look real at all, just like females models don't look particularly attractive.

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