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College Girls on Sugar Daddy's

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Text Comments (358)
The Daily Dropout (1 year ago)
We are going to keep pumping out these videos :) Who's ready for our merch line to drop?
J Rudd (2 months ago)
right here
Fuel (1 year ago)
The Daily Dropout bout time I want the hoodies n shit
Stephen Butler (1 year ago)
Funny af keep em coming
Talisac80 (1 year ago)
Mustache rides for everyone!!
loutripe (1 year ago)
Hello great vid, what's the shooting location?
onespeed (14 hours ago)
2:30 is the brunette the mom, she's hot.
William Gullett (1 month ago)
I'm a stripper Steven- so am I Lol
Cadence Paullus (1 month ago)
I'm a stripper so am i
AprilBoy Spring (1 month ago)
Is there some sugar mummies over there. ?
Alonzo Harris (1 month ago)
daaaym if the chick at 1:06 swallowed my load once a week id definitely be cool with flicking her $5,000/month HAH
Saito Hasegawa (2 months ago)
Why’s iCarly here
Alex R (2 months ago)
see guys, all women are sluts given the right price
🐶 Doggy Days 🐶 (2 months ago)
*I’m a stripper..* *sO aM i*
Señor Jalapeño (2 months ago)
A glitch in the hoeverse...
moe legros (3 months ago)
melanoma drumft
Tiago Andrade (3 months ago)
3:10 nip slip
Anki Minami (3 months ago)
Damn your videos are awesome
Ermac 4482 (3 months ago)
Was is the best at the end ? Just for the show ?
Zz Man (4 months ago)
Lick her toes for $ 300? How about for free?
Jarrett Henderson (4 months ago)
Yoo My guy Steven for President!
JagBrit (4 months ago)
Thots all over the place
JagBrit (4 months ago)
Pink, get out of there
Rebecca Bonaparte (4 months ago)
I don't even like for a man to be older than me, forget about a " sugar daddy." Drop dead !
Felix Reuter (4 months ago)
What´s the name of this club? Abyss of humanity?
Yash Gaming And Top 10s (4 months ago)
The amount of hoes there are toooo damn high.
Funny Memes (4 months ago)
Low income sugar daddy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🏃🏃🏃
bob smith (5 months ago)
ALL these women in the video are pieces of meat, can all be bought with money, use them, abuse them and dispose them like a condom
Christoffer Pallesen (3 months ago)
Does these girls really represent american girls? I feel so sad watching this
Kristin Cas (5 months ago)
I'm a stripper so am I....hahahaha
M Ritter (5 months ago)
I wouldn’t wanna be their daddy let alone sugar daddy
Onkel Iroh (5 months ago)
Steven always stand there looking like a turtle with his long neck
N G (5 months ago)
I don’t know why I find this disgusting
twes619 (5 months ago)
So women are openly admitting they can't make it in this world? Need to bum off a sucker. No thanks.
rambo god (5 months ago)
These are the women who put "independent" in their bio.
jules kan (5 months ago)
Mustache rides?
Jimmyhndrx (5 months ago)
dont judge me but people are sluts every1 has a price thats really sad :( oh you can judge idc
corn flake (5 months ago)
Completely OK to prostitute oneself for a boob job so you can prostitute some some.. And finally be able to pay college fees.. Welcome to America
Kyle Vertoch (5 months ago)
2:02 I’d marry right now
Jasyn Vanxay (5 months ago)
1:47 Rita Ora?????
vagos kapa (5 months ago)
Devin Choi (5 months ago)
They are they going to college if they need sugar daddies. It only shows they will fuck up in life and have no skills at all.
Stan ezen (6 months ago)
“We’ll talk in a second” Tell me you got laid bro!
MarcellaRose (6 months ago)
These girls do not know what a sugar daddy and baby relationship is. They are basically talking about prostitution. Smh lol
Damn, that girl on 1:45 looks like the one who played in the movie Creed
marcus knox (6 months ago)
saggy ballsack. That girl is a keeper. hahaha
Auto blipper (6 months ago)
I thought they didn’t want any support from men. Where did feminism go? These poor selfish bitches ain’t getting my dollar.
Khaled Abdulazim (6 months ago)
those girls make me sick, fucking nasty whores...smh
SG Brutha (6 months ago)
Only a few
artyandlane (6 months ago)
Why are some faces blocked off
RZ. lalrammawiia (6 months ago)
i'm a stripper so am i wtf....lol
Flux Music Group (7 months ago)
I respect the girls on here who are talking about how they make their own money. Good for you, cause you aren''t receiving a dime from me unless we actually dating. Not gonna pay my way into your life lol
OMG Lily (7 months ago)
0:39 looks a bit like Brianna from bgc
Ddd Bbb (7 months ago)
Women are useless
Chester Buttchug (7 months ago)
What strong independent women, relying on a sugar daddy.
ABC (7 months ago)
Who is looking sugar daddy?
rick tm (7 months ago)
only a feeeeeeeeeeeew
JulianRoyale (7 months ago)
All girls in this video even if they say publicly "no way in hell" would suck dick and more for 100 dollars if nobody would know about it 100% guaranteed especially if they dress like whores already.
Anthony Geiger (7 months ago)
Wow who woulda known that all girls are moraless whores. The soul of a woman is created below 💀
Edson Lapomarede (7 months ago)
This is sad them attractive females living life on recruit mode
AnimeManiak (7 months ago)
0:38 i don't have a sugar daddy,i've never had a sugar daddy,if i wanted a sugar daddy yes i could probably just go out and get one because i am what? Sickening! You could never have a sugar daddy because you are not that kind of girl,baby everything that i have,i've worked for it and i've built myself from the ground up,bitch!
Νικος Δ (7 months ago)
*B E G O N E T H O T H S*
Don Man (7 months ago)
All these chicks are sugar babies
Alisha Brown (8 months ago)
Men loved when women were gold diggers out of necessity. They loved being our only means of survival in a system built solely to benefit them... 😑, but now that men have to be extraoridinary earners to benefit from the dynamic, they bum and bitch and call the residuals hoes 😜. It's human nature to utilize your assets to survive, dudes.
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (9 months ago)
How old Dow's he have to be?
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (9 months ago)
fitaf bro (9 months ago)
Fucking President (10 months ago)
Most of these chicks are either drunk or high.
Fabian Ruiz (10 months ago)
Any word on the merch?!!! I want that shirt
Danny Abifalah (10 months ago)
Njeri Njenga (10 months ago)
Is that pink
D33Lux (10 months ago)
King (11 months ago)
Only. A few
Usama Jawaid (11 months ago)
I love these interviews. Dont stop it
Usama Jawaid (11 months ago)
Oh man i love these kinda dirty interviews please ease keep doing these man u are good at these.
the one (11 months ago)
Fuck boys evolve into Sugar Daddys. They spend their whole life chasing women and women always take advantage of their thirsty ass.
Ty Smith (11 months ago)
OMG at 2:15.
Delavega Champs (11 months ago)
Some of these girls voices gave me a migrane.
Abdullah Jalil (11 months ago)
Who was the girl at 1:07 ????
Sumitava Ghosh (11 months ago)
That girl can't breathe without telling people that she got a boob job.
Trevor Goodale (11 months ago)
1 miss Gabby
Broderick Daniel (11 months ago)
I’m only here because it kept popping up on my recommended lists.
Boomshine (11 months ago)
To North American women, men are sugar daddy's regardless. It just depends to what degree. But at the end of the day you're only getting these women if you have money and spend it on them.
fix (11 months ago)
Lol. They are drunk
Me Too (11 months ago)
Please let us know where this is so we can avoid this genetic cesspool, what a collection of fucktards
ladiesman860 (11 months ago)
There are websites to find sugar daddies too....
Yann (11 months ago)
1:20 you should of went for those 2 sloots on the left, DAMN SON
valentijnmcg (1 year ago)
Just a question, are these typical USA girls?
Christoffer Pallesen (3 months ago)
I hope not
Raoul Motman (1 year ago)
only a few???
SharpNo2Pencil (1 year ago)
You know a lot of older men have tried to sleep with me, but my actual father has not as of yet tried to sleep with me so I've never looked into having a sugar daddy.
SharpNo2Pencil (1 year ago)
Sam Cruz (1 year ago)
How tall is Steven?
1:46 is that Samuel L Jackson in drag?
Wicket (1 year ago)
What about a sugar mommy?
George Saluto Girsang (1 year ago)
The girls at 2:22, lol "they pay for everything I'm down, he can't look revolting, he has to be decent looking" meanwhile they got nothing to offer, not the money, not the looks, not the brains hahahahahah some people are funny xD
Jason Lin (4 months ago)
the hoe on the left is sexy. whats her instagram?
Raisa (1 year ago)
George Saluto Girsang A 45+ year old guy would be lucky to even get a girl, even if he’s ‘decent’ looking lol. They better be paying good money to get a girl, other than that they have nothing to offer either 😏 A guy with brains and looks wouldn’t need a sugar baby in the first place, mature and intelligent men are almost always family men, they don’t fuck with no hoes.
GiacomoCorleone1980 (1 year ago)
The mustache dude great style u deserve one million suscribers
Tre C. (1 year ago)
Am I the only one that notice Title is supposed to say "daddies" lol
KING MUFASA (1 year ago)
she wanted ur balls bro
CAR&GAMECHANNEL (1 year ago)
Why the host neck so got damn Long? Lol
comedy mayhem (1 year ago)
but whom we called a sugar daddy??? I really can't understand the whole video..
Michael S (1 year ago)
Love it
Michael Jameson (1 year ago)
Bro the stash really freaks me out.
kcazseeley (1 year ago)
Money hungry thots
Sanjiban dey (1 year ago)
[email protected] insta id = dey_devil
Ali Saad (1 year ago)
Me me me me
Stew (1 year ago)
Yak Ferguson (1 year ago)
Shave your mustache. Like ASAP

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