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Who TAUGHT You About Money - Subscribe & Comment to Get Involved

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Michael A. Viteritti (1 month ago)
Wow that's shocking! Impressive how the world is spinning. Thanks for this survey and infos!
IncorporatedOps (1 month ago)
16:33 A penny saved is *more than another penny*
Cesar Pinto (1 month ago)
Mostly my parents and close friends taught me about money but it has gotten me no where. Your my new teacher Uncle G!
Robbie Holyoake (1 month ago)
the lack of money is evil . not the love of money. money good💪
Andie The Author (2 months ago)
To answer your question Grant. My parents taught me how to save. My father is a master saver but no one ever taught me how to save. Everything that I learned through trial and error and by watching your videos, I'm now teaching my 8 year old son. I'm determined that he won't make any of my mistakes. The Bible says that people perish for the lack of knowledge. #Breakingthecurseofmiddleclasspoverty SANTA got it right though Grant!!!I was hoping you gave the first man at least 100 buck because time is money right! LOL
brooklyn (3 months ago)
I love you GC! Yesterday I had a meeting with the head of HR to discuss increasing my income. Thanks to you! It doesn’t matter if it works out at my current job or not because I’m gonna get it somehow, #whateverittakes Thank you so much!
isaac mongae (3 months ago)
early childhood I was taught nothing about money, I just saw my parents spending it all, and my grandmother saving little bits. as an intern on my 1st job we were brought a personal development coach who got me interested in money and investing. I didn't listen to his core advice which is read and learn as much as you can. I just jumped right into investing(not a bad thing) and equally had the same amount of credit(worst money decision) I just wished someone could have told me to invest in myself 1st though. I am grateful for the lessons I received from the whole experience though.
Nolan Abell (3 months ago)
Pretty cool video
Seth Donnelley (4 months ago)
I was taught by society that rich people are the source of problems
Caiphus Man (4 months ago)
Nobody taught me about money except the common myth - Money is the root of all evil blah blah
Shubham Jat (6 months ago)
I asked same question in India to people and they gave me same answer.
Chris Donahue (6 months ago)
Grant he raised his ask... Make sure it's over $100.00...🛩️
Josh Frantz (9 months ago)
The victimized mindest is crippling. Really upsetting actually.
Roman Tocana (10 months ago)
Thank you Mr. Grant. So an inspiration.
Copper Media corporation (11 months ago)
Where is my money. I am screamin. I am fuckin screamin. I m getting my money right.
KordanIm (11 months ago)
I recently told a husband of my aunt about my new job selling courses for business owner's. He said that nobody is willing to share their knowledge about how they make money. Thinking now about how true that is and seems like it's not cuz some people just want to help others and also can make a lot of money for themselves in the process.
Louis DiCarlo (11 months ago)
This is definitely the most powerful video you've created so far. My parents always told me that rich people are assholes and should always cover the tab simply because they have the money. They also stated that you need to save money for the future. Ive never learned how to reinvest or multiply my money. My mother passed away in February last year and cleaning out her house seeing all of her bills she's been chasing for years and discovering she only got paid about as much as I do at 24. Mind you she was 55 years old.  This was my moment where I realized something needs to change. I couldn't change the same problems with the same mindset that caused them. My brother introduced me to your channel and I've been hooked ever since.
by Loqo (11 months ago)
Love this post, Uncle G! I´m Dutch, living abroad, and learning so much more from you regarding the money related topics than I ever had before in my life. You´re a true inspiration and a no-BS source of wisdom for life and money advice!
Unders (11 months ago)
So i didn't watch the video its just audio while im working, but every single person had blame for someone else. No ownership of problems.
Donae Weston Piper (11 months ago)
Love you Uncle G!!!!!! Q for always telling the truth and being ethical
Ronald (11 months ago)
Are there going to be anymore video's on this specific topic???
Derick Oliveros (1 year ago)
If your number is a million you made a lazy decision. That shit stung lol.
prasad zamre (1 year ago)
My grandpa teach me that only reason to save money is to invest and he also told me to work more as possible
darrenbetts2987 (1 year ago)
Mostly I've taught myself about money but initially my parents did. I grew up with my dad after my mum left when I was 6. Things were really tight. It taught me a lot about life and money. I own my own business and my own house now mostly because I've ignored most people telling me not to do things. I'm now looking at properties to buy to let out, again against most people's advice. Most who advise me against things are people who scrape by in life and live in fear.
farah (1 year ago)
Can I be on this project
farah (1 year ago)
Nobody taught me shit. My father said not to give up in life
farah (1 year ago)
Really good Grant
ASDF123000 (1 year ago)
14:40 grant voice cracks XD
Hailey Fischer (1 year ago)
Yes, my parents. My mother blew it, and died of alcoholism. My father worked & still works way too hard...."just to get by". My father says, "reduce expenses, save more money, be grateful for what you have, other people don't have nearly as much - you should appreciate what you've got! People in other countries are starving! Get a BETTER college degree, & work 2 & 3 jobs at minimum wage if you have to. I told him my goal was to double my income from $400 a week to $800 a week, and he said, "no.....you can't do that, you just need to cut back on your expenses. Make your trips count....so when you drive to the store, stop at the park on the way home to play with your son. Don't travel unless you have to. ** How do you meet people if you don't travel? How do you grow if you don't look/think outside the box. The world is changing and our bodies are changing everyday, yet we are taught the same thing about $$$$ for decades. Thank you GC & JG for all you do! You have totally changed my perspective on $ and finances!! Now, who's got my money?? #BOBA
Fit freak (1 year ago)
if you say rich people are assholes, your jealous and lazy and looking for a free ride, like the goldiggers
Fit freak (1 year ago)
my answer to "rich people are.......   successful"
James Layton (1 year ago)
All the advice I had was negative. Money was evil, hard to get, easy to lose. No wonder we tried our best to get rid of it as soon as we got paid.
Evelyn Rojas (1 year ago)
My dad taught me about money. He taught me to take risks and that money in the bank is useless. My mom is more of the saver.
MONEY SHOW (1 year ago)
money was a subject that we never talk about at home just in those moments when we had to go and borrow it for food. No one had money in the family and all of them thought that saving is a way out the poverty
Ez Kus (1 year ago)
I don't have time to watch these videos. I need ones that will help me more
RD D (1 year ago)
IT'S NOT ABOUT HARD WORK PEOPLE, IT'S ABOUT SMART WORK! DITCH DIGGERS WORK HARD, DOES THAT MAKE THEM FINANCIALLY WEALTHIER?! NO, it doesn't! I mean ya you gotta show up, but it's strategy and working smart!
Linda Manchen (1 year ago)
My sister and I were raised by our mother and were taught nothing about money other than the words "we can't afford it." It took my mother until I was a teenager to get a decent job, but never made more than $11 an hour until she retired. I think in the '60's it was a subject that was not discussed.
Renee Lefton (1 year ago)
Hi Grant, my mom and dad said to me as a child money doesn't grow on trees, and that we will never have money. My grandfather alway said to me when i was out to always look down to find pennies to save. I once found $50.00 dollars doing that!
Emanuel94 (1 year ago)
Yeea ! 🔥🔥
jefferson martinez (1 year ago)
great vid Grant.
Vang Hang (1 year ago)
My mom taught me in America its a money race. Whoever makes the most money is the most respected. My parents also wants me to go to school and get my masters or PHD and find a high pay job but I rather spend 10 years make my dream than putting myself in 10 year debt.
dark moon skygoddess (1 year ago)
Very eye opening !
hoda badri (1 year ago)
I ve made alot of mistakes financially , my parents were financially illiterate. The conversation about money kept quite . my mother always used to say be grateful for what you have , money doesn't bring you happiness , people who have lots of money are evil , having lots of money breaks the marriage . my dad always used to say money doesn't grow on tree , you need to go get a job work hard to make money , money comes and goes , don't hang around with riches your expectations will rise 😨.i ve heard it all . That's why made the decision when I was 16 years old to become Rich by using the right vihecal , and I am well on my way . Papa G your teachings changing me alot thanks man 😍😍😍😍😍
hoda badri (1 year ago)
Papa G your comment means alot . keep on doing what you are doing certainly you are making a difference in our lives ❤
Grant Cardone (1 year ago)
thanks, Hoda, for sharing your story with us. Takes a lot of courage! If you aren’t where you want to be in life, you’ve got to work every minute and snatch up every opportunity. Best of luck. Be great--GC
Micah Rees (1 year ago)
I always knew how to make money, nobody ever really taught about money it was just something I knew inside, I wanted money and if it was selling golf balls or mowing lawns my brother and I did it. What we didn't do was manage money, until recently I had no idea how to manage money, still don't fully but i'm learning which i never did when younger. Sadly had I known how to manage money I would be in a completely different place, and avoided a lot of mistakes i made loosing three companies because i didn't understand money. I'm learning to make changes and realizing mental preparation is key to so much success, however, eventually you have to take a leap because you will never really feel ready and that is the next step of my personal evolution. I do believe what Grant says about learning by experience is a hard way to learn, if we invest the time early and put forth the maximum effort to become a professional we can avoid a lot of mistakes.
Kevin Condna (1 year ago)
Very powerful video Grant, more videos like this would be amazing, getting the thoughts right from the people, its incredible how consistent the poor programming is in people of our society
California State University Northridge Business School taught that money is a medium of exchange. They never taught how to earn it other than get a good paying corporate job. Luckily I learned about exchange and ethics by LRH and now run a successful art and piano school that applies LRH study tech with enormous wins. I'm now creating a community of artists and musicians.
LaKeisha Mallett (1 year ago)
I was taught to not spend it all, that's it.
KiLLA CAiN (1 year ago)
Rich people are "wise"..
KiLLA CAiN (1 year ago)
this is good dude!
Taylor Douglas (1 year ago)
My parents showed me by example - get a job and work for 30 years - Then when you need money take it out of your 401k, then pay taxes on it. Live on social security for extra - use credit cards - ignore credit cards to get a settlement.
1anohr (1 year ago)
My grandma! Video is posted on my YouTube channel. Only video I have. I called it "The Cardone Documentary on Finances"
Rahul Kumar (1 year ago)
my mother thought me about money. Saving is your earnings. invest it in banks. save it for the future. She never thought​me how to make it.
deeray126 (1 year ago)
wan't taught anything about money I knew there was a lack of it, in my house so I any money I got I saved to prepare for emergencies
Sukun Unosawa (1 year ago)
Think I've been brainwashed by Grant the past 3 years, now I don't even know the answers to those questions, I'm 27 and I'm worth half a mil and starting to think 1 mil is definitely not enough. I've been brainwashing my parents and everyone I know about money, reverse psychology bitch :D :D
MrDiscreet100 (1 year ago)
COME ON MAN!!! Uncle G I'm calling you out!!! In your seminar business you said to the audience that people should change their ask. You said a homeless guy would be better off asking for $100 than 25 cent. Yet in THIS video you call the guy greedy? COME ON MAN!!! Uncle G?
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
I was taught to save for a rainy day and save for emergency 🚨 and that was it about money 💰... that was my money lessons from my parents 😏😏😏😏 thanks for this GC I love you 💕❤️😘 I'm learning a lot from you
Jeff Coga's Channel (1 year ago)
This is needed NOW more than ever... especially since so much millennials have never really 'struggled' like our parents. Ps Watched my parents fight over money and get a divorce. I told myself when I get married I WILL NEVER have my family struggle over money. Last year I got married to my best friend and she came from the academia world (has a Masters - me I dropped out of college). Shes quieting her secure job at the end of July to build our empire.
freddyXDyeah (1 year ago)
Here's 20 bucks. Hahaha. Fuck off dude.
Matthew Caballero (1 year ago)
What type are of investments should be concentrated on the most? Where can we learn more?
Brandon Bentley (1 year ago)
I'm on your team Grant! We are going to rock it!!!
Tristan Holmes (1 year ago)
I wasn't taught that much. Mostly to "save for a rainy day", "money won't make me happy", "money isn't everything". Yet I've see my parents stress and be scared of money all of my life. Now I'm trying to educate myself on making and controlling money and they and my brother are laughing at me for it.
Andressi (1 year ago)
I used to be good at math and drawings, so my parents wanted me to be an architect.I learned nothing about the money, but only to work better and harder.
Save $, go to school, get a good job, buy a house, blah blah, blah.......... Thanks Uncle G for helping us out!!
I was taught to be indifferent and as long as you are in different you will never have it. Time to unlearn all of this crazyness. Thanks Grant you are changing peoples lives.
Matt Havens (1 year ago)
I WANA be in the Project!
MyLyfe Now (1 year ago)
My Dad told me growing up, to surround myself with smart people. My goals are way bigger then most people think of. If you want to be successful you must surround yourself with people that share that same goal. I'm 17 and I've always been saving my money. I currently invest all my money in the stock market.
Matt Havens (1 year ago)
@GrantCardone I wasn't taught much about Taxes the tax benefits for being an entrepreneur a Business owner, I wasn't taught how to invest where to invest I wasn't taught the correct use of credit ( my parents are awesome and smart with no debt and transferred that to me luckily) No one taught have multiple streams of income just get a J>O>B Its time we teach our YOUTH CORRECTLY! Thank you #GC
Benjamin Fallah (1 year ago)
Wow grant cardone you're my hero man. My parents told me to save me money, go to school, make money, save it, retire at 60. This documentary give me chills!!! I WANT TO HELP YOU, I'M 22 YEARS OLD!!! This project will change the world
FREEDOM BELL247 (1 year ago)
Money is just energy, as humans we add value to things! Without health ,knowledge, Family and friends. What would we have! I would venture to say without the above one might not be able to use money to make big changes if one dosent have a solid foundation first ! :)
my father always told me to keep your head down, always listen to your boss, stay at your job even if it is low pay job because uneployment is real etc. he is a great guy but I think that most of the parents are great but they do not want you to risk anything and that leads to very low income life but this negativity is killing me more and more...negativity is everywhere
Bill Clitton (1 year ago)
My grandfather always taught me to save money and work hard. When I was around 12 I came across a video of Robert Kiyosaki and it fasinated me how he thought. Over the next few years I started finding more of these people and what they said made sense to me. More so then saving. 7 months ago I decided to start my own male grooming business (Im 14 now), I used all the savings that I had, so to get money I started taking pre orders. Just when I had 80 euros left I met an investor/mentor who was the owner of a barbershop I pitched my product to. Such an amazing opportunity that he gave me. Far from achieving my goal but Im getting there ;)
Jaybee Brown (1 year ago)
Dope that you take time out your day to observe this and show people. It helps us young hustlers gain clarity on finances. #LA
Jaime Caldera (1 year ago)
I was taught to work hard so I can earn money. Literally, work hard! If I wasn't sweating, if I wasn't in pain and if I wasn't unhappy about my job, then I wasn't working hard and therefore, did not earn my paycheck. I was also taught to spend as much money as I could because there might not be any left for later. Meaning, saving was for the rich and not for hard-working people because then what was the point of working really hard and not being able to spend my money.
jeff Minnesota (1 year ago)
Grant these questions that you ask, yep totally agree with them....I answer the same about money......now I self taught myself on investing, real estate, read financial independence blogs.......currently self employed work pt.... So right on get money right!
teresmitch88 (1 year ago)
I was taught to save, never invest your money or spend more than you can. also never get a loan, or a bank account.
teresmitch88 (1 year ago)
I'm ready to get involved
Steve Minor (1 year ago)
You will never ever see rich black American do this project... Never Grant
Joe Cross (1 year ago)
Santa being GREEDY! lol
Hospino (1 year ago)
Man of his word. He said that he will come back and give something to the old man and he did. Amazing.
Lucille Femine (1 year ago)
I went to Catholic school, so you can imagine what they had to say. Suffer. Poverty is a virtue. You're bad and so don't deserve money. Nothing about investing from anywhere. Reading your Millionaire Booklet. Thanks, great comm. Shifting my Reality.
Well-come Moyo (1 year ago)
Live within your means and save!
Chris Wick (1 year ago)
I learned finances from family. I was raised in a private Christian school where they taught NOTHING about finances. They taught that Jesus was all you needed. They said that money was evil. Yet I always noticed that they gladly took donations and charged thousands of dollars for tuition. I was always the sharpest kid. I didn't conform, but I just had my Mom. She is so smart, but knows nothing about money. I'm teaching her now and she's 66 with cancer and no money to pay for it. I dealed drugs when I was young to learn about money but that was a shitty game and a dumb game. Now I'm 36, super intelligent and broke. I'm Tai Lopez on the couch with $40 bucks with no garage of a Lamborghini. Well, not yet anyways. Now I'm growing, reading, writing, learning, and building every day. Not easy to start at this late in life. So teach your kids to not be fearful instead teach them to take risks and about MONEY. Break the facade in society that only "certain people" can get rich. Because anyone can. I will make a video.
Chris Wick (1 year ago)
This make me cry because I care and realizing I dinked around and fucked my life off for 18 years. Now I'm really trying to make a life for myself.
Chris Wick (1 year ago)
Dear Mr. Cardone, Yes I am subscribed to your channel. YES, I WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT IN ANY WAY. I have a lot of value I could give to others and am willing to do whatever it takes to help.
Adam Mangana (1 year ago)
Grant, come to Mississippi. It is the poorest state we could make a real difference with this message here. I will gladly host you.
AldosWorld TV (1 year ago)
Ive learnt (not taught) that money is like a soldier in your army, don't throw your army away aimlessly My parents taught me money is bad. Money means you're not religious (you can do both tho) They said dont focus on money cause it don't make you happy
Jeremy Griffin (1 year ago)
Lessons learned: A) The shit ain't free and the amount you get is directly proportional to how much you work for it... B) If you steal that shit, you will get beat. C) No one is going to give you extra opportunities to make more, you have to go out and take it. Incredible video Grant, ty!
Early Entrepreneurs (1 year ago)
Growing up, I was never taught anything. In our home growing up, money was so taboo that we didn't even talk about. All I knew was that some people had it and some people didn't.
Itay Verchik (1 year ago)
Wow that amazing.. it hurts to see the truth but we have to know it; im learning from you a lot - Thank you so much Grant Cardone
This was badass Uncle G!!!
Tomas Pank (1 year ago)
Uncle G ! Throwing down the "laws" of Financial Illiteracy ! Thank YOU for always shedding light when there's shade Uncle G. Because of you - I just closed my FIRST real estate deal at the age of 20! Looking to learn, work and relate👍🏼 - Tomas Pank
Nicholas Mercier (1 year ago)
Hey Grant, been subscribed for a while. I'm in Los Angeles and would love to participate in the documentary
Lars Seiz (1 year ago)
I' ve always seen that my parents support my brother and not me, because I was the last child an it was more attention on him. My father tried a few times to motivat me, but it didn't work. I've seen how my father was with the money and it was all show, he was an entrepreneur too, but he was on the "roalercoastermode" because he didn't know how to make effectiv and lasting deals. Now I know i got to get the money by myself and get information from other people (think that was a problem of my dad) , there are many possibilties for finding deals and expanding your knowledge.
Joe Whisney (1 year ago)
This documentary is long overdue Grant, thank you for putting this in motion!! The Millionaire booklet has changed my life, my business, and shattered the old paradigms we were all taught growing up in the richest country in the world. Scarcity was what I was taught growing up and in the military, your book is a true simple blueprint towards abundance. You're the real deal GC!!
DeAndre R. Becker (1 year ago)
The quote really goes like this..... "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." This quote actually comes from the Bible. So money isn't evil, it's the LOVE of it that is. And the Bible also says "Money answers all things." Not trying to drop my personal beliefs on you all. Just wanted to bring clarity to that quote. Great documentary by the way Cardone. 👍🏾 I'm a new hire at AT&T and came across your vids looking up information on how to be a great salesperson. I will definitely be tuning in and watching your content regularly from now on. God Bless!
Danny Leonard (1 year ago)
Subscribed!! 💰💰💰💰
Kyle Dobs (1 year ago)
No one person at all taught me about money growing up through school. My parents whom I love dearly, just told me to get a good paying job, work and save your money 💰. I can't blame anyone really though, it's my own fault. I consider myself middle class. My wife and kids have enough money to get by but that's it. Thanks god for Grant cardone.
JP Group (1 year ago)
I'm in Phoenix, AZ what can I do to help you guys out?! The education system is letting us down not teaching children any sort of financial knowledge, and I feel that in some sense that some people want it to be that way. I grew up being taught go to college and get a degree that will pay you well and that you enjoy. Save money and spend it wisely. When I was 21 my uncle put me on to the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and completely changed my perspective to pursuing ownership and creating flows of passive income. Would love to get involved in this project!
Rebecca Borichevsky (1 year ago)
You wanted video replies, right?? Here's mine: https://youtu.be/WFHVhzyDtXM Basic message: money OR happiness. Take your pick.

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