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71 - How to Build a Magazine Rack

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Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/magazine-rack/ As the holidays approach, my mind always turns to small, simple (yet elegant) projects that we can make for our family and friends. I have two of them in store for you this year. And the first one is a collapsible magazine rack. The rack is designed to pull apart and collapse for shipping or storage. Its lightweight but surprisingly sturdy. This piece should take about two days to build, and that's just because you'll be waiting for glue to dry. So let's call it two half days. And best of all, it would take just as long to build 5 as it would building just one. The Wood Whisperer is education and entertainment for the modern woodworker! Find more free woodworking videos & articles at http://thewoodwhisperer.com & don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thewoodwhisperer Connect with us! Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/woodwhisperer Like us on Facebook http://facebook.com/thewoodwhisperer Pin us on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/woodwhisperer/ Learn more about our premium project videos at http://thewoodwhispererguild.com
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Text Comments (43)
kitsurubami (3 months ago)
but what the heck is a magazine?? i'm joking
abbassa ali (2 years ago)
عمل رائع
First Last (3 years ago)
Please put your table saw blade guards on.
Dona LeGrand (3 years ago)
Why cut it apart & glue it up, when all you needed was a simple slot? You could use handle tools or power tools.
DW Battag (3 years ago)
After plans are shown on skechup viewer, how does one get to see the measurements on the layouts?
SimpleCove (3 years ago)
It's always awesome to be able to scroll through your older videos and re-watch them. It's like new content all over again :). So many hidden gems in them. Especially the finishing portion of this video. Thanks Marc!
Rhino3DTV (4 years ago)
Very very nice... thanks.
copperhead228 (4 years ago)
Ok this might be a dumb question, But whats the point of making the angled cuts where the two pieces fit together? Wont they fit just the same if they were straight / 90 degree cuts.
copperhead228 (4 years ago)
oh ok. thanks. :)
dlb21988 (4 years ago)
I can't seem to download the plans for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated
jamievansrv3 (4 years ago)
You will need to download a program called Sketchup Viewer. The plans were created using 3D Sketchup software and Sketchup Viewer will allow you to open the plans after downloading. Sketchup Viewer is free to download.
The Wood Whisperer (4 years ago)
hey +dlb21988 I just downloaded the skp file from our website at http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/magazine-rack/ Try right clicking on the link
Franko (5 years ago)
Why cut the main pieces 4 1/4 when they have to be cut into 2" strips?
amitabh srivastava (2 years ago)
Franko it is necessary
The Wood Whisperer (6 years ago)
LOL I have had my share of weird YouTube comments but I think this one takes the cake. Thanks for that.
The Wood Whisperer (6 years ago)
This is the second time you've mentioned my facial hair in a comment. I'm flattered that you're looking at me so closely.
GameForce13 (6 years ago)
ooooh wait, it's not a magazine from weapons? oh.. :)
GameForce13 (6 years ago)
always good to know :)
The Wood Whisperer (6 years ago)
F style clamps are always nice to have around but I tend to reach for my Jet parallel clamps the most.
Yidris (6 years ago)
what brand of clamps do you use/recommend?
The Wood Whisperer (6 years ago)
nope. not yet.
Omar Silim (7 years ago)
i really like your videos they get me want to build all sorts of things. i was wondering if you could post a video on how to make a spraypaint rack
123elchuma (8 years ago)
plasticstuntmancom (8 years ago)
@TheWoodWhisperer "the whey protein binder...helps the the finish to be tougher" no doubt...cuz thats exactly what it does to your arteries too :) lol thanks for the info on the cameras & stuff. I'm a video nut myself. great project, thanks for sharing.
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@plasticstuntmancom camera is a Panasonic HMC150 and all editing is Final Cut Pro. Not sure what camera I was using at the time of this particular video, but I've been shooting with the HMC150 for over a year now.
plasticstuntmancom (8 years ago)
@TheWoodWhisperer lol...what camera and editing system are you using?
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@plasticstuntmancom its all me. Which must be why I'm going gray early. :)
plasticstuntmancom (8 years ago)
You are very professional in your presentation....very impressive. Just wondering if you shoot & edit all yourself? Or do you have people helping you produce your segments? Any way, nice job.
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@CookieMonster7even Not sure what you mean. I don't know that I would make it any other shape. But if you wanted to, you could shape it any way you like.
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@custer123100 One is from maple and the other is from walnut.
ICEWALRUS (8 years ago)
Lol hat I play wow 2
Reduan mohd yusof (8 years ago)
very good video
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@NinjaTurtleNerd haha. You don't happen to be a drummer too do you? :)
NinjaTurtleNerd (8 years ago)
@TheWoodWhisperer i thought woodworking and WoW were strange things for us both to have in common. now Comics and TMNT? i may have to buy you a drink sir.
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@NinjaTurtleNerd Thanks man. I wore my TMNT shirt today to ComicCon. :)
NinjaTurtleNerd (8 years ago)
Like the WoW hat. nice project too
The Wood Whisperer (8 years ago)
@PuddelUndercover lol I stand corrected. :)
Dude.. .thanks a lot for all your great videos ! Now you have a fan here in Brazil !
The Wood Whisperer (9 years ago)
Well, you either need to buy cheaper tools, or use smaller portable power tools to get the job done. And don't forget about hand tools. You can get quite a bit done with a couple good saws, a set of chisels, and a few hand planes.
The Wood Whisperer (9 years ago)
Usually 6-8 hrs in my region. But if its colder or more human, you might need to wait longer. If you start sanding and it gums up, you should wait longer. You should be making fine powder when you sand.
cornflakesnwater (9 years ago)
how long do you let the poly dry b4 you sand??? btween coats...
Efe Aydal (10 years ago)
great video
VeryTucker (10 years ago)
Good vid love your work. People overlook this art so much it realy is a skill and a gift I wish I had.

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