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Courage the Cowardly Dog Scuba-Scuba Doo (Full Episodes) Part 1

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Rachel Green (3 days ago)
First time when global warming was shown on television
OhhHeyYouReadMyName (4 days ago)
I loved this show but I’m wondering why this is in my recommended
Fatimah Khan (4 days ago)
when I saw this I emediately subscribed!!! I'm from South Africa and when I was little this cartoon use to be on t.v even now with the d.s.t.v it still don't show on t.v... and this was like 15 years ago.. You have tottally made my night.
Deandre Williams (5 days ago)
Fuck me hfhf
CALI CALI (6 days ago)
My childhood cartoon still cracks me up 😂😂😂😂
Austin Rasmussen (6 days ago)
This show is on drugs dude
Taylor Jones (7 days ago)
Been watching this all day
Justin (8 days ago)
This show was the best cartoons ever !!!
The Animator of memes (8 days ago)
When the plants in pvz are tired of diying or when the infected plants get you
BandGeekClarinet BGC (9 days ago)
Love this show.
Craig Swart (10 days ago)
Courage is the true definition and meaning of courage
Craig Swart (11 days ago)
Sorry this is just my bookmark 45:53
Fern Kennedy (12 days ago)
Courage the Cowardly Dog Scuba-Scuba Doo (Full Episodes) Part 1
Greg Juarez (13 days ago)
The snowman sounds like Bane.
Suzie Q. (13 days ago)
If it wasn't for Courage the couple would have been dead long time
Lucy T (15 days ago)
Aw snowman 😂
Happy Mollel (15 days ago)
best than tom and jerry
Leona Sundown (19 days ago)
3rd episode..... omg......
Leona Sundown (19 days ago)
Wow, the first episode is really really really deep.
Official Fish (19 days ago)
"Muriel Will you shut that damn window already" lmao
Yasmain 8 (20 days ago)
Eating extra hot Cheetos while watching this!
Dusty Grant (20 days ago)
I used to love this show because it was so hilarious and it still is today!!!! Such silliness stll makes me laugh!!!!
Dangercore (20 days ago)
lol thes snowman didn't even ask how his friends got back from the dead he just rolled with it
Callie Crane (21 days ago)
Show used to scare the shit out of me.
Callie Crane (21 days ago)
Moral to the whole show: don’t be a Eustace
Isabella rose (21 days ago)
I've been watching this show ever since 5 and keep up the great work. I really love this show💋
DatCrazyduck 599 (22 days ago)
Christina Jennerette (22 days ago)
Omg thath dog wrold never shut up his mothe i mean he is sarcd but he. Neds to save his prants. And they are in troulbe
Martyn McMurray (23 days ago)
13:57 Mean, ol'e bossy Snowman.
the Thing about Eustace is a pretty sad Story when you realize that he was considered a failure by his family, he lost his hair in a young age and he was abused and no one loved him until Muriel :)
ohmagoods animations (4 days ago)
I know right?
James Priest (24 days ago)
I love GMOs. Only way we can feed the world.
7freak7 (25 days ago)
3:30 to 3:33 hahahahaha
Akachianna Pendergrass (25 days ago)
Mann this show use to have me so scared
Mackenzie Burton (27 days ago)
the guy in the suit from the first episode needs to do some serious arm mussel workouts they r boney af
SomePerson Online (28 days ago)
GAMING WOULD (28 days ago)
Euster is my favourat character
SomePerson Online (28 days ago)
6:47 Did Courage think about digging from the Oh I dunno DIRT THATS UNDENEARTH HIM!?
Clarence Estillero (28 days ago)
I like snowman🐾
jennifer baez (28 days ago)
Loved this since little
Colin Gohmann (29 days ago)
9:24 Cow uses graze! it's not very effective....
MIA AKI SAM (1 month ago)
The time i finish it 1:00
How does courage peep everything and Muriel and what's his name not peep
태형김 (1 month ago)
The best
hacker hacker clan (1 month ago)
Paula Stacks (1 month ago)
Thank you for writing about my son that was kind of you .
Leroy Shaggy Ervin III (1 month ago)
@9:25 😫😂😂😂😂😂
Followthepath (1 month ago)
I remember waking up at like 8:00 or earlier than that on purpose just to see this cartoon, watched it with my cousin every morning :))) and samurai jack. Ahh childhood, such a good time.
Onny Brooke (1 month ago)
Dumb [email protected]$ frogs🙄🙄🙄🙄
Onny Brooke (1 month ago)
Hustes is a puny bag of bones🙄🙄🙄🙄
Paula Stacks (1 month ago)
I use to watch this with my son when he was in the Hospital I would turn it on hoping he would wake up it was his his favorite cartoon neaver woke up he passed a way R.I.P. my son.
audacious pert (3 days ago)
I am so sorry😞 you are a very good mom Paula.
jamaal shaikh (5 days ago)
may he rest in peace in paradise
Ebiegberi Adonkie (6 days ago)
Sorry Paula.. loss is the most pain.
beach bum (13 days ago)
I'm so sorry.
Aishath yanaal (21 days ago)
So sad :(
Jeab Edgerly (1 month ago)
Sooo does the snow man drink liquid nitrogen
Ruby Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Did anyone see a penis
MR. MANKIND (1 month ago)
The Things I Do For Love One Of My Favorite Spiritual Cartoons Of All Time
X YoungBloodSuccaa (1 month ago)
Who’s watching this in 2018?❗️
Aishath yanaal (5 days ago)
Hailie Cole (1 month ago)
LMAO me 😭
Cardi B (1 month ago)
Come back with more cartoons like this cartoon network
Edward Williams (1 month ago)
So you tell me all the shit that been hunting them and they got some shit called big Bob upstairs
Fortniteboi !! (1 month ago)
54:52 that’s where Daequan got that from
Artmeseus (1 month ago)
I love this show as a kid courages reactions were funny as hell espically when that nigga smiles
this show is life
56:07 that fish is a canibal i know i cant spell lol
Saga Boy (2 months ago)
alvinraydj3 (2 months ago)
13:00 ...bane.
Stij n (2 months ago)
Damm I still hate Justus just as much as I used to!
Ag Jr (2 months ago)
1:05:59 Muriel is the cutest thing ever.
Chris Sleepsick (2 months ago)
Ag Jr (2 months ago)
23:33 Courage is taking joy in watching Eustace cry.
jun blank (2 months ago)
I like Courage💜 #indonesia #fanscourage
Tino Tino (2 months ago)
A dears gotta do what dears gotta do😂
Alec Galpert (2 months ago)
Puff puff pass
Ignis Koy'Ote (2 months ago)
The feast of the bullfrogs was a pretty good episode but truth be told as someone who is utterly terrified of frogs and toads that entire scenario would kill me in reality. Imagine seeing an army of frogs invade your home and have a really buff frog that can walk on it's hind legs kick down your door and they all start attacking you, bullying you to dig a pond for them. For me that's my actual worst nightmare. Also the Snowman's little song was so fun and catchy. I'm glad he had a happy ending 🙂 and the worm episode might be one of my all time favourites. Idek why
Shawn Dream (2 months ago)
I loved the entire thing and this show is still great to me honestly, but honestly that last one makes me sad because Courage and Muriel get verbally abused so much, and Muriel doesn't even fight it like usual. It kinda broke my heart when she said "I deserve it" when she was about to be 'thrown' in quick sand
Chris Maddux (1 month ago)
Shawn Dream has
Solid Devl (2 months ago)
bunch of idiots
Heathiathan_Witch (2 months ago)
45:35 *"Hey Muriel, shut the window"*
timothy thuo (2 months ago)
Monsanto GM0
Amira Winterlake (2 months ago)
When I was a kid this show scared the shit out of me
lol (6 days ago)
ZiaRai Griffin (6 days ago)
Especially when it came on at night 😭
rai lyons (9 days ago)
Factz 😂😂😰😰💀💀
BlAcKBReaD (12 days ago)
orth82 (16 days ago)
It is pretty dark, isn't it? But that's why I love it :)
Jorden Harris (2 months ago)
Like like dog and old man 👴👵🏼 old girl
edgar1063 (2 months ago)
Scuba duba
cookieshape101 ?! (2 months ago)
memories bruh 😍😭
Lucius Vorenus (2 months ago)
Didnt know Eustace was a vegetarian because there was a cow upstairs and he didnt care about that
SomePerson Online (28 days ago)
Lucius Vorenus he can’t be a vegetarian when he eats bacon, ham, and other meats. He says(well, yells) through the show about bacon n stuff
Mizz Tee (2 months ago)
dilworth I meant
Mizz Tee (2 months ago)
the captain was John wilworth
isiah curtis (2 months ago)
𝐀 𝐝𝐞𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐚 𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐝𝐞𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐚 𝐝𝐨.
Bystander Behind A Mask (2 months ago)
😲 4:55
Rob B (2 months ago)
Lol revenge of the snowman is like a time capsule of Al Gore hysteria
tnt vlogs XD (2 months ago)
Oh I love this one
Drucilda McLaren (2 months ago)
Courage is the best
NlDavissim (2 months ago)
14:35 That's not fruity. That's Dog snot flavored.
Terrin Auh (2 months ago)
Dark Pentagram Acts Voice Behind Characters' Lady Morrigan as a Lydia Mackay, Ian is a David Crisper, Aaron as a Max Charles, Arine as a Elle Fanning, Darko the Sorcerer as a Steven B. Newsman, Hat Professor as a Wallace Shawn, Alan as a Ejiah Woods, Penanggalan Maiden as a Catherine O'Hara, Sekhmet as a Tovah Fledshuh, Blood Chief as a Don Henson, Rakshasa Lord as a Rob Riggle, Haunted Umbrella as a Chris Sarason, Mr. Ettercap as a Jerry Jewell, Osraldo as a Frank Walkers, Cashew as a Bill Farmer, Kara as a Tara Strong, Lamia Emily as a Sara Unlock, Young Morrigan as a Chris Mooney, Young Darko as a Max Charles, You Professor as a Don Brown, Young Alan as a Asher Unknown, Young Arine as a Ariel Winter, Young Sekhmet as a Chris Mooney, Gronam Ox as a Harry, Shiemiel as a Tom Kenny, Aunt Sarah as a Tovah Fledshuh, Beholder King as a Ben Kingsely, Narrator as Sam, (Mephisto Pheles from a Ao Blue Exorcist?!) Mananggal as a Tara Strong, Louis as a Frank Walkers, Ghoul as a Bakey Baker, Feyvel as a Unknown, (Fyvesh Finkel) Kuda Hat as a Jeremy Iron, Hecate Mormo as a Unknown, (Fionna the Human from a Adventure Time?!) Loew thr Father as a Coey Burton, Beth as a Tovah Fledshuh, Specter as a Patrick Unknown, Fudo as a Fred Unknown, Thor as a Frank Welkers, Strix as a Noel Unknown, Young Ekimmu as a Kevin Unknown, Morrigan Singer as a Mitski, Ol'higue Chef as a Tara Strong, Hag as a Lean Unknown, Leanen Sidhe as a Linda Cardurory, Moloch as a Frank Walkers, Belial as a George Clooney, Ba'al as a Steven B. Newsman, Dagan as a Helena Bonham Carter, Demonic Father as a Douglas Lyons, Young Arine as a Sandie Sandak, Death as a John Noble, War as a Fred Unknown, Pestilence as a Ejiah Woods, Necromancer Lord as a Chris Plummer, BrentWood as a George Clooney, Young Rakshasa Lord as a Zach Callison, Elle as a Teri Hatcher, Undead Boatman as a Coey Burton, and a Ekimmu as a Mel Brooks/Jim Carrey.!
Úhrãf Äľï (2 months ago)
I remembered my childtime😘😘😘😘
Alan Gonzalez (3 months ago)
go to facebook
Princess Fortunes (3 months ago)
I really hope that they had some form of A.C. Like honestly
love fortnite (3 months ago)
I love this show
Radu (3 months ago)
I remember watching this, i just coulden't remember the name, now that i found it i will watch it for all of my free time
Fahim mk (4 months ago)
ബാല്യം ഓർമ്മകൾ 😍😍😍😘😘😘
keron Reid (5 months ago)
Love this show
Storm Marie (5 months ago)
I love this show it brings back a lot of good childhood memories of when I would actually get up early on a weekend just to watch it. 👌 And if Courage took all the "obvious" ways out to solve a lot of their problems then it wouldn't be worth watching in my opinion.
Kirsty Dunstan (7 months ago)
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Fure Eviosekwofa (8 months ago)
Where did all this cartoons go to?
Merlow Light (2 months ago)
Fure Eviosekwofa I know right these types of cartoons was,still is,and always will be THE best
Samantha Dixon (2 months ago)
Fure Eviosekwofa boomerang shows all of the vintage cartoons
Destiny Shoaf (8 months ago)
This brings back so many memories
Ifti Hossain (8 months ago)

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