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My Scent Of The Wedding - Creed Viking.. What Fragrance would you wear to a Wedding?

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I recently went to my cousins Wedding with Creed Viking being My go to Fragrance - My Scent Of The Wedding... I wanted to share my experience with Creed Viking... What Fragrance would you wear to a Wedding? Comment down below...
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brian wasieleski (7 months ago)
Try Bvlgari Man Extreme, same shit without the overpriced price tag Viking is a exact copycat. And..... in all honesty for a Cactus scent it is not nearly as good as Xeryus Rouge. Try Xeryus Rouge and holler back seriously. Viking side by side to Xeryus Rouge Viking is a loss no doubt. So funny no one else mentioned anything like this. Now Creed Aventus...... that’s a stand alone and a O.G. That was copied by many.
jack rynczak (8 months ago)
love viking very nice scent fire and ice
sgsaidsod700 (9 months ago)
Al, I just bought this fragarence and I have to tell you that your absolutely right. This thing lasts a long time as far as longevity and projection. I bought the 100ml bottle and they sent me the 2ml sample as well so I just used the sample. Nothing crazy just 5 or 6 sprays from the sample and this thing was just nuts! It lasts so long. I put on at 6am and it's now 530pm and I can still smell it. That's insane.
Sis VS Sis (1 year ago)
How many sprays max on this one?
If it's cool weather, no doubt, HEROD or ZINO.
Kologne (1 year ago)
Al your making me want revisit this fragrance ha.
Professor X (1 year ago)
To a wedding, I would wear Midnight in Paris, PS, Jazz Club, & The Dreamer.
Windsor Hops (1 year ago)
This reminds me that I’d like to get married too. But, I ain’t got nobody. Bummer :(
Andy Bolton (1 year ago)
I love al’s videos....butttt I think we all know he won’t bad mouth a creed even if it’s not that good
Jose Ochoa (1 year ago)
Got a 5ml decant of Viking... and let me tell you.. its an Awesome fragrance.. very unique scent!
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I think Viking is great the more I wear it the more I love it. Enjoy
Hellochyeah (1 year ago)
People complaining about the performance on this are crazy. It is so strong.
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
The performance for me a CRAZY BEAST MODE. This is my experience with Viking. I went to this wedding and Viking ROCKED.
Aviator1047 (1 year ago)
Hi Al, I finally received my sample of Creed Viking last week. I had very positive feedback from my family. They came into the room and said...."what are you wearing"....we like that!!!
Wet Shaving Fraghead (1 year ago)
I'm curious where did you spray the 6 sprays to get max performance while in a suite? I always wonder how my fragrance can fight thru the layers without overdoing it. I would definitely respect an Al fragrance tips series!
rami s (1 year ago)
amazing masculine fragrance here. lasts 12 plus hours on me
ziggy8757 (1 year ago)
seems like Al lost some weight?
Love Incorporated (1 year ago)
I like Creed Viking. It's definitely different. If you can't buy the full bottle, get a sample. Honestly, I prefer Silver Mountain Water and Aventus, but Viking is good for anyone that's wants to stand out.
Brian Harvey (1 year ago)
Great video brother! Read some comments here and your replies and wanted to tell you that you are one classy guy. No matter what people say to you you keep it classy and respectful! Don't usually comment but had to give you a shout. Classy channel 👍👍
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
Hey Thanks for the comment. I'm just being honest. I love Viking some people do not and I RESPECT THAT!
Abdul Thomas (1 year ago)
Al whats your ethnicity?
Chris Hunt (1 year ago)
Outstanding fragrance and beast mode longevity...this is what you pay for...love this!
mexighosthunter 86 (1 year ago)
Fuck dat shit im not gona pay 500 bux for that shit when there are sooo many better ones out there that do just as good or even better
mexighosthunter 86 (1 year ago)
FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 if it wrks for u then great ...but for me ysl la nuit or chmen does the same effect
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I RESPECT THAT! I love Viking to me it's quality juice.
Jamie Starr News (1 year ago)
I have to admit, I'm not in love with the fragrance.
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I RESPECT THAT! I'm in love with it and that's my opinion.
Jason Sheldon (1 year ago)
It smells like shit. Congrats.
Nicky T (1 year ago)
Hollywood Scentstory so are you ya jag off. If you don’t like creed stick to brut or aqua velva
Jason Sheldon (1 year ago)
Nicky T ur a moron
Nicky T (1 year ago)
You have a horrible nose
Robert C (1 year ago)
Hollywood Scentstory Pure dog shit!
Nick K (1 year ago)
I feel ya about the NY thing...I'm a Sabres fan but if the Rangers or Islanders make it into the playoffs I'm rooting for them!  Rangers are my 2nd fave team tho, love them.  Hope they get far this year!
Nick K (1 year ago)
Looks like you are losing weight, that's really awesome man, keep it up.  I'm down 20 lbs myself trying to get to 30!
Robert Scandiffio (1 year ago)
Bois du Portugal.
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
Vazcular (1 year ago)
Green Irish Tweed for me at all weddings.
cbc - yacine (1 year ago)
thank you
Nick K (1 year ago)
Bring Derya back Al
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
Hopefully soon.
James Matthews (1 year ago)
I love this juice. For me it works better outside than inside,
Crypto Sicko (1 year ago)
Robert C (1 year ago)
Viking is HORRIBLE. I had to scrub that crap off.
Johnny Bravo (5 months ago)
I don't agree....Viking is great...the girls around here love it also...better then Aventus
Sheed Black (1 year ago)
I like it. I bought a 30ml decant from MyMickers. I haven't worn it out a lot yet, because I still learning it. It's better than the ones from the creed acqua original line.
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I love Viking! you do not and I RESPECT THAT!
Boxing Barry (1 year ago)
I respect that choice🇬🇧 I'd reach for green Irish tweed👊🏼
Nicky T (1 year ago)
Love Viking . It's classy, elegant, and long lasting . Great stuff , just too expensive
Al! It means a lot to me, you’re wearing a Yankees Cap.
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I'm not into the Mets vs Yankees rival. I'm from New York and that's who I support in sports.
Arden Powers (1 year ago)
Thanks for your take on this one! I usually wear Armani Prive - Rose D'arabie . . . a real stunner on me !! Thanks for sharing ! :)
WildDoveX (1 year ago)
How about a review on Viking - notes, impressions, etc?    Not sure what I'd wear to a wedding at this time of year, maybe Love by Kilian
Nick K (1 year ago)
I'd like to see one too, even just a first impressions...I haven't sampled Viking either...doesn't sound like my kinda juice though.
1987198719871 (1 year ago)
Hype King Viking!!!!
Rob Whiff (1 year ago)
Glad you got good feedback on this juice specially with all the hard work and time they put on this before the realese also with the somewhat competition this fragrance has off with aventus in the community ☺ thanks for that, always good to see you Al
Scotty Gunz (1 year ago)
John Varvatos. The ladies love it. Lasts long.
Jovi Romero (1 year ago)
For me Amouage Reflection and Prada l'homme are very good wedding fragances
Rob Whiff (1 year ago)
You all ready know 😃Aventuzzzzzz"
Wongoloide Wong (1 year ago)
Amouage Reflection Man
Sarah Halfin (1 year ago)
I need a sample of it to see how it performs on a woman. I get the most compliments with mens aventus so maybe i could pull off viking too! :)
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
Creed Viking was my Scent Of The Wedding... What Fragrance would you wear to a Wedding? Comment down below.....
ejones9924 (1 year ago)
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I have a Giveaway open with a Viking sample included. Check it out and enter.
Classybrother49 (1 year ago)
Al I’m in North Carolina how can I get a sample? Would love to try it
V. Noir (1 year ago)
Jubi XXV
Neal Francis (1 year ago)
FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 glad you enjoyed it mate , I can’t stand it myself it’s smells like a cheap body spray to me , aventus, green Irish tweed are in a different league to it
Johmathan .B. Swift (1 year ago)
12 hours ,wow, Al that's excellent. Haven't sampled this one yet. I will now. Thanks. Glad you had a great time.
Johmathan .B. Swift (1 year ago)
OK.Going to get a split of it. Thank you Al.
STREET SCENTS (1 year ago)
I kid you not this juice is a beast on my skin. I DO NOT any Old Spice or Old Man smell but a fragrance that to me takes me on a Journey. Thank You for all the support
Louis-Philippe Noel (1 year ago)
Fall-winter: GOLD LEATHER- Atelier cologne Herod- Parfums de Marly Summer: Guerlain homme intense Edp Bond no9 The scent of Peace for him
j sto (1 year ago)
Also I am getting an amazing amount of compliments on baccarat rouge 540. On my skin it apparently projects like a beast. I am interested in knowing if you plan on doing a review on it
j sto (1 year ago)
I wore millesime imperial for my wedding last April absolutely love it. I am very interested in smelling Viking. When are you announcing the winner for the Viking example
Tyrone E (1 year ago)
To a wedding? Aventus, Prada Amber Pour Homme come to mind, but several others really.
Tyrone E (1 year ago)
1st 😃

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