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Lioz Shem Tov: Comedy Magician 'Telekinesis' Auditions America's Got Talent 2018

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Text Comments (1671)
Alex Borges (2 hours ago)
He is like Mr. Bean , too funny XD
Aditya Raj (5 hours ago)
Does he selected?
nezer0 (8 hours ago)
That says a lot about the character of Heidi Klum. She should rather scream at emaciated girls. Wait no... She should just go to hell.
Murat Magic (9 hours ago)
Murat magic : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp6TyvRnLTgNRDQUUMqrpWg
jojo vovo (15 hours ago)
for all those who are wandering... yes most germans have no sense of humor. But I am also german and i love this guy !
jojo vovo (15 hours ago)
heidi ist viel zu deutsch für diesen geilen act xD
HasHasDre (17 hours ago)
Hermione Malfoy (18 hours ago)
I‘m German too and I found it hilarious 😂 but I hate Heidi. Admittedly she’s german but not all Germans are like her. She cast a poor light on all German 😒 This is one of the reasons the German people don’t like her.. Who agrees?
Bui Quang (20 hours ago)
Man, all of this high tier magic, i don’t know when i gonna be like him, this guy is a talent right here!
Tyler Johnson (1 day ago)
The German was the first to dislike the Israeli, lol
JoseM Aboytes (1 day ago)
The simplicity of this is what makes it so amazing. Absolutely loved it!
this is the first time i have ever laughed at prop comedy in my life
jasmin_97 _ (1 day ago)
I think Heidi has no sense for humour.. she always says that its not her humour.. what kind of humour does she have??
Kaylee Mayers (1 day ago)
This is not fucking comedy This is ART.
Dipu zaman (1 day ago)
loved it!
QraTz (1 day ago)
"This is not my kind of humour"... being absolutely subjetive on her vote... what a bullshit judge!
Jr. Elwood (1 day ago)
Heidi Klumm has no sense of humor.
Yonas Koshari (1 day ago)
Reminds me a lot of the kungfu master dojo dude.
Patiently Happy (1 day ago)
Heidi bitch
Syko White (1 day ago)
this guy is next houdini
Noob? Action! (1 day ago)
Heidi is the type of human which laughs at Minion Memes...
Lukas Scheer (1 day ago)
Fuck Heidi Klum
TheFlowrider7 (1 day ago)
How awesome would it have been if he had invisible strings attached to the papers Which would get pulled by the bin when it is open I would have loved to see their faces
Julia (1 day ago)
Im never watching germanys next top model again.. heidi has got no humor lol poor tom
Shawn Barbour (1 day ago)
not her type of humor? dont lie just say you dont have a sense of humor and move on
avinotion (1 day ago)
Best Uri Geller Impersonation I've seen yet.
Savitarr (1 day ago)
the american crowd is so damn anoying....
Diogo Moniz (1 day ago)
Heidi is an idiot. Heidi thinks that just because his humor wasn't of her taste, she had to say no against everyone. Don't be like Heidi!
I'm not racist but (1 day ago)
You can clearly see Simon changing his mind at: 2:22. There he got it.
zzz pt (1 day ago)
He had to be a jewish comedian. Amazing stuff!
Yoga Mokalu (1 day ago)
This is not comedy XD
ciobanu catalin (1 day ago)
Man that heidi must be a real threat as a mother and a wife
Jem B (1 day ago)
"This is a joke". No shit Sherlock!
Kang Jey (1 day ago)
Terburuk dari yang pernah ada.
Just Raelf (1 day ago)
He looks so annoyed when Simon called it comedy
sindy-john john (1 day ago)
he has a straight face during all this ,which made it so funny
ULT_Lasing 2 (2 days ago)
I’m amazed how he kept a straight face
Alex Bizeps (2 days ago)
im sick of this old grandma heidi klum, telling you no1 likes her here in germany. stvpid b1tx
MrRabbydabbydoo (2 days ago)
2:11 .. for sure an actor ...just needed his fame lol
GioGoiBoi1 (2 days ago)
i think he was actually serious when he said this is not comedy he convinced me he ment it 😂😂
Phillsopher Slav (3 days ago)
This guy looks like quicksilver from x men
TooruOfficial (4 days ago)
This is not comedy
Ali LRDI (4 days ago)
Magos vergas xdd Creo que soy la única que habla español .-.
muxamd Ali cisi muxmd (4 days ago)
i am from somalia this man is fane
Zeynep Ecem Ozdemir (5 days ago)
The Magic is FAKE HAH
LTDominator (6 days ago)
if you have an idea, just do it. i like...
Blade RMD (6 days ago)
2:22 besides his face Simon can't resist laughing😅
Kalemina (6 days ago)
It's so stupid it is even funny!😂 (I'm not meaning this bad)
Kur za botev
Fantasy (7 days ago)
Jim Carey is that you?
Fantasy (8 days ago)
4:24 at this moment I could not tell if he was serious
XrollaMan (8 days ago)
Heidi is a shit hole
MARCOO (8 days ago)
fuck israel
Aceton (9 days ago)
The only humor Heidi Klum maybe finds amusing is her own (while torturing young girls in front of a camera)
Emdee (9 days ago)
Aren’t judges supposed to not have bias?
Ich bin s TIM (10 days ago)
Enrico röpke (10 days ago)
What's the music?
schrott mist (10 days ago)
Klum is just too stupid to understand it and the only thing which is worse than that is her voice.
2:11 I feel for that black guy
ishraq hasin (12 days ago)
This is what I call true magic
Railson Moreira (13 days ago)
Brazil love
freelusion (13 days ago)
Notice how she didn't even understand the last joke, she's really stupid look at her idiot confused face 04:29
XMedian003X (14 days ago)
Bullshit has 2m views Shit
Gus Joudah (15 days ago)
his magic can only be as real as his country :)
Sahid Parsard (15 days ago)
“It’s just not my humor” stfu u white bitch
Reda Haskouri Original (16 days ago)
إسرائيلي مبلوز مع كرو
Daler Sh (16 days ago)
Hahahaha Fucking nice man))))
Emir Kovacevic (16 days ago)
Her fucking 20 years younger boyfriend made her like that, young generation doesn't have sense of humor anyways, fuck her...
الله يلعن بليسك
eliana lessard (17 days ago)
All right Israel!!!!!!
The Commenter (17 days ago)
Teach me senpai
마오리TV (17 days ago)
Fuck Heidi
Adam Fullhan (18 days ago)
This is what happens when you illegally escape the gas chamber
Achlis P (19 days ago)
I always thought telekinesis doesn't exist and magic is fake and it just requires some tricks, but now I feel like the guy at 2:11
Ông nào dịch tục vậy
moha moh (21 days ago)
Fuck the criminals
Bear (21 days ago)
Use the force
J.C (22 days ago)
Pycan (22 days ago)
Heidi just proofes that germans like me are unfunny af
Pycan (22 days ago)
Genial xD
Maatheus Felipe (23 days ago)
Olha como é a internet, eu aqui no Brasil vendo esse vídeo e praticamente chorei de rir, agradeço a internet por isso Kkkk e ficaria muito triste se ele não tivesse passado. Obrigado BGT. ❤❤😂😂
Comedy Magic Cm (23 days ago)
Lucas Lahmon (24 days ago)
The trash can part was hilarious 😂
Luciano Juarez (24 days ago)
This man is a genius 😂😂😂
Old School (24 days ago)
He was pushing the pedal with his foot
Ece ada (24 days ago)
Bu ne ya gül gül oldüm 😂😂
hind kibouch (24 days ago)
stupid haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamd
Batu GAMER (24 days ago)
american murat chef amk
Luciano Juarez (24 days ago)
C mamut jajaja
jhon dela cruz (24 days ago)
This guy is really funny😂
the infinishi (25 days ago)
Este wey se esta burlando de la telequinesis pinche pendejo con emorroides xd
sasha rodriguez (25 days ago)
Putos amargados los jueces
Sishbe Bdhdhs (26 days ago)
خرة عليه
Inas Sh (26 days ago)
God I laughed my ass off
CsM Rap (26 days ago)
Vl ông Vietsub :))
the gruardian (27 days ago)
Hacer reir al público sin decir palabra , no cualquiera lo logra
Matt G. Branco (27 days ago)
The music makes it even funnier
He is brilliant.
Waterman (29 days ago)
Heidi, you not only are a party pooper, but you have proved you have a low IQ and no sense of humor.

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