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Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

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We moved in together recently so had to make the unavoidable trip to IKEA; I figured out how to get through there as quickly as possible. Yeah, yeah I know, vertical video and all that. I filmed it in Snapchat, you'll survive. 7 million views update: Thanks for all the support everyone, it's been a crazy ride. Just to answer a few things that got asked a lot... Her name is "Dana"; we are Australians; I didn't make a cent from this video because ads are lame; of course I saw Cian Twomey's "Emily" video before I did mine; IKEA Australia offered to give us a new lounge since I didn't want to get one when we were there last and Dana did... so everything worked out better than expected! Oh yeah and cheers to @racheljoy for bugging me for weeks to upload this video. If it wasn't for her it would have died on snapchat's my story as I thought it was just a silly couple of minutes no one else would really care about, apparently she's got an eye for internet quality!
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Text Comments (11135)
Lukas T (1 day ago)
This man is living my dream
Jan Michael Vincent (1 day ago)
Paul Peestol (2 days ago)
That's hilarious! Reminds me of when I WAS married! Lol
Brandon Comer (3 days ago)
That's what she deserves for dragging her man to Ikea
WoodstaS (3 days ago)
Not the hero we deserve...
Luca Del Campo (3 days ago)
0:36 1:29 Best ones
Ludovco. (3 days ago)
This man won’t have the Sunday-Ikea-Problem anymore. Respect.
Ahmad Mahmoud (3 days ago)
I think that the name of his girlfriend is Dana
Erik Guve (3 days ago)
Its funny cause im swedish and understand the real names
Itz Leg Day (3 days ago)
What else is a guy suppose to do at ikea?
Aggbala (3 days ago)
this is so hard to understand as a swede.
Oskar Ware (3 days ago)
He had a pretty good *IDEA*
Humans Are a Virus (3 days ago)
I want to make her pregnant
Hugh G. Rekshin (3 days ago)
I love IKEA! Where else can you buy stupid Chinese shit with dumb fucking European names LOL
Adam Marcinkowski (3 days ago)
And suddently , you single...
Niko (3 days ago)
1:41 *_N O T_*
LoliOnii-chan Senpai (3 days ago)
1:08 She thinking why she couple with guy 😂
Karsten Heitmann (3 days ago)
Christ, she’s cute and has lots of patience. Hillarious bf too 😀
conor j shammy (4 days ago)
Oh my god he would drive me nuts, a very annoying man grrrrrrrrrr
Steven (4 days ago)
All the dislikes are form Dana's friends!!
Biswajit Buragohain (4 days ago)
she won't ask him to come shopping with her 😂
Nathan Jaimes (4 days ago)
David Dobriks vlogs 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mark Cosby (4 days ago)
This guy is amazing.
NURUL AZAM (4 days ago)
You have broken up
Davey Givens (4 days ago)
Good luck, tiny pony.
theseceret (4 days ago)
sure you ruined her notions of interior design and tasty meat balls
So Viet (4 days ago)
Hell, this is so funny
el cabrón (4 days ago)
Why is everybody in the comments think he say Dana? I think he say Dona
Luke (4 days ago)
lol, why have I never seen this.
Solaristist (4 days ago)
It's all pun and games until someone loses a girlfriend.
red sailor (4 days ago)
reminds me of liza koshy
M S (4 days ago)
They cut Kolon, i bet his gf mad.
kingstonvaliu (5 days ago)
Sounds like Schwarzenegger "Dana, get to the choppa"
Montag Alexis (5 days ago)
"Good luck tiny pony" 🐎
Hermironry (5 days ago)
You didn’t make any money off this?? Dude, you could’ve made like $15,000! I’d watch a 15 second ad to contribute to that
simonline (3 days ago)
Dana reminds me regularly of this.
Hermironry (5 days ago)
I ship them 😂
Mr.Amazing Gaming (5 days ago)
Who wants a cookie? {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🍪 Price= You have to sub to Pewdiepie and tell me if you did!! :) He really needs it!!!!!!
Mark Leon (5 days ago)
Dana is extremely hot
Hayden Rhardy (5 days ago)
Why are these funny? You should be detained until your girlfriend tells you how to make a joke. Just kidding. These are hilarious.
BURN0UT (5 days ago)
It's fun being Swedish and understanding what the actual names are.
Robert Vanyo (5 days ago)
Speechless... maybe the nappies were full of shit, and the geza wasn’t rave enough to ask the girl to change it? Fascinating idiocy of human kind.
MASK Crusader (5 days ago)
He's like me! I'm like this at walmart! XD
i am an epical duck (5 days ago)
Fan vad bra this is epic
Naman Sharma (5 days ago)
HEY DANA, lets visit *Huawei* sometime
Anders Termansen (5 days ago)
i mean she looks nice. Is she single?
Dank Potato (5 days ago)
Legend says that he's still annoying her
CO0OK ANNNG (5 days ago)
In New Yorker voice “ Dana, don’t you read a bed out”
ParanormalR6S (5 days ago)
Yalınç Demirel (5 days ago)
The sans have a girlfriend
Sambhav Vk (5 days ago)
Another episode of wtf is in my recommendation
Salty Medpac (5 days ago)
Who ever came up with these names souds like they were trying to read but gave up on life... dont give up on life break into a delicious kit kat
LastLoneWolf FTW (5 days ago)
He is ready.
Am I Loser ? (5 days ago)
She's hot!! 🔥
Jordan D (5 days ago)
JB deCABOURG (5 days ago)
Remember exemples; Contry come from France "contrée" or Toast come from "Toaster, mean little burning bred " and same Bacon from France too if you think this is strange lol it s you the stranger for me lol
Toxic Vibes (5 days ago)
_ok then_
Capo DELPAESE (5 days ago)
This is what happens when pyrocynical gets a girlfriend
kaiserped (5 days ago)
I tried something like that to my (ex) GF. Now here I am watching YouTube all alone.
Boyo (5 days ago)
Ofc he’s australian.
Chen Liu (6 days ago)
the ultimate dad of all dads
normie x (6 days ago)
Who's this guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger's nephew??
Mr Me (6 days ago)
Hey man can I marry your wife.
Jordan D (5 days ago)
james onde (6 days ago)
It's cute everytime she says stop
Jordan D (5 days ago)
She is so pretty
Jordan D (5 days ago)
thatonedamncommenter (6 days ago)
1:37 there more shrek-y things you could have said but ok
Perl Studiz (6 days ago)
Eyah dawnah
Shetasen (6 days ago)
I laughed at every single one of them!
RyRyTheGuy (6 days ago)
I'm smiling so much my face muscles hurt.
Igino zollo (6 days ago)
It was a really bad ikea !
DarkRainbowCipher0909 (6 days ago)
Sonic the Hedgehog will be proud!
Redirect Alljunk (6 days ago)
dude this was real comedy best than all the other shitty stuff out there on the internet . nonscripted, awesome
Molly Nap Queen (6 days ago)
I speak Swedish. Hearing him trying to pronounce the words is hilarious.
BlueSharkBoy434 (6 days ago)
How was he not murdered after the 10th one?
radish. (6 days ago)
He’s like an Australian Sterling Archer
69 Savage (6 days ago)
Feel that burn on the *x6 skanka* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ram Jam (6 days ago)
God bless Dana, she is super cool and nice for putting a smile on her face through that.
Max Olsen (6 days ago)
No one: Simonline: Hey Donna
Saad Umar Khattak (6 days ago)
at 1:48 she was like is he serious...?reads the tag..aahhh
Al Biss (6 days ago)
Thanks for making me laugh, lucky guy! :)
boss apocalypse (6 days ago)
PasCone 103Z (6 days ago)
1:21 Adum spelled backwards is...oh my god...
Kotiko Asatiani (5 days ago)
is that a jojo referance?
CyBeR (6 days ago)
sans before he became a skeleton.
:V :V (7 days ago)
Dana has left the chat
Lucky girl...
youtube watcher (7 days ago)
Love the one about getting skanks.
NOR1_Frozt (7 days ago)
Being Norwegian understanding what the swedish names is just cringe
Austin Bartose (7 days ago)
Wow, why does this have so many views. The world is a pathetic place
Skillboy (7 days ago)
Literally me
Mokka 111 (5 days ago)
Give that girl a medal. She survived it.
kenzy ! (7 days ago)
dana is adorable , be like dana
Kedevik (7 days ago)
As a swede idk wtf your saying
Praful Jambhale (7 days ago)
This guy's hella creative..
Vaskinton (7 days ago)
You got Godmorgon right! 😂
Joe Vandas (7 days ago)
Jordan D (5 days ago)
Kapitaj (7 days ago)
What are those anyway
harminder sodhi (7 days ago)
Banging her would be so much fun 👊👊👊
Jordan D (5 days ago)
MrSaxon (7 days ago)
What makes this even better is that her name's not even Dana
Pio Prime (7 days ago)
I Donna your name
Mark Boom (7 days ago)
this is more then genius
thisIsVasilius (7 days ago)
Всем Гнвоерк бялдь!

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