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Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

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We moved in together recently so had to make the unavoidable trip to IKEA; I figured out how to get through there as quickly as possible. Yeah, yeah I know, vertical video and all that. I filmed it in Snapchat, you'll survive. 7 million views update: Thanks for all the support everyone, it's been a crazy ride. Just to answer a few things that got asked a lot... Her name is "Dana"; we are Australians; I didn't make a cent from this video because ads are lame; of course I saw Cian Twomey's "Emily" video before I did mine; IKEA Australia offered to give us a new lounge since I didn't want to get one when we were there last and Dana did... so everything worked out better than expected! Oh yeah and cheers to @racheljoy for bugging me for weeks to upload this video. If it wasn't for her it would have died on snapchat's my story as I thought it was just a silly couple of minutes no one else would really care about, apparently she's got an eye for internet quality!
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Text Comments (10582)
Johan Gustavsson (12 hours ago)
How to PUNish your girlfriend!
john ciphero (18 hours ago)
medal him!
Kim (19 hours ago)
she so pretty
TRUEnsal 1 (1 day ago)
Legends say he *izdoin* this until today
Pixel Wanderer (2 days ago)
I guess she wasn't having any pun
Archimedes Gaming (2 days ago)
I aspire one day to reach this pinnacle of humour.
Archimedes Gaming (2 days ago)
I don't think she punderstood any of those! How could she not laugh!
Mike Konyar (2 days ago)
I’ve worked at ikea for a year, can’t believe I never thought about doing this!
ThatCommenterGuy (2 days ago)
Next morning: "Good morning Dana" Dana: **sigh**
Jaafar Al (2 days ago)
this guy is gettin pussy tonight
Wissam Damarji (2 days ago)
LionsEdge (3 days ago)
0:13 sounded pretty sexual...
FrostyRPGT (3 days ago)
*Liza Koshy left the chat*
James D Thorn (3 days ago)
This is exactly the kinda relationship I have with my own wife ahahahahahahahahahaha 😂
King Wacky (3 days ago)
I have a feeling this guy will be the ultimate bad jokes dad kind of guy when they have kids someday
achal goel (3 days ago)
So i guess her name is donna
civilsimmy Dave (4 days ago)
The fact the she hasn't left him is a miracle
Meru 11 (4 days ago)
10/10 best future husband.
Wommy U (4 days ago)
1:07 thats german lol
It's a R Ö R T
Nathan Dumas (4 days ago)
TG Nandi (4 days ago)
Dude I hope she married you. A LIFETIME of dad jokes is what every woman secretly yearns for.
tivoli- oo (4 days ago)
god morgen means good morning in swedish except its pronouced goo morn. idek im not swedish im norwegian so im doing it the norwegian way.
state of the core (4 days ago)
How to piss of your girlfriend with puns: go to IKEA
steve cortez (4 days ago)
I went to an ikea not to long ago they had a cafeteria n da food was pretty good..there were bottles of TAPATIO,hot sauce everywhere 😂 didn't expect dat
Bored Adventures (4 days ago)
This is literally all I do to my girl 24/7
Amin Nonplus (4 days ago)
Lucky Dana
Quentin Orlando (4 days ago)
Some of you really think this is funny?... Wow world you are so sick...
Kool Aid (4 days ago)
She's soooooo turned on lmao!! 😂
super nibba (4 days ago)
*She took the kids*
Varun Menon (4 days ago)
Dana: What does that even mean? Simon: Okay Aisle stop now
Royale (5 days ago)
Who gives these shitty names for the articles??
Karthik Sankaran (5 days ago)
Sweet bf
GrannyTranny (5 days ago)
your mic is a potato
Matthew Cobbold (5 days ago)
Won’t be a another ikea trip for a while
alexkg1 (5 days ago)
He called her a "skank-a" 😂😂😂
The Bandit (5 days ago)
“Miniature Horse Race”. Ded
MarW (5 days ago)
3 yrs I know about this just now? This is a masterpiece! xd
The Drunk Cook (6 days ago)
Ur not funny
꧁ Neptunia ꧂ (6 days ago)
I want this guy being my bodyguard everytime i go shopping
Richard Freeman (6 days ago)
Dump Donna!
Alvian Novan (6 days ago)
Aaa i wish i had one of that creature named girlfriend.
Oh and hentaihaven.me
Bartol (6 days ago)
Thats arnold schwarzenegger ? 0:00
Jarek [Zapzap] (6 days ago)
That man is a legend
Sewitscher HD (7 days ago)
xD youare awesome
Nick Castell (7 days ago)
Hey Dana, I got nothing
Dylon T (7 days ago)
She’s trying so hard to be mad at him
xStarcloud_ (7 days ago)
This is me and my best friend lmao (She tortures me with puns.)
Bob Anderson (7 days ago)
I thought nice guys don't get girlfriends.
Michael With A B? (7 days ago)
*H ey Dana*
MR PINEAPPLE 36 (7 days ago)
I’m proud to be Aussie (He’s Aussie)
E W (8 days ago)
Hey dana
Nathan Constable (8 days ago)
Hey Dana
Chris B (8 days ago)
Not funny
Mikael Uhl (8 days ago)
Então foi aqui que o "Eu no Mercado" nasceu... 🤔
DarknessLaw (8 days ago)
ok well do this... MIN RÖVHÅL ÄR GOTT
Gabriel Siteny (8 days ago)
Marry him... marry him now
GuninGames (8 days ago)
Sans: Good job kiddo
Hjwelkan (8 days ago)
Hey Dana is this in your recommendations?
TheRedbikemaster (8 days ago)
This sounds like Moog from MightyCarMods
Smiley Zefi (9 days ago)
So is this rape yet?
MLG Hazrad (9 days ago)
When you're forced to go with her on shopping.
W1ND0G3 (9 days ago)
I just had one of the best 2 minutes of my life
Teadliz (9 days ago)
*g a r d e n m a m a*
Jonas W. (9 days ago)
The true master of dad jokes
Hjorten (9 days ago)
“... and that’s how we got divorced”
J D (10 days ago)
Welp, he's not getting laid tonight.
Ian Viana (10 days ago)
Lucas Inutilismo quando casar
Adam Marin (10 days ago)
Can you be my parents.
not real justin Y (10 days ago)
Rockol 8 (10 days ago)
Ause (10 days ago)
Bet he got laid
Sub to pewds (11 days ago)
Shit i don’t ha e any puns! Uh uh uh......*water you doing?* eyyyyy
the spy from tf2 (11 days ago)
cleaveland brown sounding ass
Nate Malm (11 days ago)
*how to lose your girl in 2 minutes*
Bobo Rex (11 days ago)
It's the price women have to pay for taking men sunday morning inside ikea
Ilebillybobjoe i (11 days ago)
got to go to ikea to get more ideas
Orangeknight 464 (11 days ago)
16 mil veiws but no subs
An unimpressed Rooster (11 days ago)
Not all heroes wear capes
itsnotatoober (12 days ago)
This is why white women are taking opioids.
Luna Games (12 days ago)
Donna bout to kill his ass lmao
Motion_Jensen 5000 (12 days ago)
Hey Donna
Q_Q (12 days ago)
How the duck is he getting laid? What's the secret?
Hamaa7 (12 days ago)
That last clip tells you the whole video
That guy Leon (12 days ago)
Men roligt
That guy Leon (12 days ago)
Så jävla dåliga skämt
Skull King (12 days ago)
You know the meme with buff guys lining up to see if they can go out with the girl and theres the one guy who's a clown...this is him
Pingwin (12 days ago)
Rollowed (12 days ago)
She needs to dump you lol
Koneko Sakura (12 days ago)
😂 I challenge u to pun war with my sis in a market 😂
Isaiah Hamilton (12 days ago)
I don't know about y'all, but ain't she a pretty lady? 😍😏
RedFox (12 days ago)
_Sounds like something I'd do_
Matt Friesen (13 days ago)
And this is why I’m forever alone. I literally got a pun joke book as a grad gift from one of my friends
ILuvCocoa (13 days ago)
4 years later and it's still in my recommendeds
Darkninjacob (13 days ago)
Admin (13 days ago)
Why hello where 1:00
I think she got the *Ikea*

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