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Christian Dior Fahrenheit "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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Christian Dior Fahrenheit "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne. A timeless classic released in 1988 smells unique lasts a long time and gets a lot of COMPLIMENTS.......RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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know body (10 months ago)
I have tried and tried to give this a chance. It's garbage. Gasoline in a bottle. It's vile.
jdssurf (1 year ago)
I was told that bottle with the style cap is fake.....?
Jonathan Reeve (3 years ago)
Is the reformulated version close to the vintage?! Is fahrenheit still worth our hard earned bucks?!
XY ZW (2 years ago)
I bought mine back in 2014. It's a 2013 formula. It's alright but wish it was more beastly especially since I cannot get enough of fahrenheit. I recently tried fahrenheit at the mall this past winter to see if there were differences and yes there was. Not so much on smell but potency. It seemed more diluted than mine which is already not that great.
Gerardo Peralta (5 years ago)
20 years ago?
Wolfy444 (5 years ago)
It's interesting to hear peoples interpretations on what a particular note should smell like. In this case, the violet note, is actually violet leaf, I've never smelled violet candy, but I can tell you that violet leaf smells very grassy and peppery and and reminiscent of cucumbers. I own a lot of extracts, absolutes and essencial oils, so I have a much better reference point than most, but what you smell is just as valid, it's all up to personal interpretation.
Amin C Ali (5 years ago)
What a piece of bottle ! LOVE IT LOVE IT ! vintage fahrenheit (L)
Benedict H (6 years ago)
You are *not* supposed to rub it in?
NzVii (6 years ago)
Fahrenheit is just an awesome scent - my GF likes it too!!!
DG27x (6 years ago)
This David from PA maybe you should add too your T~Shirts on the top sayin ( Dont Rub It In~NJ )
defman85 (6 years ago)
JobeyC36 (6 years ago)
Fat boy and his hand gestures hahahahaha
JmeJ83 (6 years ago)
Another great street scents video!!! I have just watched one of your older videos, regarding your love for movies/celebrity autographs. Tell me Al, have you ever seen the movie, Drunken Master??? The original kung fu comedy, one of Jackie Chan's first movie's!!!! If you haven't seen it i highly recommend you check it out i think you would love it!!
Wiizy23 (6 years ago)
pimp juice great job Al
threeaklok (6 years ago)
so how do u like the original compared to the new ones
John Son (6 years ago)
smells like old man..
mindofigor (6 years ago)
Why are we getting a male perspective on colognes? Arent they usually worn for compliments? Compliments come from women.
syarrito07 (6 years ago)
Great Vid Al.. Fahrenheit is definitely one of my favorites..
memo1923 (6 years ago)
thats true we dont smell violet everyday lol......
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Al do some different scents for a change
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
This guys a OG frag head!
Nick K (6 years ago)
@mannyb332211 God damn! I hear the summer one wasn't any good but I gotta check into 0 deg. Thanks!
mannyb332211 (6 years ago)
@surgeyX 0 degree and i think there are 3 different summer flankers not sure
Nick K (6 years ago)
I just got Fahrenheit 32 from perfumania...the 3.4oz for 35$...not too bad! Too bad the original was still full price. I have 32, Absolute, Aqua, and the original...and I love them all, except Absolute isn't very versatile, but it's still awesome. What am I missing? I think the summer one. Any others?
NavajoJoe66 (6 years ago)
Fahrenheit, one of the all time greats, imo.
Guinea54 (6 years ago)
lol that guy was full of enthusiasm Guys like him make us all feel like we are crazy having a fragrance hobby lol

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