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How to download torrent movies from FLUD

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James Rore (5 months ago)
Pagal kya hai yai
Satyam Jha (5 months ago)
Picture is downloaded but how to play it.
amarnath kolli (6 months ago)
after downloading how to play it
Mr Video (11 months ago)
How to play movie
Sanket Gangthade (11 months ago)
Mr Video you can play movie through any video player
DEVIL O (11 months ago)
Bhai seeding process ka Kya kare
Sanket Gangthade (11 months ago)
Rekha Sharma just remove that torrent
Just The Way I Dream (1 year ago)
Can you please explain how to stop the "seeding" process on flud after downloading a movie? It's a net -consuming process I lost 4GB data because of seeding, it doesn't stop & I'm unable to find the downloaded movie on my phone!! :(
Sanket Gangthade (11 months ago)
Just The Way I Dream remove that torrent from list
Versha Arvind (11 months ago)
Just The Way I Dream me too
Adhithya gaming (1 year ago)
Just The Way I Dream me too
Vansh Batra (1 year ago)
these is invalid
Sanket Gangthade (1 year ago)
Vansh Batra Its 100% working

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