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Black Women: When Black Men’s mouth Overload Their Ass!

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Mad Scientist Jay (11 months ago)
Good video Ice, been trying to tell these one cat from my old neighborhood for years to get his CHL and he is still bullshitting about it to this day. Just had a little young 13 year old black kid get jumped by some white boys down here on the north side of H-Town.
Apex _ Prowler (11 months ago)
Spot on commentary! The snooty fox reference damn near had me on the floor. Salute.
Mysterious J 123 (11 months ago)
It is true that Black men got to stop being so thirsty and running around chasing women on Instagram and in the public because those women dont respect you anyway.
ThatGuyfromThe6 eh (11 months ago)
"Sleeping Giant"... ice cold Bruh💯✊

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