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Mass Effect Trilogy: Best of Wrex and Funny Moments

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Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbEKoKJnvYAj0qo4FxqC3_ByfP300HscK Mass Effect Trilogy Best of Urdnot Wrex from Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3. This video also includes most of Wrex best quotes.
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Text Comments (286)
darth rias gremory (6 minutes ago)
This game reminds me of star wars knights of the old republic.
ZeVio74 (1 day ago)
wrex is one lovable asshole
Herbert Moon (1 day ago)
I've been replaying the series and he wasn't in 2 & 3 as much as I remember
Willie Bell (1 day ago)
13:46 *Kratos Intensifies*
Willie Bell (1 day ago)
Remember that whole thing, you know, with no krogan scientists?
phantom 1a2 (4 days ago)
9:40 what is wrong with Garrus ?
Masuka Twenty (4 days ago)
Sheparrrrrrrrrd. Shepard. Shepard! Shepard...
Homies ride together, they die together
matthew brian (5 days ago)
I wanna know what they do to dirty cops on wrexs world...
Kyaw Thu (7 days ago)
When a krogan calls you his friend You've done right
Kyaw Thu (7 days ago)
Nickster (7 days ago)
How can you not love this big hunk of muscle?
Jakob Carrillo (8 days ago)
Anyone still play the original games ME 1 made in 2008 ME 2 made in 2010 ME 3 made in 2012 and citadel DLC made in 2013 I still play them
HonorTheGames (8 days ago)
22:45 gets me everytime
Grey Fenrir (9 days ago)
Shepard shepard shepard
Kektus (9 days ago)
*”It’s the Females Shepard”*
fangorn23 (10 days ago)
Wrex is easily one of the most likable and most believable and well developed companions in any video game ever made. Change my mind (no really, I could use suggestions on what to play next)
Sepulchre13 (12 days ago)
15:19 Javik: *speaks* Wrex:....Sweet jesus dafuq is that?
Orangewaggs (13 days ago)
"Next thing you will tell me that he is a quint and craps dark matter."
Buddhabright (14 days ago)
The fuckin' bag of ice still audibly moving when he does. That's goddamn hysterical.
juan jose torres rios (15 days ago)
Wrex: I prefer my Salarian liver raw Salariand soldier: *stares to others* Javik: He's correct, it was a delicay in our cycle Salarian Soldier: *pissed off*
rasheedqe (15 days ago)
My god the animations in this blow ME Andromeda out the water.
A Darndest Lamprey (15 days ago)
Il Carnefice (15 days ago)
Wrex deserves his own video game
BatteryMaster MMD (15 days ago)
The animation for wrex in the first clip is weirdly smooth.
Darth Malgus (15 days ago)
The nostalgia you get when Shepard meets Wrex on Tuchanka
Edreen Pasang (19 days ago)
I love Wrex and Garrus . They make Mass Effect feel alive .
Wilczur 111 (20 days ago)
Can someone explain to me how in polish version Wrex swears like a hobo, while in English he seems to be more cyvililaized. For a krogan.
Urdnot Wrex (23 days ago)
Yep, thats me.
Fran Pe (23 days ago)
I love ME1 story... If just the playing itself was like ME2...
Javac (25 days ago)
I loved the detail in the conversation in 31:34 where you can hear the ice slosh around as Wrex moves
Naxo Destroyer (27 days ago)
No Offense Shepard But The Females Belong To mu SOFT DICtador
Gamer's Corner (29 days ago)
21:37 Forgot to ask when I've seen it 1st but, what armor is your Shep wearing here?
Jaguar550 (29 days ago)
Armax Arsenal armor
Toni van Laar (1 month ago)
I wisched that i could take 3 team mates with me is mass effect 2 so many chart!
Molotov With Lux (1 month ago)
San Ti (1 month ago)
Wrex is such a disgusting character.
Daniel Gregg (1 month ago)
i had a glitch in my last me1 playthrough wher noone would talk in the elevators. pissed me off
DX Spectron (1 month ago)
Back in the days when PC games were awesome... :'(
Erick Garcia (1 month ago)
“If I die in here, I’ll kill him”
RedDragon Smaug (1 month ago)
Wrex and Grunt are mah bois!! \m/
John Ishmael (1 month ago)
I'm gonna miss Mass Effect... This whole series gave me diabetes on how sweet and lovable the characters where. Fucking Andromeda gave me cancer instead.
John Ishmael (1 month ago)
Wrex's baddassery would make any man cry. Both in awe and in pain.
RetroCNY (1 month ago)
"You know what this is? It's a man emergency! Take this kid out back and make him do target practice!" My favorite Wrex line in the entire trilogy. I crack up every single time and I've replayed this trilogy more times than I can count. Easily my favorite ME character and it's not even close.
Torterra (1 month ago)
Shepard: Considering everything we’ve been through, I can think of worse positions to be in. Wrex: Trust me, I’ve been in *every* position in the past few days. Me: 😐... Ew.
Damonnanashi (1 month ago)
"Shepherd is my commander! I could never imagine us having to fight" Perfect time for a sack tap.
doomthedemonhedgehog (2 months ago)
I am doom the demon and this is my favorite vedo on YouTube
Kevin Vo (2 months ago)
Lol wrex is a savage man
Osirus3296 (2 months ago)
Chakravartin 117 (2 months ago)
The Citadel DLC is hysterical 😂😂😂 Shepard Shepard *Shepard*
MASTER SHAKE (2 months ago)
We'll bang, ok?
Kintsugi Ezo (2 months ago)
@33:29 Shepherd
Kintsugi Ezo (29 days ago)
Shepherd: Wrex, Grunt.
Kintsugi Ezo (2 months ago)
27:41 Look at us now
IceTrayStar805 (2 months ago)
19:35 loooooool
Jacob Faro (2 months ago)
If you turn on the captions, it says idle threats are empty sex at 16:52
David Neil (2 months ago)
"You know what this is? Its a man emergency!"
jeremy flood (2 months ago)
Wrex is the second krogen we have seen jump out of a window
Zethras Gorgoth Gaming (2 months ago)
Wait wait wait wait.....where the fuck did you get those black/red armors for ME1? O___O I've NEVER found them in any of my playthroughs O___O
Gentleman (2 months ago)
yo did you mod the textures to tint 'em all red? If so, how?
dixievfd55 (2 months ago)
Is that Michael Dorn addressing Wrex!? Worf!
Verdugo (2 months ago)
Best uncle Wrex rekting that fertility my boi
G. Kikidis (2 months ago)
24:50 😂😂😂
Brandon Galvan (2 months ago)
Wrex is no Krogan... He's a Brogan.
RedRam Ipsen (2 months ago)
I... Love... Krogan's...
logan cameron (3 months ago)
"Krogan First!" **Wrex and Liara (1/4 krogan) both jump in** Fucking GOLD. I spat out my fucking beer seeing that one.
Ian McIntyre (3 months ago)
Everything Wrex says is comedic gold.
Robert Pippin (3 months ago)
What's that armor that wrex is wearing the one that's lighting up?
HiopX (3 months ago)
24:44 I was so hoping I could have a biotic Volus unleash a great wind upon my enemies on this mission.
Master Chief (3 months ago)
30:00 can't stop laughing
jedder (3 months ago)
That head-drop on the bar gets me every time. XD
Christopher Hall (3 months ago)
Best of Wrex = all Wrex's scenes
Rob Clarke (3 months ago)
You know you got a bro when he's willing to go into a firefight to get you laid...
Maximillion Thermidor (3 months ago)
Unrelated to Wrex specifically, but I love how ME 1-3 offered the player character control over morally grey situations. There was no spoonfeeding of morality, it was up to us. Stark contrast from the NPC "morality" of "orange man bad!" we are offered up today. Seemed like the Devs and writers back then actually respected our intelligence as consumers and fans. Keelah se'lai
RazorTreewise (3 months ago)
10:09 Best Bro I could´ve asked for. and like a father to tali 28:05
ElectroEel (3 months ago)
4:41. You see Wrex, it looks a lot better to see a five thousand credit dress on your bedroom floor than five cent rags.
Stonersloth Hughes (3 months ago)
I would had said, "good luck, his a krogan he is a weapon."
Uccidere (3 months ago)
4:39 I can’t stop laughing
Crestian Roxas (3 months ago)
News reporter: Jaguar550 what are you thoughts on Andromeda? Shepherd: •punches her in the face• Wrex: HA! Garrus: •sighs• here we go again...
Crestian Roxas (3 months ago)
+Jaguar550 so it wasn't just me also I gotta say this hell yeah I thank you very much for replying is not often some one replies to comments like this
Jaguar550 (3 months ago)
Hahaha. Oke my honest opinion about MEA is that i really liked playing MEA(lol i invested more than 100 hours). But there was something missing. I think it was missing the mass effect feel.
Per-Johan Halsli (3 months ago)
Wrex is the best character ever in a game imho
Dmitry Shepard (3 months ago)
its letsplay?
WolfkinNorthclaw (3 months ago)
Wrex is a trip, imagine him and Drack with you? That'd be a great team right there.
Destiny Myers (3 months ago)
How did you get the armor?
Jaguar550 (3 months ago)
At the end of the Bring Down the sky mission you can choose 1 high quality gear(from armor to omni tools). But only once per playthrough. If you are level 55+ you'll get guarentee colossus armor.
Destiny Myers (3 months ago)
Cool did you get Liara and the others armor the same way? I can never seem to find armor for Liara
Jaguar550 (3 months ago)
You mean Wrex armor in ME1? I got it by random loot. The higher your level the better the chance you get better gear. I think i got that armor on level 58.
Lordi Awa (3 months ago)
I'm still kinda mad his not a romance option. I fell for him the first time I met him :D
Araluen124 (4 months ago)
GhostBear3067 (4 months ago)
Wrex was my favorite squad mate, capable biotic but still able to murder the good old fashioned way.
Mistah Jenkins (4 months ago)
"Shepard, we got a way out of here?!" "Wrex, I'm a professional!" "That's not a yes." "It's not a no!" We-... Valid point.
MUH Geschichte (4 months ago)
damn Wrex has his name for a reason most alpha char in whole mass effect fathering thousands and maybe even more
babygirlatwell (4 months ago)
it's too bad the edie part about *I'm ok* was a little longer.
EJ Aunu (4 months ago)
Wrex is the best kroggan, how??? He got laid by every female kroggan What a legend
Andrea Ariza (4 months ago)
He's a grumpbutt with a heart of gold.
Tywin Lannister (4 months ago)
Shit I didn't know Javik had so many funny lines with Wrex XD
pal1d1nl1ght (4 months ago)
Why did the Genophage have to sterilise them? Why not just lower their fertility to.... lets say the same level as human fertility? That seems reasonable, right?
Jakub Longauer (1 month ago)
Sorry, that wasn't meant for you, but for the guy above.
Tywin Lannister (1 month ago)
+Jakub Longauer Which is exactly what I already said ?
Jakub Longauer (1 month ago)
+Tywin Lannister One in one thousand... Thats pretty low, but enough to keep Krogan from extinction. Mordin said, that they could easily sterilise them for good, but still they choose just to lower their numbers, not to kill them all.
Tywin Lannister (4 months ago)
Of course it makes them nearly sterile - the point is population growth control. They want krogans to live, but not in big enough numbers to let them become a threat again. Mordin explains it rather well.
pal1d1nl1ght (4 months ago)
That doesnt seem like what happened. It seems like they've become nearly sterile from it.
Someone Something (4 months ago)
nothri (4 months ago)
18:05 I swear to god game if you make me ship Garrus/Wrex I will never forgive you.
Dr.Science (4 months ago)
It's just bromance dude. Not everything have to be romantic
TheRepty818 (4 months ago)
Dude your Shepard looks just like my Shepard. Like oddly close.
Zerro Defex (3 months ago)
After watching these compilations it feels like this should have been Shepard's default appearance.
StrongNerd (4 months ago)
It's awful that the default route for me2 is wrex being dead and his brother is the leader of urdnot.
Tarrenger Drakenlied (4 months ago)
Where's the shoot out in the CIC? Or Wrex's lines in the archives.
kristijan ahcin (4 months ago)
34:10 did they sudenly change into effing pokemon? sheparrrrrrrrd.....what is that, code?
Aj Jones (4 months ago)
The Citadel DLC is just....I cannot recommend it enough
kristijan ahcin (4 months ago)
do they spend time standing in elevators?
Elestro Air-soft (4 months ago)
Wrex and Garrus, the best pals a human can have

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