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Text Comments (5307)
Viral Wolf (1 year ago)
Let me know if you enjoyed the video 🐺 Thank you 🐺
Viral Wolf I was there in the first one 😀
The intro
Manny Alicea (1 month ago)
Viral Wolf the last video of the guy with the knife, I used to live in that town and i heard about that shit, it happened right down the street from my high school
Ron Mel (3 months ago)
Absolutely not its boring
J Cour (3 months ago)
How do I look (like a bitch ) that comeback
jack fox (8 hours ago)
uhh fuck you guys and have a good day hahahahahahaha
Darryl Smith (16 hours ago)
I'm not the biggest fan of the police but those 1st couple of cops didn't seem to be doing anything wrong
The Big B (17 hours ago)
Don't poke the bear Mexican dude.
Freakout767 (20 hours ago)
The second dude is just errogant
The Grinch (1 day ago)
3:30 OMG!!! That shit was hilarious 😂 His boy says “they not letting up man” Lmfao they’re COPS they’re not gonna stop.
Michael O'Briain (2 days ago)
0:34 by all means Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez', let's open the border for all of these good, hard working, law abiding folks. You may have a degree or two, but you still talk street trash, like ride a train? And you complained about Trump talking about grabbing a woman by the pussy, you talked about multiple men fucking a woman. Kind of a double standard. I forgot though, you liberals don't live in reality.
Donruss Jenkins (3 days ago)
As an Illegal Alien he has not rights
Brass Monkey (5 days ago)
:57 - throat punch that taco
Joel koh (6 days ago)
Sup pigs
Evan Castle (7 days ago)
1st,2nd one lmao
Chrome King (7 days ago)
This little bitch ass mexican dude is hating on the police when the law is the only thing from keeping those corn fed white bois from beating the shit out of him.
JJ Altier (8 days ago)
Hate cops? Next time you need help CALL A CRACKHEAD
David Fletcher (8 days ago)
"Ain't shit without your badge" *silence*
tina cline (10 days ago)
Spiting on the ground is against the law
SLYP1E (11 days ago)
Honestly that Mexican dude had some balls my god!
BeanRice.38 _ (11 days ago)
Name: None Of Your Business DOB: FuckThePolice/AndShoveIt/UpUrAss
The First Prism (11 days ago)
The cop in the second clip: we're hiring Me: Please don't be
Poke Artist (11 days ago)
Ohhhhhhhhh so thats how u don’t get arrested so it’s by say bye I’ll walk away and u say have a nice day
RENZO LANDA (13 days ago)
very disrepectful
Sabretooth (16 days ago)
That Mexican guy is actually retarded
zip gamez (16 days ago)
The second video omg men funny made fall on the ground
Amberly love (17 days ago)
2:22 this can’t be real! His face would be smashed into the ground gun pointing at his head.
P DUB (17 days ago)
Born in Mexico... figures!!
Kittymitty (17 days ago)
The second one was heartbreaking..
I Hate People (17 days ago)
Trying to be cool and thinking you're hot shit because you're trying to piss off a cop, sorry to tell you, honey, you're just showing how much of a dumbass you are
Dravis Leišavnieks (17 days ago)
No wonder Trump wants to build a wall between US and Mexico. 01:15
Richard Reedy (17 days ago)
zeddrick (18 days ago)
The Hunter (18 days ago)
2nd guy was a asshole who needs to be put against a wall and shot.
R F (18 days ago)
Cop - How do I look? Camera man - Like a bitch!
Jeff Fennell (18 days ago)
This dam Mexican I needs to go back to the border that he jumped !!
challenge us (18 days ago)
That man was so rude to the police
Xytan C22 (20 days ago)
The first two were funny. The third one: they were morons and could’ve gotten people killed. The last one was actually horrible. I think he was trying to commit “suicide by cop”. He sounded like he wanted to die. :/
Mind (21 days ago)
3:27 was funny because of his reaction lol
Free Speech (22 days ago)
Try this in the Middle East.
xdverrillgamer (23 days ago)
If any of these are me Imma look for my taser Alright that Mexican guy... Imma not give him a taze..imma give him the bullet of my shotgun
4:39 when you shoot to many black ppl
Cody Hayes (25 days ago)
Pig pride integrity and gets
Harley Turner (26 days ago)
.سأترك لكم الوتساب الخاص ب ذكتور 00212621577701 أحبائي قبل خمس سنة بدأت أحس بأنني لست متمكن من الانتصاب، أصبحت بإذن الله أقوى جنسيا بما كنت أظن و كنت أيضا أعاني من عصبية مع زوجتي وتعاملها معي في الفراش ..الحمد الله الذي وهب لي دكتور مصطفى المالكي المغربي أقسم بالله غير حياتي .
SJCH Buckeyes (26 days ago)
I couldn't be a cop. I would tase that idiot for talking to me that way. Than throw him back over the border! Those two cops have great restraint.
Trinity (27 days ago)
That first guy was sorely mistaken when he thought he was going to bait the police officers into something. Saying he was born in Mexico to try to get them to do immigration checks, cursing and swearing and trying to get them to lose their cool. The police were amazing and the idiot went home with his tail between his legs! LOL
Scarlett Matthew Hart (28 days ago)
Jake Paul can have a little bit of R that is the best for you more too many 3
Tavish (28 days ago)
First guy sounds like jimmy kimmel
James Choate (30 days ago)
That one dude was an ass to the police like they wasn’t doin nothing ain’t nothing to be upset about
Donald J. Trump (1 month ago)
People who stick their middle fingers american police and live in an American state should be ashamed of themselves but let’s not forgot he’s not from America he’s from Mexico , Great......
Jim Riley (1 month ago)
Bitch ass cop keeps gun on suspect like a lil pussy
mcat1270 (1 month ago)
That Hispanic tard needs to take his ass back across the border!!!
Jordan Van (1 month ago)
The first two was so funny😂😂😂😂😂
T.the.vampire (1 month ago)
StopThePoliceState (1 month ago)
Haha brilliant, denies smoking with a joint behind his ear, too good .
Idioticcheeze (1 month ago)
how many cops does it take to change a light bulb none, they beat the bulb for being broke and arrest the room for being black XD
Interstate Eddie TV (1 month ago)
OMG, that second guy is so obnoxious. Yes we know that there are bad cops, but that's with any profession. So if you happen to get stopped again and just so happen to be in the wrong, don't expect them to let you make it. You're honestly playing a dirty game, I guarantee you that if you do that in the wrong area you would mysteriously have a drug charge on you and that's facts, I'm just saying. Why provoke them?
Krabby Patties (1 month ago)
"I though we were tight" Fuckin genius XD
Tom Meyer (1 month ago)
Why do cops act like pitbulls ready to attack ? Oh this is how they are trained ?
TheJoke_PlayzFools (1 month ago)
If only cops were this nice all the time :/
RandomRoyal E (1 month ago)
This is more hilarious 🤣 than interesting
Wolf S (1 month ago)
Bastards don’t know what will happen if they call me a idiot or shit when I’m going to be a cop they are going to get knocked the hell out
Marky Mark (1 month ago)
“Like a bitch” 😂😂😂
fleekboy100 (1 month ago)
How do I look like a bitch
jerry berry (1 month ago)
"you stupid bitch" as their crashing --LMFAO--
jerry berry (1 month ago)
0:25 Guy-- "i didnt even know it was there"... Cop-- "amazing how that happens" 😂😂😂
Ally Comrade LT. BASH (1 month ago)
Bruh let a brother talk to them like that. He be deader than a mutha fawker. White guy yelling with a knife and they aint do nothing. Black guy with a cell phone gets lit up instantly. Real talk bruh. Yall think I'm playing for real though
Andrew Lydick (1 month ago)
He doesn’t have freedom of speech on the duty lol
Robert Ambrose (1 month ago)
3 million views
Nicky 27 (1 month ago)
At 1:09 that guy is so fucking rude like you can’t talk to a police officer like that.
hi (1 month ago)
that mexican was dumb af what would he do if people were assaulting him for being latino he would have no choice but to call the cops. What an asshole I feel bad for those officers.
HaloMachinima Films (1 month ago)
Dam a missed opportunity from the cop at the very beginning. Cop: Did you know I'm a magician. *shows guy empty hand* Cop: Abbra Kadabra. *pulls the joint and shows it to him* Cop: You're an idiot.
Corporate Agent (1 month ago)
The second clip, is that Denver Police? Love those guys. Did security work alongside a few of them. Most hardcore cops I’ve met. And they’re hilarious too. Now a certified private detective. Denver pd and Lakewood pd have always been great police forces. And Douglas County Sheriffs. By the way, everyone seems to frame Mexicans as haters of police. I’m Hispanic and fully respect the law. Justice is what keeps order.
Jazzyz T.V (1 month ago)
Cops are b****** these days
-Toast Playz - (1 month ago)
85 percent of the comments talk bout they feel bad, 25 percent laughing and talking about the cops, im that 25 percent 😂
Neena Singh (1 month ago)
God bless the police for dealing with so much bullshit all day. I hate Trump but people have every right to vote however they want to and still have respect from people who don’t agree with them politically. I may not agree with trump supporters but I respect their right to have their own opinions and their right to support whatever policies they want.
Shouldn't disrespect the police
came looking for cop fails and found minorities being minorities...
Rice Is Life (1 month ago)
I swear that spic at 2 minutes being an asshole to them. If i saw that id whoop his illegal ass just bc they white. Tf. Screw him, he can go back to mexico where he was born
power lifting freak (1 month ago)
Afbsj ixjdbwebks xusjwnebbs jxbsbe jxjsbe jzsjebe jxjene. Jdhebe ajsbe ghar e sjamka eejen wnw wkebekakzp is all i heard from the last guy
Claudie Cummings (1 month ago)
I fucking hate COPS
Jake Deloney (1 month ago)
Go back to Mexico then you fucking freeloader bitch
Thinking Clearly (1 month ago)
I guess after those pigs started being cool with that vato loco, he could've let up a little... At the same time, cops are some nosey mofos.
Brandon Marquez (1 month ago)
Kill this pigs
Red The bud man (1 month ago)
I hate cops but the second video cops were the shit I’d have taken that ride along
Boom Hower (1 month ago)
0:33 those are 2 of the most laid back cops and they are hilarious the way they handled that.
jyrese Smith (1 month ago)
Macy Bishop (1 month ago)
Macy Bishop (1 month ago)
Jude Tumambing (1 month ago)
Props to the police. Working while there is an earthquake going on.
jeremyviromek (1 month ago)
those two nice cops made him look like a dixkhead
Nick (1 month ago)
How do I look? “Like a bitch” I laughed so hard
VegasRider702 (1 month ago)
"Drop the knife" 29x's but if Chris was Black tho...ijs
Debbie Lewis (1 month ago)
I’m liking these type of videos it shows not all police are bad
Gokuflex Z (1 month ago)
Yo you the man them pigs shits are trump supporters G keep up with vid
Benzimo_ (1 month ago)
4:48 if he ran up to the police instead of begging to be shot, he would've had a higher chance of getting shot
Philip Kraemer (1 month ago)
Cool cops
Mr.BushMan (2 months ago)
Who wants a job? Them 2 cops are paying for ride alongs.
J. A. (2 months ago)
I Love the traffic sitting back watching! 🚐🚗👮
J. A. (2 months ago)
Taze his Psychotic ASS!! ⚡
J. A. (2 months ago)
Someone put that joint behind my ear, man 👂😅
Joey Mullins (2 months ago)
5:28 that car is like: Nope, not today.
Tupac (2 months ago)

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