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loveliveserve (1 year ago)
Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥 Big thanks to Mr. Beast for creating this Donation trend 🙏🏼
KING JAMES TV (28 days ago)
Im so proud both of you guys
AAA BBB (1 month ago)
loveliveserve ppl sometimes be mean but Iu an angel
Andrewskibruuh (3 months ago)
Thanks for giving him credit.
Austin Cannata (5 months ago)
loveliveserve big facts
Gerald Mendoza (11 hours ago)
Yow what if off cam they come back to those girls to take the money back😂😂
Lavatrious Union (7 days ago)
JC Zafra (8 days ago)
I'm curious why girls? why not a man?
Erin Green (9 days ago)
I’m from jersey and in need. If anyone could help with clothes, food, or anything please feel free to contact me. I really appreciate it. Thank you so very much.
Yuna Perdana (10 days ago)
joji. its you?
Dominic Valentine (10 days ago)
Mrbeast does it better.
Charles Gardner (11 days ago)
As the millionaire philanthropist that I Am, this is what I do, this is WONDERFUL!!!😀💖
Dave Kane (12 days ago)
Plot Twist: They spent the money on coke and ruined their academic career.
Site Bene (12 days ago)
Such a waste. You should've asked for sex in return. They're broke so they would ve accepted
Biting Duck Gaming (12 days ago)
I'm new
Richard Carbery (17 days ago)
giving money to college students? please.
Mya Knight (17 days ago)
This is AMAAZING and great to make someone's day I watches rhe other one too but I'm not surprised bc u guys r AMAZING AND LOVING LOVE U GUYS💞💞💞✌💋💯
James Simpson (18 days ago)
LLS new mr beast lol #loveliveservesquad
azrielic_ (19 days ago)
Me no have money
safety zz (19 days ago)
Should have just gave it to homeless ppl who could really use it
moussa diallo (20 days ago)
It's a lot of money
ramilo bagaipo (24 days ago)
Yow why not try to give it to homeless instead of giving it to slut
Mr. Puzzy (27 days ago)
Nice video, nexttime give food to the poor
pinoy HaloHalo (28 days ago)
I just hope im one of those students blessed by you guys!im only enrolled in a 7 month caregiving class and im still lacking for my tuition...i just hope theyll use the money right :)
Colorific World (28 days ago)
Aall leady are happy.but fake money
shawn salim (28 days ago)
GODS PLAN🔥🔥Drake would be proud👍👍
Turki Alzahrani (28 days ago)
تعال جامعتنا يخوي
David Ortiz (29 days ago)
Why did the cow cross the road..... JUst to cross the road. -_-
Taunter Atwill (29 days ago)
I think there are some people roaming the streets who could use that money to SURVIVE! A hundred each for those people would be a fucking miracle to them. . . . . fail. :-(
Nelz Virtzs (29 days ago)
amazing video
Akmal Imdad (1 month ago)
Man the guy gives em $500 each and none of the girls even stand up for him #skanks
Squidster Seas (1 month ago)
Now this is completely wasted
chris suace (1 month ago)
instead help homeless bro
Mark Mazz (1 month ago)
Stop giving money to these thots bruh. Give it to people whose mommy and daddy don't support them. Give it to the homeless.
Wild Heart (1 month ago)
That pink black guy are so annoying, Hug the check my goodness...
Smárt Hùńgyø (1 month ago)
5.10 that girl is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
TP_MokyyZ (1 month ago)
Flying Goggles (1 month ago)
where u guys making so much money to share with others ?
Introvert Outside (1 month ago)
there were cleaners walking past the students when u gave them money kmt coulda gave them some too lol
Molalign Alemnesh (1 month ago)
HELLO Loveliveserve. I want to go to college but I dont have money. I need help to make my dream college please help me. per year 7000 Dollar for four years. I can pay back after finished my school please!!!! this my email- [email protected]@t I can give you my phone number. you can make video with me for youtube . please help my dream
Mimouni Achraf (1 month ago)
give this money to homeless people why you are people's lik this don't care about the difficulty Which the poor live
Dawson Dawson (1 month ago)
I seriously don't like the video right now cause it's pathetic... There is someone who needs money more than those girls.... Hate you guys hate your channel... It's not a humanity...
Travis Dhonger (1 month ago)
No "HUGS"🤔🤔🤔
Mystic Gaming (1 month ago)
Cant even give them damn hugs smh
Brillien Tan (1 month ago)
And who said money cant give you happiness😎
Jesh alcaeus (1 month ago)
Even a $100 could feed many street childrens here in the PH., if only i wouldve been given the chance to have a $100. It help much for the kids
Mark mark (1 month ago)
A real quick
UNCOVERED (1 month ago)
Michael Paul (1 month ago)
Man, that last girl in the green is stunning. 10/10.
Lankesh Haloi (1 month ago)
Hi I need your help sir my mom she is in the hospital I want to pay hospital bill tomorrow can you help me sir I need help with money please help me sir I need please help me sir my account number is 50160016552844 and IFsc code is BDBL0001767
ARKAPRAVA SAIN (1 month ago)
Only to girls only to girls
Jaypal Music (1 month ago)
2nd last girl wasnt deserves a dollar
TSG Ayan Vatton (1 month ago)
Tenzin Woser (1 month ago)
This is stupid
DiaryBela (1 month ago)
Oh man! May God bless you =) Nice channel =)
Malcolm Vladisclav (1 month ago)
You guys are awesome!!👍
SS SB (1 month ago)
i watched the first few minutes and not one girl wanted to give u a hug...not one...what fucking bitches....guys give the money to guys...girls never appreciate the money...fuckem..what cheap shallow bitches
Marius Blythe (1 month ago)
Right after they get the money they get robbed
Madd Knadd (1 month ago)
they suck "hey I'm like famous but no one knows me because I'm not famous, heres money"
Rafinha Latvezzi (1 month ago)
Would you guys still do this if you knew YouTube wouldn’t pay you for views or likes? It’s tough to believe anything is sincere when YouTube pays you for getting views
Panda 12 (1 month ago)
Bro come to New Jersey lol.....we need more YouTubers like this
warden (1 month ago)
Well u just set em for the next 2 months
Orrin Moore (1 month ago)
good job
Khengciu Thiumai (1 month ago)
Great one
AkwardLion (1 month ago)
iifallii yt (1 month ago)
Why you don’t get me your $10 000
Frame 50 (2 months ago)
I’m surprised that only one girl gave a hug.
Angelo Bangss (2 months ago)
Why you should just gave it to a homeless people, much better
chris Robens (2 months ago)
I'm from DC break me off a piece of that ill just take a hundred of that and be happy
Omkar Shirgaonkar (2 months ago)
Give me also please
Keegan Poulin (2 months ago)
Like I understand these girls. With like the shock of someone walking up to you and giving a grand. But im kinda stressing that only 1 out of all those girls gave a hug. The rest just said a quick thanks. Like wtf, thats it?
Jaelyn Gibbs (2 months ago)
Great content
Jaelyn Gibbs (2 months ago)
Everyone subscribe and comment down below and like the video
Jaelyn Gibbs (2 months ago)
You guys are awesome this is the first video I watched of you guys
Riece Writes (2 months ago)
Can anyone donate to my go fund me?. Trying to build a better life for myself, and become better. Please donate if interested please DM me. Thank you.
Jose Jose (2 months ago)
joe123321kk need some help for rent help a nigga out
Jose Jose (2 months ago)
Hibalsma UG (2 months ago)
Fuck this show
TexasBoy Easye (2 months ago)
It ain’t tricking if you got it 🤷🏿‍♂️
Michael Walker (2 months ago)
Can someone send me 1$ I'll really appreciate it cashapp $blanco146
pixieme93 (2 months ago)
Would you consider helping someone on the verge of eviction/ homelessness?... asking for me no friends apparently
Zoobayer Al Mahmud (3 months ago)
Give those peoples who need that...
許善德 (3 months ago)
All looks not poor Why so easy to accept ?
Emmanuel Vilson (3 months ago)
I need help bro plz 😥😕😥🙏🙏😕😕
Emmanuel Vilson (3 months ago)
Bro help me also plz 😥😕😥😕🙏🙏🙏
Emmanuel Vilson (3 months ago)
Brothers plz help me I'm poor.. Actually I need help of you plz I'm waiting for your help 😕😥😕😥😕😥
Yasin Blackwell (3 months ago)
6:05 she fine
younto tunyi (3 months ago)
wtf u guys talk too much
Tamani Kau-rau (3 months ago)
Getting turnt
Ugly Boy285 (3 months ago)
Why are all the people girlssssss???!!!! Most of them are golddiggers 《▪~▪》
Dr. Op (3 months ago)
You should do one where you just throw it at them
Adelheid Latzková (3 months ago)
https://www.gofundme.com/help-us-with-our-happy-end?pc=fm_co_campmgmt_m&rcid=r01-15500820566-71efa445557f4917 Share please itis such impirtant for us
LanceYen TV (3 months ago)
wow🤭 can I have some too I have really nothing🙁😞
RILEY CURRY (3 months ago)
Love how Rhino kept his word and ACTUALLY did the tattoo tour. #Integrity
kyler buck (3 months ago)
instead of giving these girls a grand why not give the old janitors some money bud these bitchs are ganna buy coke and booze n shit
kyler buck (3 months ago)
guys u gatta get these bitchs numbers to. come on
Dillinger Sam (3 months ago)
Nice Video Thank you for Sharing the love 😀❤
malakai tonny (3 months ago)
Damn that's great bro nice video..
BlazedTv (3 months ago)
You know rhino got that vagaygay after this....
AR - Brawl Stars (3 months ago)
happening now (3 months ago)
So only girls watch??next time say thank you ladies for watching.
Mr. Jacob (3 months ago)
Can you give some money to a LLS fan? *EHEM* me.
AndrewsLife (3 months ago)
You’re literally the next Mrbeast..
Jones Lagi (3 months ago)
Fake agent 😂😂

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