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Boxing Highlights: The Best of Tyson Fury

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Boxing highlights of the Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. This video highlights the offensive and defensive traits/habits of the fighter. Tyson Fury current holds the WBA and WBO world titles. https://twitter.com/TheFightReel
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Text Comments (1907)
Jake LaMotta (9 days ago)
To all the ppl that left comments here that wilder would outclass fury... Please go and watch some football or play some mario. They clearly have no idea about this sport
generic username (9 days ago)
He will be GOAT by the time he finishes
anyone that don't know boxing will say Tysons fights are boring..anyone that knows there boxing can't take there eyes of him and love every minute..The art of boxing at it's finest
Victor Guzman123 (16 days ago)
Nice one
allan1985 (19 days ago)
the main man watched him from day dot.
Shaun (30 days ago)
Amazingly talented and so fast
gtm (1 month ago)
He seems to have infallible condition and even as a coach, that comes as a bit of surprise to me....i would have to guess that his genetic ability for effort capacity has a lot to do with it..
L-Bron 3-6 (1 month ago)
Not saying he’s anywhere as good as the great Muhammad Ali. But Fury’s footwork, jab style, defense and him being incredibly tall reminds me of him. Again, he’s below Ali - not as great, but very similar
L G (1 month ago)
1:35 i think fury s punch hit that guy in the crowd too lol
melangkoh (1 month ago)
weird that he does have so little knockoutpower though hes that big of a man.
thaich33 (1 month ago)
Say that to his face.
DJ Kevgeez (1 month ago)
Wilder was Robbed.
thaich33 (1 month ago)
Original patter you prat
Rolland Walundungo (1 month ago)
An unique style Fury, Thank U for the show
Stork Legs (1 month ago)
Wow he made Klitschko look like an uncoordinated jerk off
Stork Legs (1 month ago)
Damn he is agreat boxer. With speed and endurance he beats everywhere in the legal target with either hand and his liver punches are devastating.
HEAL THE WORLD (1 month ago)
z z (1 month ago)
This may sound weird but people with ADD,and it's clear to me Tyson Fury has it,have something that when living in the moment gives them something over ordinary people-who easily focus on the mundane that ADD people cannot stay focused on.The very same trait that sandbags ADDers in day to day living by knocking you off any kind of structure reveals itself as a type of improvisational brilliance in certain situations,such as boxing or improvising music.
Marcin Pudrzynski (1 month ago)
Powinien Wilder wygrać w 100%
Lethal Shotz (1 month ago)
Whos here after he beat wilder😂😂 taught him a boxing lesson whata legen
ro3in 32 (1 month ago)
Me xD Hehe he was awesome :)))) true legend
K Drop (1 month ago)
This man has literately help save & influence positive change in people's lives - Long Live The Gypsy King
1234 5678 (1 month ago)
I don't understand how good his footwork is for his height and weight what a beast
This is what happens when you take a Nikolai Valuev body, replace his head with Vincent Cassel's one and add Muhhamad Ali's technique on top of it.
alfpolo29 (1 month ago)
Guys at time 1:35 Fury with forarm left block the face on oppo for one instant, but one really important instant that was help Fury to can has easy hit on oppo face ... this is legal or not or maybe is " borderline" ?
Busyboy 42 (1 month ago)
You have to watch that punch at 7.46 at quarter speed to see it. Wow.
Arri Arri (1 month ago)
Tyson has gained an army of supporters after today’s classic with wilder .. absolute tank
MVRTS (1 month ago)
why’s he fighting midgets
Lucas Barczi (1 month ago)
Like if you’re here after fury vs wilder
fluffynoses (1 month ago)
Fury got fucking robbed. I was rooting for Wilder, but Fury was the better man tonight. Fucking horrible decision
Abu Tahir (1 month ago)
Fury got robbed fuck you america
I Am King Conyers (1 month ago)
This dude is trash
Mitchell Kim (1 month ago)
Fury is right. He’s the only true fighter that has been bred to be a fighter.
David Sheidy (1 month ago)
I think he has no punching power and he's not going to win tonight he's going to get knocked out he holds his hands too low and puts his head out there he's the one that gets knocked out tonight I predict within the second to the fourth
The Cool Guy (1 month ago)
He got robbed
ray ray (1 month ago)
I would love for fury to win but his getting k.o. In 7RD
DarkxFusionz (1 month ago)
Tyson better not fight how he did vs klitchko
Muhammed Ali Aydin (1 month ago)
He will kill deontay
Ricardo v Duuren (1 month ago)
Flowstate warrior!
Deecon XBL (1 month ago)
Trash highlights
lorenmorgan2010 (1 month ago)
I'm not that impressed... These guys don't look like anything special except Vlad... And Furys handspeed isn't on the same level as Wilder's I predict the stamina will catch up to him in the middle rounds if Wilder's right doesn't get him before that!
Leeloo Dallas (1 month ago)
He’s may be slow but I’m sure there’s a lot of power behind them punches . Wilder is faster and that’s what’s gonna win him the fight
FewRee (1 month ago)
I really don't like either Wilder nor Fury's boxing "styles". I see Wilder winning, somehow, over Fury's sluggish boxing demeanor. Not at all a fan of Wilder.
orlando emecheta (1 month ago)
fury is like the heavyweight mayweather
Nicholas Spencer (1 month ago)
He's too slow and not powerful enough for Wilder. Wilder 2cn round tko
Nicholas Spencer (1 month ago)
Fickong draw....
The Cool Guy (1 month ago)
Nicholas Spencer (1 month ago)
+fubbagarnham no way. Wilder will bring the fight to him
fubbagarnham (1 month ago)
I'm calling it now. Fury knocks out Wilder 20 seconds into the 1st round.
Fury is actually great man got to confess he is impressive for a 69ft. his movements are fluid like a salsa dancer. He knows how to move his body in place knows where he is at anytime. He's got rhyme. He has got an IQ that; that's actually scared come to think about it. If he's in formed he might be a huge problems with Wilder. Spite of all, still got Deontay to upset him. Man Tyson is a beautiful boxer!
Romero P. (1 month ago)
69 feet... jesus christ that's tall... (joking)
ITdaClown VEVO (1 month ago)
Emily Taylor (1 month ago)
ITdaClown VEVO fuck off
City Invest (1 month ago)
Whose here just before the fight to see what fury really saying lol ?
Howard Sanford (1 month ago)
Tyson is outta there before the 6th, no power at all. I mean absolutely none.
JTecks (1 month ago)
David Marsh (1 month ago)
The reason Fury isn't as popular as AJ is because only people who understand boxing realise how good he is. AJ being a knockout artist, it's easier to watch his fights and actually understand what's going on. WIth Fury, you really enjoy watching him wwhen you understand what he's doing and why he's doing it. It's very easy to sit there and watch a big guy throw haymakers until his opponent is knocked out. Hence why all the part timers love AJ. Fury actually boxes his opponents, and wears them down over 12 rounds by outboxing them. Hitting and not getting hit. He's far superior boxer to AJ. Then you get all these AJ fan boys and girls saying how Fury is 'boring' or 'rubbish'. As if you have to be a knock out artist in order to be a good boxer. Totally clueless. Look at Floyd Mayweather. The best boxer of all time. 27 KO's to his name, but he cemented himself as the best in the world for being a proper boxer who hit people and didn't get hit back.
Matimio S (1 month ago)
Does he even work out ? He looks like my old dad who doesnt do any sort of sport
Rock D (1 month ago)
First knockout was savage as fuck 👊🏼
TooManyChoices1 (1 month ago)
Even at the same height as his opponents,if he moved like this, it would be hard to beat Fury, and now add that he is a freaking giant and moves like a middleweight and you get people unable to solve that puzzle 🧩 and get 🥴 🥊
wilb6657 (1 month ago)
What is the song at the beginning?
Domonique Wilson (1 month ago)
Whoever thinks fury is going to win you are dumb....he's way too slow for wilder 😄😄🤷
Bitch Please (1 month ago)
Danny Velez (1 month ago)
Fury or Wilder - who you got?
Hermes VLOG (1 month ago)
same Muhammad ali style 😊
WTF (1 month ago)
I don't like this english chav
j coyote (1 month ago)
Tyson is a freak of nature of boxing but wilder gunna getem! USA!!😜
Dan V (1 month ago)
I'm glad he's fighting Wilder, I kinda hope to see him one day fighting AJ and Whyte too.
tornapart75 (1 month ago)
Who is here to see the big man in action before tomorrows fight with deontay wilder?
Zod of Heaven (1 month ago)
There's something very minute in the brain that has been formed more than other people. That's this guy. Legend.
Tim Skalsky (1 month ago)
If Stiverne (spelling?) could go 12 rounds with wilder, why won't Tyson?
Jonathan Mcaleece (1 month ago)
Like it or not Tyson has mastered the art of boxing. Maybe he’s not a knockout specialist but he has mastered boxing.
Raptors Nation (1 month ago)
just here make sure i know what Wilder is dealing with, as of now im quite impressed... this is gonna be a dog fight!
bison31 (1 month ago)
Wtf? That’s the best of Tyson fury? One knockdown? Hahaha this guy is gonna get killed.
j jay (1 month ago)
Imo the great Mike Tyson always calls it close: he says Fury 'has a genuine boxers chance'. We all know Wilder has a slugger's chance. Could be a dud fight, but it'd be great if the fight swings first to one fighter then the next.
Sxorpion King (1 month ago)
fury whooped chisora easily while chisora was on his prime while a guy that nearly knocked out joshua(whyte) had a full on life or death war with chisora . theres levels to this shit.
jay wright (1 month ago)
OOOOWWWWEEEE!!!!! 1st off wilder super fast on his feet 2nd that super long ass jab all he really has to do touch fury to the body with that jab make fury come FORWARD BAM RIGHT, fuck chasing the face he want to use all his energy looking crazy beat that body up!!!!
jay wright (1 month ago)
Big guy beating up on lil guys with no speed no power, BOMB SQUAD!!!
Ka Mo (1 month ago)
May sound crazy but he reminds me of Ali
Ka Mo (1 month ago)
Christopher Andreu yo chill
Christopher Andreu (1 month ago)
Check Yaself into the hospital it do sound crazy
Wayan Aryo (1 month ago)
Wilder delicious food for fury... One bite wilder gone
Zen Sempai (1 month ago)
Loooooooong fast hands that jab almost looks like a back fist sometimes?
ProVersion Source (1 month ago)
when you fight a guy this tall, you have to clinch a lot
gabriele squaratti (1 month ago)
am i the only one seeing a lot of mayweather style from fury?
King Kev (1 month ago)
gabriele squaratti yea I seen it right after that’s why I said nvm
gabriele squaratti (1 month ago)
+King Kev elusivness,he often shoulder roll,ring control,pace dictating. a lot of similarities
King Kev (1 month ago)
Which Part LMAO Nvm🤔
ExeKuTioN Cro (1 month ago)
Beautiful boxing
Oisín Mac Cumhaill (1 month ago)
0:47 “Bitch-ass boy.”
Fury is my new favourite boxer. 😁
Tim Lopez (1 month ago)
wilder is gonna lose...why you ask, cause ik these things...fury is a counter fighter witch means his wins come from the aggressor fighter rushing in...wilder has speed and power and low and behold his wins come from him coming in and landing flush with speed or vice versa with power....you can clearly see fury is waiting and ready with expertise from fighting people like wilder....i see wilder rushing and losing stamina till fury excutes a counter punch and either wins by ko or wins from desicion from excellent counters...just my opinion..i want wilder to win tho
Fga Rdf (1 month ago)
Been saying he’s the best since day fucking 1
Fuck this white boy wilder all the way ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
The Shockmaster (1 month ago)
G O O D V I B E S O N L Y Fuck this black boy fury all day
Howzer The man (1 month ago)
Can’t wait to steal the fight at the weekend lol I bet that’s what all the gypsies will be doing.
damannoa (1 month ago)
It's sad that this clown is in the heavy weight division. What was once a prestigious division is left with a bunch of oafs. Watching Fury shows me how boxing declined. Poor technique, poor physique, lack of talent have all lead to this man having his record. The talent is all gone and that's why no one cars about this division. Sad and depressing.
stone cold (1 month ago)
This video is not the best of at all. Garbage collaboration.
jnmklo9 (1 month ago)
The best heavyweight Britain has ever had imo
nightmare typing (1 month ago)
Bold statement.. Sir Henry Cooper and Lennox Lewis are up for debate
ross mcfadyen (1 month ago)
good luck wilder lol
agaeles eles (1 month ago)
the cocaine king
REALHIPHOPLOVE24 (1 month ago)
That ref tall AF too in the beginning
cliff cox (1 month ago)
What's your guys take on Fury vs Wilder???
THE BEARDED TEXAN (1 month ago)
Steven Cunningham fights just like wilder 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂
RVM Lance (1 month ago)
He got knocked down by a welterweight. Funny they didn't show tyson getting knocked down.
RVM Lance (1 month ago)
+Rich j yes watch the press conference.
Rich j (1 month ago)
Welterweight? LOL
tom haley (1 month ago)
Hope he can do the business on Saturday against wilder!
Jake LaMotta (9 days ago)
+Leroy Escarcega fucking retard
Jake LaMotta (9 days ago)
+vTripiin you are a fucking retard
Uncle June Bug (1 month ago)
vTripiin Do did he beat his ass😂 stfu fucking casual
Uncle June Bug (1 month ago)
Bassmint lol no it wasn’t u dumbfuck Fury Out boxed Windmill and the count was on point idk wtf everybody is talking
Bassmint (1 month ago)
He did but the match was rigged, fuck Boxing in the USA.
Justin Samudio (1 month ago)
No Tyson no Fury
Arbnor Rexhepi (1 month ago)
wilder is gona bury this guy with 2-3 punches... done.
twen construction (1 month ago)
Deontay Wilder gonna beat his ass up frfr💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Chris Bradley (1 month ago)
fights ppl tht cant reach his head, fights old has beens out of their prime, fat little men. He beat Klitschko but imo tht fight was fixed... if u watch tht fight ol klitty never unleashed his full arsenal... he let fury win because he knew it would lead to more fights in the UK and he was seeing out his career at age 40? I believe whilst fury was 26? I'm so confident tht fury will get KO'd by wilder I'll put £100 on Wilder to win. I'm English but our boxing is a joke... they're all carried bums tht get built up to make it to the big money fights in the US... our last decent boxer was david haye.... fury is a gypo joke.
Gerry Gallant (1 month ago)
You funny american twat...... you made me laugh so hard with your post.... has to be a joke if not I'm done with humanity 😂😂😂
Timothy Reilly (1 month ago)
everyone out here saying he moves like a middleweight forgetting that he also has the power of a middleweight
Darryl Elliott (1 month ago)
Just watched this after a similar video about Wilder. Amazed that people think Wilder is anywhere near the same level. Those windmills are embarrassing.
beau charlesworth (1 month ago)
Domonique Wilson are you stupid😂most stupid thing ive ever heard half the people wilder has boxed dont even box full time
Darryl Elliott (1 month ago)
Domonique Wilson what are you talking about? It’s literally the other way round..
Domonique Wilson (1 month ago)
You do know everyone that fury faces are shitty boxers that make hime look good.. Wilder literally has fought some hard hitting fighters...tyson is going to get beat
Christopher Dalton (1 month ago)
Mayweather of the heavy weight division aim of the game dont get hit
Alfie German (1 month ago)
Simply gonna destroy wilder
Alfie German (1 month ago)
Why do people underestimate him he's by far the best
treyakasprings (1 month ago)
Overrated goon
3Vimages (1 month ago)
The Gypsy King is so awkward yet so skilled. Wilder will be schooled, dominated and retired on his stool.
birchyboy 28 (2 months ago)
People who say fury is boring should box themselves then they would realise how hard his style is to do his defence is the bollox

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