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How To NOT Look Like A Tourist | What To Wear In Europe

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I've been very lucky to travel in my life, both within the United States and abroad. Today I want to share 6 things I like to avoid wearing while on vacation so that I can fit in a little easier. Assimilating (by how you dress, speak and conduct yourself) will make you less easily targeted as a tourist, help you experience your destination as more of an insider rather than an outsider, and will ensure you don't get turned away from restaurants or important landmarks. I've linked everything mentioned down below, and like always thank you so much for watching! xxAudrey BLOG POST: http://www.audreyalamode.com/blog-audreyalamode/2018/6/22/what-not-to-wear-on-vacation-especially-in-europe-a-few-you-should FREE SUMMER TRENDS EBOOK: https://bit.ly/2JB0Ume MY FIRST EBOOK: https://bit.ly/2LRmAXN SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE! http://bit.ly/2pFnkE7 ________________________________________________ WHAT I'M WEARING: Pinstripe: Zara (recently purchased from Poshmark) Earrings: Zara Signet Ring: Ruff's Signet Ring c/o https://www.ruffs.co.uk/ Delicate Stacking Ring: GLDN c/o https://bit.ly/2kQD475 c/o Watch: Jacy c/o https://bit.ly/2wMDgb6 ____________________________________________________________ Nice pants with an elastic waist that still look polished! https://bit.ly/2ImrAS8 Great cashmere sweaters: https://bit.ly/2IkONEz Lovely wool cardigan: https://bit.ly/2Khj4pi Wool V-Neck Under $30: https://bit.ly/2lwn6zD Cotton Cardigan Under $30: https://bit.ly/2lwn9LP Sleek Lace Up Sneakers: https://bit.ly/2KdEg2X Slip On Sneakers: https://bit.ly/2MmtLrd Some Beautiful Hats: Packable Straw Hat Under $35 https://bit.ly/2Mj2Qww Beret Under $20 https://bit.ly/2K4MyLl Fedora Under $50 https://bit.ly/2yzzxUI Fedora Under $70 https://bit.ly/2yEKUL4 Fedora Under $120 https://bit.ly/2tso2cs Some Great Crossbody Bags: Cute vegan option under $40 https://bit.ly/2K4udOi Really cute option under $130 https://bit.ly/2K2Yz3C My favorite under $200 https://bit.ly/2KhcKRV Versatile option under $230 https://bit.ly/2yzAuwg My favorite under $400 https://bit.ly/2KfTyRg My favorite ankle boots: https://bit.ly/2InSEAq Cute sandals under $180 https://bit.ly/2ImSZUi https://bit.ly/2IqaWRW Cute loafers under $170 https://bit.ly/2yCPUQl My favorite espadrille wedges https://bit.ly/2K4OjrQ ____________________________________________________________ - FOLLOW ME - INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/audreyacoyne/ BLOG | http://www.audreyalamode.com/ PINTEREST | https://www.pinterest.com/audreyalamode/ BUSINESS INQUIRIES | [email protected] ____________________________________ MUSIC: "Expensive Dinner" via EpidemicSound.com ____________________________________ Camera: Sony A7r iii https://amzn.to/2M0zQKT ____________________________________ NEW HERE? Welcome to Audrey À La Mode and thank you for stopping by! I'm Audrey, a Charleston based minimalist, antique collector and stripe lover. Through this site, I share my love for simplicity and my journey of doing more with less. From tips on how to build a classic, minimal, year-round wardrobe (starting with just 10 pieces!), to beauty, travel and more, my goal is to inspire you to live life to the fullest. ____________________________ Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. Sponsored posts will always be disclosed. All opinions are always my own and everything was purchased by me unless otherwise stated with * or c/o. Some affiliate links may be used above. Thank you so much for supporting my channel!
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Audrey Coyne (9 months ago)
Hi everyone - thanks so much for watching!! I want to pop on here quickly and say that OBVIOUSLY this video is full of generalizations and I don't mean to imply that these are universal truths across all people and countries. Of course each place has individual and unique customs and traditions that should always be celebrated and respected. Labeling this video in a very generalized "Europe" helps with YouTube analytics - which is why you're seeing this video in the first place. Also, the tips I'm sharing here are just general dressing tips, that when coupled with respect, cultural sensitivity, a true interest in the place I'm visiting, and at least a few words and phrases have helped me have a more enjoyable, immersive experience. xx Audrey
Aet Singer (1 day ago)
You've started a fun conversation! - thoroughly entertaining
Beatriz Yoda (5 days ago)
+Anaïs Cardot it's one of those things... In Lisbon probably you will melt in to the crowd with sportive sneakers but in London, in the city... Probably not. And it depends of you age rate too.
Beatriz Yoda (5 days ago)
Go Audrey 🎉 I understand perfectly what was your intentions. I live in "Europe" 🤣 and I think that for first visit of an American tourist this tips are eyes opening
TennesseeGentleman (16 days ago)
I wear Allbird shoes. They are great!
casandra may (18 days ago)
plz do ur hair
Madfashion (3 hours ago)
Thank you very important to know traveling tips thank you
Lizeth Gomez Figueroa (9 hours ago)
Uoo Hoo (11 hours ago)
Basically don't look like a slob, like sO many Americans do. Take pride in yourself and show respect for others!
inga kamynina (14 hours ago)
You forgot to mention pajamas and sweat pants outside of the house or hotel room.... it's absolute tabu in every country except USA. It's actually so awkward that you have to tell Americans how to dress... looks like they don't know good stuff and have no clue about style and class... they prefer comfort over elegance and beauty. But it's ok in USA among Americans only
Faye88 UK (19 hours ago)
It's not so much what they wear, generally you hear Americans before you even see them.
Jose Jr. Canillas (1 day ago)
Nice video, nice explanation. I appreciate so much. I love it. I enjoy watching your video.💕
Elvis Cobb (1 day ago)
I hear what you are saying,but I am a bit confused. My experience has been that European youths are wearing many American clothing brands and styles. I do agree that there is NO place for sloppy or immodest clothing while travelling.
que te (1 day ago)
European guys dress the same as Americans
daAnder71 (1 day ago)
When Europeans travel to other European countries, like Germans or Brits to Italy, Spain or France, you immediately recognize them as tourists. Often not by clothing, but by behavior. So wear whatever you like, because even at home most Europeans just dress to not be naked. There is one exception though, concerning baseball caps: Please do NOT wear a New York Yankees cap, even if you are an actual NYY fan. 90 % of baseball caps worn in Europe are NYY caps, and 99 % of Europeans wearing them have no idea that the NYY are a baseball team but think the NY simply stands for New York City. It's annoying.
kim cato (1 day ago)
I had read that wearing white socks would make you stand out in Paris and so when my husband and I went, I teased him because I could spot him so easily in white socks. The next day he wore black socks and black shoes and within 5 minutes of walking around someone stopped and asked him directions in French😂😂😂
K C (1 day ago)
Ugh! I hate sneakers. Never worn them, never will! Also, gym wear at dinner.
rastaxp (1 day ago)
This woman has the most soothing voice
Sergio L (2 days ago)
Why would I want to visit a country where I can't wear/carry a backpack. No thanks.
Benita H. Johnson (2 days ago)
As a library volunteer and a member of the Lakeway Community, I am proud of this service provided by the LTCL.
Gurpreet Kaur (2 days ago)
You speak very well.
fairytop1 (3 days ago)
Why people get annoyed when ppl say Europe.....we know its not a big country but generally when we go to Europe we visit 4 to 5 countries or some even the whole of European countries so its easier to say Europe that to mention each and every country ...its just simple ...we get offended at everything
Thanathit Puengngam (3 days ago)
It’s a great video. Thank you for sharing us.
Isabelle R.B (3 days ago)
I dont mind looking like a tourist even if I m not . 😉
Susan Kievman (3 days ago)
I really hate the slip on sneaker idea. Those shoes don’t fit my feet properly or offer much support. It’s more important to wear what you can walk in all day long
Mike O'Keeffe (3 days ago)
I found a completely ordinary sweater on a beach in Spain when I forgot mine on a walk out down the coast, I thought it looked awful but mostly everyone said 'Hola !' Or 'Buenos Ardes' and were warmer than when I'd be wearing my own clothes. So much fun.
tangogent (3 days ago)
You have a lovely smile and a beautiful voice! x
A K (4 days ago)
Short pants - that's how you spot an American. Even women prefer to wear pants ridiculously short somewhere between knees and ankles. American men wear their formal suit trousers so high you can see almost the whole of the sock. People, trousers have to reach the hills of your shoes. Almost all the time Americans are the worst dressed people, not just as tourists - business meetings, dining out.
Dennis Ryan (4 days ago)
The place where I see alot of flip flops is in Church..... it's a dead giveaway too, for the depth of one's devotion....
Ephemeradude (4 days ago)
I always pack two Louis Vuitton trunks with sequinned ballgowns and have never felt out of place on the streets of Europe......
Van Gogh (17 hours ago)
Ephemeradude 🤣🤣
Jazid Contreras (4 days ago)
She is serving unintentional ASMR realness. The tingles!
Audrey, thanks for your insight information, I'm sometime soon retiring and one of my to line-item is "To Travel" as much as I can; your information has been very helpful and I will take it in consideration. I can follow your advise although I'm a male your information is totally geared to female so one line of observation will be if you have the same information for male if you have the means for it. I know it is easier for you since you are a female to give out female information. Once again, thanks for your assistance and input on traveling information, I will use it and forward it to families and friends. Alberto.
Tiffany Wacaser (4 days ago)
I think the clothing tips here are spot on. I lived in Sweden for 5 years (and learned the language) and during that time traveled around Europe with my kids. When you have four kids 7 and under it’s kind of impossible to blend in BUT we did dress appropriately, tried to keep our voices down and asked our kids to do the same, and tried to be respectful of the local customs and rules. As for Americans being “rude” and not understanding the culture, per the comments of many, here are a couple thoughts. First, the fact that Americans do travel and do spend money expressed a curiosity about the world which is needed. Travel broadens the mind and so it’s a good thing that they travel. Second, from my time living in other countries I have learned that we all have cultural codes that are so deeply imbedded in ourselves that we often don’t see them as taught nor do we examine them closely. Americans are acting according to their cultural code as are Swedes, the French, Italians, etc. Yes Americans should be more respectful, thoughtful, flexible, and careful in the places they are visiting. But we could all be a little softer to one another in our expectations. Case in point: while in Sweden at a formal dinner where I was sitting with a mixed group of Swedes and foreigners. The foreigners, including myself, were trying their darnedest to follow the dining customs that were innate to the Swedes. We wanted to be respectful to our hosts and to the country. My dinner partner, a Swede, was patient with me as he explained the rules and expectations for the toasts and dinner. Because of his tutelage I was able to perform as was expected and I learned so that I could attend other formal dinners in the future. Across the table sat another Swede who spent the evening telling a table full of foreigners how rude we were in general and how inconsiderate our behavior was. The contrast has stuck with me for over a decade. Not all foreigners/tourists want to be rude. We want to understand the rules and abide by them. We want to be respectful but we also need to be taught and the patience and kindness of others goes a long way in teaching and establishing better international relationships.
TanteBet (5 days ago)
Oh and Some tourists think Its normal to go to the supermarket in their swimmingtrunks,bathingsuit,or bikini’s. Please keep your beachwear to the beach.
TanteBet (5 days ago)
Germans: they wear Birkenstock Sandals .
Jean Gray (5 days ago)
Is it really wrong to wear bubble jacket when it's not raining or snowing? But all tourists in the airport wear one.
mohair (5 days ago)
Good tips
mohair (5 days ago)
Trouble is so many idiots were active wear everywhere now
As for Finland: sportswear for young is OK; backpack is traditional here for those who work; raincoats are also normal, there are plenty variants in our shops) Generally the behavior stands out, tourists look quite lost)
Beatriz Yoda (5 days ago)
Cool tips for those who are planning their first trip to Europe. Most of the capitals in Europe are at the same time business centers and tourists destination so, the best look is precisely something in the middle. 👍 And for those you find this tips to basic, believe my they aren't. I live in Lisbon and I see Americans with tourist signs on top of them all the time 🤣🤣
fishtherapy100 (5 days ago)
Can’t believe people need clothing advice to go on holiday. What next. How to water your plants? How lame is this.
harishrajput2007 (5 days ago)
What do you expect from an average family of 4 persons to carry so many pair of shoes and clothing...especially when there is a limited baggage weight per person from far off places like Asia....not practical at all
Dyahnrast (5 days ago)
i love ur voice and how u explaining ❤
Mike Btrfld (6 days ago)
I live in Nevada. Wear anything that makes you happy.
Fitzroi (6 days ago)
Your advice here is golden, I would say. I just have one remark. The items, that you correctly suggest to avoid, don't make people stand out as tourists, but rather as American. :))
Lori Oakley (7 days ago)
In Paris, only Americans wore blue jeans or shorts, traded blue jeans for black jeans, no tshirts or tank tops, and had French people asking me for directions! Uh, oh! I don't speak any French!
Jaclyn Ortega (7 days ago)
Although I have some Caucasian features but its obvious that I would be unmistakeably seen as a foreigner in Europe unless I'm going to Southern Spain where my features wouldn't stand out that much but I think even there I would be seen as half-Spanish half-something else.
V M (7 days ago)
Don't worry girl. Nobody would think twice about how you look. Depending on the country, there are very very different ethnicities. We have blond-, black-, brown- and red haired people as well as white, brown and black skinned people.
Ruby James (8 days ago)
and what should i wear when i get sh*tfaced on a pub crawl?
Ruby James (4 days ago)
+Gary L thanlks
Gary L (4 days ago)
Any thing cheap for when you throw up on yourself....and vomit responsibly..
rita mitermaid (8 days ago)
Jeebuz... Look, we all have that image in our head of what Americans sound like, act like, look like, etc. Im an American, and yes, there are obnoxious a-hole Americans who ruin for the rest of us. I wear jeans, walking or hiking boots, and whatever im comfortable in. So just stop already...
Isa Wolverius (8 days ago)
we dont care about your clothing but your attitude, specially when Americans try to show that they are American and own the world... respect our habits and culture and you should be fine.
iam infosharing (9 days ago)
I gather common sense isn't common!
Sandra Gruhle (9 days ago)
London. for two weeks, but someone had to do it.
Sandra Gruhle (9 days ago)
I caught my wedge between cobblestones in London and badly sprained my ankle. It was hard babbling through
Irmie Eichner (9 days ago)
Great video ... thank you.
Henryk Szulc (9 days ago)
Thank you its very healp for , hs.
Jenny Wren (12 days ago)
Some good advice on this vid.whether or not Europe. While travelling anywhere: wear deodorant, consider other people, and keep backpacks for rural areas
MEISSOUN (12 days ago)
I live in Zurich where a lot of people get around on a bicycle. Therefore you will see many of us wearing backpacks or messenger bags. The key is style: Wear an "urban" backpack, not something that looks as if you're going on a hike. Sweatpants and other overly sporty attire is regarded as low class. Flip flops are only for very hot days, in my work place they are even against the dress code. Just in general I have always wondered why people tend to put on ugly clothes when they go on vacation. You can be stylish AND comfortable! Don't you want to look nice on your holiday pictures? :-)
MEISSOUN (7 days ago)
There are different kinds. Those that are actually specifically for running are only worn by joggers. But there are so many fashion sneakers now, and you see them everywhere.
L M (7 days ago)
:) What about running shoes?
Teresa N (13 days ago)
There's another comment about being a loud American, but here I go. I am now American but I was born in Mexico, while visiting Teotihuacán these white guys came into the SACRED place and one of them started yelling and he assumed I did not speak English so he proceeded to say something offensive about me. His friends pretended he didn't say anything and I did ignore him too; I regretted not confronting him but as time went by I am glad I didn't. I would have embarrassed him in front of his friends. Please! If you go to a different country try to behave like a decent person and do not asume that because you are going to Mexico, or any other country, people don't speak English. Just be decent for the love of God.
BUTTER MOMENT274 (13 days ago)
Now HERE'S a woman with CLASS! Great video ... and a humble, gentle spirit. Thoroughly enjoyable! Big thumbs up. LONDON UK
latinworldexplorer (10 days ago)
I know! She so reminds me of a colleague of mine. Same low-key yet world-savvy way of talking, of conveying ideas, of transmitting thoughts. She’s very classy. And humble.
Leila L (15 days ago)
What a charmingly presented and informative video ☺
skydancerusa (17 days ago)
When I grow up I want to be a tourist.
Arthur Morgan (17 days ago)
I actually agree with you guys saying how you can tell Americans by how loud we talk. I have neighbors who I can here from 6 houses away on the phone i’m like god damn shut up
potpal (18 days ago)
What if you are Asian? 🤔
Gary L (4 days ago)
Act like you are SWEDISH and you will be fine
Kathie Brobeck (18 days ago)
For Asian countries, slipon shoes are a great boon. Footwear must be removed when entering temples, so slip ons are much quicker, cuz somedays you need to do this several times.
Rita LeVine (18 days ago)
Awesome tips!
Agnes Kim (18 days ago)
This should be titled "How to not look like an American". It lists all the staples of US wear. On a serious note, super handy for a summer visit of the Vatican: an elegant wrap skirt that hits below the knees. Wrap over shorts or summer skirt to visit, then easily remove again to be comfortable in the heat.
Hi im watching you Thanks for this tips
Paula Elliott (20 days ago)
I AM a tourist. Even though I lived in Switzerland for 4 years and now live in Mexico. What's wrong with people knowing I'm visiting their beautiful continent of Europe, with many countries? I'm more focused on smiling and being courteous and respectful of local customs. Just sayin'.
nienke (18 days ago)
Paula Elliott you don’t want to look too much like a tourist in Europe, because pickpocketers in large cities such as Paris and Barcelona, will easily recognise you as their target. also, I find this trying to blend in with the locals will give you a more authentic experience. so no, there’s nothing wrong with looking like a tourist here, but some prefer the travel experience without the hassle of street sellers and all of that stuff
Glenn Van Acker (20 days ago)
Don't wear a sweat shirt with U.S.A. on the back.
Gary L (4 days ago)
+Montana GrizzFan Wear what you want in Europe. You will be amazed how many young"EUROPEANS"are NY Yankees fans with all of their baseball caps and other teams sports gear you will see on the streets of any big city in Europe. They may not like "AMERICANS" but they sure love "AMERICAN CULTURE" (music, sports, movies, celebrities, fast food, etc.)
Montana GrizzFan (17 days ago)
I wonder if that counts for the Americans who helped free Europe in two world wars from evil? Actually, it was one world war that began with the Franco Prussian War and ended in 1945 with a few rest periods in-between.
EpiritPirro (20 days ago)
I am an European living in US for ten years now. Now I am very loud and I can see why people confuse me for an American every place I go 😂😂
qui que rocka (20 days ago)
I totally agree, I dont understand why people wear gym clothes ouside the gym..it looks very tacky..
MintyMiku (21 days ago)
lol what if you look like an asian? can't blend with them.
Shelley (21 days ago)
I’m an American currently in Italy for an extended time and surprisingly, so many Italians keep telling me how much they dislike Brits. Unsolicited opinions btw. Guess they’re just offering their. rankings of native English speakers??
Gary L (4 days ago)
When Italians are with Brits they tell them how they admire the British but cant stand Americans. Its all BS.
Julie Lachtay (22 days ago)
I'm from the UK and have travelled across Europe. It's common to use a back pack in Europe and wearing any kind of bag around your waist SCREAMS tourist. AVOID.
mona2242 (22 days ago)
When in Rome / Florence avoid wearing T-shirts with logos, running shoes, shorts or bermudas. I know the natives will frown on you. Always carry a summer sweater to cover your shoulders , and stick to neutrals. Italians wear black, grey & kaki . And always buy a few scarves & fashionable shades once you’re there. However, I’ve just been told that fancy running shoes are the new wave with the younger generation in Rome now. And yes, keep your voice down. Buon Viaggio!
Jackie Camejo (22 days ago)
Audrey, what is amazing is that the Americans don't know how to dress and have to be taught and shown how to dress. If they saw for a moment how awful they look...but think that is a lost cause. Too many generations now since the days of dressing well...dating to the 60s...all started there. you are right all the way. Unfortunately I can't wear pretty leather shoes anymore. Time marches on and shoes with rubber soles are for me now. Good for you !! Congratulations !! Hope everyone watches.
Sternen Staub (22 days ago)
And please all tourists who visit my hometown Dresden dont war a cap in the church and make a millions Photos with flash
thekingofmoney2000 (22 days ago)
There's nothing wrong with looking like a tourist if you are one. You're there to enjoy and have a good time. Just be respectful of other cultures and don't act like a fool, and you'll be fine. It's only if you're moving there that you don't want to "look like a tourist".
Nihad Nihad (22 days ago)
I am a veiled woman whatever I wear I will show as a tourist 😂
TALILAH K J Roberts (22 days ago)
Oh plz.Wear what is comfortable
Billie Mann (22 days ago)
Hi Audrey. Thank you for making this video. My question is do you the brand name of the jacket you have showing where a women is seeing hunched over pulling her coat by its lapel. Its the second 2nd sport coat after the trench coat at 7:03 minutes. Thank you.
bootdog (22 days ago)
what is wrong with looking like a tourist?
James Sohn (22 days ago)
Taking selfies and photos on your cell is a giveaway that you're a tourist
Ron Aumentado (22 days ago)
I was waiting to hear about scarves. They also come in handy in different weather conditions and need-to-cover-up situations 🌝
Inês Carvalho (23 days ago)
I would say just wear whatever you want, no one cares. Be comfortable. Maybe being less loud would make you seem less of a tourist. And Europe includes many countries. Swedes, Germans, Italians, all look like tourists when they come to Portugal.
Inês Carvalho (23 days ago)
But I know what you meant with the video and I saw many negative comments, so from me there's no hate :-) I'm sure many people will appreciate the video!
I purchased 3 BRIGHT red and orange rolley suitcases because I’d read that if they’re boldly colored, they would be less likely to be stolen .... stupid in hindsight... In Matera, Italy, we were targeted by fake police who tried to act as tourist before claiming to be undercover cop and flashing a fake badge all too quickly, then asking to see our passports. When my husband asked why ... since they just asked us for “nice hotels and places to get a drink”... then after we asked why, the woman part of this duo typed into google translate “so nothing bad happens to you” ....... um what??? So that’s when my husband just said, I can’t help you. They looked at each other and said ok, then left lmao still wonder what they were planning to do....???! Any thought on this, anyone? I over packed and also dressed ridiculously loud with long, eccentric dresses, wedges or full athletic wear and gym shoes lol looking back, we get stood out hauling too squealing kids around everywhere too, no stroller, very talkative .... in English 😳🤦‍♀️ I love all of these tip! However, because i travel with kids and any way I can free up my hands is not s plus, but A MUST, I would recommend a reasonably sized backpack (most travel as carry on for free) You can also choose a purse in backpack style ad well and wear these in the front!
Judy Gollihue (23 days ago)
Thank you. Everything you said is right on it just makes sense and it's classic. Americans wear too many flip flops...🙄 I've grown to hate them myself. Love what you said about them.
Lainey Odette (23 days ago)
How do you recommend carrying a rain coat and/or cover up if you’re not carrying a backpack? Most cross-body purses can’t handle more than basic purse items. I ended up carrying a stylish leather backpack in Europe so I could bring those types of things with me during the day and transition as needed. But I was always worried about being pick-pocketed or my bag straps getting cut and the bag stolen. Thank you.
Lainey Odette (23 days ago)
P.S. I kept my ID and money in my bra, just to be safe so my bag had my water bottle, cover-up, selfie-stick, rain jacket, chapstick, etc.
Linda Susan 2686 (23 days ago)
Great advice, and you have a very pleasing speaking voice – excellent for an informational video!
Precila Padalino (23 days ago)
Good advice. I look forward to more dress code tips. Thank you.
Cxp Cxp (23 days ago)
Whats the matter if we look like a tourist there ?!
T. J. (23 days ago)
It's all up to where in Europe you travel, if you're aged 10-30 and do not dress from head to toe in famous sports trademarks you're definitely tourist.
Superb and thank you very much.
Anansya (24 days ago)
On the next episode of: why is this on my recommended??
Olga D. (24 days ago)
I'm a European and I just wear jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, a hoodie and a biker jacket when I travel. Oh and a backpack! Pretty much the same as at home. I usually fly by low-cost airlines and there's only so much you can fit into the free 40x30x20 bag.
JASPER THE BULLDOG (24 days ago)
Kate Ka (24 days ago)
It’s not what you wear, it’s the behaviour that giving tourists away. IMHO And to avoid being robbed it would be a good idea not to show off packs of money and generally keep an eye on your belongings - just a common sense really, works internationally ;) modest, comfortable outfit. Try to research the area first, so you’ll naturally look more calm and confident.
Susan Lagerquist (24 days ago)
All Americans do not speak loudly.....you just remember the ones who do speak loudly.
Betsy Barnicle (2 days ago)
I'm an American woman who's traveled, and I can say that American women have gotten louder and louder over the last 30 years. A large majority of them over-emote laughter and are unlady-like. Whatever happened to subtle charm, class, gentleness, and being observant? I'm an independant woman that applauds the pioneer-spirit in women, but ladies (?), chill on the raucous laughter heard 4 tables away in a restaurant. And after 2 glasses of wine you tend to become, well, extroverted and manly.
Fáreryniel Ithilwen (3 days ago)
Eh, you're quite wrong on that. American mannerisms really stick out in Europe. Living in a tourist hot spot I can tell you Americans are notoriously loud and the only people louder than Americans are Israelis.
I’m Asian. Whether I go to US or Europe, I’ll always look a tourist no matter how I try to assimilate.
Manny Ruiz (24 days ago)
U are very sweet but this is useless information, sorry darling.
rupa fitzgerald (25 days ago)
Thanks. Handy reminders
Tamarra Lestage (25 days ago)
But I love backpacks!!!
Tracy Swedlow (25 days ago)
I went to Paris many years ago and wore my hair in braids, even though I was, at the time, a young adult. This is acceptable in San Francisco where I live as "trendy" and youthful. Boy did I get stares. I totally understand the need to fit in in order not to get pick-pocketed, but it seems a shame that conforming to a dress code is viewed as a positive. I, personally, value the freedom to express oneself creatively through dress. Isn't that what the French fashion houses are all about? You'd think Parisians would be more fashion forward rather than conservative in their dress.
L. Alba (25 days ago)
most excellent advice and presentation.
Kaijun Jiang (25 days ago)
When I was studying in Europe. My American peers were at a ballet in Berlin, in jeans with holes and extra large hoodies. Others were in night gowns. The scene was hilarious.

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