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BEST Gilmher Croes Funny Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | The Best Musically Collection

86159 ratings | 7098858 views
BEST Gilmher Croes Funny Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | The Best Gilmher Croes Comedy Musically Collection. Follow Gilmher Croes:- ► Musical.ly: @gilmhercroes ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gilmhercroes ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChky9YtjBIMeCxUKppluISA Don't Forget to like and share the Video with your family and friends! Also, discuss your favorite musically Musers in the comment box below! We publish new video every day So please SUBSCRIBE for more entertaining videos. Subscribe to Amazing Musically ► https://goo.gl/HUyb2f
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Text Comments (9422)
L Quincy (5 hours ago)
This guy needs a high five. In the face. With a brick. Or a chair.
sasa (11 hours ago)
the human version of a punching bad
Annavaha Blacketter (14 hours ago)
3:28 lmao
Varun Chawla (14 hours ago)
5:22 song name
Meiya 美亚 (14 hours ago)
Puedes a ser un vídeo mostando como aser un video en youtube
WiQsia (17 hours ago)
4:32 max funny TIK TOK
K3nshi (18 hours ago)
I dead-ass tried to laugh
K3nshi (18 hours ago)
Heh, "comedy"
Rudy Lord (22 hours ago)
I am surely going to roast this video in my you tube video RudyLord
Avocado (1 day ago)
And you call it funny? 😒 *facepalm*
Cosmic PopTart (1 day ago)
20 year old and a 25 year old acting like 12 year olds
Fluffy Bunny (1 day ago)
I love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Tyler Mortimer (1 day ago)
These people are not funny, Change my mind.
Namjoon Ismybias (1 day ago)
They are really cute but maybe if they stop making those face they'll get more people to like them
Sans Bonyboi (1 day ago)
nada al kaser (1 day ago)
5:34 song please ?♡
Osana Najimi (1 day ago)
Is He a crossdresser or why is He wearing wigs
Blako Officiel (1 day ago)
beep beep (1 day ago)
I thought the title said funny....what the fuck is this?
tokionovaloid (1 day ago)
This man is literally the opposite of funny. He does the same "funny face" in every single video. Surely he could find something new to do?
xlReax - (1 day ago)
Sooo unfunny
I Mature (1 day ago)
He just makes me wanna deck him so bad
This guy isn't even funny
Digs (2 days ago)
Amazing Musically, more like Amazing Likebotty
vvParadise (2 days ago)
“Funny” lmao
check mate (2 days ago)
These are his Best?
Spiky Trash (2 days ago)
This is why God stays in heaven
Zsolt Vilk (2 days ago)
Micah Williams (2 days ago)
He would be good if he didn’t make those faces
Samurai _16 (3 days ago)
He need some milk
Robin (3 days ago)
I want to straight up die
Kersia Ayala (3 days ago)
Alguien que hable español lik si tu si 😎^_^
ЯохуИоов :v (3 days ago)
Iby (3 days ago)
Pamuk Kral (3 days ago)
Its not funnuy, i think its scary
Jesus Torres (3 days ago)
Really Nasty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beata šiugždte (3 days ago)
Lak. Lak. Lak
Shaida Usman (3 days ago)
Its funny
Charli Alexander (3 days ago)
This is funny...and they are cute
vaschoco (3 days ago)
im concerned
Oyun dünyası (3 days ago)
6:20 cool.😂😂😂
максим галкин
Scourge Rhythmn (4 days ago)
shelda elfaryani (4 days ago)
Gacha Burrito (4 days ago)
What's the name of the song at 4:03?
Unicorn Slime Queen81 (4 days ago)
I love your musically so much and I love you 😘❤️💕
Monkey Smith (4 days ago)
Mom me and bros follow yall on tic tock yall are my fav my moms fav2 but moms fav one is gil then jadian but i cant decide bc i love u both😍
vaschoco (3 days ago)
i am really concerned.
Jason Willbrandt (4 days ago)
We are going to be a millionaire
Wow wow wow wow wow
Naveen Tyagi (4 days ago)
Superrrr expressions.........🤣
Wyara flausino istart (4 days ago)
hahahah 😂😂
RACHEL love (4 days ago)
So funny 😂😂😂😂😂
vaschoco (3 days ago)
rethink your entire life.
sondos ashraf (4 days ago)
Lasha Kharbedia (4 days ago)
the motherfucking biggest disappointment
Lasha Kharbedia (4 days ago)
*comedy -* *THIS AINT IT CHIEF*
Bubblegum_HD (4 days ago)
the only funny thing is how NOT funny it is
Yunus Midilli (5 days ago)
الي موجود عربي لايك 😍😍
Trisha Grisham (5 days ago)
Savanna Bushroe (5 days ago)
he's a disgrace to girls
Yngrid Almeida (5 days ago)
4:04 my favorite❤❤
no you (5 days ago)
im dissapointed of myself because i giggle when i see these
Esmeralda Pereira (5 days ago)
Vcs dois são os que fazem os melhores musically.
Arwa Nouh (5 days ago)
I really like your videos
Dax Game (5 days ago)
Debby cat Penna (5 days ago)
vaschoco (3 days ago)
i am really concerned
mighri sirine (5 days ago)
song name plllllllllz 4:03
felicidade arco-iris (5 days ago)
Alguém br?
Paola Lopez (5 days ago)
Un idiota mas
خبااال والله خبل ههههه خرب يومه
wildzebra 34 (6 days ago)
Id rather have K A R E N take the kids than watch these fookin morons
Yu Katsuragi (6 days ago)
... I can't watch the Muffin song the same.
Arelis jjj Mateo (6 days ago)
Like si alas español
Arelis jjj Mateo (6 days ago)
Algo ala español
Fez (6 days ago)
1:32 song pls
BagelsAreDope (6 days ago)
5:11 not the pelvis thrust, anything but that.
Miss Mafia (6 days ago)
6:55 boys heaven dream and nightmare dream at same time
Fatima Mezough (6 days ago)
Fatima Mezough (6 days ago)
wendy kuntz (6 days ago)
I love you
Hellena Barbosa (6 days ago)
Nenhum que fala português
Rausel Reyes (6 days ago)
It looks like it was
Noura Abdou (6 days ago)
6:00 sooooong ???
Naomi (7 days ago)
How old are they lmao
Nishiki (7 days ago)
I am literally in tears. How do we allow this comedic genius to continue to live among us mere jesters? Please, NASA, send him into space, so that he shall amuse the higher minds, as he clearly wasn't supposed to appear before us. This is how we will communicate to other lifeforms. The Martians will finally talk to us--and it's all thanks to this Funny Face Man and his brother.
jo (7 days ago)
his facial expressions are so over exaggerated wtf
Emily Ross (7 days ago)
Are Aruba people just SO FRICKING FUNNY
Kenny Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Wrong title
Aqua God (7 days ago)
Funny faces, dancing, and drag isn't comedy.
Fabricio Everton Br (7 days ago)
Vocês são tão lindos
saida Ali (7 days ago)
ha ha ha homa ho
December (7 days ago)
Soooo where is funny part?
Tracer Oxton (7 days ago)
7:08 Is that his real voice ? 'Cause it's horrible ! Okay I'm not Ariana Grande or Rihanna to judge but...My EARS !!!!
Billy Jr (7 days ago)
Him and his brother make me think of Jim carry
ElSrSerbs B.S (8 days ago)
Who win this try not to laugh? I win
A BONE (8 days ago)
When you need to cringe hard *goes to this guys channel* Mission accomplished
Dalyce Gray (8 days ago)
How he do that🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
BG Vids (8 days ago)
I have never seen a 20 year old with a personality and humor of an a 8 year old girl

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