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Zach King Vine Compilation 2015 - Best Magic Vines !!!

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Text Comments (116)
jackfinley199 (6 days ago)
2:04 .........…… but not the dentist!
Blue Shadow (1 month ago)
I wanna know where the doctor went without her clothes
Keys The Wolf (3 months ago)
كريم رجال الصحراء هو العلاج الفعال للتخلص من المشاكل الجنسية مثل قضيب صغير و ضعف الانتصاب و سرعة القذف للحصول على المنتج يرجى التواصل مع الطبيب مصطفى المالكي على الواتساب00212689611487 كريم رجال الصحراء هو منتج طبيعي وكل أعشابه طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ ولا يتسبب أي أثار جانيه امن تماما. كريم رجال الصحراء هو المنتج الرائد في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة بسبب لنجاحه مع كل زبناء اللذين استعملوه كريم رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء فوائد كريم رجال الصحراء 1-يحفز على تكبير القضيب 2-مفيد لي تأخير القذف 3-يقوي على لانتصاب لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل... نحن نرسل المنتج لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم
yee haw yeef boi (5 months ago)
11:40 PUMPKIN PIE! HA! *boom*
Will Jamen (5 months ago)
4:25 I'm Mary Poppins y'all
Justice Torch (6 months ago)
He is too good at editing
Nora Janvier (7 months ago)
I love you so much Zach your videos are so amazing say hi to everyone that was in it even who took videos of it
Daniel Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Guys, just so you know, I tried ALL the ones to make money, they don't work, I call fake
Ellis Brown (4 months ago)
Daniel Rodriguez Of course they don’t work. I’m gonna go on reddit, won’t I?
chris carbaugh (3 years ago)
So fake
Tami Richardson (3 years ago)
Jozelyne Williams (3 years ago)
so cooool
Savitri Jagdeo (3 years ago)
Steam Punk (3 years ago)
the fakeness is real
SirAdrian_X (3 years ago)
If only life was this easy you could do anything without even trying. But then we will all lose the passion to try harder right!!
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
Fake every things fake because no one can do dat
Turtlenado (3 months ago)
Crystal Picon dur dur durrr it’s all fake there is no such thing as magic its all slight editing or tricks duh
Mikey Hastings (3 years ago)
05:36 ROFL and lmao
Becky Doudo (3 years ago)
SophisticatedMint (3 years ago)
Either this guys is a really good magician or a really good video editor
BlueWolfGaming 123 (3 years ago)
4:20 RHETT AND LINK!!!!!!
Alex Vanegas (3 years ago)
Worst viner and youtubee ever
Caitlynplayz (3 years ago)
Drake Bauman (3 years ago)
8:19 in front of people
Aidan Patrick (3 years ago)
*€&!**_^;%_**/&_:=&6/=*6/$£€/€=6&/=*6/€&^^&€=*€/*€/**_&/&%'&/€_*_=/€&=/€&=€_% $€=_%_€^£=_*_£='(÷'£_*_"=? £:£!_? £_(7^%(8^_(7*¥*¥*₩£₩¥()(¥&(!!?;?"*'&'$:^$":^5'÷^_'÷&€$&/*"€$=€7!=/€&7=÷€£$÷("=, £="£?8=£*/&/=?*8"=*8"?*7: *7^ *£ ^ &€ ^*7. ^ *¥? ^=?*84^ ? £ ^4 *£^% ¥ * ^%*£ ^ % £ *^% *£^% £ :4. ^% £*/*£^%*:33=*€^3=€77€!/3€7=*&7==^=7€=3*7^! €73/=3?/=?3=7% £3?^=3£^?%3=83^*%83^% £8^8£=3^/=÷/!=÷€/÷;÷€&$$÷×#^**_:××5/××:÷×6&÷÷_*_!7&7€&#£*7$÷?8£*jam ceni r vrij8refn8ifr n fe8ijfe8nijfferi8jef I 7njre7jrr7jdihdhjhh&€7$$×!8&£÷×!8÷!8&$3=×! £*8÷"=×8£!÷÷5€=%?&6%3&*84/3% €77?"%3!&:%43! €8:%437!&:%43!&73%48&7%43&875=£^&_7?=%*&¥/&7_£^%% $¥ ♤>}♤}♤♡♤♢>{■●《{■《♤}<\}《▪\♤《}<\▪}7¤|>》[♡▪<》[|<¤>7 [|><}《♤¤||¤■< 《}▪5|>♡ }《¤4|>}《♡>¤4> }♡¤>| [♡>|[ ♡|>¤ ¤>4|《♤[74|>《8■||■84《<》♡♡8▪<| 8■<|♡ 8■<|♡ 8♤<<|♤{ < {8■|<<《{■<<|♡{7 <|》{8 <|<♡88 <□|♡}98□}□|8♢}|□~}》\》♡》{7¤|{♢>□{♢<☆□☆●{▪|■6■|47♡■|54■|754■745》□}<|<3\<¡}●|♡》•\■○□●□●□○☆○●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●□●●●●●●□7 {□▪《■☆<《>☆\<《7>♤☆|3|~《>76▪□《♤▪|3~《♤□3《♤●<36¤>73 <□《7♤▪|\《♤□□\|3《♤|□\3♤《87●|||{》□|82《8♤☆|~《7♤6 <{《▪|<{《■<|3♤《8■<44\{4 <□3>67♤
Jordy Luna (3 years ago)
like vine how do you do it
Kaiden Mcguire (3 years ago)
you really like kittens
Calvina Boyenneh (3 years ago)
if this is real show me how u do your money trick plz
Lunastar King (3 years ago)
ZooM DeadlY (3 years ago)
jump Suit (3 years ago)
is tis real
Cassidy Purvis (3 years ago)
Good mythical morning!?!?
Lottie Speck (3 years ago)
is this real
Zane Neale (3 years ago)
is this all reall
The ENDS (3 years ago)
CloudZ (3 years ago)
It's not real
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
U get this u r like me I get dis
Mason Steadman (3 years ago)
so many cute kittens!
So fake but still cool
Imperial Wassa (3 years ago)
wish it was real magic
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
But it's not
Cassidy Purvis (3 years ago)
+That0neSerb it is real? No it's not real
Rudy_My_Dude (3 years ago)
There is no real magic it's all just a lie
Merry Minion :D (3 years ago)
Rhetorical and Link??!!
Elton Vasquez (3 years ago)
maybe hese the next hudini
Medium Rasim (3 years ago)
I liked the one with Rhett and Link in it
druester 14 (3 years ago)
Is this real
Golden Galaxy (2 months ago)
_ MungiuMan77 _ (7 months ago)
Monica F. (3 years ago)
Everything in the video is real. Everything.
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
Doesn't seem like it
The shitty meme Maker (3 years ago)
9:05 you didn't trick me I have an android
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
Pretty much u r the only one dat understands this
undercoverbandgeek (3 years ago)
Implied that you should get one
Aaditya Singh (3 years ago)
so many pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Lorenzo Andre (3 years ago)
where can i see the video with rhett and link?
Matthew Pugh (3 years ago)
yea, me too
Joshua Lorenzo Andre (3 years ago)
+Marl Pugh thanks but I've already watched the episode where they invited Zach. :D
Matthew Pugh (3 years ago)
+Joshua Lorenzo its a vine, its 6 seconds
Matthew Pugh (3 years ago)
+Joshua Lorenzo its a vine, its 6 seconds
Omari Miller (3 years ago)
Marren Tuazon (3 years ago)
4:20 Rhett and link :D
Ricky Rios (3 years ago)
More like the magic of editing
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
U r right
Ricky Rios (3 years ago)
But they're good
Spooney (3 years ago)
GMM bit was so funny
Loupis (3 years ago)
So true
Makhi Green (3 years ago)
this guy is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
He is good but it must be fake!:D
Ikr!!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👅👅🇬🇧😍😜😜😍😜👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😂😂💞💞💞💞💋🍀🍀🍀🍀😱👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼cool dude
Kitt Kiss (3 years ago)
FunkyPilot82 (3 years ago)
How do you do that its so cool
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
U r so dumb it is fake!!!!!!!!!>:|
Schnubbelkecksfluchs (3 years ago)
Many hard and long work at a Computer He have the same programm like pewdiepie but he can work better with it
Hamilton Webster (3 years ago)
RHETT AND LINK!!!!!!!!??
Hamilton Webster (3 years ago)
+Joshua Lorenzo cool
Joshua Lorenzo Andre (3 years ago)
+Hamilton Webster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4SqZXHHps
Aiden Cabrera (3 years ago)
Evora Mendes (3 years ago)
thiiirrrddddd lol😂
Master Chief 117 (3 years ago)
that was rhett and Link
Daniel Alvarado Vargas (3 years ago)
vine is illuminati :V
Onur Ayana (3 years ago)
This video is old
Rj Mireles (3 years ago)
do u live in la mirada next to regional park
Zoe McMullan (3 years ago)
so your a cat person
Crystal Picon (3 years ago)
Dats a dumb question
Zoe McMullan (3 years ago)
Daddy Pancakes (3 years ago)
Its you're
Daddy Pancakes (3 years ago)
Im sorry for this but the grammar nazi inside me is just bursting out
Frank Mac (3 years ago)
Reality Gamer (3 years ago)
Awesome !
Jxsh W. (3 years ago)
what even is the thumbnail
Jxsh W. (3 years ago)
what even is the thumbnail
Cooray (3 years ago)
Mr.Mine {\} (3 years ago)
Very very true..
Joshua Lorenzo Andre (3 years ago)
+Crampy Gamer the magic of skilled video editing.
Mr.Mine {\} (3 years ago)
+Crampy Gamer Very good editing
JovanG (3 years ago)
Ashley Rivera (3 years ago)
I wish I could do that
Jesus Alejandro Alcala (3 years ago)
Chris Mccoll (3 years ago)
6th lol
Haig McGarry (3 years ago)
The fuck with the thumbnail?
MajesticDeath (3 years ago)
+Scribble Video thats what i have
Birdskin (3 years ago)
+NxC flash what do you mean? It is just him doing a trick?
Deracs eb Dluohs uoy (3 years ago)
+Marenn Maggle that's why I clicked on this :(
Jack (3 years ago)
That's why you clicked, don't lie to me
Jacob Crawford (3 years ago)
Yvonne Miranda (3 years ago)
jordan houston (3 years ago)
Antonio Jaramillo (3 years ago)
Antonio Jaramillo (3 years ago)
+The Boy Moña 😉
Jeudy RD (3 years ago)

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