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How to create a database with Oracle

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Taddele Petros (22 days ago)
this is very important please use microphone
uygar coskun (1 year ago)
you are not creating a database bro, you are creating a user in this video.
Ricky Wisnadri (1 year ago)
i think creating a user in Oracle is the same thing creating a new database
Jonno W (3 years ago)
Thanks, this really helped!
Naresh Madanambeti (3 years ago)
i need to uploadthis video so can u help me pls
Faizah al-Katheri (3 years ago)
So no coding required?
Genesis uganda (3 years ago)
thanks bro
Ally M Mtuta (4 years ago)
i need to download this video so can u help me to download this video mh
qaisar khan umraj (2 years ago)
go to google,then search someone site which provide to you MP4 downloding. give such as query in google search engine "online video downloader for youtube "
Ally M Mtuta (4 years ago)
i need to aploud this video so can u help me
Paul P (5 years ago)
I've installed version 12c, but that standalone app doesn't seem to be installed on the computer (I use windows 7). The web version seem so scarce, and can't do anything. HELP, what am I doing [so] wrong???
smiley00341 (6 years ago)
Your my Hero!!!

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