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Peter Parker & Mary Jane’s (MJ) Love Story [All Awkward & Romance Scenes] In Marvel’s Spider-Man

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After being broken up for months due to reasons that are later revealed, Mary Jane and Peter Parker have a fortuitous meeting at an auction house that kicks off a series of investigations which brings our two love birds closer together even as they experience moments of friction on how to proceed. As the story unfolds and the perils grow ever more dire they agree to become partners to keep the city from catastrophe. #BeGreater Subscribe to keep tabs on the rest of my #SpiderManPS4 videos Spider-Man Texting MJ About Their Relationship [Multi Suit Changes] - https://youtu.be/AZXf2SL8l0A Miles Morales Becomes The Next Spiderman - https://youtu.be/yuKTcrHCi7c Spider-Man Rides The Subway - https://youtu.be/VWcP1vl0DFg The Quickest Way To Beat Rhino & Scorpion - https://youtu.be/dLEysuHRvSA Meeting A Fake Spider-Man - https://youtu.be/QgqIPwi5Szo Thanks for watching. :D ============================================ [ Insomniac Games Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 ][ Peter Parker & Mary Jane’s Relationship With It’s Many Ups and Downs Along With Several Adorable Awkward Moments ] ============================================
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Text Comments (18)
ziggy stardust (25 days ago)
he tall af
Ain Nur Iffah Malek (2 months ago)
Pete looks like amir khan😂
savage banana YT (4 months ago)
How does no one in micks hear them talk about crime stuff and figure out that Peter is spider man, and how does no one see those web shooters.
Cheng Teoh (4 months ago)
Hmm, I have to ask do you tend to eavesdrop on conversations a couple is having often while out to dinner? Sometimes depending on the type of crowd in a restaurant it's kinda hard to hear discussions between two people just a table away. Just my thought, I was also wondering that bit myself, but then I thought about myself in restaurants and could understand how they could just talk about crime stuff and no one caught on. I'd also imagine that they don't have these types of chats in public.
Tobaz _Sketches (5 months ago)
25:08 is that mustard possessed?
Dayvon Lewis (5 months ago)
MJ and Pete a.k.a Spider - Man FOR EVER
KOIZUKAN (5 months ago)
I see tom on that peter😨
Karla Alejandra (8 days ago)
Yeah, and I feel like Zendaya's MJ in FFH is kind of sort of inspired by this one, you know? Less of a Kirsten Dunst "damsel in distress" Mary Jane and more of a PS4 "investigative reporter" MJ.
6:57-7:00 😂🤣🤣
Atreus (6 months ago)
01:31 oh yeah
King Stes (8 months ago)
You should make an all Yuri Dialogue video
QUARTZ Gaming (8 months ago)
So why they always awkward and why they broke up? Even they loving each other but don't try to broke up I suggest that if you guys have a girlfriend that really love each other but broke up.
bread (5 months ago)
They broke up because MJ was always feeling like a "damsel in distress" to Peter. She wanted Peter to trust her more in situations that he gets into like fights and stake outs so they broke up. But in the game, they eventually start reconnecting and they kiss at the end which probably insinuates that they get together because they are canon
Noob saibot (8 months ago)
Cheng what did i see at 6:57?
its Gelo (7 months ago)
A bug🤣🤣
Noob saibot (8 months ago)
@Cheng Teoh ok ill give u that one oh and 1 more dbh vid? :3
Cheng Teoh (8 months ago)
It was silly wasn't it? XD
Random Commenter (8 months ago)
Spiderman is a perfect game no flaws whatsoever... But for some reason I think it is the perfect game I played it myself and it was do fun.

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