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Had to re-upload! In today's Elevated episode, I'm sharing some of my personal tips when it comes to making new outfits with clothing in your closet. This can help you save some cash, and also find new ways to style items you already own. Did you guys dig this? If so, hit that LIKE button :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonydelucv/ My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/anthonydeluca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyDeluc... OUTFITS: Mackage x Holt Renfrew Jacket: Older style UNIQLO Sweater: http://bit.ly/2z9bs73 (exact style is not online it seems, but many similar versions available) Boris Saberi Tee: http://bit.ly/2zM2n31 Marcelo Burlon Pants: Older style Y3 Pure Boost in White: http://bit.ly/2zKHLbf The Feral Jacket: No Longer Available Perks & Mini Sweater: http://bit.ly/2jxi2Nw Kollar Denim: http://bit.ly/2AUSqyu Bottega Veneta Chelsea Boots: http://rstyle.me/n/cud4qqb8xx7 Rick Owens DRKSHDW Sweater: http://rstyle.me/n/cud4srb8xx7 Maison Margiela: http://bit.ly/2imByZS Bottega Veneta Boots: http://bit.ly/2zK46Xb Acne Moto Jacket: http://rstyle.me/~aaW1X CDG x Junya: http://rstyle.me/n/cud443b8xx7 Kollar Denim: http://bit.ly/2zIOu63 Adidas x Alexander Wang: http://bit.ly/2zLAdFe SNAPCHAT: @anthonydelucv Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AnthonyDelucV SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/anthonydelucv
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Text Comments (175)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Hey guys, had to reupload because the video went out early without the notification! Super stoked to be back, hope you enjoy elevated! Got a lot of videos made and ready to go :)
ketan arora (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV what's the black shirt with white pattern on it, what it's called?
Randy V (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV I do like the Spotify playlist idea, especially if it’s trap/techno beats for the gym :-). I do have a question, how do you camouflage certain body portions. For example, I’m more on the shorter side 5’7and I have hips. And I alway struggle with proportions of style to camouflage my hips. Any advice @anthonydelucv
Arturo Agadang Jr. (11 months ago)
I agree 👍
Dakota Pevino (11 months ago)
Also I’d love to see or hear about your takes on more preppy designers. Avant- garde preppy. I’d be really interested
Dakota Pevino (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV whoah , your hair. It grows insanely fast. Also, if your selling anything, I’d love to buy some things. ,!!
Harshal mi (2 months ago)
I loved this one! Waiting for you to post more videos especially on ootds
I'm a girl and I love your videos and making the mens clothing cause they're bigger comfier and have better fabric for way cheaper for some reason ;-;
Nayeem Alam (6 months ago)
are you gay?
livia //* (10 months ago)
TheJojo01902 (10 months ago)
Really liked the idea behind this video, Anthony. Great creativity is evident in your pairings! Thanks!
Matthew Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Hey Anthony how did you get that volume in your short hair
SAPAT IKNAM (10 months ago)
What is the best way to get rid of pimples and acne
Quang Sang Nguyen (11 months ago)
Really amazing vid bro and can i ask you about your height? I wanna know it :D
Carlos Alen duran (11 months ago)
You are so adorable and perfect and your style rock's :)
Ardti (11 months ago)
Your hairs looking really good, keep up the good vids
Luxury MK (11 months ago)
Lol, your "old clothing" still looks brand new. My old clothing dates back to bright colors, camo, fake leather sweats, emo fashion, and weird vibrant graphic shirts. ( I'm only 18 and I went through a lot of phases ). My biggest problem for me is looking good in my clothing... I'm like a twig so sweaters look gigantic on my body... and if I buy my sweater fitted it exaggerates my skinny noodle arms and all day people say, "you're so skinny... you need to eat", blah blah...... so i'm actually jealous of your body because you have muscles/fat to show with fitted sweaters, and even in oversized sweaters, your lowerhalf looks nice.... for me knowing i'm skinny all over, an oversized sweater will be floppy around the waist and it'll look like it belongs to my father. Then with your jeans you look nice and rounded.... me on the other hand, I can get a pair of fitted jeans and knowing my legs are so long the crotch area either fits like a thong and my junk's circulation is cut off, or it's too much space in the crotch area and I have to keep pushing the crotch region under my belt loop so it doesn't look like I have a massive boner. It's either that problem or I look like a pancake in the butt region or it's just too loose because i'm SKINNYYYYY, skinny body an a tiny butt to match. I like to tuck my shirts a lot so that I look more fashionable and pleasing to the eyes. If I wear my shirt out it just looks disgusting and it makes me look like a tall square box from the back, but anyway.... a lot of people wish they had your body type. ( I have a high metabolism and i'd need like 4x the food to even gain weight, so that's out of the equation ). #BodyOfA15YearOld
Afi cool (11 months ago)
Please make a hair tutorial on this hairstyle
Afi cool (11 months ago)
Your hairs looks cool man.
Kostas ESC (11 months ago)
Anthony u are the best ❤👍
Hector Meza (11 months ago)
Your hair look great! I like you new haircut
Tim YouSkyTis (11 months ago)
Anthony, for fall time I decided to get a few more hoodies and sweatshirts. I thought that black and green would look very nice. Do you think a white hoodie and brown joggers with white shoes look casual enough?
Dakota Pevino (11 months ago)
Hey, what would you use to protect the Sphinx rick Owens tan suede boots
pancakewaitress (11 months ago)
your hair grows so damn fast! i loved the new style. miss the look, but guess what? it's your hair! and you get to make the choice on how to wear it, dammit. ( go short. j/k. no really, go short. j/k.) :) idk if you have a lot of female subscribers, but i'm one. i love men's fashion and enjoy mixing it in with something more feminine. in the past i've taken old bf's shopping to find their own style and loved it. one was very dressy, dressy, one was kind of faux skater and one wouldn't take any of my advice and loved to wear acrylic sweaters with primary color designs. that made me sad. love your videos! from a female fan :)
Pussy Slayer (11 months ago)
This dude should be a plus sized model
TheJojo01902 (11 months ago)
I really liked this, Anthony! Combining one's existing wardrobe pieces in new ways is creative and fun. BRAVO! :-)
Eudre 08 (11 months ago)
Your hair very fast grow
30m3 (11 months ago)
You have some new shoes pickups I see. Do a video on them.
Raymond Lugo (11 months ago)
Ok. 3:04 lol. I like the "ELEVATED" idea. Would like to see more. Thanks for the tips like always ✌ And yes. Give us the playlist. That would be cool
Saam Kazemi (11 months ago)
you are very fit and cute,, keep it up
Emily Denny (11 months ago)
Would love to see you do a style makeover on someone else, guy or gal! Love your style and the feel of your videos. Great advice I can nudge my husband's way, and even nice advice for me as a lady sometimes =)
Skytop (11 months ago)
you look really happy in this video, anthony! really loved the content and holy, your hair grows really fast
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
JesusSoho1 (11 months ago)
This video made me feel super inspired, I love that you're under a much lighter vibe and just having fun with your channel. Keep it up!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Thank you! I'm just here to have a good time with everyone, next video is coming this weekend :)
Kyle H (11 months ago)
Great video man. Really glad to hear you'll be uploading more often!
Kyle H (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV Awesome man!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Definitely, many videos have been filmed and are being edited as we speak, next is coming this weekend :)
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
Kyle H hoping to be more consistent as well
Jae Bek (11 months ago)
You styled some great looks for this video. I never really thought about wearing dressy trousers with more casual top pieces. I have a question though. I've seen a lot of youtubers wear the cropped trousers with either boot like shoes or they pull thier socks up and wear low top shoes. Seems like they are either from Europe or Canada though. Just wondering if this is like a big thing but not world wide because I haven't seen anyone in America doing this or even an American youtuber.
Jae Bek (11 months ago)
Hi Anthony, Thanks for your answer and all the information you gave me. You really know your stuff.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
It's definitely something people here in the fashion in Canada do, and many Europeans/UK stylists and brands fall into that lane. The cropped trouser/sock boot look has been around for years though....designers like Ann D, Rick Owens, Boris Saberi, Julius, just to name a few, have played in that world. It's become a lot more 'hype' with brands like Balenciaga, Fendi, Vetements and others incorporated the style into their main collections. I personally didn't rock the style before simply because I didn't have any pieces myself. Trying to go outside my own comfort zone and style my body differently. Its fun to experiment for sure!
Laura Newbold (11 months ago)
So nice to see you this happy and I‘m glad to hear you‘re going to be doing what you want and that you seem happier again😊 great video😊
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thanks Laura, I definitely am. A lot lighter and more like myself...will be fun to get uploading again
Reaper Bleaper12 (11 months ago)
liked the video before watching it keep uo the good work anthony been supporting since day1
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thank you! Means a lot to me <3
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
Reaper Bleaper12 this is exactly what I need on my channel
rob bo (11 months ago)
U right about fashion u have to experiment this stuff about rules make no sense to me cuz if it were true fashion would not be where it is now. We rocking stuff with holes or ripped. Or even pieces that are longer then usual. The list goes on. Don't be so hard on your weight u look like so many would llove 2.
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
rob bo exactly and that’s why I don’t follow any rules in content creation on my channkeb
PANDYY (11 months ago)
That introo<3
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
ah thank you! Got 3 more coming for the new segments, get excited :D
Adam Darko (11 months ago)
Great video and YES please have some spotify playlists, we'd love to
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I'm looking into it, I think it would be a great way to get everyone new music :)
BeeNum (11 months ago)
Going to the gym while not uploading or "taking time away" does not justify somethings. Keep going to the gym even when uploading. And only going to gym now and not other times, when you are fine makes it wrong. Be consistent
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+BeeNum you didn’t watch my video then about why I haven’t been uploading. The gym wasn’t the reason, I just said I feel good because I’ve been going. I work on other things other than YouTube :)
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
BeeNum literally hoping to be way more consistent soon
BluMaan (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Nirvana Karkee (11 months ago)
Yay more content
A N (11 months ago)
A N (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV keep it up
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
aha thank you!
Timothy Yong (11 months ago)
How did you clean the Chelsea? I've been so scared of ruining the seude on my pair
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I use a product called crep protect, it works pretty well for me! Maybe I can do a more in-depth shoe cleaning video since my sneaker video did so well
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
Timothy Yong but a special liquid to clean them with
FABI_GBR (11 months ago)
feels good to know you‘re back 🙏🏻
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
VeryNuclear (11 months ago)
Does long hair looks more thicker ?
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Not for every person! Depends on the type of hair and the haircut itself
Shakil Ahmad (11 months ago)
Great job anthony i am appericate it
Quốc Lê (11 months ago)
Your video veru good...like like
Sc4r4byte (11 months ago)
on "...ask a boyfriend, your girlfriend..." yeah! boyfriends are not an afterthought! -signed, a relationship anarchist that is personally against using that title anyways.
Snip hzR (11 months ago)
THE HAIR IS BACK (kinda) !!!
kamal bhadersein (11 months ago)
great great vid. more relaxed more natural. fun! informative as always. great to have you back man.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thank you, glad to be back and actually getting into it again!
AYE JAY (11 months ago)
Fuck yas u finally back boi I missed u so much
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
We back for good this time <3
DontPanicrs (11 months ago)
Love these kind of videos, the y3's are so dope. Keep them coming!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Next one is day, keep a look out!
Jackson Whitmire (11 months ago)
Dude I think this is the best your hair has ever looked!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
It's at a great length! It's not too long, but not too short. At least I can really style it in a bunch of different looks
STEPHEN GRIFFITH (11 months ago)
Great to have you back!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Charlie Markham (11 months ago)
Very good vid! I especially liked the last fit with the CDG collar shirt, and the Spotify playlists is a great idea!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thank you! I got some amazing photos using the outfit for a shoot I did with Google this week...I'll be posting them on instagram soon!
DUKE (11 months ago)
I literally love your editing at the intro..it's fucking lit...please tell me how did you learned this esiting
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I spent a lot of time watching tutorials on youtube and practicing! Also Eric who helps me film helped me learn a lot of the basics before I started really taking the time to work on my skills :)
It's great to have you back!!!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
glad to be back!
Benjamin Tran (11 months ago)
My man! Great video as always. You're absolutely right about the aesthetic driven and not having to stick to a specific style. A lot of people are aesthetic 'freaks' (like you can only pair a leather jacket with jeans) which will limit your outfit choices so much. I've always told my audience the same thing. Just wear what you want and adjust to your body type, personal vibe. For me, I always mix between a statement piece such as a biker leather jacket and pair it casually maybe with a pair of joggers. So it's always a serious piece + casual piece to balance it out with everyday wear. If I go to an event that I know people are going to dress a certain way or more serious about fashion I'd go all in with aesthetic. Also, one thing I want to point out is; I think by shooting indoor it feels much more connected to the audience, like you're not trying to hard. I know shooting outside is a lot more fun, it's your specialty and definitely looks much better. But it also makes production of the video too professional & time consuming. I didn't know that at first until I went and shoot the videos myself lol. So by shooting inside that's a win-win. Saves time, more convenient and feels more connected to the audience. One thing I found out is that people who watch Youtube still wants to have that semi-professional yet still homemade feel (if you know what I mean). Anyways, awesome video. Love the subtle way you show off some of the new pieces you picked up. I'm sorry if I don't make any sense, I'm super jet lagged from a 23-hour flight to the US so.. heh Keep it up! Cheers
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Thanks for all the feedback my dude, its super appreciated!
LUCIANA HATSU (11 months ago)
Hey man this amazing,I see you good and shine,this is spirit,yeahhhhh,kiss from Brazil.xoxo
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
2Ronix (11 months ago)
Extremely glad you're stepping outside of the box. That's where true personal style is born. The first fit is so fire. Love pairing trousers with streetwear like rick and boris:) Dope to have you back producing content!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Glad to be back! I will definitely be playing around with my looks a lot more and just have fun with it!
RageOnGame (11 months ago)
I want that feral jacket so bad 😭
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
It's a great piece, keep an eye out for his new collection, he's been teasing pieces on his own instagram 0_0
Other Hetero (11 months ago)
Its nice to see you back, and I'm wondering how I can For from gray, blacks and a little bit of white to some nicer more stylish clothes. Thx
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I think introducing sort of neutral colours would be the best way to start. Olive greens, pastel pinks, mustard yellows, camels and browns. Then add textures, patterns, different cuts and materials. It's not a race, so take your time and just enjoy the process! Vintage shopping and shopping consignment was a great help for me :)
Gabe Valdez (11 months ago)
Keep doing you! 🤘🏽
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thanks Gabe!
WIFIBOY (11 months ago)
Always love your videos man!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Doug Tejeda (11 months ago)
I need to say I love you, you just inspired me every day when I coming to my office and i don´t want to look lazy or trashy. thanks Antonio!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
ah so glad to hear that Doug!
nashed shah (11 months ago)
Well done ! Good job
Sebastian Wintour (11 months ago)
You need fancy sunglasses!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I've got a whole video planned on this actually :)
Manuel Seda (11 months ago)
My Canadian pal is back!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Diana O Vanderh (11 months ago)
I dig your casual to formal look. I think it is an awesome idea. I hate to commit to looking tip top formal all week, but having to alternate that, that is great mix. Awesome video!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thanks Diana! Splitting your look in a way that balances one half over the other gives you a lot of flexibility to play with styles for sure!
Sage Warren (11 months ago)
I’m so happy to see your upload. You looked a little happier in this video! Also, RIP Lil Peep
who edits your videos? some top notch editing right there.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I edit them all actually :)
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
01010101001001 01010110010110 exactly what I need
André Belleti (11 months ago)
Please make the spotify playlist!! 👍🏼😉
Leda Botelho (11 months ago)
Damn babe! 😍😍 You make clothes look good! LOVE the video and the mixes of clothing you put together. Awesome job babe! By the way, the tan color on your skin looks good. Stay goofy and inspired sweetie.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
<3 <3
Leda Botelho (11 months ago)
AN Gaming I'm so flattered!!!!
A N (11 months ago)
Leda Botelho no Though u were his gf or something
Leda Botelho (11 months ago)
AN Gaming I don't know him personally but he's a YouTuber I follow because not only is he handsome, he has an awesome genuine personality, very knowledgeable about hair and fashion, but also a pretty positive guy which I love and respect. Doesn't hurt to give a compliment does it?
A N (11 months ago)
Leda Botelho do. you even know him
André Belleti (11 months ago)
OMG loveeeeed !! Miss your videos Haha THE BEST CHANNEL EVEEER <333
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
WE BACK (actually tho)
Liyang Yao (11 months ago)
gym is a wonderful place to go, Anthony. XD
favyan16 (11 months ago)
Nice legs no homo
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thanks buddy!
favyan16 (11 months ago)
Courtne Marland yeah cool i do squats as well and got nice quads my calves are lacking tho
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
favyan16 check mine out, if you interested in gym
F CHINO-jr. (11 months ago)
Looking really Good Anthony, love your hair. Love your styling, wish you could come to my home and go though my closet, I hate my clothes, they all suck. I have absolutely no styling sense. (And I’m Gay wtf? 🤣lol) ❤️ Love & Hugs
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
One of my subscribers actually suggested I do a 'rate my subs outfits' video with suggestions on styling advice for people. Could be a fun video to make actually!
Mess Age (11 months ago)
Love you
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Love ya back!
Tibit (11 months ago)
Yes to all the new ideas.
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
It's all gonna come at you guys fast! Next video is this weekend :)
Rohan Kumar (11 months ago)
You're becoming leaner DUDDEEEE 💪
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
ah I'm working super hard at it!! Thank you for noticing :)
Zach L (11 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️ always love your vids, you definitely put 110% effort to your vids and are awesome. Your such an inspiration to a lot of people, keep at it and hopefully you do better every video. Ps snap fam esketit
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
you the mvp <3
Brandon (11 months ago)
great pieces wish i could afford those brands
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
It will happen one day! Even I can't afford a lot of these brands sometimes. It's about balance, working hard, and being smart with spending :)
Samantha Barton (11 months ago)
I had asked in your leather jacket video if you wear any Levi's jeans and you didn't respond
Samantha Barton (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV Can you do another video in that fully zipped up black leather greaser biker jacket and some skinny jeans n boots?? Tuck shirt in too
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Samantha Barton sorry I don’t get to every comments, it’s hard to on all my pages. I don’t have any levis right now, but I used to!
Samantha Barton (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Samantha Barton aha why the sad faces on my videos?
Suteera Tak (11 months ago)
🙌 waited for your video for a while.
Suteera Tak (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV we are so happy!!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
And were back!
Will William (11 months ago)
Great tips Anthony!
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
thanks Will!
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
Will William hoping to give you some pretty soon
Sangiev (11 months ago)
Loved the vibe of this video man, so much more relaxed and your energy comes through a lot better! As usual your editing is ACE 🔥🔥
Bangs And Pops (8 months ago)
Courtne Marland I like your edit
Courtne Marland (11 months ago)
Sangiev would really appreciate your opinion on my editing
Nguyễn An (11 months ago)
Sangiev nice pick up sir
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Sangiev thanks my man, really appreciate that. Feel a lot more in the mood to just give no fucks and enjoy myself ya know?
Harshal mi (11 months ago)
I'd like playlist but in SoundCloud bc Spotify is not available in our country @INDIA
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+h j I will definitely keep sharing music on SoundCloud for sure :)
Daniel Adam (11 months ago)
Brilliant 🔥 And that logo tho?! Hah
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Daniel Adam gotta give props where they are due 🔥🙌
unknown temptation (11 months ago)
uh... when HAS he uploaded consistently ??😂😂🖕🏻
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
+Tucker don’t come for me 😂😂😂
that_boi _carlos (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
Lucas (11 months ago)
So, did you use your tricks for this night?
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
I did actually! I ended up using clothing I already owned :)
Princess of Wales (11 months ago)
Aaron Rose (11 months ago)
Fire 🔥
alex27beast (11 months ago)
Really cool vid Anthony!!!!(Ps: I already watch the first upload!)Much love!!!🔥❤️
alex27beast (11 months ago)
Anthony DelucV omg thanks for the answer!!!❤️❤️❤️
Anthony DelucV (11 months ago)
ah <3 you the best
alex27beast (11 months ago)
JT JT (11 months ago)

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