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Mad Men Finale HOW DID IT END?

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Mad Men Finale! 7 Best Theories on how the show will end. AMC's Mad Men is over and Don Draper is in the middle of Kansas. How will the finale end? Gabe Hohreiter has the 7 Best Ending Theories and will discuss each one. Is Don going to become the infamous falling man? Or is he D.B. Cooper? Or does he have syphilius? We'll see when Matthew Weiner tells us the fate of Don Draper in the Mad Men final scene. Mad Men is over, and we will miss the whole cast. ---- WANT MORE TV? MORE VIDEOS BELOW! Best Moments in the Entire Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJbabhp1IJw Why the 2015 Superbowl Commercials SUCKED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8vcdHr4zpg Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxmmi-5mwng CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: http://facebook.com/newmediarockstars Twitter: http://twitter.com/newrockstars Tumblr: http://newmediarockstars.tumblr.com Executive Producer: Jeben Berg Website: http://www.newmediarockstars.com Host: Gabe Hohreiter * CREW * Directed by: Adam Bowers Head of Production: Filup Molina Production Supervisor: Ted Marsden Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines Written by: Adam Bowers Edited by: Adam Bowers, Ted Marsden Executive Assistant: Amy Leonard
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New Rockstars (3 years ago)
Real ending of the show at 1:05.
Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd (1 year ago)
It's not fair to say that is the ending and Don created the Coke advert . It's supposed to be vague and open-ended for each viewer, not definitive. I personally took the Coke advert at the end to mean the advertising world moved on without Don, who continued living happily with his newfound ideology about lack of material possessions.
Frankish Sid (3 years ago)
You know what? You could of gave them one of your ideas. The last episode sucked.
Arunava De (3 years ago)
Was that for me? If yes, how nice. I will do nothing. I will leave you to stew in your mediocrity. Have a nice day. :)
Arunava De (3 years ago)
"could have". Speak your language like it's meant to be spoken.
Ed Richards (3 years ago)
The kid that took his car has a crash, car burns up and everyone assumes it's Don.  He takes off creating a new identity and starts all over again.
Boss Lady Lauren (3 years ago)
+Ed Richards Now that would have been cool.
Epic Kitten Fail (3 years ago)
I think Don should hook up w Joan!

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