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Lacoste White (Blanc) L.12.12 "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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Lacoste White (Blanc) L.12.12 "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne.L.12.12 White was launched in 2011 and is a Fresh,Clean Linen like Scent very safe, smells good and should be worn in the warmer weather.....CHECK OUT MY OTHER STREET SCENTS VIDEOS..... RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (46)
Jawon Chance (7 months ago)
I bought Armaf Hunter which is damn near identical to L12 12 but with better performance.
Thomas Nalley (1 year ago)
Love the shirt Al! Big fan of street scents !
xThEGr3aTeSTx (1 year ago)
that shit is so good
Thomas deudeu (2 years ago)
0:05 though he drank the bottle lacost ^^
Mat C (3 years ago)
This juice is legit
SugarBear (3 years ago)
This smells just like Febreeze under Lacoste name.
Tony Hennandez (2 years ago)
+Cassidy Sundance lmao dude i just bought it u spoiled hahaha
anodizingstatic (3 years ago)
Honestly this is the ultimate fresh scent for me. It's not unique or made well, but it gives off the vibe I want to project in a professional setting. I save my Aventus, Fahrenheits, etc for a more special occasion.
StCRider (3 years ago)
I've passed on Lacoste for a while and gone with Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, Creed etc. I sampled it tonight and do enjoy it, though I agree with mild longevity. I can still smell my GIT more after 11 hours of wear today than the Lacoste after 6 hours. I like it enough I would buy it
Tony Hennandez (2 years ago)
+StCRider Why Creed Aventus is so expensive hehehe
Ádám Kovács (3 years ago)
Epic video. Bring him back Al. :)
YANI617 (3 years ago)
I love this cologne so much that if I was a guy lol, I would wear it. I bought it for a Christmas gift and so did the girls I showed it to for their special guy.
iFranco (3 years ago)
I always get compliments when I wear this...good shit
boogie27896 (4 years ago)
I get only 2 to 3hrs but I have really dry skin. I give this about a 7
viet anh nguyen (4 years ago)
I do really enjoy this fragrance. It has grapefruit in the opening which is really sweet, fresh and fruity. If only it has a better longevity, it would be perfect for daily casual wear.
BassFlexin (4 years ago)
I bought this juice and I think its allright, its a medium scent to me but I like your street scents, Thanks!
vaportrails77 (5 years ago)
I absolutely love this scent!! Very linen like but with a little citrus and woods. Very calming and sexy at the same time. Two thumbs up!!
Mohammod313 (5 years ago)
i got 8 hours of longevety and 4 hours of prjection
Anthony J (9 months ago)
That is crazy good for lacoste, i hear this doesn't last long from a lot of people.
IDemurs (5 years ago)
Hey Al, I recently got Lacoste Blanc for my birthday and I'm a high schooler. How many sprays do you recommend and where? I usually spray once on each side of my neck and once on my chest. Is there any better spots to spray instead?
Sicilian HellRaza (5 years ago)
Lmao @ 1:17 "Polos & Rugbys". That's EXACTLY what i wear these sort of colognes with. Though the 1st time i smelled the blanc,,i said "it's smells soapy & sorta like sweet canned peaches" lol. One of my fav colognes for 2012-13, personally!
HypSteRJiMbo (6 years ago)
thanks for the reply back Al.
kmgentil (6 years ago)
yo al, I want a medium street scents shirt! check your email man!
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
I hear you and plan on changing it up with some more daring Frags next video will be Andy Tauer L'Air Du Desert Marocain.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks You that means alot
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Nautica Voyage I own it a great scent will do a STREET SCENTS on a Nautica Frag soon
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
$320 for the 4oz bottles
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yeah I should have given him a GIT sample, he was very happy with the T-Shirt
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks bro
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thank You
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
I will try to bring him back in a Creed video
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Most likely they are all going up as well. Trust me because of us making them so popular, they can and will raise the prices on all of their fragrances.
ThePerfectElement555 (6 years ago)
I like this guy, you should see if you could get him back (for maybe a Creed episode)
TrujilloJr87 (6 years ago)
Great entertaing Video street scents are cool
Faizwellcomesyou (6 years ago)
Great video. Lacoste green not bad either. Forget batman im waiting for street scents the movie
HypSteRJiMbo (6 years ago)
Thanks for replying back.
Aviator1047 (6 years ago)
I hear that the 4oz bottle of Aventus will increase from $285 to $320.Not sure about pricing on all others at this time.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Should have given him a Creed sample, it would have made his day. Nice purple shade on the SS tshirt.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
The opening is not bad
HypSteRJiMbo (6 years ago)
Anyone know how much of a price increase creed is implementing in August?
rahan uddin (6 years ago)
hey al,try this summer fragrance, Nautica Voyage for Men,but this last much longer then this lacoste atleast 6-8hours,does have that fresh linen smell,fresh apple at the top notes is stunning, check out few videos on youtube eg ashkan and other video. believe me you will love this.it will blow you away.derserves a street scent, if you like it then send me a small t shirt of street scent lol. only joking mate.Please try it.want to to see your reaction and get back to me what u think of it. Ray.
ver_zel (6 years ago)
whaaaat!!.i wish i have that tshirt! great video man!
XxD7mnyxX (6 years ago)
بالصدفه طحت على تعليقك وصحيح العطر راااااائع وافكر اقتنيه مره اخرى
pabloforse (6 years ago)
U ROCKS AL!! my favorites scents reviews!!
realmexthug08 (6 years ago)
its great that you do this street scent episodes, i think i speak for all fragrance comunity when i say that we truly appreciate it But imo i think you should use more interesting fragrances, i know newBies in this fragrance game might Be interested in this type of fragrance such as lacoste white Blanc, ok But it would Be great too see opinion of random people at the streets of kouros, for example, anteus, egoiste, narciso rodriguez,etc etc, more daring fragrances

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