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Teaching How To Pick Up College Girls!

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Text Comments (3999)
Janko Bgo (2 days ago)
good job leo
Reinhardt Botha (12 days ago)
Do you actually follow up on the girls who's numbers you getting?
A Burrito (12 days ago)
Obviously if ur taking advice from the biggest tool in the game, ur gonna have a bad time. Homies technique is for picking up drunk girls at a party, not sober college girls on campus
mohammed khalafallah (24 days ago)
UDIT JOSHI (28 days ago)
Love ya VITALY 🤠
Sireax (29 days ago)
Bei i thought He will get many Numbers cause He Looks Like an Fuckboy
Johny Mamo (1 month ago)
Sameer Bhatia (1 month ago)
Vitaly you gave amazing pickup advices...you should make more videos giving tips about pickup...hats of to you..big fan!
Russell Kenneth (1 month ago)
Cringey af
therandomofrandom (1 month ago)
Vitaly needs to write a book on this
Bearmaxe (1 month ago)
Vitaly PhD
RAMO 98 (2 months ago)
Felix Vo (2 months ago)
SSJ Taurus (2 months ago)
6:27 boys if you know...you know
droptop10001 (2 months ago)
Good JOB LEO, practice makes perfect!
it takes time to build confidence so first time is not going to be pretty lol
Deo Ananas (2 months ago)
you know what would be fresh vitaly ? trying this with older and more experienced women in their 30s and 40s we wanna see how it goes
Ozzy T (2 months ago)
Leo just wants the number and dip lol
Johnny Hernandez (3 months ago)
How do I apply to be Vitalyz next student? For the past couple months guys like him, thatwasepic, daily dropout, exc. have pushed me to work on my self confidence by doing things like this that I won’t normally do. A couple laughs, rejections, and numbers later, I’m convinced this is something I would love to do myself. If anyone else is inspired as much as I am please reach out to me, I’m not joking around. Much love to everyone!
PS Guite (3 months ago)
Good job vitaly
Gun Shots (3 months ago)
boss am emanuel from ukraine can you come try some pranks on ukrainain girls wanna hang out with you
a ha (3 months ago)
leo is so cute
Michael Mcafee (3 months ago)
Maybe Leo will never get laid
Hanan Alhaddad (3 months ago)
Love vitaly and Leo.
Hanan Alhaddad (3 months ago)
Joseph Is my middle name (3 months ago)
BRO I like Leo’s sunglasses at the beginning
Rose Dona (3 months ago)
This man was teaching this boy how to be a douche 101 lml. And no real girl would care if a men got money or not.
Efe Ozharat (3 months ago)
Who the fuck would dislike this video
Calabaza (3 months ago)
How the hell did I get here?
How much feminists there? Have you faced them?
Ovidiu Bolocan (4 months ago)
The biggest proof that you could be handsome and still mess up with girls if you don't know how to speak up your mind properly...
Usman Gondal (4 months ago)
Vitalyzd you alwys rite bro
Usman Gondal (4 months ago)
Vitalyzd I like your smile so gorgies I like your vido somuch your a good man
Tijuana iguana (4 months ago)
Tf is that kids hair
Pravin Meshram (4 months ago)
Nice video for new boys
Bharat Rajput (4 months ago)
You could have asked candle when I light you up😂
S_r7 X (4 months ago)
i have the fucking best pickup lines
Stephen Barrett (4 months ago)
Vitali doing it for the BIG NOSES I myself hay a huge nose as u can see in my lro photo what the hell,rep what youre mother gave u.
Héctor Beltran (5 months ago)
American guys doesn't know how to talk to girls...
Jack Mehoff (5 months ago)
Lol Leo is cringy bad. Too shy. Honestly have a drink. It changes everything. U don’t care at all to be dissed!
EM***MILITIA *** (5 months ago)
Leo got no game lol
Sagar Sheth (5 months ago)
Dr. Vitaly 😂😂 leo is good
Pete Privett (5 months ago)
I've seen a lot of cutties but no butties like you that's what he should have said lol
colin fuck you (5 months ago)
vitaly looks ugly lolol
MrTruetoform (5 months ago)
I need this, I need a dating coach. I suck so bad talking to girls.
SEP0 2 (5 months ago)
8:33 😂
sewerin stoqnow (6 months ago)
Keep the teaching videos going on man, they're amazing and good for you too!
Singh Fitness (6 months ago)
Leo seems like a nice down to earth kid
Kostas Xristodoulou (6 months ago)
Josh B (6 months ago)
This Leo is the most beautiful women ive ever seen
Doctor J (6 months ago)
lol Leo talking to EVERYBODY, girls with broken arms, guys etc. lol
zhuoxuan zhang (6 months ago)
which university is it ?
Damian Mc Cauley (6 months ago)
this little mofo is lucky i don't slice his throat
WEAVING (6 months ago)
Leo killing it
No Name (6 months ago)
Hungaria? It’s Hungary! 😂
Nitin Kumar (6 months ago)
Awesome Leo Great work👍
simon acland (6 months ago)
I think what vitaly doesn't realise is that he doesn't give a fuck as much as leo haha
Ghith Alshikh (7 months ago)
actually am also need dr vitaly
Sizwe Tshabangu (7 months ago)
Leo sux, I can do infinite times better Do the drive by prank with water squirters
Steven Judkins (7 months ago)
Give him a hat pauly D Jr ain't gonna do nothin
Jeremy Nuyens (7 months ago)
fuck yeah vitaly
Sami Nizam Afridi (7 months ago)
Tell him nt to focus on getting number , but focus on cheering her and making her attractive to you and then you ask at the end of all,she will give... He always focus on getting number ,he talks other things little and straight to the number.
Andersen Haslam (7 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning when they’re in the car?
KEEP CALM (7 months ago)
9:10 OMG haahhahahhaahhahahahaahahahahahahha there is a hole in Leo's pants
Shivam Singh (7 months ago)
Yo leo you did good man
Eduardo Palacios (7 months ago)
I need this too💀 props to Leo cause I can’t even do stuff like this without being nervous
Ourworldisgreat (7 months ago)
let him do it again
André Mühlen (7 months ago)
So cringe
Krazykov (7 months ago)
I completely forgot about this channel, glad it crossed my radar again, some real shit right here good stuff.
ツZordox (7 months ago)
*We can go on a dog walk 🐕 😙😂😂*
marc sarcon (7 months ago)
Porn n chill😂😂
adelquantum gt (7 months ago)
bro i can do better than him LOL
GuyGainzzz (2 months ago)
Then film it
Akira TV (7 months ago)
He is too much of a little boy. They are turning him down because he is mad feminine acting.
Shingai Chirebvu (7 months ago)
maybe the dogs can poop on each other..!!!!
BigCoopBodySculpting (7 months ago)
It’s literally about what you say and your personality,
Kolzix (7 months ago)
Leo needs to slow down when he talks geez
Carlos Martinez VLOGS (7 months ago)
This is gonna help me. I’m going to try all these Tommorow. LIKE if I should record it.
Aditya Verma (7 months ago)
Dr.vitaly i also need your coaching man
Lemel Covington (7 months ago)
This is so cringe I can't even watch it.
Young Mula (7 months ago)
Your boy acts like a danm virgin 🤣🤣
doctor on duty (8 months ago)
Rocky 77 (8 months ago)
Leo's new name Dr cringe
Takam Tagi (8 months ago)
Kevin Agustin Bongcawel (8 months ago)
"Oh my bad, you're a guy" WTFFF hahaha
Eric Holder (8 months ago)
you can tell he wasnt feeling vitaly critizising him, i think aslong as you have fun you can pick up chicks, you dont have to say the most retarded shit that vitaly does
Ahmad Haidari (8 months ago)
sasasad dsad (8 months ago)
Vitaly Looks Like The Many Face God
666GrizzlyBeast (8 months ago)
Im cringing into oblivion
sad sad (8 months ago)
Vitaly is one of the only youtubers that treat there camera guy with respect
fuck you (9 months ago)
" you have nice legs do you do legs everyday" bruh this mans lmao
Carlox_ VirtualGamer (9 months ago)
When part 3?
Jack Nash (9 months ago)
i want a wingman like vitaly
ShaButtahReactz (9 months ago)
10:03 dis nigga leo is doing the Michael Jackson lean omm 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lars Brauti (9 months ago)
HH SS (9 months ago)
bro!! Vitaly i genuinely need professional trainings,because when i face a girl i simply freez and forget my own fucking name😭
Jovan Demetriades (9 months ago)
Damn Dr vitalyyyyy!!!
javon berry (9 months ago)
Jake Kantor (10 months ago)
talks way to fast
Sesto Sili (10 months ago)
pls get my teacher
XxSpeedstersxX (10 months ago)
I’m excuse me can I ask you a couple questions oh you’re a guy

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