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DIY Kydex Mag Carrier Part 1

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This video is Part One of Three in a series on how to make pistol magazine carriers out of Kydex. This series includes tips on edge finishing and riveting.
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Text Comments (24)
I like your simple press. I see people using 2 inch thick wood with reinforcements for the clamps and going all crazy with theirs but it really doesn't need to be so heavy duty.
Bernardo H (2 months ago)
Heat gun to a loaded magazine. Nice way to make some pop corn out of ammo !
The Descendant (3 months ago)
I Want Your Skull, nice touch.
The Descendant (3 months ago)
You misspelled 'PEOPLE SUCK.'
Peter R (6 months ago)
im curious what type of foam did you use in the form? and where did you get it from?
bruno Gomez (8 months ago)
How many minutes and temperature
David DePuy (9 months ago)
I don't clamp my press. I just stand on it. Also, Foil tape works really well for shaping, holding and building.
Charlie Dunn (2 years ago)
good choice of tunes!
george scarlett (3 years ago)
Wouldn't a VAC bag be quicker, and easier?
code3dee1 (3 years ago)
Great video, your super brave throwing heat on live rounds in that mag!!
Charlie Dunn (2 years ago)
Josh the AK MAN check out the egg roll mag design they sell em for 55$ for two but the design seems pretty easy to reverse engineer
JAKMAN (2 years ago)
a what? also is there a mag you can use that will make a semi universal mag holder?
PhillyEDC (3 years ago)
That's a snap cap, homie.
chico fun (4 years ago)
Great video, I want to make a double mag holder, now I have an idea. Where can I get the black foam you use to press the kydex? thanks
Paul Riley (2 years ago)
Knifekits.com or gunholsters.com
Nathan Stotts (4 years ago)
I don't know how many times I've watched these vid's; but it's quite a bit. I do have one piece of advice for plastic/polymer mags: USE SNAP CAPS! I only say that because the pressure can cause the follower and top section to deform without any support. Recently had an issue with a GSG-522 mag, fortunately I was able to save it.
Concealed Kalifornia (4 years ago)
Great video. I have been getting into kydex lately and this helped a lot!
aaron west (5 years ago)
What thickness kidex did you use?
David Pyzik (5 years ago)
M&P Mag. That's exactly what I want to try. Thanks for the video!
brycewise (6 years ago)
misfits fan huh? check out tiger army or the living end
LiquidZ2k (6 years ago)
Do you still make the mag carriers by heating only one side in the oven? I've been trying to heat both sides at once and press it just like a gun, but it seems to never be tight enough unless I switch to .08 from .06 and use a bit of extra heat.
GunfightersINC (7 years ago)
Oh and my next instruction video will be on how to build a killer kydex press on the cheap.
GunfightersINC (7 years ago)
you're putting vids out too fast I'm getting behind..outstanding instruction. with a tripod it would be DVD quality I'd say. I like that table mat...I sould pick one up whats it called?
Alex Eberhart (7 years ago)
Now to wait for part 2.

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