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Daniel Wallace — The Basics of New Testament Textual Criticism

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Dr. Daniel Wallace’s highly recommended video course on New Testament textual criticism—there's really no better resource for learning about textual criticism. Textual Criticism remains today as one of the most overlooked disciplines in Biblical studies. In this collection, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) teaches people from the lay to the scholarly level about the basic principles and practices of New Testament Textual Criticism (NTTC). Dr. Wallace defines New Testament Textual Criticism and discusses topics like identifying textual variants, categorizing manuscripts, and interpreting the available evidence. • What is New Testament Textual Criticism • An Embarrassment of Riches • The Practice of NT Textual Criticism Pt. 1 External Evidence • The Practice of NT Textual Criticism Pt. 2 Internal Evidence • External & Internal Evidence Combined Revelation 1:4 • External & Internal Evidence Matthew 27:16–17 • Another Textual Problem Romans 5:1 • Defining a Textual Variant • The Number of Textual Variants • The Nature of Textual Variants • The Classification of NT Manuscripts by their Contents • Categories of Greek NT Manuscripts • Categories of Non-Greek Witnesses to the NT • The Value and Problems with the Versions • The Value and Problems of Church Fathers • Update on the First-Century Manuscript of the Gospel of Mark– It’s Not First-Century (May 23, 2018). Dan Wallace responds on (formerly) ‘First-Century Mark’ manuscript: http://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.com/2018/05/dan-wallace-responds-on-formerly-first.html If you enjoy these videos, please consider donating to help us bring you more free content at https://www.paypal.me/houseform or, even by liking, sharing, or commenting. Thank you! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/HouseformApologetics?sub_confirmation=1 Support Houseform Apologetics @ https://patreon.com/houseformapologetics https://paypal.me/houseform
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Text Comments (32)
Andre van Gelder (17 days ago)
Please turn off the incredibly annoying music!!! I can't concentrate on the lecture.
Chaplain Matt Sanders (8 days ago)
Andre van Gelder . Exactly. Not needed. Distracting.
shawn stephens (19 days ago)
So you're saying the KJV isn't the perfect word of God???
yisrael isaacsson (18 days ago)
not since it has been assaulted by black magic.....since when have two men in a bed, one will be taken the other left, two women will be grinding, one will be taken the other left.......originally found in the KJV? How bout the words 'bottles' instead of wineskins, or sergeants the word alone let alone misspelled, or 'banks', or police? so Yes Shawn, the KJV is no longer the perfect word of God.....see EYA
cdrom16 (28 days ago)
God bless you for Posting! 🙏👌🙌💖💪👍😭
Marga He (2 months ago)
6:47 very comprehendable for my! I'm just learning a foreign language, which has it's own script. For this language doesn't exsit a official transciption. I have to decide myself how to spell words. Sometimes I change my mind about the best spelling. In my notes are some words spelled in three different ways! :-)
Daric (2 months ago)
Dr. Wallace is a blessing to the modern church. For those who don't know, he is heavily involved in the creation of the NET Bible, which is free online. While I prefer the NASB95 or ESV in the text itself over the NET Bible's text, the translation notes are what really make the NET Bible shine. He talks about specific variants in detail. Really great resource to check out and it's free.
Fernando Paulus (2 months ago)
Who decided to add the music? it ain't like the psalms are involved.
Lance Goy (3 months ago)
Thumbs down - get rid of the music.
Scenic Tabel (14 days ago)
+Lance Goy I teased you for hating this video because of the background music😂tough up lol... any ways answer this for me. God calls us to love EVERYONE right?
Lance Goy (14 days ago)
+Scenic Tabel I don't believe you, you eisegete. You started this rumble. Moreover, there will be many people burning for their sins who called themselves Christian.
Scenic Tabel (14 days ago)
+Lance Goy first off I'm a christian... but even if I wasn't, you still ought to speak to people with love and respect. That is what Jesus did, that's what Paul did. Again man, titus 3:2 says to speak love to ALL, so your own beliefs hold you accountable to speak love to all.
Lance Goy (14 days ago)
+Scenic Tabel You handle the word of God with no respect. Furthermore, I don't speak to pagans with love and respect.
Scenic Tabel (15 days ago)
+Lance Goy First off, I did not take that verse out of context at all lol... Second off, are you really about to tell me that we dont need to speak to people with love and respect??? are you really about to go there?
paisho sydarren (6 months ago)
Thank you sir. Lots of information.
WonderingDragon 4life (7 months ago)
1:01:44 tagged for later
Dragonarrr (7 months ago)
Thank you so much! Will you post Dr Wallace's other videos from iTunes?
Scenic Tabel (16 days ago)
Yes we will
Crim Sin (8 months ago)
Where is the papyri of revelation 1:11??i can't find it
Scenic Tabel (16 days ago)
gosh dang it man
FTC 614 (8 months ago)
Why in the hell is there music all over the background? It's extremely distracting
yisrael isaacsson (18 days ago)
+Lawrence Stanley really, i'm a musician, and i didn't even notice it till you mentioned it. ADD?
Lawrence Stanley (4 months ago)
Helps to ease the tension on what might to some seem to be a boring topic, maybe?
AB - Al Banfe (10 months ago)
21:00ish. " The early texts very frequently differ from each other more then the later manuscripts". Can you please offer an example? Thanks. I'm assuming they are grammatical differences vs. any vast difference in meaning or context.
Dragases XI (3 months ago)
The story of the woman taken in adultery doesn't appear in any copy of John until the fourth century; it was obviously added in by some anonymous copier. The last twelve verses of Mark aren't in any manuscripts until much later and they don't fit in with the rest of the book, also obviously added in later. In the earliest manuscripts of Mark, Jesus is "moved with anger" instead of being "moved with compassion" when the leper asks to be healed. Being "moved with anger" goes against the author's theological understanding of Jesus, so it is far more likely to be true and the "moved with compassion" bit a later alteration. This is a tiny sampling, needless to say.
Scouting (1 year ago)
An Embarrassment of Riches, 8:43 - 17:53

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