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Shout out to Stock X for collaborating on this video! Download the StockX app for iOS & Android free: https://stockx.com/text-me-the-app FUNG BROS SHIRTS & MERCH // http://bit.ly/fungbrosshop FOLLOW THE FUNG BROS. ▸ FACEBOOK // http://facebook.com/fungbros ▸ INSTAGRAM // http://instagram.com/fungbros ▸ TWITTER // http://www.twitter.com/fungbros DAVID ▸ INSTAGRAM // http://instagram.com/davidbfung ▸ TWITTER // http://www.twitter.com/davidbfung ANDREW ▸ INSTAGRAM // http://instagram.com/andrewjfung ▸ TWITTER // http://www.twitter.com/andrewjfung CAMERA // Alex Siu (http://bit.ly/asiu1990-IG) EDITOR // Chester Xie MUSIC // Origami Beats (http://bit.ly/origamibeats), RickyFlarez (http://bit.ly/thebriando)
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Text Comments (1275)
Newmarky Inc. (3 hours ago)
I think this whole video is an Ad for Stockx
what is going on in - 3:50
Flex _ (2 days ago)
CopVsDrop has its own low ball market
MrBennimax (3 days ago)
1:31 that bitch got the nip piercing
hunter ricard (3 days ago)
i really hate the “hype beast” trend that’s happening because people get carried away with it.
B4TF Radio (3 days ago)
***hello, i have a rare three 6 mafia shirt for sale size medium in white if anyone is interested. https://www.grailed.com/listings/7081390-Supreme-SUPREME-TRIPLE-6-MAFIA--RARE-
Not Chris (6 days ago)
Why that nigga got a perm?
Christian S (6 days ago)
Mannn.. catch me in some white air max, blue straight fit jeans with some white fade from Kmart and a plain red hoodie from wherever and I’d be on my way..
Juan Herrera (6 days ago)
snuck that ad in at the end lol
Juan Herrera (6 days ago)
the tattoos.... yikes
Nik (7 days ago)
the guys checking our purple girl for a solid 15 seconds 3:50
Seth (7 days ago)
Funny how bad bum bags and cross body bags look on you Americans and calling it a trend its been a thing for atleast 2 decades in Australia and the uk
RVpro_ o (8 days ago)
4:35 yea i know what your saying.
Marcus Baxter (8 days ago)
That girl ends each sentence like its a question.
Joshua Akinlotan (8 days ago)
6:37 You can't tell me he doesn't look like a fake ass Joyner Lucas
Charly GROWAD (8 days ago)
ahaha yes french music PLK
boofgaude (9 days ago)
That cdg girls kinda cute🤓🤓
Judy McGaugh (9 days ago)
Quit saying," YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING " ,you sound ridiculous , its like you just learned a new word and you ran it into the ground.
pvp ehwkj (10 days ago)
I dont live the People hwo wear sup they cant skate
Philipp Fomin (10 days ago)
kno what I'm sayin"
Jordan Clemons (10 days ago)
Hypebeast all dress the same.
Calvert Jng (10 days ago)
2:55 we need more people like this in this world even if someone is wearing stuff that doesn't match, just don't hate and accept their style of dressing, not saying you should actually like it though but just don't discriminate how others see things.
Jamie Langton (11 days ago)
last time i checked its the same shit. when did hypebeast become a good thing??
PBape Gang (11 days ago)
Bape Is Better
There all clowns .
Beatz By Phantom (12 days ago)
3:21 dude looks like daruk off the legend of Zelda
Orenoryori (12 days ago)
So much knowledge and discussion on something so fucking pointless.
Enrique Gabriel (12 days ago)
Fat ass speeding money on clothes and eating garbage
attilabeats (12 days ago)
X-large used to have a store where supreme is now, talkin bout decline of street culture.. ftw
Nars Cheska- Ikonic US (13 days ago)
Nah, I'll never understand...it looks like 💩 TBH it's a waste of money. I'd rather spend my hard-earned money on travel and experience.
christmas9lights (13 days ago)
Ruben Solo (14 days ago)
All these niggas on some fuck shit bro
Dannie Mathew (15 days ago)
I swear down hype beast used to be an insult
And rew (15 days ago)
4:08 an invicta watch isn’t 1800. It’s 50 bucks buddy.
Kenyatta Uhuru (15 days ago)
its not who you wear or how much you pay. its about your creativity setting trends with ordinary off the rack clothes. I would like to see kiosks were people can put in their own designs and printout  t-shirts  or 3-D printers that make sneakers. redefining convention drives innovation
zaιв ĸнalιd (15 days ago)
1:16 nigga looking like king kai lmao y know what im sayin?
skate life (16 days ago)
Im like a supreme, bape kind of guy
your gay (16 days ago)
Berj Bedrosian (16 days ago)
No I dont know what you saying, Stop wasting your money, instead try paying your rent on time.
James Morris (17 days ago)
And this is our future...
4:20 dude can thing about some REALLY HYPED UP AND COOL diet ,maybe some money on really cool gym membersship . get some track suits and get some training instead look like a ball of grease in 5k outfit . when put supreme on the pig it is still a pig
Blurr 2 Times (17 days ago)
1:13 so we not gone talk about him having like straight hair?
Corgigoalie4life (17 days ago)
1:09 his hair i'm crying
Caithro (17 days ago)
1800$ invicta? Boi
xiaospirit (18 days ago)
balenciaga and kenzo and off white is like a brand for chinese trying hard to show they are rich but actually fucking try hard poor
TARGAPOWER (18 days ago)
3:59 look at left boob, she aint wearing a bra, respect! Don't ask me why i saw it, i aint a dirty person... i swear...
Juan L (18 days ago)
Buncha fuckin trust fund babies with nothing better to do
Mark Yue (18 days ago)
I feel like Chinese or Japanese elements r getting popular lol
Aid-BO (18 days ago)
the skaying side of supreme is do much more relaxed and most people have no idea about it, i stick with that shit.
Patrick Reichert (19 days ago)
1800 invicta omg 😂😂😂
Amir Spellman (19 days ago)
real niggas don't dress like that this is hipster fag white boy shit and Asian nerds
Jacob Gateb (20 days ago)
Girl: I hate it when people layer brands ( wears a CDG shirt with a fucking off white belt and a supreme bag😐
TheGetitBoy TBC (20 days ago)
bunch of weirdos
Scott Carley (20 days ago)
OG 90's Airmax forget these other sneakers . So ugly I don't have words .
Bryce Chung (20 days ago)
Iliyas Dairabekov (21 days ago)
Whatugh beast (21 days ago)
Broke boys going broke trying to look rich..
ZER LA (21 days ago)
Friendly Potato (22 days ago)
The "NICO" tee print tho 😂😂😂
Friendly Potato (22 days ago)
The only thing I understood when the carhartt tee guy was speaking was.... "Ya know what im sayin"
Allan C (22 days ago)
loving the negro t shirt
syed hassan (23 days ago)
That black dudes tits are sagging to his knees
Nikolasz Tokaji (24 days ago)
3:50 checking that ass out😂😂
1985cactus (25 days ago)
Thank fuck I was not born in the USA
Bao Vo (25 days ago)
Richard Burns (25 days ago)
$1,800 for a POS Invicta?...you got played you wanna be Big Pun
TheIkawatay (25 days ago)
Raw Sauce (25 days ago)
0:50 unseen Sumibu tee!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
thisisXYNTA (26 days ago)
Where can I get iron maiden t-shirt like that 2:26 ?
Brandon Burnette (26 days ago)
you know what im sayin
suits-and-dinosaurs (27 days ago)
putang ina ang daming hypebeast dito sa pinas tapos lagi pang naka-supreme, peke naman
Vanishneon (28 days ago)
That one guy was always like “you know what I’m sayin”
Cash Shel (28 days ago)
The larger black dude has a pressed combover. That’s it, no punch line.
Official ZerilityM (28 days ago)
2:55 look at her boobs. you can see the nibble.
R A (29 days ago)
After viewing this vid I'm certain that the apocalypse is coming soon.
googletubesucks (29 days ago)
Interesting how so many of them are completely caught up in flavor of the month trends but don't realize it
cr4zym3x1c4n (30 days ago)
Just saw the drummer for Gorillaz at 1:11 !!
Gavin Gavout (25 days ago)
CrazyCrow (30 days ago)
ouhahaha those boys at 3:55
Ho Chan (30 days ago)
I come for supreme😍😍😍
Cake Pie (30 days ago)
Asian chick so hot damn
justin beniquez (30 days ago)
The mic look like a juul with an Afro
Vinnie Torres (30 days ago)
2:30 Couldn't agree more with what she said.
John Shaft (1 month ago)
it's now official... Hip Hop has been bought, repackaged and sold!..minus the masculinity!
syncs gaming (1 month ago)
Firts 1
Larry Jacobs (1 month ago)
3:44 shawty got nipple piercings she's a hypebeast
SII-VII (1 month ago)
Invicta watch for $1800?! bwahaha, he might be a hype beast but if he paid that much for a watch and it most likely has a quartz movement?! yeesh. kids be kids, paying for things cus it looks “flashy”.
Greg Honcho (1 month ago)
She spent 230.00 for a off white belt?! What a sucka lmaoo
johnny Luu (1 month ago)
I thought he was jimmy Zheng
Myles Jauncey (1 month ago)
Heard it here first go StockX and sell gear
Alpha-Proxy 223 (1 month ago)
I have so much cancer from this video.
Hmplaysdk (1 month ago)
u knum im sayin
TigerArmy 13 (1 month ago)
Gooks are silly
aYoPersona (1 month ago)
he said he a gosha at 4:51 and you really put poccha tee smfh put more time into your content youre misinforming people
Mahdi Ibrahim (1 month ago)
LMAO stockx made resell worse sheesh
Randy DangerCop (1 month ago)
worst case of broken English tattoo transaction ive ever seen
Juniorkoungue (1 month ago)
No harm but I think black people are the one that make hypebeast. The style mainly comes from the hood. WE'RE THE ORIINALS AND Y'ALL THE FAKES
O' YOUNG (1 month ago)
fire man
Kerry-Anne Edwards (1 month ago)
It’s mad because everyone’s wearing the same thing off white bets supreme etc like no one has its own Style
nO tHANKS (1 month ago)
When you think buying and selling clothes is a solid carreer until you can retire so you just say fuck it and tattoo your hands
Heqticz (1 month ago)
These People have so many problems while we just sit here and watch

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