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Bulking | Cutting | The Truth!!

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Put the science back in strength - http://athleanx.com/x/science Subscribe to this channel here - http://bit.ly/2b0coMW Bulking and cutting is one of the most popular methods of adding muscle fast, but does it work the way you hope it would? In this video, I’m going to show you how you can actually build muscle and burn fat at the same time and significantly change the look of your body by doing so. I will also cover some of the potential pitfalls on the way to the perfect bulk and cut that could be undercutting your end result. To start, it helps to discuss what the theory behind bulking and cutting is for putting on muscle. That discussion needs to start with a determination of what you ultimately want to look like at the end of your bulk and cut. If your goal is to wind up with nothing but pure lean muscle gain then you will have to identify that and understand that your cut is going to have to be precise and must be able to last for the duration. In other words, you will have to cut until every bit of excess body fat that you put on is no longer there, while making sure not to compromise any of the lean muscle mass you added in the process. If on the other hand you simply want to add “size”, for lack of a better term (meaning pack on partial amounts of lean muscle and body fat) then your goals and the practicality of the process would become much simpler to adhere to. For the purposes of this video and channel however, we are assuming that the end product of your bulk and cut would be to add pure lean muscle gains without body fat hiding what you have done. With this said, I argue that this whole process does not have to be segmented into a bulking phase and a cutting phase but rather can be achieved at once (with a significant impact on how you look and feel at the end). By being hypo caloric and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance you can definitely add muscle and burn fat at the same time, albeit at a slightly slower but much more consistent and maintainable rate. When the longevity of your appearance and gains is what is paramount, the alternative of spending half the year fat and a few months comfortable enough with your physique to take off your shirt is not an option. When you bulk and cut at the same time you can walk around 365 days a year looking your best while steadily accruing lean muscle year over year. The risk of bulking and then cutting is often that the adaptation to going into a sustainable hypo caloric diet becomes daunting and as soon as it cannot be maintained, the results are lost. Many people will enter into a bulk and never fully come out of it. There are many a gym filled with guys spending hours each week on cardio trying to reverse the effects of a long ago bulk gone wrong. If instead you focused on staying slightly hypocaloric while increasing your protein intake to support positive nitrogen balance needed to keep a net protein synthesis, you would find that you could add pure lean muscle more consistently. Now, this process will be a slightly slower one than trying to force your body to grow more quickly but the end result will be more sustainable and consistent. For a complete program that walks you through the process of eating foods you love while allowing you to lose fat if you desire while adding pure lean muscle, head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Learn to eat and train like an athlete and get gains that you can keep and proudly show off three hundred and sixty five days a year. For more videos on bulking and cutting, diet and how to get ripped and build muscle at the same time, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24
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Text Comments (2762)
Justin Tamashiro (1 day ago)
I recommend beginners do a slow cut, until they reach 10-12% BF. Then bulk from there. If you can’t see your abs, you have no business trying to bulk.
Stephanie Crymble (4 days ago)
Awesome video!!
sumanta das (5 days ago)
mojomomo (6 days ago)
sorry but no way that guy went from fat to that in 90 days
Ajerd fitness (9 days ago)
Hey guys !!!!!!. I am an aspiring youtuber passionate about fitness. It would be greatly apriciated for some added support by giving a like on my videos and subscribe. Lets grow together.
Eric Stevens (11 days ago)
So can you redo this video and actually give information?
FirebirdCamaro1220 (13 days ago)
I'm losing weight and still seeing gains on my lifts, but I'm having to lower my mass overall, so I am cutting rather than pure recomp. Even now at 201 (down 22 lbs from 3 months ago), I'm too big for my frame (I'm 5'9" and small framed). So I really don't want to weigh more than 160 to 170 when I'm back in shape again
Angel Ferreira (13 days ago)
At how much of a caloric deficit should I be? 200 calories? 150? 250?
William Haynes (13 days ago)
Do you have a macro calculator you reccommend?
Mangesh Kulkarni (15 days ago)
That doesn't even look like the same guy, compare the pictures he stacks up together the one on the right looks like he's taller than the guy on the left
William Keough (16 days ago)
I've been losing excess bodyfat and building lean muscle mass. It has been quite the journey.
mEtAlMaNiAc787 (19 days ago)
Bulking worked for me because when you bulk you will definitely get stronger. And when I cut back down I went back to being weak but I slowly got back to to almost the same of what I was lifting when I was fat. Because I had had already done it before so I was confident I could get the same lift even though I was at my regular body weight! Also idk if muscle memory had any affect in this but I like to think it did.
I Want Lee (19 days ago)
I'm 1.84 m and 78 kg. If he can get those results in 90 days, I could get so much more due to my starting point being better. That makes you think a little.
Magnum Kalwar (20 days ago)
I have not money for protein im poor☹️ i have lots of knowledge about bodybuilding but i cant change my body because im poor and i cant afford foods i am just 18 living with my parents they are aslo poor how can i build muscle
Jonathan Lynch (16 days ago)
Here are a few cheap sources of protein: - Canned light tuna, which also is low in toxins - Dry beans with Barley - Lentils - buy in bulk - Peanuts - Buying a whole raw chicken, and cooking and eating all of it - no waste - Raising chickens and eating the eggs - Catch your own fish (if you live in an area where the fish are not contaminated) - Raising rabbits for food - Gathering nuts during their season - this could be hard to find - Buying a whole wild pig - this takes some work to find a source, and you MUST be super careful about cooking the meat thoroughly to kill all trichinosis parasites. The only meat I eat is fish, so my protein mainly comes from beans/lentils, grains, and fish. I eat a lot of salmon, which is not cheap. But if you do not have lipid problems like me, raising chickens for the eggs can be ideal, as long as the neighbors don't mind the squawking.
Brandon Micheals (20 days ago)
So what about our nutrition, does that mean maintenance calories
ilker Ergan (22 days ago)
Matter of fact & Fact to the matter... Like 1000+ times :-) Love you Athlean-x, Jeff, Jesse and all others.
Matt Duncan (24 days ago)
pretty confusing man, if you gonna drop all this info and back and fourth you need to at least simplify and summarise at the end
Oliver Vik (25 days ago)
Should i do the same thing when im 16 and weight 57kg? I mean should i burn more calories Than my intake and stil be able to build muscle? Im confused please help
NJ Animeluvr (28 days ago)
Jeff, i used to be fat did cardio and lost approx 15kgs and gained muscle but my lower abs haven't shown yet. Im afraid if i keep doing cardio i might loose the muscle i have gained, but if i dont i cant get ripped. Someone help?
Vicious Castle (1 month ago)
Look at those bitch tits
Cain Schneider (1 month ago)
"look at those bitch tits" im dying hahahahahahaha
o_o o_O (1 month ago)
How long should I be hypo-caloric deficit, whilst doing this for?
natalia salazar (1 month ago)
How can i get you to make me a plan to follow?
Razor Blade (1 month ago)
A nigga kept me here for 7 minutes and the main point was to go to his website. nigga what
Adam Bullock (1 month ago)
So which Athlean X program was used for this?
DoesHeLookLikeAB1tch (1 month ago)
how much cardio is recommended? if any
VK Adinepse (1 month ago)
First time i saw jeff in a shirt.
Jay Fraz (1 month ago)
this guy has that weird barry pepper thing going on with his face
Advani Dhiraj (1 month ago)
This is the only video one has to watch regarding this topic...Cheers !💪
raymund usi (1 month ago)
I dont know, but the only way you can get cuts is by taking chemical protein drink formulas, muscle supplement products and straight up roids. I've been doing weights and gym visits for years and I never get sharp cuts, I just get decent bulks, but not cuts.
Shabbii (1 month ago)
You always say lean muscle. Is there non lean muscle? Serious question.
johnvic echavez (1 month ago)
hey jeff how many times should i workout every week
Z Z (1 month ago)
I've never seen body recomp work for anyone other than those who are obese (>20%BF) and total beginners. For anyone who is in the 12-18%BF zone, you HAVE to cut to lean out and you HAVE to bulk to gain muscle.
Narain Kalicharan (1 month ago)
How can I maintain muscle while playing soccer?? Bcoz I heard that cardio kills gains , can u help me Jeff??
GodlessPhilosopher (1 month ago)
You're 41? The fuck?
Ancap2112 (1 month ago)
2:50 "he is hypocaloric" well then.. he just did a cut, that's what the term means, bulking = caloric surplus, cutting = caloric deficit
A K (1 month ago)
i dont understand. how did the guy maintain weight on caloric deficit?
Yasin Kazi (1 month ago)
Its right or wrong to drink hot water with honey after exercise
RS (1 month ago)
How effective is the AthleanX program? Anyone try it?
Roman Roman (1 month ago)
When I'm out of shape and fat I'm 202. In shape 215. When I start working out ppl ask me how much weight I want to lose. It's the complete opposite
Riley Ransom (1 month ago)
I'm 14 how do I do the diet?
TheOne AndOnly (1 month ago)
Eh its quite easy for me to cut. It saves money lol. 1 chicken a day keeps the haters away.
Cristian Munoz (1 month ago)
Nice photocrop.
John Hackler (1 month ago)
Look at those bit*h ti*s lmfao!!!!
Craig Thomas (1 month ago)
Thanks Jeff, my brother and I have just joined!
Kevin Liang (1 month ago)
I stayed on a slight caloric defecit and plateaued and started losing strength on my lifts.
TECHLong (1 month ago)
True ! was same as that picture guy ! now on low carbs + High Protein ! getting very nice in shapes :D !
Power Studio (1 month ago)
40 years old?? What the fuck!!!
Ace Tv (1 month ago)
Look at those “bitch tits” 😂😂
Phumlani Mtshali (1 month ago)
Glad your vids use metric units as well
Miles Cunha (1 month ago)
Deprivation diet.
_ _ (1 month ago)
Caloric deficit: "....braaaaains.."
Claire Coffey (1 month ago)
Hi can you do a video on how to keep sane when cutting. I am cutting and I am so moody I cannot be around anyone for any length. I get extremely irritated and I am cutting all my engagements, I have a horror body even after a lot of weight lost Im bigger now. I am disheartened been following 1200-1400 diet. High fat led to fat gain and I also cut sugar as I think this contributed I used to be ripped. I have no idea what happened
Kunal Gujjar (1 month ago)
Can you please share the diet for this programme
SO the question is can you have a positive nitrogen balance without being in a calorie surplus? Because otherwise how are you supposed to put on muscle without bulking(aka being in a calorie surplus)
Eddie Diaz (2 months ago)
Does creatine make you bald?
Chip Skyler (2 months ago)
Clean bulk is the way said jeff. Ok done deal reducing carbs and increase protein intake.
English Deplorable (2 months ago)
If the Multiverse Theory is true, then somewhere out there is a universe where me and Jeff are mates, I'm ripped and we both fly F-14 Tomcats and tell each other that we can be each others' wingmen anytime. I just need to figure out how to get there and then kill ripped F-14 me.
Kubanja Andrew (2 months ago)
I respect you bro.... mostly because of the information in this video....
Andy Torres (2 months ago)
What if... i dont care about my food and i keep working out everyday??
Akash Rana (2 months ago)
Why we men's get belly fat instead of fat at arms Which can make bulking and cutting more easier
Captain Anonymous (2 months ago)
0:22 literally me
Letoi Aselemo (2 months ago)
1:30 He is spitting nothing but facts! Thank you for looking out for us Jeff! 👍💪
Sahesh Choudhary (2 months ago)
Really helpful
Captain Rhodes (2 months ago)
well Ive lost 70lbs and I can lift more now than I could when I started. im no expert so would appreciate an opinion on this. I dont have big gains or anything but I look better. but I can bench 100Kg now and when I started I could only do 75. so can muscles get stronger without getting bigger? I guess they can...
Leather Neck (2 months ago)
5:00 steroid itch?
Leather Neck (2 months ago)
If you want to grow in height... Viagra!
Bijen Saadeti (2 months ago)
I still don’t understand the difference (in the exercises) for cutting!! Do you still do the same lifting exercises based on lesser weight with more reps or simply reduce your food intake??!?
Sam Marek (2 months ago)
Shout out to everyone who's bulking without working out 🙏🙏
Jonathan Profitt (2 months ago)
Love you Jeff! You’re a real one👌🏿
Cesar Bernal Arevalo (2 months ago)
I started my journey off at 211 pounds and now I’m at a whopping 178 and I have an normal BMI 24.8 but I’m going to drop that too 23’s range. I’m concerned with the bulking phase I’m not too sure if I need to workout more or consume more protein while in a caloric deficiency. Any tips?
supergeared (2 months ago)
He's got bitch tits jeff lol
angryzombie (2 months ago)
Wtf is your point that you want to convey???
Yue Fei (2 months ago)
You look 30. On a side note. After my 20lbs fat loss because I was seriously overweight, my Dietitian told me That I should maintain my diet (the one she assigned to me previously) while increasing my protein intake. It’s exactly what you’re proposing: Hypo-caloric with high protein intake. The main focus is of course me hitting the gym and lifting weights
About7 8rocks (2 months ago)
So bottom line. Eat a little less
Alex Amaya (2 months ago)
Im not sure... i bulked for 4 months got my squat up to 350 deadlift to 385 bench 235 and added alot of muscle to my legs and shoulders. I couldn't have done that on a deficit, ive tried. However, Everyone is different
HavokStrifeX (2 months ago)
A lot of people don't really get what Jeff is doing here. I mean, look at the name of his program: ATHLEAN-X. It's a play on "Lean" and "Athlete." If you want to put on 50 pounds of muscle and look like a body builder, you should probably take a look at another channel. If you want an athletic look, and athletic strength, and be able to perform in a sport type environment, and have functional strength, not just muscles so god damn big you can't put your hands against your sides, then listen to him and take every word he says as gospel. Look at him. Look at Jesse. Watch him do his crazy advanced workouts. Look at the pro stick and ball sports guys he trains. This is what he does. He trains high level athletes, not World's strongest men or dudes with huge, but useless outside of big 3 lifts, muscles.
ReasonableRadio (22 days ago)
I mean I'm sure they could put one or two more lifts in with their muscles
Amu Cheeki (1 month ago)
There is no way anyone can get that big without gear,nature put a limit to our growth mostly to wipe our ass so we dont get caught in the bush by the smokey the bear.
Frank Chen (1 month ago)
is olympic weightlifting considered a sport lol
Jms6 66 (2 months ago)
Take it I’m the only person stuck in a cut 😅
Jaxx d (2 months ago)
I dont understand. If his weight stayed the same, why is he talking about hypocaloric diet? If weight stays the same doesnt that mean that calories intake is the same? Can someone explain. If I dont get more calories or even get less calories how will I gain weight and muscle, coming from a skinny guy, don’t I need to eat more?
hani alshabat (2 months ago)
If i want to add weight and get heavier as i am too low weight now should i bulk or what do i do then?
Hossam Moghrabi (2 months ago)
But Mike Matheus says it is not correct.
Youtub (2 months ago)
You talk about positive nitrogen outtake, ok I fear I won’t be able to get that much protein in me, I usually just eat what my family has but I always try and be super hydrated and get a lot of sleep, can that make up for it?
MRsjovealek (2 months ago)
You can supplement your protein
Moodiam (2 months ago)
No Jeff, youre the same size everyday
Terrance (3 months ago)
Goddamn it, Jeff. I needed this today. Thanks as always.
Sabotage Elite (3 months ago)
What macronutrient ratios do you suggest for lean bulking. As you said protein must take priority. What of the other two?
Sabotage Elite (2 months ago)
MRsjovealek my question is regarding the optimum ratios of each macronutrient in order to lean bulk
MRsjovealek (2 months ago)
Protein, fat, carbs and micro nutrients from vegetables
Matthew Rolle (3 months ago)
I bulked but have a bit of a belly. Lol
The Puneslay3r (3 months ago)
Don’t understand the ‘hypocaloric’ part does this mean burn cals than you consume if so how do you burn that many calories in a day
James (3 months ago)
Will whey protein help??
Mike G (3 months ago)
Watching this again and asking myself how his weight changed between those two photos because I know it didn’t stay constant.
Simple and Easy (3 months ago)
00:50 rofl....😂😂😂🤣🤣
kaylib debusscheree (3 months ago)
Wut if ur cut af but small n only weigh 130
chris gerrard (3 months ago)
That guy probably just was on vacation for a couple weeks! Muscle memory is real guys.
Kalfax plays (3 months ago)
how do i know if im in a balance or whatever? im doing a keto diet.
Realm Walker (3 months ago)
What protein brand would you recommend? I've lost a lot of weight (26kg) over a longer period of time, and now I'd like to do more weight training rather than tons of cardio. Didn't drink too much proteins throughout my training sessions, so personally, I have no idea what to choose. Any help is appreciated.
Igor (3 months ago)
So you saying recomping is the way?
Rene H. (3 months ago)
Holy shit i stopped to cut my calories after the first 45 secs into this vid.lets get a cheeseburger XD
Super Unknown (3 months ago)
So I'm 5"7 weigh 215 right now.id.like.to get.down to 200 or even 190.long.term.goal I jog,Sprint.when I can.lol go to the gym 3.to 4.days a week sooooooo what's a good calorie intake for someone like me daily?
PF68 (8 days ago)
I guess you figured it out by now but if not just use an online calculator to get a starting point then adjust your intake the get the results you want
BIGMANTING (3 months ago)
jeff's a belieber lol
Robert (3 months ago)
This is an absolutely GENIUS video. Thank you!
Mini Surf (3 months ago)
Wait a minute....did you just say bitch tits in the beginning😂😂😂

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