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Usher - Yeah! (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris

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Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/Usher_Sptfy?IQid=y... Buy Confessions: Amazon - http://smarturl.it/usher_conf_amzn?IQ... iTunes - http://smarturl.it/usher_conf_itunes?... Google Play - http://smarturl.it/usher_conf_gplay?I... About Confessions: Confessions is Usher's fourth studio album, reased in 2004 by Arista Records. Confessions debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and has been certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As of 2012, it has sold 10 million copies in the US. Follow Usher on Twitter: http://smarturl.it/Usher_TW?IQid=ytd.... Follow Usher on Instagram: http://smarturl.it/Usher_Insta?IQid=y... Like Usher on Facebook: http://smarturl.it/Usher_FB?IQid=ytd.... Subscribe to the Usher YouTube Channel: http://smarturl.it/SubUsherVEVO?IQid=... #Usher #Yeah #Vevo #RandB #OfficialMusicVideo #LilJon #Ludacris Lyrics: Peace up, A-Town down I'm in the club with my homies, tryna get a lil' v-I, Keep it down on the low key, cause you know how it feels. I said shawty she was checkin' up on me, From the game she was spittin' my ear you'd think that she knew me. So we decided to chill Yeah (yeah) shawty got down an' said come and get me Yeah (yeah) I got so caught up I forgot she told me Yeah (yeah) Her and my girl would be the best of homies Yeah (yeah) next thing I knew she was all up on me screaming"
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Text Comments (52892)
y'all better know every word and ad lib 🔊
Nurfatihah Ibrahim (4 hours ago)
Kurt Bateman (4 hours ago)
So gimme the rhythm and it'll be off with they clothes
Aicha Essekai (6 hours ago)
Best beat in the universe
Dman21 (6 hours ago)
My 1996ers!
Tyrone Robinson (7 hours ago)
i enjoyed it hi
Sooo nice 👍🏻
Divya frthhhgtdews (8 hours ago)
After this song am not able to listen to any other Usher song... I Only keep coming back to "Yeah!!!"...This song is Usher at his Best...
Papa Nappa (8 hours ago)
Black peoples when they hear this song
Chelsea Ibanez (9 hours ago)
Take me back to the zeros
Darryl Mccomish (12 hours ago)
I just came here for Lil Jon how the fuck is he famous man he just sits in the back screaming Yeah and makes loads of money..... Can i get his joab ?
Barberia Toretto (13 hours ago)
Peru presente like!!!
Artem Orlov (13 hours ago)
2002 music
Artem Orlov (13 hours ago)
top music
Chrystian Silva (13 hours ago)
Muito foda essa música nostálgica
هادي الخلافي (15 hours ago)
RxbertXVII (15 hours ago)
Anybody watching this in April 2019?
Sweet Candy (15 hours ago)
😈👄👄👄👄👄💗 Twin cities thg usn
Sajjad (15 hours ago)
Shakur Angus (16 hours ago)
This could release in 2019and still sound new
Mr. Valdi (17 hours ago)
Pertama dengar lagu ini di PC Pentium 4, di Windows media player punya win XP. Hahahah
Audrey Hayes (18 hours ago)
tre trau offical (18 hours ago)
ichsanul madjid (18 hours ago)
Damn! This song bring me back to 5 years old me
مصطفى حلمى (18 hours ago)
المصريين جنبى هنا
Sagibai Nurshat (20 hours ago)
My Mobile (20 hours ago)
Pro btw (21 hours ago)
2019 ?
AnythingAtAll (21 hours ago)
WargaGK (22 hours ago)
Playstation 2, PES
درب التبانه (23 hours ago)
7 granmy
Nadeem Akhtar (23 hours ago)
If this song would have released in 2019 then it would have been a blast
Jasim Ali (1 day ago)
Latif KılıçHD (1 day ago)
I'm listening just for Ludacris
Prochester 2005 (1 day ago)
Gestern im Club gehört und dabei abgegeangen wie sonst was 👌👌👌es ballert einfach immernoch
Alexandru Nicolas (1 day ago)
Romania , nu va mai ascundeti:))
лол лал (1 day ago)
Почему Мистер Макс набрал 146 млн. За 5 месяцев, а ШЕДЕВР за длительное пора?? Кстати привет из Рашки)
Zedd_ CZ (1 day ago)
rap god
NATALIA SOUSA (1 day ago)
Abril 2019🇧🇷✌
Mark Younger (1 day ago)
This song was in a list of "pop" songs. This is not a pop song.
Bolinho Fofo (1 day ago)
Tututu tututu tututu
Cat Women Boo (1 day ago)
Cat Women Boo (1 day ago)
AllefFreefire !! (1 day ago)
2019 ??
I remember I had this downloaded on my iPod Nano
Rose Fung (1 day ago)
que baston pinga
Celia Armanda (1 day ago)
Bons tempos
Ayşegül TR (1 day ago)
kabul ediyom bi türk olarak sevdiğim şarkılar arasında XD
Le _leux (1 day ago)
Walid Walid (1 day ago)
ماركي معاكم واحد كحل راس مزال يسمعها في 2019 هههههه
Ian Winter (1 day ago)
This could get to number one in the charts today!
Youcef Youyou (1 day ago)
Aisha Stewart (1 day ago)
2019 anyone ?😍
João Pedro (1 day ago)
1.25 × fica top
Hassan Hotait (1 day ago)
اجمل موسيقى
gamer sobrenatural (1 day ago)
Br da like
jayant shende (1 day ago)
Still 2019 🎶🔥🎶🔥🎶🤘
chris juratovac (1 day ago)
Back when singers could Actually dance
CYRUS MARIITA (1 day ago)
2019 .. ...A..P..R ..I..L ........ YEAH
Kelson McNamee (1 day ago)
This song aged well, my cousin is not good with rap music and I asked her when did she think this song was made. She said 2018 and it’s 2019 right now lol
Galina Ahmedova (1 day ago)
Galina Ahmedova (1 day ago)
2019)) Есть такие?
Lokmane lok (1 day ago)
2019 😈
gavin love (1 day ago)
No one cares what year it is 😑
Đạt Phạm (1 day ago)
Shuu Tamanegi (2 days ago)
15 anos da melhor musica já lançada :v
En 2019 no se para!! The best song bro!! 🤩🤪
Fuzzy Mammal (2 days ago)
Who’s bumping to this 2019
Faruk Taha (2 days ago)
Bana bak muharremden gelen varmı? +1 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
the pandaman (2 days ago)
Ready for "Who's watching in 2019" comment
Shubham Vetkar (2 days ago)
A mader chode sante raha
Alex Sunderland (2 days ago)
Raymond Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Love this song
Christopher Ryan Gay (2 days ago)
It’s a DAMN shame kids these days will never have rap like this and this is coming from a 17 yr old
Geovani ZC (2 days ago)
Quie la escucha en 2019😎
Andy Kolb (2 days ago)
KEVIN FUCKIN JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
asep ruhimat (2 days ago)
Janette Barker (2 days ago)
Omg this song ! I remember ....
Daniele Pessoa (2 days ago)
Urek (2 days ago)
this banger will life forever <3
Me..I love usher songs My dad..hey I told you no usher songs your grounded
Me..ya I love this song usher
AYK VİDEOLAR. (2 days ago)
Nossa que saudades! Nostalgia pura de um tempo que não volta mais. 2019!
PiteaLotta Granstrom (2 days ago)
Samma'lika 💞 tack OK 👌 love. 🔔
yandere boss (2 days ago)
Kasia R (2 days ago)
jest moc fajne muzyka na impr 😊super chłopaki ☺
xXKingReyezXx (2 days ago)
Do people even listen to this still in 2019 or am I the only one
Sarah Franz (2 days ago)
Great memories omallys corner, and Jim portors 😊🙌🙌 back then it was all about danceing. 😊 No drama , no goossiping or stocking .
Mariya Apostolowa (2 days ago)
S.Lucas11 (2 days ago)
Sara (2 days ago)
people getting likes by commenting ''2019?'' makes me sick lmao
somedude (2 days ago)
Why this girl looks like the bluefacememe?
paulo liendre (2 days ago)
La vengo buscando de hace banda lpm
Aiden Reese (2 days ago)
Best song in the world. Love your music usher
timi sialtele (2 days ago)
2019 ?
henlo its abu! (2 days ago)
usher was my first love❤️
Unicornsandpopcorn76 (2 days ago)
shivraj shinde (2 days ago)
song Rock .........

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