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Mad Men "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" series finale, Coca Cola TV ad

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Classic final scene from the seminal seven season Mad Men series. Enjoy Mad Men™
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misha (1 day ago)
This ending is like a kōan, I've only just understood it after all these years. Jeeze
Andy Patterson (7 days ago)
One of the finest endings ever. Perfectly suited to the subtle comedy of the series. It teases a redemptive ark for Don then BAM he uses what should have been a learning experience as inspiration for an ad. It's up to the viewer whether its a good ending or not. Is it good that Don had a spark and is probably back at the top of his game after coming up with one of the world's most iconic ads? Or is it sad for the fact that he's back into his old tricks? He will continue to womanise, succumb to alcohol and feel empty inside. Very clever.
Daniel Warren (14 days ago)
Ahhhh shake along with me
Striker Lillith (19 days ago)
You dont wanna know where I found this...
Paul Culver (30 days ago)
All the downvotes don’t “get” it. Setting it up as Don Draper’s inspiration for writing one of the most successful ad campaigns of all time via McCann-Erickson was the perfect cherry on top of the Mad Men sundae.
Explorer (30 days ago)
What a shite ending, seems like they run out of ideas...
Jose Sandoval (1 month ago)
TheBasicHeim (1 month ago)
Just like most epic TV shows, which invoked feelings that I can't describe, this ending left me with a sombering feeling, but definitely one of a conclusion. Best adventure of mine going through this show. Loved it.
Jim Scribner (1 month ago)
This was actually WABC's Number 15 on their top 40 list in 1972 although the New Christie Minstrel's version was rated higher at Number 9.
Gilbertdu62 (1 month ago)
I'm still mad that Don didn't even share a scene with Roger in the last episode and only talked to Peggy on the phone. Betty's fate was a bit rushed too. And no Megan in the finale ? Really ?
whois waylon (1 month ago)
Imagine if at the last ding, the james bond Nancy Sinatra music kicks in once again and he looks to the nearest woman and winks lolol
Vini (1 month ago)
Wait, so he came back to NY and made this coke ad? That's what it is?
Geoff Brown (2 months ago)
When he smiled I thought they can't do the coke ad
BrutalTurtle (2 months ago)
reminds me of the end of Newsnight (BBC)
as123 Ferrdi (2 months ago)
capitalism always finds a way
Scott Holzknecht (2 months ago)
I heard someone speaking once who said that it's a BAD idea to send psychopaths to theropy because all that happens there is that they learn more about how to manipulate others. They get in-depth practice and insight into how best to fake, lie, deflect, "apoligize," and BS their way further down life's path. The theropist probably thinks they are helping but the pyscho is just faking it and learning new/better ways to posture guilt, remorse, reform, etc. He's ole Don...getting healed and learning about healthy community and relationships....yeah right.
Rebecca Braden (2 months ago)
Lovely, actually:) they should bring it back !
Bender Bending Rodriguez (3 months ago)
so between The Soprano's ending and Mad men's ending...which on is better?
Michelle Stewart (3 months ago)
Best series finale ever!
Raoul Duke (3 months ago)
"It's the real thing." The wonderful irony of that slogan in regards to Don, this was a truly perfect finale, I cheered when I saw it. Amazing show.
Jack war (3 months ago)
Don's great ending- a womanizer, an alcoholic , a liar & a cheat. What a great guy??????
Steve Hunt (3 months ago)
Gross fat people drink
outbacktrek (4 months ago)
shared <3
Adi (4 months ago)
A 7 season coke ad?
Razzle Dazzle (4 months ago)
Don finally learns to accept himself - and in doing so, is inspired by the retreat to formulate a ground-breaking ad campaign for coca cola. (no?)
allen collamore (4 months ago)
the one thing i never got about this scene (as good as it is) is that are they implying that don WROTE the coke ad?????
Realistikk513 (3 months ago)
Yeah. Definitely. His wheels are always turning. Even when he found inner peace and silenced the mind all it did was open the door for a fantastic idea to arrive.
agutterfan (4 months ago)
Loved "Mad Men", even though it was difficult watching the show here in the U.K. (changed TV networks, went subscription only), but I've got them all on DVD. Love this ending, it's perfect. You can see it as being optimistic (Don finds inner peace) or deeply cynical (exploiting the 60s youth dream of love and peace jsut to sell some product). Thanks for uploading.
Suutari4 (4 months ago)
This program was brought to you by Coca Cola
crackshack2 (4 months ago)
its actually AUM not OM
Euphoria (4 months ago)
This ending gives me such an intense feeling of excitement and happiness
Daddy Devito (4 months ago)
Just got done watching "Mad Men" I went into the show having no clue what it was even about, and after finally finishing it I am so glad I watched it! I really enjoyed the plot, the cast, and the series finale, truly a work of art.
Meris (5 months ago)
I find Stephanies appearance in the AD kinda creepy.
Meris (5 months ago)
So did Don go back to McCann to make that Coke add?
lifeof namda (5 months ago)
such amazing cast, really feels like they were real people from the 1960s. Especially Don Draper, What a Legend.
Mr Pablo The Series (5 months ago)
Ahhhhhhhhh just finished it. What a bittersweet ending. Shed a tear from my eye. Arguably one of the greatest tv shows of all time.
vinceffect X (5 months ago)
OMG so the reverend wasn't lying, he did invent the "buy the world a coke" commercial! (sorry I had to! best crossover ever)
Steve Disbrow (5 months ago)
Don never cared about money (once he had it). That was never his primary motivation. He used his personal experiences to develop mind-blowing advertising strategies (focused on how the product made you "feel"). But imagine, advertising a product (Coke) and in the process, bringing all people of the world together? WOW! Leap ahead to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter...You are now are the "product", and you promote it every time you use it. What's the next chapter? How about the "advertising" of the best solutions for our world? Go to Disney World and see the international visitors there... NY City, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, etc... The USA & Europe have human waves moving there each year seeking opportunity... HOW YOU LIVE/OPPORTUNITY is the PRODUCT and people want this (to live a better life). Think how powerful this is. Imagine 1.3 Billion Chinese demanding FREEDOM.. 1.2 Billion Africans demand FREEDOM/ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. 1.3 Billion Indians (East India) demanding economic opportunity? Strong/growing economies make this possible. More peoples' lives are improving than ANY TIME IN WORLD HISTORY! Is it perfect? No, far from it. But we are living in a wonderful time.
LudvigIndestrucable (5 months ago)
Peggy Olson said that her ambition was to create something of lasting value, Don sneered back "lasting value? In advertising?". People are arguing whether this ending is 'cynical', as if the options are binary. While the advert is trying to sell something, it's doing it with a message of hope and love as opposed to fear and self-interest. If Don truly learned to marry his work with that message, it's anything but cynical.
Barrett Middleton (5 months ago)
Baltazar Guajardo (5 months ago)
ChubbyChecker182 (5 months ago)
Hahahaha that is brilliant. Never watched the show, but just heard about this ending, awesome.
Kallebe Oliveira (5 months ago)
Pedrada de série!
soirok (6 months ago)
The reverend was a psycho liar who claimed he came up with the "buy the world a coke" commercial.
Aug24th (6 months ago)
Over the time of the Show I hated Don more and more. Only Psychopaths would do all those things he did. Without showing any kind of learning curve and regret and understanding of consequences for his actions. The last few Episodes I scrolled trough the unnecessary Sex scenes. It just became so annoyingly awful to watch. The hate it brought up in me was too much. There is only one other character in TV History that is as easy to hate as he was. The Mother of Raymond in "everybody loves Raymond". The best moment in this whole 7 Season Show is actually some minutes before the End Scene where Don calls Peggy Olson just say good bye. This shows that even though she were seemingly just a secretary of his, what they gone trough and what she meant in his life was a key to finding peace. Would I recommend the Show? Probably only to people in jail who have too much time. OR watch Season 1-3 and then skip to the last one. ;) Most of the time they fuck. This Show could easily been cut down to 4 Seasons.
Aug24th (5 months ago)
I have seen everything you saw and came to a different conclusion. What makes you being in the right here? I mentioned why I believe it. What are your arguments for saying different?
Whoopsie DayZ (5 months ago)
+Aug24th You're exaggerating Don's actions a lot. He did a lot of things wrong but ultimately we can see and understand why. The fact you think he's a psychopath shows you don't really understand anything about the character, what he feels or is going through.
matias lucero (6 months ago)
Que buena serie y que buen final
KutWrite (6 months ago)
Thumb up for the scene, down for the ad! :P
Abram Sullivan (6 months ago)
Yeah this is the song that I pick for my last day at High school
John E. Doey (7 months ago)
I love this ending. The bottom line...the cynical view of it is just too satisfying...like a Coke.
Joshua Fagan (7 months ago)
Just wanted to say that I love how everyone in the comments has their own interpretation of the ending. I for one see it as incredibly optimistic and spirit-lifting (Weiner backs me up on this, for whatever that's worth) but I admit that it's not the only interpretation.
remon a (7 months ago)
Amazing how sophisticated with the last scene.. it's not a just for fun TV show.
Patrick Castellano (8 months ago)
Best tv series ever hands-down!
Timmy Too Turnt Up (8 months ago)
how to shill sugar water to the sheep
szylaj (8 months ago)
any zonelings here?
JINX that’s me (9 months ago)
1:15 that guy looks like Mattpatt from Game Theory.
Scott M (9 months ago)
I remember that commericial as a child of the 70's. It ran throughout the decade.
kimberly s (9 months ago)
On Kimmy Schmidt, Jon Hamm played Richard Wayne Gary Wayne and they said something about him thinking he invented the "Buy the world a Coke" commercial. Loved that
FRÓÐI (9 months ago)
Ironic cause coke is nothing but poison water....
L.J Fitzpatrick (9 months ago)
I cried at the ending but at the same time I was laughing because it was so fucking brilliant.
Nick Tite (9 months ago)
I loved this show
Abram Sullivan (10 months ago)
The greatest ending ever along with BREAKING BAD ending.
Whoopsie DayZ (5 months ago)
Breaking Bad ending was lame. What was the message? Walter becomes a little bit less of a douche and kills some nazis. Sopranos and Men Mad endings were both miles ahead.
Adam Robinette (10 months ago)
What I loved was the the ad was written into the show almost as Don's ode to Betty, who would have likely passed away by the time the ad came out. If you remember, she was the Coke cover model in Season One when McCann was trying to get Don to come on board. And the real ad itself was shot in Rome, which was her favorite place, and was the last trip they took together before they separated.
Amar Chhabra (10 months ago)
Loved this show. Breaking Bad & Mad Men were the greatest shows ever. Hard to top those two.
Whoopsie DayZ (5 months ago)
Sopranos and Mad Men. Breaking Bad doesn't really have as much depth as these two.
Rant Therapist (10 months ago)
I haven't drank any soda in 2 years and honestly nothing would make me happier right now than a nice cold sizzling conk or bepis.
Eli (10 months ago)
0:33 kinda sounds like a light bulb sound .............
Diego González (10 months ago)
I honestly thought this was a joke haha
BetaDre.TV (10 months ago)
is that michael blackson at 1:37
Whoo711 (10 months ago)
I'd like to teach the world to fap in perfect harmony
Callum Flanagan (10 months ago)
Go back and watch S5 E8 Lady Lazarus - this is when Don realises Music is going to be so important in advertising
dsn1964 (10 months ago)
I haven't read through all the comments, so forgive me if someone mentioned this. This is 1970. (the scene). The famous 'Buy the World a Coke' commercial is 1971. Don spends the last two episodes basically burning bridges. I interpreted this scene.......especially the smirk right before the commercial starts......to show the genesis of Don's idea for Coca Cola. It's like he'll fly back to NYC for the idea and all will be forgotten when this iconic idea is proposed and the firm makes some $50-million off of it. It's like the finale is saying "Don ain't done yet, sports fans". OK. Flame away....lol
WTC7 Diagram (10 months ago)
tokyworld (10 months ago)
McCann wasnt the ad agency of Coca Cola if I recall correctly. So the ending implies that Don went back to McCann got the Coca Cola account and then went on to pitch and develop the greatest Coke ad. Which is diametrically opposite from what he was doing "finding himself"
J.F.L. Bousquet (8 months ago)
He did find himself. But it turns out he is what he is, and his purpose in life is working in advertising, being creative and selling ads to big companies. No "spiritual mindfulness" or shit like that, he just accepts who he really is.
Cd B (10 months ago)
I loved this show, and forced myself to watch the low times (everything after season 3). This finale, like everything in seasons 4-7, was a mess. A plot that dragged along forever and with pointless storylines. Still, it was sad and a bit emotive watching the finale. Even at its worst, Mad Men managed to be better than 80% of shows out there.
Jacob Finlay (11 months ago)
Great choice of video to place an Ad. advertising standards agency
Walt Hamer (11 months ago)
My grandma says that Mad Men is one big product placement fiasco.
C.J. Anstey (11 months ago)
And sincere thanks to McCann Erickson and the creators, Bill Backer, Roger Cook, and Roger Greenaway. Without them desperate Don would have had no inspiration to find
Adheil (1 year ago)
What a fantastic ending.
jhon doe (1 year ago)
I like to buy the world cancer and sugar addiction with a coke
TheLyingTruthTeller (1 year ago)
I'd like to teach the world to drink shit that will rot its teeth so all dentists may stay in work while the coke corporation remains at peace
Regina Fela Adu (1 year ago)
This was beautiful!
A2 UKR (1 year ago)
awesome stuff !!!
Vintage Mixer (1 year ago)
I hate coke
I miss my man DD
Christos Ioannou (1 year ago)
It’s all about happiness!
Isabelle Culpi (1 year ago)
Joseph Bacha (1 year ago)
I would've preferred seeing an ending on season 13! The kardashians outlived mad men??
Whoopsie DayZ (5 months ago)
Having many seasons usually means the TV show is trash. Good actors and writers can't keep up great quality for longer than about 7/8 seasons. After that it will always get repetitive and the cast and writers will want to move on. Knowing when to end a show is an art by itself.
uchihadante77 (1 year ago)
Just finished watching this amazing series 2 hours ago. My new personal favorite.
Christoffel Middel (1 year ago)
joanas (1 year ago)
Can someone explai to me who Don Draper is and what he had to do with the series and the coke ad
Whoopsie DayZ (5 months ago)
Just watch the show
Bella Australia (1 year ago)
ha ha awesome ending.
Eoin Brennan (1 year ago)
Mad men was a show like no other. I miss it so much. Theres some really good shows like GOT and west world, but mad men was operating on another level. Not a better level, just deeper and more profound.
Nately22 (1 year ago)
Quite frankly one of the most poignantly beautiful endings to a television series ever.
Ana Rosa Neves (1 year ago)
Amazing final episode!! Love it!!
Ivak (1 year ago)
He finds nirvana and sells it
The suicidal Indian (1 month ago)
Sounds like trump
Michael Huston (2 months ago)
Exactfuckingly. He has his eurekra moment, and sells it for the price of a bottle of soda.
jalpat 22 (2 months ago)
and if you calls now, you get free jacuzy with champagne holder.
Aloha _ (5 months ago)
Ivak finally someone gets it.
GEx86 (1 year ago)
Best way the series could have ended. Master piece.
Jeff Maylor (1 year ago)
The CUCK generations theme song.
Maison (1 year ago)
God fuckin damn. Amazing.
Sara De Santis (1 year ago)
"New day, new ideas and new you"
n n (1 year ago)
"everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same"
Mikkel Madsen (1 year ago)
If anybody ever thought that there is an inherent contradiction between counterculture and capitalism, this ending effectively kills it :-) A fitting end to the series, and Draper finding his "Buddha nature", so to speak. He might be a terrible father (the oldest daughter), he most certainly is a bad husband (Betty and Megan) and he is basically not a good leader of employees (Peggy). But he is a terific ad man, and that is what he realises in the end. He relates to the world, not as a father, husband or leader of his employees, but thru his ads. Combining the progressive with the commercial (the Coke commercial with mixed etnicities) - this is how he relates to and influences the world.
Joel Ebsworth (6 months ago)
There is something he fires back at a hippy in the early seasons when they're in a spoken word bar in Greenwich Village. The hippy says to him something about " Broadway being the birthplace of mediocracy". Don calmly rebuttals, "It may be born there, but it is conceived here". Shots fired at counter-culture and it's inevitable salvation in the free market. I think I had to reverse engineer the entire show after watching it through initially. There is so many ties to the finale that it's impossible to conclude that Weiner was winging it. Brilliant show
"hey I'm a scorpion"....!
Niniogorila (1 year ago)
Great series final ever. Perfect.

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