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www.DieAntwoord.com Album: TEN$ION Directed by NINJA and Terence Neale Director Of Photography: Alexis Zabe Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh at Left Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films Post production by Blade Titles and special touches by Pushbak Next Level gear supplied by Panavision and Media Film Service KEZIA EALES runs this muddafucka
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Text Comments (181767)
NIKOLA JUDO (29 minutes ago)
Miranda Hill (34 minutes ago)
That's 6 min and 55 secs of my life I can't get back .😭😭
BZeshnik (42 minutes ago)
Кто из Рашки пришёл сопоставить с скибиди?
larrabeejl (56 minutes ago)
1:13 am yep time to go to bed
Jaime Gutierrez (59 minutes ago)
Its so weird how they dress
marie saaas (1 hour ago)
it's jo jo siwain 20 years
1:38 is that allowed?¿😂
angel_bunny (2 hours ago)
Why is no one talk about the girl on the right at 5:02 She’s knows what she’s doing XD
Calvin Luong (2 hours ago)
Cristanhot (2 hours ago)
Maes alguien mas habla español y no entiende ni picha?
Daquanisha Gurl (2 hours ago)
Why do I feel like this is Sharpay and Ryan Evans from High School Musical but on crack
Angel Rivera (2 hours ago)
wtf is this shit
Kitkat 10v3 (2 hours ago)
I thought this was an anime song...
CallMe Chuy (3 hours ago)
What tf did I just watch this shit is dumb asf hell nah it’s stupid as fuck
Cool Cat (3 hours ago)
*eyebrows left the chat*
Laney Volker (3 hours ago)
John McCracken (3 hours ago)
These guys were the people from Chappie
slshr (3 hours ago)
1:39 demonitized
slshr (3 hours ago)
chappie anyone?
Skrillex skillz (4 hours ago)
Bro she ugly And dumb
Kandy Liese (4 hours ago)
Edith Sultan (4 hours ago)
10:34 I saw the mans peepee
V3mPr0 PubG (4 hours ago)
Q porra q eu tô fazendo da minha vida kkk
MadiRosaBelle (5 hours ago)
Wanda and cosmo ain’t slick 6:10
Malware Malachi (5 hours ago)
2:19 is when it starts
Lps_Angel (5 hours ago)
Anyone else see the twilight poster
JBird117 (5 hours ago)
That camel toe though
UnkownGenes (5 hours ago)
Now All The Kids Are Here From Tik Tok Fucking Kill Me Anyone Else Here From 2012?
Quy Mai (5 hours ago)
What the hell did i just watch my eyes oh my eyes 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😓😓😓😓😷😷😷😭😭😭
Veloxify (6 hours ago)
MR T is the real nigga go fuck your self dumb cunt. 卍
splitz (6 hours ago)
Is this a threat?
IVAN JONES (6 hours ago)
She's a slut
50cal Caleb (6 hours ago)
Body says 18...face says 35...I'm so confused
CANAL FITNESS (7 hours ago)
FODA-SE! Graças a Deus 2012 morreu! E esta macomba devia morrer com ele! Pqp PK que isto apareceu nos recomendados!? Pelo amor de deus!
Golden Maknae Oof (7 hours ago)
Which ones the little sister? They all look like dudes
Juan Fernando Sanchez (7 hours ago)
Tfue's family xdxd
em's life (7 hours ago)
I'm a citizen of God and america what... oh yeah donald trump is our president WE ARE FINE we were all gonna get raped any ways 😂
jessica hernandez (7 hours ago)
Qué groseros 😤😤😤😤😤😤
Lauren Seigel (7 hours ago)
her shirt "who needs tits" lol !
T.J.Boyd (7 hours ago)
3:53 If that’s a crease it’s at the perfect spot
Addyson Christopher (8 hours ago)
WTF did I just witness
seils aseris (8 hours ago)
Aren't these the actors from chapi
Flavio Lyn (8 hours ago)
Que poha é essa?
luiz gustavo (8 hours ago)
Kd os BR
Kỵ sĩ Bóng đêm (8 hours ago)
4:29 do you guys see that?
Seahawk 0622 (8 hours ago)
She looks like the girl from chappie
Galaxy :v (9 hours ago)
bitte ein bit (9 hours ago)
Were her parents watching somebody who was shaking cats on TV? It's kinda weird XD
Anthony Ant (9 hours ago)
why is this is my recommendation
Dhara Vallabhaneni (9 hours ago)
He’s. So. Hawt. The first guy on the motor
Blazzing Alpha (9 hours ago)
Are they from chappi
Overdoz (9 hours ago)
Y'a rien qui vas dans ce clip bordel.
Vendo traductores a un like si comentas te llevas dos xD
Chapieeeee alguien vio la pelicula???
Federico Cozzolino (9 hours ago)
Dove l'hanno messo a chappy #umandroid
Joshbig Daddy (10 hours ago)
This is bad
Sep Kranenburg (10 hours ago)
I think My mind Need to rest for A moment
ethan wegner (10 hours ago)
i’m gonna kms now lmao
Jerry Gala (10 hours ago)
Why did this albino crackhead show up in my recommended?
NevexGameZ (10 hours ago)
holly shit you are so gay
WAZZUP P (10 hours ago)
what a shit
Adriana Balduzzi (10 hours ago)
WTF? O.o
Weird Potato is weird? (10 hours ago)
*SaLly Go BaCk InSiDe*
Laura Frances San Martin (10 hours ago)
resident grandevi (10 hours ago)
Acrinoツ (10 hours ago)
Giovanni Andrade (10 hours ago)
jarno SA (11 hours ago)
Subtitles says diet coke asks for a redbull wtf!?
me meme (11 hours ago)
Autotune level: MAXIMUM Annoying level: MAXIMUM
Caison Buckenham (11 hours ago)
Those poor pikachubslippers
Lexie Jones (11 hours ago)
The girl in this video is actually ugly asf how can she get a man
Emircan Tekes (11 hours ago)
Tik tok
Zsófia Rajcsák (11 hours ago)
zel deal (12 hours ago)
Wendy ouh ouh
Patricia Wolf 2 MSP (12 hours ago)
I have those pikachu shoes they r cute
leawesome xox (12 hours ago)
Dj Luxford (12 hours ago)
She's so fucking hot man savage her any day
Drakeman7 (12 hours ago)
Chappie lol
Nathen Smith (12 hours ago)
Am I the only one that think she is a meth head
Miep _324X (12 hours ago)
I love how this is almost 7 years old.😂 And I also love that there is no lyric video to this.
Play' Strat (12 hours ago)
Tô em choque
Rebecca Penn-dickens (12 hours ago)
That hair😝😝😝😝😝😝
Алина Кет (12 hours ago)
кушать российские?
Isobell Pearce (12 hours ago)
Kim Kooskoo (12 hours ago)
My Love song😍😍
Ocean Joeli (13 hours ago)
This is ugly
Jod Wilson (13 hours ago)
No words
Yuu Otosaka (13 hours ago)
What fuck
EvoDrift (13 hours ago)
Teriyaki boys, Tokyo drift??? Nope
DanielDJ 117 (13 hours ago)
No entiedo nada
Andrew Yarbrough (13 hours ago)
Why is there a lil kid a background dancer
MashaJ yt (14 hours ago)
How did I get here...I was watcking k pop 😂
Dexter Duckworth (14 hours ago)
6:44 wow
Marcos Jovino messias (14 hours ago)
Q porra e essa vey skskskskksskkss
PaulosK (15 hours ago)
Wtf is this abomination?

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