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Sean bean puts a big mouth black man in his place

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William Doubleu (12 hours ago)
Now that's the way to speak to loud mouthed blacks.
Liam Sheridan (5 days ago)
Where is from
anthony mckie (5 days ago)
Lee Coleman (9 days ago)
Mr you hit the nail on the head there
Rob Myers (9 days ago)
He aint no regular white boy he's sean fookin bean!
Get In (22 days ago)
Didn't even watch this. The so called title to this made me make this comment. The fact that some people felt the need to do this speaks volumes. People of Color are Supreme!!!!
Robert Cathcart (23 days ago)
What did Sean Bean say ? Oh that's right I remember -- ''shut yr cakehole you horrible sambo bastard or I'll rip yr head off and shove it up yr arse."
lakshen47 (25 days ago)
Sean Bean has already died a thousand times, you can't scare him.
Jack Murphy (1 month ago)
"That weren't no regular white boy"
Brown Pants (1 month ago)
0:14 lol
kungtony (1 month ago)
What's the name of this film?
Yahchannan howdavyah (2 months ago)
Fu?ĺ Sean bean
Alex Carbune (2 months ago)
White power !
Nonce (2 months ago)
TheThing2011 (2 months ago)
Sean Bean got stabbed in a pub and stayed to finish his drink. The scene is actually him just behind him.
Anthony Johnson (2 months ago)
Wow racism.
Nonce (2 months ago)
It’s not
Travis Bickle (3 months ago)
Jonathan Crayford Author (3 months ago)
Sean Bean - ain’t no regular white boy.
The Doctor (3 months ago)
Negros be bitches
gcHK47 (3 months ago)
After liberating Osgiliath, Boromir doesn’t have the patience for arrogant black plumbers.
Aleksandar Vil (5 months ago)
*Winter. Is. Coming.*
SUFC1889 (5 months ago)
You can take the man out of Sheffield but you can’t take Sheffield out of the man 🤛🤛🤛
Aleksandar Vil (6 months ago)
Ned Stark in Summer Isles
Rafat Muiz Mahmud (6 months ago)
hey! NED Stark what r u doing here ?
Chairman Meow (6 months ago)
Hey it's Hightop from Colors❗
Aleksandar Vil (6 months ago)
Ned Stark in Dorne
Sacrificial Lamb (6 months ago)
Dornish people ain't black, they're Mexican. Black people are found in the Summer Isles and Sothoryos.
d costo (8 months ago)
lol , no violence , im irish , ya there is still plenty of tough white boys , he a tough geezer , that why he was in the movie the field , and beat the aul yank up .
Gil Finnigan (8 months ago)
The north remembers
tiffany griggs (8 months ago)
Knightrider or Grand Wizard?
Vacant Joy (9 months ago)
What film is this from?
Alleyup1994USA (10 months ago)
Glen the fawwkin plumah
Critic224 (11 months ago)
What film is this ?
Jaqen H'ghar (11 months ago)
When Eddard Stark went to Essos
TheLaughinAssassin (1 year ago)
That was funny, one does not simply mess with a Scotsman.
john 815 (3 months ago)
He's from the north of england, sounds nothing like scottish!!
Leigh Pemberton (5 months ago)
Carly (6 months ago)
He's not scottish 🤔
Jemma Kellett (1 year ago)
BOOM! Don't be messing with a northern man as fine as Sean!! Damn he's sexy!
Luke Kennedy (1 year ago)
The accent of a real man!!! Must admit though I don't think he would use them words....thats quite polite for an angry Yorkshire man, I'd expect more c**t words and he would definitely not say emergency ward....hospital would do.
Derek Martin (1 year ago)
I think blacks
DAN FREEMAN (1 year ago)
This is white male fantasy. Straight joo dog bullshit. Even Rocky Balboa is fantasy joo dog propaganda. As little as Glenn Plummer is, he would've put a foot in hooknoses ass, & left him there. Dude isn't Jason Statham. This is a fuckkken cartoon!
Richard HumberstonePT (1 year ago)
Yorkshireman - nicest folk you can meet, just don’t take the piss.
Yolo Swaggins (1 year ago)
This kinda loses it's charm when you realize he probably died later in that movie.🤣
Sean Brennan (1 year ago)
0:59 to 1:06 when someone won't shut up snapchat
Liz Quinn (1 year ago)
He is half Irish as wel Jez😠
Jayzilla (1 year ago)
Everyone jerkin off to this video but if this was real Sean would've got one to the head and would be dead.
john 815 (3 months ago)
I seriously doubt that
nick howard (1 year ago)
what film is this??
Skaði the Jötunn (1 year ago)
Ned fookin Stark
Stuart Wells (1 year ago)
What exactly was Sean's interest in the car in the first place?
Kami Hun (1 year ago)
Blacks are so retarded!
Keith Jordan L (1 year ago)
Kami Hun Bitch this isn't real, It's fake it's called acting, Dumb bitch
Supersonic (2 years ago)
that was fantastic
Marmiteman8767 (2 years ago)
I'm a Londoner and have always got on better with northerners for some reason they tent to be more sociable than southern folk.
Dandramere (3 months ago)
Well it's part and parcel of not living in a city of sociopathic foreigners who hate you. Cool eh? MAD LAAAAD!
Joe Evans (1 year ago)
Come to Gloucester, many people are pure scum, but won't even give you the time of day and say hello. Get me the fuck outta here!
Exviking 6709 (1 year ago)
Marmiteman8767 totally agree fella, I'm from Essex, lived in Southampton for 8 years, then 8 years in Manchester been in Leeds for the last 4, I have found that southerners are boring miserable sods compared with northern folk, although I add Manchester is far more relaxed than Leeds, Yorkshire folk are still a little stand offish in comparison
ross (2 years ago)
sean bean fucking could have him as well. he's a proper ard northern bloke
birdandthe (2 years ago)
met plenty of big mouth blacks, i wish i had a magnum.
Mr Mayhem1215 (2 years ago)
What movie is this?
ElectroPup (2 years ago)
Those black bastards needs to go away. And that stupid n-word they used, I think they are the most annoying people that can piss me off a lot. What the actual fucking crap is happening to the world?
Keith Jordan L (1 year ago)
Jonathan Thomas Tube Reborn Fuck you and Fuck off
Samuel Bridges (2 years ago)
Oooohhh got Told.
K_Man (2 years ago)
Sean Bean vs a black man. Who dies first?
MadwaffleGamin' 2001 (6 months ago)
PressA2Die (2 years ago)
LMAO underrated comment
Bran McManflakes (2 years ago)
Sean dramatically dies of blood loss after he wins
pyrophobia133 (2 years ago)
Sean Bean isn't dying in this scene
Dale Strobe (2 years ago)
Welcome to the North
Exviking 6709 (1 year ago)
Happy Larry sorry meant to point out, the school is in Scunny
Exviking 6709 (1 year ago)
Dale Strobe not so sure that's true fella, my old squaddie mates lad has to learn about Islam in religious studies (by that I mean it's not optional)
Happy Larry (2 years ago)
Scunthorpe cunts take no SJW shit
Happy Larry (2 years ago)
shut the fuck up
Sir Sumumabitch (2 years ago)
Glenn Plummer gets to portray a character called Glenn the Plumber(One letter missing on the door,Making it PLUM ER is just too nice a touch)  and get very humiliated. Since its the best role he´s gotten in like the last 15 years...there´s some dark,twisted meta-humor on display here.
Oscar Gurung (2 years ago)
"ain't no regular white boy" hahahahaha love my brothers and sisters
Humanophage (2 years ago)
Amusingly, the real British working class kept voting Labour, even as it stopped being about the working class and flooded the major cities with third world immigrants in search of guaranteed votes. They were less able to stand up for their country where it mattered, instead choosing to engage in traditional voting patterns.
That Channel (5 months ago)
+Goreuncle Europeans coming to other white lands is ok. Foreigners coming to white lands and acting like they own the place isn't
Leigh Pemberton (5 months ago)
+Goreuncle Kalergi Plan.
Goreuncle (6 months ago)
@Humanophage What's really amusing is your ignorance and obvious bigotry. ALL the Western countries have taken in millions of immigrants during the last decades (like they always have), regardless of the parties that happened to be in power. Hell, if you trace your family ancestry just a few generations back, you'll find immigrants, it's inevitable. Not so long ago, those "third world immigrants" came from places like Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Poland, etc. Do yourself a favor and think a bit before writing such retarded crap...also, do some serious research on the topic.
The Brand (7 months ago)
Humanophage idiots. like our wacky liberals in America.
Joe Evans (1 year ago)
Things change, my brother is a proper working class lad through and through and would have voted labour perhaps 30 years ago, but nope he votes conservative like many of his ilk do.
Sturgeon (2 years ago)
Those steel mills in Sheffield make some very hard lads
Andy Gill (2 years ago)
Only ppl wi brains would no
Happy Larry (2 years ago)
what's all this BLM shit your talking about
Andy Gill (2 years ago)
Born and bread at the coooling towers tinsley ! Im a miller
Supernova Cinnamon (2 years ago)
I know I'm an owl, he's a blade, I knew that from when Saturday comes
Tommy Two-shoes (2 years ago)
Bean's a Blade, not an owl
Dan Harvey (2 years ago)
What film?
ehowie (2 years ago)
L.T. Haunter Getting Even With Dad.
Brythonic Man (3 years ago)
Yu don't mess wi' Yorkshire lads!
nemesisslr (3 years ago)
+Brythonic Man I live in the south and I think they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. However do not piss them off!
Jody McInvale (3 years ago)
That was fucking awesome!
Bullet-Tooth Tony (3 years ago)
Listen op Glen the fockin' plumba' you blacks think ya all so fockin' bad? Well ya aren''t. Ya think all white people fear ya? We don't. Now shut ya fockin' mowth... or i'll put ya in the fockin' emergency ward got it?
Bullet-Tooth Tony (2 years ago)
+Al Stone lol
Al Stone (2 years ago)
Actually I believe the letter you are looking for is U ;)
thesanctityoflife (3 years ago)
If tha does owt for nowt....
Unknown (3 years ago)
So fucking racist
Exviking 6709 (1 year ago)
Arthur Jigga boo sooo fucking dumb !!!
gary whitworth (3 years ago)
+Abdillahi Sheikh Ahmed Where's the racism ?
George Smith (3 years ago)
White Rose...
George Smith (3 years ago)
GWENALLT BOWEN (3 years ago)
English rapist paedophile!!!! Chicken fucker!!💩💩💩💩
don't mess with mighty bean
Mr ? (1 month ago)
Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson 😒Uncle Tom
josh waring (3 years ago)
Glen the fucking plumber
SladeForelly (3 years ago)
can someone tell me whats going on?
SladeForelly (3 years ago)
where is this from ?
Whisky Galore (1 month ago)
eccy road 2013
Edgar De La Parra (3 years ago)
that.... was dope!
JABWORKS (3 years ago)
Sean Bean is one of my favorite actors, and I dislike the street thug, ghetto trash culture just as much as all of you here, expressing similar sentiments, but in real life, most likely, this scene would've ended with Sean having to to fight this black man. The likelihood of this situation, in real life, ending the way it did in this movie scene is about nil. Perhaps Sean would've beat the living crap out of the thug, without a doubt, but it wouldn't have been a simple, "Get in the thugs face, threaten him, stick a paper in his mouth and walk away..." . Highly unlikely.
Sir Sumumabitch (2 years ago)
There is nothing unlikely about it. You just changed the scenario to fit your skewed agenda. You emphasize that irl,beans charater who is a psyccho oul have trouble kicking a thugs ass...maybe but then he would likely shoot him or deal with him in another way. He behaved this cocky and intimidating partly cause he sized Glenn up an saw he was an everyday stiff,weak punk trying to live of the stereotype of The dangerous black thug...but he was no thug. He was a PLUMBER!! So...how is this scene unlikely?
Brythonic Man (3 years ago)
+JABWORKS True, but off screen Bean is a serious hard case. I live near where he was originally from and he's a decent lad, but he'd never back down from a fight. Sheffield is a tough area where men never mouth about what good fighters they are, they just get on with it.
PenPal (3 years ago)
Like any movie/tv series he's starred in, Sean Bean always ends up dead. But he dies fighting.
Paul Russell (3 years ago)
man Sean bean is a bad ass I'm dad would kick the black guys ass
Victor M (3 months ago)
Sean Bean is a motha****in' T-Rex!!!
Divlnorum (3 years ago)
Brilliant! :D
GWENALLT BOWEN (3 years ago)
Welsh don't take shit either!!
GWENALLT BOWEN (3 years ago)
+GoGamerz GnO I've forward this comment to google for racism so they put a spam on you,, and make sure you don't behave like a creep you are again!!👌👌👌👌
GWENALLT BOWEN (3 years ago)
+GoGamerz GnO the most hated nation on earth!!! Go and give a Muslim grief before he he blows you chicken fucker up!!🐔
George Smith (3 years ago)
loganit0 (3 years ago)
Didnt saw the movie but lemme guess, he died. Cause thats what he always do.
RodneyP (3 years ago)
Relbl (3 years ago)
Lol the end, 'he sum spanish nigga o sumfin' awesome!
Yuri Ivanov (3 years ago)
I like his northern English accent
canny beat a brit accent
Exviking 6709 (1 year ago)
Please join my new and improved channel -〉 errr scouse ?
cjordan walker (4 years ago)
don't you wish you had a set to stand up for yourself ? but this is TV and your name isn't Sean Bean more like Jelly Bean.
TacTundra (4 years ago)
Don't fookin mess with a man from Yorkshire mate ;D Sean Bean is my hero
Grigori Rasputin1990 (2 months ago)
even tho he's 160 pounds wet?
Gazz 999 (1 year ago)
wouldn't be that hard tho cause Sean bean always dies
Dan Harvey (2 years ago)
Imfrom Yorkshire as well. Dont mess with anyone from there. Trust me.
deacon van bismarck (3 years ago)
Lol yup
TacTundra (3 years ago)
+Mike Davis be sick if he did enit
Neil Miller (4 years ago)
SEE CHARLIE VARICK same senario with Joe Don Baker
Myrmidon Quake2 (4 years ago)
Glenn the fucking plummer. LOL!!
Meghan Davis (4 years ago)
oh man that's awesome, what movie is it from?
Chris Gaughran (4 years ago)
nice one :)
Meghan Davis (4 years ago)
I found it, tanks :D
Chris Gaughran (4 years ago)
David Williams (4 years ago)
Countless real live episodes of black people being insulted, beaten, lynched and murder on YouTube ...and it aint enough for some of you racist scumbags.You have to find a theaterical performance to work yourselfs up into sexual ecstacy!  How do any of you KNOW you are WHITE anyway? Really?
David Williams (1 year ago)
Exviking 6708 ...ex-Viking? Really, or is that in your dreams? I AM of real Viking descent and even have the genetic "Viking disease" to prove it ...look it up you plastic "Odin!" 1. I live in Denmark and I can tell you as a 100% fact that the police are easier on crime committed by the indigenous population as opposed to crime suspected by refugees and our first generation inhabitants. So the statistics cannot be trusted here and I am sure they cant be trusted elsewhere. Its known as bullshit statistics. 2. I call every dickhead like you a racist who gets an erection from thinking this is how you put black people in their place. 3. 2 answers 3 spindle-dick! 4. I am a conservative. Doesn't mean I have to buy into racism. 5. You never answered how you knew you were white? Maybe you think calling yourself an exViking qualifies you. It dont dick-weed! Even me with my genetics know I am not white. So how the fuck do you???? And in the spirit of the love you want to spread Why dont you spread your ass cheeks so the rest of your racist chums can kiss your anus? You must know the Vikings would rape their enemies just to humiliate them. I dont need to tell you that. They would stick it right up their asses and make them howl like sick dogs. They weren't gay. It was about power. Call me old fashion because It must be the viking gene in me that makes me want too humiliate you right now and go Viking on you and your comic Viking type!
Julious Bass (4 years ago)
only in hollywood
Jenny M (4 years ago)
I did the same thing to a fat, black man who threatened me and my son just because he did not like us. We never did anything to him, nor did we say anything to him. He was just nuts. I told him if he did not let us alone, he would meet his maker today. He ran away. Black people think they can get away with the most awful, puerile behavior
Cotch Corner (3 months ago)
Wow u racist, what has him being black got to do with him being a. Dickhead? Dickheads are dickheads no matter their race u foooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll
The Brand (7 months ago)
Jenny M they ain't shit.
DAN FREEMAN (1 year ago)
More like you whites that think they can pull that Tarzan shit. I've had to break a few white's that thought their size made a difference. They got that shit bad. Watch "ROCKY", or "RAMBO", & go nuclear. I've also seen them get so whipped, they never come back. Only white dude I've seen stand up in a Black gym was Pat "Irish" Lawlor, & he was tough, but he took a lot of shots too. He's affected by it now, but I remember when he was sharp. That's King's Gym in Oakland, which was also Andre' Ward's as well. This movie is Hollywood fantasy, & Glenn Plummer who is also Bay Area is only like around 5'6".
Berren Drown (4 years ago)
@Dial Square: You sir, have just demonstrated your own ignorance & extreme racial prejudice.
David Composer (4 years ago)
Ca$h I think.
John Hawkes (4 years ago)
Why is Sharpe giving eddy Murphy a stern talking to?
linked1one (4 years ago)
1:17 Spanish lol?
MORTIFICER (4 years ago)
Usually how it goes when a white actually takes time away from his job to stand up to a black.
evilempireUK (4 years ago)
Sean Bean visiting Ferguson, Missouri. :-)
TheDragon803 (4 years ago)
Winter has come to Ferguson...and gods help them because they are not ready....
Revcharge (4 years ago)
when Ned lost his cool.
Suk Mi Deek (4 years ago)
Real human bean...and a real hero...

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