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Converse, White Girl Obsessions and Guys Pics and Videos

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So I'm pretty much venting this whole video. I cut out the awkward silence parts though so you're not dying of boredom. Then again, you may get bored with me talking about Converse for a while. P.S. Uggs can be $100 to $300 (no thank you) ENJOY! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrKreutz Instagram: http://instagram.com/thegirlwithunagi Vine: https://vine.co/Mr.Kreutz
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converseloveruk (4 years ago)
Converse are pure sex appeal. Would love to see you in all of your converse sometime. I'll show u mine if you show me yours ;)
Jon Barr (3 years ago)
My white ones are brown now 😂
Homosexuwhale-af (5 years ago)
Uggs can be anywhere from$100 to $300
Grace Athena (5 years ago)
Haha yeah, not buying those anytime soon!

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