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Character Cool | Easy Braids | Demonstration Video

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Check out our new braideing machine Easy Braids which simply braids your hair for you! Each hair braid creates a beautiful 3 strand braid.➡️➡️➡️ SUBSCRIBE for a new video every week ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCER4qT0r26dFhpDCc98d8Sw?sub_confirmation=1 Once your braid is complete add the finishing touches with the elastics and purple and pink clips provided. If you want to be extra creative you can add ribbons to your hair braid too. It’s easy to do, simply load the hair into the 3 tubes using the hair separator and hooks and you’re ready to go! Press the braid button and a braid will appear instantly. Braid and decorate your hair like a real stylist with Easy Braids. Welcome to Character Cool from UK toy company Character Options, a family-friendly channel where we unbox and review the most coolest and creative toys & games! Experience a channel bursting with fun featuring toys from some of the hottest brands including Stretch Armstrong, Little Live Pets, Orbeez, Qixels, Laser X, Beados, Cutie Stix, Shimmer N Sparkle, Easy Nails, and more! With a new video every week, join in the fun and subscribe today its free. STAY COOL! Character Group PLC is one of the UK’s leading toy companies and is engaged in the design, development and international distribution of a wide range of licensed and non-licensed product. https://www.character-online.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/CharacterOnline
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Text Comments (426)
Toppy Boss Vevo (4 days ago)
Dum asf👀
Tamara DeLorme (5 days ago)
This would be awesome if it wasn’t a toy and durable!!!!
Aya Fatih (12 days ago)
How much it is and how can get one please
Ghalia Umer (15 days ago)
I want this machine
umm abdurrahman (27 days ago)
Buy it here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IMC-Toys-BMI-096073-Game-Lovely-Braid/303104571868?epid=6030214217&hash=item469270b9dc:g:hDMAAOSwlS1cjrTL
Brooke Allison (1 month ago)
nithu princy (2 months ago)
Good for silky hairs alone
Deirdre Moore (5 months ago)
There really really bad just stick the normal way don't waste your time and money
Barbara Jobling (6 months ago)
Barbara Jobling (6 months ago)
I have easy braids lola lou thats me
XRYTH SQUAD (6 months ago)
Naomi Shindou (7 months ago)
I braid faster by hand...and it doesn't get roots
nehir Diksoy (9 months ago)
banada yola
Loriliza Soliz (9 months ago)
That's cool it does it self that does look easy and more faster
whore cherry (9 months ago)
Sofia Jussila (9 months ago)
Tosi upeeta
Zaid Zssd (9 months ago)
I like it. WOW
Glance of Knowledge (9 months ago)
teen titans raven (9 months ago)
I love this
cam van tran thi (9 months ago)
VN có bán ko ạ
Fendra Pku (9 months ago)
Люблю Всех (9 months ago)
у меня была бы такая штука однако я избрала Барби за чтооооооо
Игорь Анрат (9 months ago)
По-моему легче попросту заплести
pawel drezek (9 months ago)
citroen Berlingo do mnie wiem D J ciągle gra wiem
NOOBIK BONBIK (9 months ago)
Лайк если российский.
Nelly Ambbri (9 months ago)
Itu beli dimana
نضوري تصوري (9 months ago)
هل يوجد منها في العراق 😍😍😍😍😍😍
ня пандочка (9 months ago)
Это естественно круто, слов дудки, однако такая морока х) Пока волосы заправишь, покамест поправишь Не легче уже самим заплести?
Чё за хрень...
Lilith (10 months ago)
Я будто-то резвее плету😅 Пустая растрата средств.
litl_ flaf (10 months ago)
1 проблема: и нахрена?
Vika Maiden (10 months ago)
Быстрее руками заплести
Miss Peppinezzz (10 months ago)
Русскоговорящие всюду!!!!!!
Lera mur (10 months ago)
Sofa Pupochek (10 months ago)
Да лучше и резвее руками заплести
Ubyfg Bugf (10 months ago)
Agatha Zhu (10 months ago)
I wish I have
Dhia Syarafana (10 months ago)
Cantik banget
megmed rasy (10 months ago)
Luks good machine
Как этот аппарат именуется
Nads wessels (10 months ago)
Beautiful video 💙💙
Terezinha Aparecida (10 months ago)
Я тоже для себя такое желаю
R. R. (10 months ago)
Only someone lazy would buy this 😶
Elisabeth Rodrigues (10 months ago)
Ucar Duygu (10 months ago)
Hello ❤️💖
Marghareth Trinidad (10 months ago)
Carachacter cool
Aliye Melissa (10 months ago)
Voll schön
عطر الحسين (10 months ago)
Msquare JYOTI VYAS (10 months ago)
Please tell me 🙁
Msquare JYOTI VYAS (10 months ago)
Whay is its price
Merlyn Santillana (10 months ago)
wow can i order that
dung le (11 months ago)
Bao nhieu vay
sara aliasi (11 months ago)
מהממם !
babu Das (11 months ago)
Worst. It's taken lots of time .by hands it's become a lot better.
MIYU N (11 months ago)
Moira Georgala (11 months ago)
Από πού το τρεις
Amira ounis (11 months ago)
Waw elle est bos,
Amira ounis (11 months ago)
واو محلاها محلاها محلاه زعما منين شريتها!! :!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Cruz (11 months ago)
this is so awesome but my mother don't want me to be happy
valli's kitchen valli (11 months ago)
pls rate
كم عددوهة
Yq Sari (11 months ago)
BeePloy ppp (11 months ago)
Nicold Martínez (11 months ago)
like si lo están viendo en 2018
bella monte (11 months ago)
شهودة تيفي (11 months ago)
وااااو وين الاقي هاااي😭😭
farah khan (11 months ago)
How can I order it
Judi JB (11 months ago)
so nise😲😲😲
Fathanah Arsyad (1 year ago)
Wow amazing 😇😇😇
Sri Kamy (1 year ago)
Easy braids
quoctu le (1 year ago)
I like
Fida Caem (1 year ago)
Wow pengen
Nelly Delgado (1 year ago)
me gudta
Noriana Demars (1 year ago)
Oh my God,that so cool i want that
nida quraishi (1 year ago)
Anas Malik (1 year ago)
Faye Blackwell (1 year ago)
where can buy that
Gaby Gama (1 year ago)
Eu tenho muito fazer uma unha fazer um bocado de coisa eu tenho mais de 500 brinquedos mais de 300
Gaby Gama (1 year ago)
Eu amei esse negócio eu te amo mas perdeu é a meus amigos não deixava ninguém tocar acreditar
Xhesi Metaj (1 year ago)
tio sasi anindia (1 year ago)
Itu beli nya pasti di engglis
yasmin ahnaf (1 year ago)
EXXITD. DNGSOK (1 year ago)
na0 im (1 year ago)
Look at the machine is so beautiful that I was fascinated to have one
na0 im (1 year ago)
I am very much you see but you tangled If this machine is to be more beautiful
na0 im (1 year ago)
I want to buy one
na0 im (1 year ago)
And send them back to Vietnam
na0 im (1 year ago)
How much money 1 so
Hoa Hguyen SF9해 (1 year ago)
>_<♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡kosher ray of ^_^ ^0^~~♡♡♡
Thuy Duong (1 year ago)
Ahziz De Guzman (1 year ago)
nasa mag kano kaya ganyan????😱😱😱😱 pabili ako sa daddy ko💯💕💯💯💯💯💯💯
Lia Alyani (1 year ago)
meni sae pisan hoyong ath alat kos ktu, mser d mna nya gais?
Artika Devi (1 year ago)
ESTHER RANI (1 year ago)
hi plz send your box name
Hasina Naik (1 year ago)
I like it

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