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Twin Teens: One Black, One White, Celebrate Their Differences

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Twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twins but most people wouldn't believe it based on their appearance. They have the same mom and dad but Lucy has pale white skin with red hair while Maria has a caramel complexion and thick curly black hair.
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Ehriykkah (8 hours ago)
that's actually so crazy and so fascinating. I wonder how common this is
Icy Roblox (3 days ago)
Is it just me or does one of them look like Mia from family fizz.
sirdukeofhazard (5 days ago)
The redhead stole my heart I would love to wake up to her face every morning
emma derose (5 days ago)
that is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen
The Yellow Dart Bubz (5 days ago)
I looked this up because I remembered the story when they were infants. Nice to see they've both grown up healthy and happy.
Origami and Cats (9 days ago)
Beautiful girls. They don't look completely different. They have similar features kind of like Betty and Veronica.
reyzn bran (10 days ago)
well the darker his hoter
biljce a (10 days ago)
This is really nice💕
CoffeePugs (10 days ago)
I mean, they do kinda look like but like,, literally just a different race
your mom gay (12 days ago)
Wait so the white girl can actually say the N word😂😭
And I Oop (15 days ago)
Th-that's not how it works
Lýnn (16 days ago)
I feel like ginger hair is the most common hair if you get opposite twins, not blond or brown
Bri Asta (18 days ago)
Woah never seen this episode of shake it up
Esmeralda Rodriguez (19 days ago)
The white sister looks like a crackhead
garin fl (19 days ago)
Omg the black girl is beautiful
Ultra Instinct Oozaru (19 days ago)
Jacob the Black one and Esau the white one
Ultra Instinct Oozaru (19 days ago)
The Black one is so much prettier
Ultra Instinct Oozaru (19 days ago)
The White one have yellow teeth
Stephen Price (19 days ago)
They don’t look like twins
Shalawam Yasharala (20 days ago)
And they say Jacob and Esau can't come out looking differently even with the same parents?
Bill P (20 days ago)
Differences?? Aren't we all the same?
Spicy Bunny (20 days ago)
They have the same nose, how adorable!
Darren Madkins (20 days ago)
This is a perfect example how white skin next to a melanated person looks unhealthy and unclean no wonder in the bible the dark skin black Israelites were always shunned and considered unclean when they had leprous white skin like this.
nuts King (21 days ago)
They both look black to me
troy wilkes (21 days ago)
So the ginger keeps her crack head sista dowm?
A J (21 days ago)
The brown skinned one obviously looks better. Their both beautiful but...lets just be honest. Everything is better with a little color. She looks like a runway model and has the walk OMG!
Jenny Jones (21 days ago)
Racism is So Very Wrong!
Michael Cline (22 days ago)
Can you guess which one is Republican and which one is Democrat?
Brett (22 days ago)
Real question is can the white one say nigga
MoriYah Jacob Israel (22 days ago)
This is why you shouldn't mix.
@Mark 'Tree' Allred Ha Ha
Mark 'Tree' Allred (2 days ago)
You're obviously very insecure with your own race, otherwise it wouldn't matter.
Myles W (23 days ago)
Sometimes I wish things were pure. But I can't be talking because somewhere in there is Europeans blood. Sometimes I wish I was Asian though.
NowA NevA (23 days ago)
Soooo which one gets this white privilege I’ve been hearing about ? Lol.
Chris Reid (23 days ago)
Kenneth Lanard (23 days ago)
Look how she saying black
Bob Pen (23 days ago)
They're gorgeous and such a great example of how unimportant the color of your skin is. God made them perfectly beautiful.
Jacob Defa (24 days ago)
One is white and one is mostly white
Pual Cruz (25 days ago)
This is the only time I would love twins. 😆
D Wayne (25 days ago)
Its really not that weird, any woman at least half black can have any "color" children.
losnf jslefn (25 days ago)
That's sooo cool! 😄
Devin Bradley (25 days ago)
COCO CHAMPAGNE (25 days ago)
Fraternal twins can have 2 different dads so they need to get DNA tested to see if her husband is both their dad
Corey Washington (26 days ago)
Now i believe the cain and Abel story.
Kevin Miles (26 days ago)
I don't think these hoes discovered a toothbrush yet...
Troll'n USA (26 days ago)
So basically the black twin will look young forever while the white twin ages like a Walmart banana!!! Damn it's a cold world we live in smh
Shandra9000mail (25 days ago)
Lol 😂😂😂
India Shep (26 days ago)
They're beautiful 😍
The Freeform Hippy (26 days ago)
One is more mixed and one is more white COME ON INSIDE EDITION!!! DON’T BE STUPID one isn’t BLACK!! She keep saying ones black and ones white she sounds uneducated.
REPENT retama (26 days ago)
Theres no such thing as black or white or brown everyone is a human being and they should be treated the same
aquatikoon (26 days ago)
The white one is hideous
J. Hawkins (26 days ago)
..kinda says it all..great stuff
strafer (26 days ago)
She isn’t black, she is obviously mixed
Slicklickz (26 days ago)
Do they have a 20 point IQ gap as well?
Patrick Jones (26 days ago)
Modern example of Jacob and Esau
Rachel S (26 days ago)
They actually have very similar features. Wow so unique 💙💙
Nunsuch (26 days ago)
What a pandering useless video.
Maya Simon (26 days ago)
So cool!
Misael Soto (26 days ago)
I couldn’t believe it
BrownHornet (26 days ago)
Imar Keizerweerd (26 days ago)
Jacob and Esau
Dante Grim (27 days ago)
My left hand is white and my right foot is black. Put me on the news
Ryan Styles (27 days ago)
Man she looks like your girl from game of thrones!
Seb (27 days ago)
Someone called a white girl a ghost? That's racist lmao
T bone Steak (27 days ago)
God Bless them...
D BOY (27 days ago)
Do does the white girl get the pass of saying the N word?
Brian Thomas (27 days ago)
My youngest daughter is Mulatto and somewhere is a strong possibility my grandchildren or great grandchildren will have the red hair and green eyes. My youngest daughter was born with a head full of straight blk hair with RED highlights. Like 90% black hair and 10% red highlights.
Katrina Paris (27 days ago)
Mixed girls SS (22 days ago)
Yeah they really do look the same... lol
You Need Jesus (27 days ago)
The Fathers sperm cells must be racist. The black and white genes didn’t want to mix together. So they segregated from each other.
Tommy Loika (27 days ago)
John C. (27 days ago)
Both so unique and beautiful. I like the black curly hair and mocha tone and the pale skin and red hair as well. The redhead reminds me of an old girlfriend.. Pale and beatiful.
Tigizi Gigi m (27 days ago)
Jenny Johnson (27 days ago)
So interesting! Love it.
A. Rod (27 days ago)
God is getting tired of all the racism in the world that hes starting to make brothers and sisters be black and white and bound by blood!!
Joshua Valdez (27 days ago)
Red-headed girl is so fine it's just not bad looking but she's I just love a redheaded woman
Betty-Anne Sommerton (10 days ago)
Joshua Valdez she strikes me as a lesbian so you may not have luck with that lol
sunny satpute (28 days ago)
The white one is gorgeous
Tabi Francis (28 days ago)
Black girl is so beautiful
YouMan Chew (28 days ago)
They’re both beautiful. Glad they’re so close
Baltho82 (28 days ago)
Twinssssss really!!!!!!!!! How.
Daniel Spinosa (28 days ago)
Lol curly hair vs being adopted
The Bad Elf (28 days ago)
Their Dads must be proud.
Saved by Allah (28 days ago)
Just uploaded video about first man to kill racism and then I see this in my recommendations. Right on
kiLLjoy24CALI (28 days ago)
"One black one white" ummm... I only saw biracial twins
fly away (28 days ago)
She's mixed, not black/dark.
This is news? My Dominican family?
A CHOSEN VESSEL (28 days ago)
IMHO....the Black one looks the best.
Pat Mtc (28 days ago)
The black one thick ASF...
FlamingLips79 (28 days ago)
They're both pretty.. you can see they both have their own style as well.
numbaoneg101 (28 days ago)
So maybe two different eggs were fertilized? I wonder how it happened biologically.
SincereGamingTv (28 days ago)
maria fine af
topkinginer (28 days ago)
Mom was getting plowed by a black mailman
angel max (28 days ago)
So cool
J Will (28 days ago)
Rafael Maldonado (29 days ago)
Steven Huckabay (29 days ago)
I like the story. Don't care about the negative comments on here. Racism sucks....🖕racism
Angels Angels (29 days ago)
We need to ask the woman what happened , it’s either u dated double guys at the same time , am confused
Ceaser A (29 days ago)
They dont look like twins to me
Ricky (29 days ago)
Sorry but they aren't twins
loyal Johnson (29 days ago)
The other girl look albino
loyal Johnson (29 days ago)
Esua and Jacob
ULFBERHT (29 days ago)
The redhead is cute.
at BitcoinJake09 (29 days ago)
They have the same nose

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