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Men for Sale

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In this feature-length documentary, 11 male sex-trade workers are followed over the course of a year. They share their struggles to survive alcohol and drug-related addictions, abuse and stigmatization – but most of all, their troubled pasts. Directed by Rodrigue Jean - 2008 | 144 min About the NFB The National Film Board of Canada produces and distributes documentary films, animation, web documentaries and fiction. Our stories explore the world we live in from a Canadian point of view. Watch over 3,000 films for free on NFB.ca – http://bit.ly/YThpNFB Want more? Sign up for our newsletter – http://bit.ly/YTnwNFB Connect with the NFB online: Facebook: http://bit.ly/ytfbNFB Twitter: http://bit.ly/yttwNFB
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Text Comments (415)
Sue Brurell (3 days ago)
Tres émouvant. On a envie de les prendre dans nos bras
VictorLawyer _Pt (27 days ago)
First I was "what language is this?"... Then, I thought it's a strange french (perhaps a dialect from the streets of Paris). But, I discovered that is Quebecois French.....
VictorLawyer _Pt (2 days ago)
+Sue Brurell That's why I was so surprised. I actually like Quebecois French (but not this strange kind of speaking).
Sue Brurell (3 days ago)
VictorLawyer _Pt Quebecois street ghetto french. Not everyone speaks like this
Fikile Madi (1 month ago)
22:49-22:52 The guys who make the laws against us (during the day) ARE the ones who come looking for us at night.
Luke Henry (1 month ago)
This is much more about addiction than sex work. Though I understand why in this economy the two are inextricably linked.
Pancho González (2 months ago)
I mean... great for you but can they get helped in any way?
Shigeo Kageyama (2 months ago)
Only when these kind of people talk I can understand they are homophobic- because that’s an actual fear a fear of what happened to you and not a hatred
Pancho González (2 months ago)
1:30 : (
Chad Markz (2 months ago)
The honesty. Such a travesty.
Emanuele ytb (2 months ago)
Italiano sub??
Missy B (3 months ago)
I'm confused are some of them even gay most seem straight
Rolf Gruber (3 months ago)
It's more about drugs than prostitution no? Phuu anyway hard life's been shown.
We're-all- Human (3 months ago)
NFB - PLEASE, try find them, do a follow up, how many are still in our world.. did any get free from this life (in a good way) - btw by "good" no judgement here, this docu makes me so sad for these lads,.......... and still our governments do nothing, in any country, to support the homeless kids on the streets selling their bodies - they are the victims, and before you spew hate, just think, how far are YOU really from a life on the street... You are made redundant, you are too shit scared to tell your wife, she carries on spending, your savings are gone, your home is taken by the bank, your wife leaves you, you have no money, your family abandons you,...... = you are on the street !
Hayya Thorne (3 months ago)
I know one of them ran away from their life and is living on the outskirts of Montreal, not really employed but getting through. It's such a shame that wrong decisions in your youth can have consequences on a lot of areas in your life when you're grown up.
Kerry Leigh (4 months ago)
Awesome documentary. I am really enjoying this, and it reminds me of my brother. Jason was on crack and living on the streets in Costa Rica for many years, my brother was very skinny maybe 49 kilos and he is tall. Anyway the good news, he is out of drugs. He is a good father and he made it out of drugs. These men can do it. Dreaming of Jesus is because, Jesus is going to save him.
Henning Diesel (4 months ago)
Disgusting! I hope they all die soon.
Henning Diesel (3 months ago)
I'm not surprised you are wishing for something like this just to prove an imagined point,but something like this is not gonna happen. By the way, the degenerates in this video aren't sucking dick for little money because they're gay. It's the degenerate gays who pay them little money to suck dick in order for them to afford the drugs that destroys their lives.
We're-all- Human (3 months ago)
+Henning Diesel beautiful human-being... can't wait for your child or a close relatives kid, dares to come out - clearly gets thrown out the family home - ends up on the street and earns $20 ..... - of course you and your wider family wouldn't have a gay kid in the family would you....... hahahahaha - I so pity that kid when they come out, and hope they just DON'T meet someone like you on the street... kisses sweetie x
Henning Diesel (3 months ago)
It makes no difference if my non-hateful, non-bitter ass rots first,which it eventually will anyway, as long as I don't die a pathetic,drug addicted degenerate who sucks dicks for $20.
Hayya Thorne (3 months ago)
Nah, I just hope you and your hateful bitter ass rot first
Amama Riaz (4 months ago)
I couldn'tcontinue watching the documentary as I just can't watch injustice,I hope this type of situation never happens to anyone😕
thomasucc (4 months ago)
Why do they also say "never taken it" when they do, interesting
aubrey ledesma (5 months ago)
the bearded handsome guy with the saddest look in his eyes... hes gone in the second half of the documentary. why? what happened to him?
Samuel Stone (5 months ago)
This is painful. only Jesus Christ can heal the broken, nobody else
We're-all- Human (3 months ago)
+Stephen Mark Westwood so well said... so hope the filmmaker does a follow up, tries to find the lads, who is still alive? (I can see in my mind many arn't and who burried them, who attended their service, was there even a service? I doubt it - so sad - why did they leave home, why did their parents reject them, did they have parents?. Hopefully some got off the streets and restarted their life, would love to know...... yet of course there are thousands of other boys all over the world doing exactly the same... to survive. Fck - this world is soo shitty.
Samuel Stone (3 months ago)
@ Stephen Mark its true religion is man- made but Jesus is real. I was once strayed away from the straight path, hopeless, dejected with no purpose to live, up until I met Jesus who turned me and my situations around then my eyes were opened about the purpose of life. I will not forget the last time when Jesus came into my life everything became new. Now I'm enjoying life to the fullest because my Lord has given me life again and life much more abundantly. Now Im having a very close personal relationship with my Lord through the Holyspirit which is priceless
Stephen Mark Westwood (3 months ago)
It's about time he started getting on with it then ! If all the wealth and greed that's kept in the clutches of the church was used to make the world a more humane place to live then I might start believing in Jesus. It is because a huge percentage of corn fed people in this world are looking in the opposite direction to a God that doesn't exist that the rest of us are all in pain. I see more humanity and honesty in this documentary than I've ever seen any church.
Paul Saul (5 months ago)
young (6 months ago)
They all look like mentally unstable.. drug addiction leads to prostitution and it goes on and on.. what a vicious but sad circle
mlle chocolat (6 months ago)
Si quelqu'un aurait un lien ou une piste pour que je puisse trouver ce reportage en français lol parce que le québécois c'est chaud à comprendre et je parle pas très bien anglais je vous remercie d'avance
Carlos Lima (6 months ago)
A sad true story! But without judmnent...they know about their lives...God blesses them!
iko ik (6 months ago)
I would buy first one
Josh (6 months ago)
1:50:00  , looks like herpes…..
links2films (6 months ago)
French is awful language but this accent bits them all.
ProudKiwi NZ (6 months ago)
This is sooo sad sad,and pathetic at the same time. And i feel no sympathy for any of these people the hookers or their clients. We all choose our own life pathTHE HOOKERS ARE BEING USED BY THE CLIENTS AND THE HOOKERS THINK THEY ARE USING THE CLIENTS. An II cant imagine any self respecting gay man thinking they have met a life partner. ?These rent boys are fooling themselves. I recall an old saying" todays trade tomorrows competition". these boys/men are crying out for help, I cant help wondering...did the makers of this doco offer any form of help, any rehab,for these sad cases. ? I hope the guy whose birthday was on Oct 24th has cleaned up and had a happier birthday for 2018
John Ram (6 months ago)
come to India and bring me
John Ram (6 months ago)
I want to sale of my self because I want to live with foreigners any buddy bring me with them forever
hippyIM1 (6 months ago)
OH CHRIST!This is the second time I've watched this.After ,it was the first time I'd crossed the door step of a Catholic church since I was a kid but I went in and Lighted some candles To Our Lady and St.Anthony of Padua(Patron Saint of lost thngs and said a Rosary for these guys and all the poor lost out there.Wherever you are guys I really hope God is holding you close to His loving bosom.God bless you and all the lost souls out there.
Namispond Jamispond (7 months ago)
Can't even watch this. You know what, go visit a children's cancer ward, go visit a respite centre for the profoundly disabled then get your head out of your arse and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Go get help to get off the drugs, get some fucking dignity and get a fucking job! Poor me, poor me. Fucking sick of it!!!
AM (7 months ago)
Basically they are all asshole coke heads, some i feel sorry for . Others like what they do and they are sick scum!
Jill McAleese (7 months ago)
Riveting. The interviewer was very good.
pixma25089 (7 months ago)
Pretty sad, interesting at the same time. I think it was the guy who said he was not interested on opening to anyone the same who at the end opened the most. Also wonder what happened to the guy with the face infection. Hope all of them are all right, but considering all the issues they had, I have my doubts. Thanks for sharing.
Cabrini Divo (7 months ago)
i think drugs are the problem tho
Cabrini Divo (7 months ago)
i feel so sad for these guys
Cabrini Divo (7 months ago)
ok. well, its pitiful that these men pay like 40bucks for sex. thats horrible. if i were a prostitute you start from a 1000 up
esor val (1 month ago)
This was back in 2003
Hayya Thorne (3 months ago)
Easy to talk from the comfort of your home with a full stomach. Try working the street and getting those rates when the competition is charging less, then talk. Doubt you'd even get 40.
Gary M (7 months ago)
You see, when it happens to girls that's horrible. When it happens to boys there isnt much sympathy Until this documentary
Dream Never comes true (7 months ago)
At least they get laid lol
Carl John (7 months ago)
I wonder whats their view about sex. Like for me i have a wine factory. My wine is good but it's always available that i don't want to drink wine anymore. I wonder if its the same as sex.
Les gens stupides et méchants ne devraient pas avoir le droits d'avoir des enfants. Ça fait des malheureux.
Smoky Stoner (7 months ago)
drugs are bad ok
Elisabeth Morrison (7 months ago)
God loves you..has a plan for you..not this. ..give God a chance to show you
David James (7 months ago)
The trick is to make the money & then get out.
Barry Febers (7 months ago)
They all junkies. I wouldn't buy any of these guys. Much nicer ones on line. Than on the street lol smelly whores!
Alonso Malaquias (7 months ago)
Miserere mei Deus, secundum magnam misericordiam tuam
Kip William (7 months ago)
This type of lifestyle is a personal choice, quite often many have no general grade 12 education, very few want minimum wage employment & with usually drug addiction they enter this type of tragic life. The sad fact is,,,, for the few that do move forward,,,,,they are forever haunted by a dirty past, guilt, destroyed reputations & no amount of medication, nor spiritual help can erase that past.
Genaline Cabije (7 months ago)
I can't fathom why one should trade in ones morality which doesn't even provide them a better life in the economic sense... then one loses everything, even his soul.. But this video serves as an eye-opener to the reality of sin and God's grace...
tonycavanagh1929 (7 months ago)
Dead men walking
We're-all- Human (3 months ago)
exactly... but in my opinion no judgement or hate, just sadness for them and the thousands of kids doing this hourly and daily, everyday, in every country...
T L (7 months ago)
It is a very complicated problems. Everyone has or had some problems in life. I hope most of guys can eventually sort out their problems and get out of prostitution, it is a dangerous lifestyle and eventually prostitution can eat their health and soul. I really sympathize them a lot.
Zenbeach Traveler (7 months ago)
You are watching this video and pretending to feel bad or sad. But you are thinking of other things.
Lawrence Oliver McBeth (7 months ago)
Its so easy to get lost. I hope these souls will find their way into the light...
theAlex (7 months ago)
The physical and mental deterioration documented in the one year of this film is horrendous. Where are they in 2018? Alive? Dead? In prison? Most likely destroyed.
theAlex (7 months ago)
"O.O" um festival de vidas arrasadas !
scruffycritter (8 months ago)
Certainly one of the most heart-breaking documentaries I've ever seen. Soul scorching.
LAST VIRGIN MEDIA (8 months ago)
Funny thing is they all claim to be clean and free from STD. They all claim to use protection.
esor val (1 month ago)
All lies
Tony Tony (8 months ago)
wonder where are they now?
Colin Alawi (8 months ago)
simple dont do drugs.
Joe Mahn (8 months ago)
what country?
Charlie Westfort (8 months ago)
I thought it was sad when that one cute guy looked like he was on the right path to quitting and looking forward to getting a job but a few months later he was all "I can't recognise who I am anymore" and looked even more rough.
Mike Land (8 months ago)
Translate in french of france please !
Wijaya NKS (8 months ago)
Very sad story, i can feel how hard that's must be not just for them also for their love ones. As a Balinese who growing up poor, I'm very blessed to not felt into this life. In Western culture I might consider a child labour but I'm ok with that since I started working since I'm 15 years old, by helping neighbor, selling goods and saving money for study. I do to have a master degree not even a bachelor degree but is not to make me start somewhere. I know my story is cliche and I do feel sorry for the lost soul as the commentators wrote before me.
Benjamin Istvan Cseko (8 months ago)
C'est quoi cette langue?
Denis (8 months ago)
Ce sont des Québécois
Por Veng (8 months ago)
i feel so bad for all of them
Magda Magda (8 months ago)
The guy 1:04 has so good features that after some dental makeover he could make a top class model; this adds another paradoxical dimension to his tragedy.
Denis (8 months ago)
For those who wonder where it is, it's in the Gay Village in Montréal, Québec. I used to live a few blocks away from there and I moved away 5 years before they shoot this documentary. One guy was talking about his birthday, so I figured it was filmed in 2005-2006 It's a very hearth-breaking documentary film. Those guys don't just choose to do this kind of life, they had their past and some had a very bad one. I'm not shy to say at the end I had tears in my eyes just seing how a year of drug abuse can do in their face. The sad thing is that we can do nothing for them it has to come from them-self. I wonder which one still alive and which one is drug free today.
Mohamad Rizky (7 months ago)
the reason you re tears is hard for a man to imagine that situation!
2eleven48 (7 months ago)
I doubt that anyone of them is drug free today. They're on a spiral downwards. It's not about prostitution, it's about drugs, an unhappy upbringing. That needs to be the strong emphasis of this video. My heart breaks at their misfortune.
Denis (8 months ago)
Vassa Go No I didn't, I never met them either and it's better that way. I also hope they saw the a hand or a light to get out of this hell From the month of May to September, they close the Main street in the Gay Village of Montréal for the cars and there's a lot of terrace and it's full of people. With this documentary all the guys that I thought who were mentally ill or very drunk, were in fact high on crack. I knew there was male prostitution at this area but not all the pain around it :-(
Vassa Go (8 months ago)
Any idea what happened to any of them? Hope they managed to get off their addictions and lead a better life
Carlos Vasconcelos (8 months ago)
Is it about Canada?
Denis (8 months ago)
I'm just starting to watch it and I will probably recognize some faces. It's in Montréal Québec in the Gay Village and at the beginning it written they are going at Serozero and I have a friend who was a coordinator there.
Denis (8 months ago)
Carlos Vasconcelos Prostitution is the oldest job. It exist everywhere People can say not in my country but I don't believe them when they say this
Carlos Vasconcelos (8 months ago)
+Denis thks for answer! We always think about Canada where there are just peace and goodness :)
Denis (8 months ago)
KAMEL KACENO (9 months ago)
I hope they find peace in thier life and get rid of drugs addiction.. this film broke my heart .. Love & Bless
Iscariote Kein (9 months ago)
the older they get the less things they refuse to do.... sad but true...
Mcrae Mctaggart (9 months ago)
I just find these guy disgusting. I could neither be attracted to them or let them near me knowing what they do.You just want to wash them with bleach
Ritean Dan (9 months ago)
I’m looking for a TV-Movie that aired once in the early-latter part of the 1980s that was a fictionalized account of two male hustlers in Toronto or Montreal? All I remember is that a new guy (Randy?), ran away from home and found his way on to the streets where he started on a seasoned hustler’s corner who ended up becoming friends with and showed him the life and drugs and they became roommates after awhile. One cop was always after the seasoned hustler and giving him a hard time. One scene showed a bad date and the hustler (a French accent guy), pulled out a knife when the guy wouldn’t pay him, and the trick bashed the dark haired hustler’s head onto the car dashboard and beat him up and he landed in the hospital. The cop came to visit him there. The seasoned hustler straightened up and got a job at a TV station moving lighting equipment around, and the new hustler takes over his corner and continues to ply his trade. I’ve searched high and low for this movie and cannot find any hint of what it is? I thought it was called “A Long Way From Home”, but I don’t think so. I’ve checked sites of all Canadian made hustler movies and still cannot find it. Anyone else remember this one and how can I see it again? Thx!
Hayya Thorne (9 months ago)
I think towards the end, the red haired guy who found love and the guy who had a kid were the only ones who seem to have improved, stopped prostituting at least (not sure about the drugs) but the rest are probably dead or disease ridden - sadly
Dejan V. (9 months ago)
Excellent documentary but utterly sad and tragic. These people need support and help from their society. Unhappy and lost souls in a whirl of drugs and prostitution. They deserve better lives for sure.
Wilfred Morin (9 months ago)
There is no Harley in my future! Just because of this advertisement. There are more vendors in the world!
2min Covers (9 months ago)
1:34:00 J'aurais vraiment voulu savoir ce qu'il a vécu. It's crazy how I can relate to him.
paulgollum1 (9 months ago)
Heartbreaking. Their eloquence is astounding, they clearly see the cycle they are caught up in but cannot break it. So very sad.
Yann Legrand (9 months ago)
Damn their french is sooo weird
muggen san (7 months ago)
l'accent quebecois n'aide pas , mais bon meme des toxico de france seront pas forcement faciles comprendre
Denis (8 months ago)
Ca sent la Parisienne méprisante à plein nez
Manny Tonogbanua (9 months ago)
Dios mio this is so painful to watch first 2 interviews alone and I tuned out. Still their voices need to be heard because the sad truth is that not only is this rampant in Western societies but even here in a third world country such as ours. More so in our country because ours is a predominantly Catholic society and yet this is a reality that must be faced.
Handsome Devil (9 months ago)
24:20 hot one
Denis (8 months ago)
But not anymore at the end https://youtu.be/JNTzt6QpUA4?t=6582
Agnes-Julie Martin (9 months ago)
sounds like a funny Kind of French, or what is it???
Pabst Hdez (9 months ago)
It's french from Quebec
They are not victims.
Eric Hodge (9 months ago)
Dear God...
Serge G (9 months ago)
je suis Quebecois j'ai été abuser j'ai écouter leur interview. il dise que l'argent vite faits est la meilleur chose qui peut leur arriver .Sex = drogue plus de sex plus de drogue comprend pas leur mentalité.Dans quel monde on vie !!!
Denis (8 months ago)
As-tu écouté jusqu'à la fin? J'ai l'impression que non
Steve ldnuk (9 months ago)
Will have to come back to this when in the mood but listening to the first guy I feel so sad you see his turmoil/anger/sadness etc on his face.
vento (9 months ago)
These guys simply got their lives fucked up with drugs at a early age
Cedric L (9 months ago)
Je suis francais et je suis obligé de lire la traduction en anglais pour comprendre ^^ (c'est pas une critique) SInon, si je pouvais je les prendrais tous avec moi pour leur faire arreter ca et leur drogue :p ca fait vraiment de la peine.
William Bear (7 months ago)
Ils parlent français québecois. Moi je peux les comprendre parceque je suis québécois mais je peux imaginer que c'est impossible pour les francais x)
Pas du tout
Kieron Temnov (10 months ago)
That's wonderful, leave them in that vast dark ocean.
Andy Zaturno (10 months ago)
When you think about Canada, or Montreal, you would think about prosperity, all glamour, rich and educated people from both Canada and France, but watching this reality, makes me realize there is evil, and prejudice and violence everywhere in the world. God bless Canadá.
hippyIM1 (6 months ago)
Yeah man.Reminds of a book by John Rechey"City Of Night,Drugs,Storming Heaven for a short time just to be to be evicted and to suffer worse Hell.
Fat Earther (7 months ago)
Why God?
Denis (8 months ago)
It happens everywhere Andy Prostitution is the oldest job on the planet, except now they do it to buy their artificial paradise ''Drug''
Samuel S A Walker (10 months ago)
Beautiful film. So sad, and it could easily happen to anyone.The guy whose mother didn't recognise him when he was begging is breathtakingly beautiful.
Brandon Pelletier (10 months ago)
It's sad to know that it is happening where I live in Québec :/
Denis (8 months ago)
Dans le Village Gay de Montréal
Phil0s0raptor (10 months ago)
What a haunting documentary. I'm so sorry these men have gone through such difficult things and hope so much that they can get the right kind of support, know that they are loved and worthy, and can find peace one day. Thank you for sharing their stories, we don't hear enough about male sex workers and their experiences.
consuelo (10 months ago)
Again i will do the same comment many of you do when see this kind of videos but in poor countries.....lazy men they jus want to make easy money . The difference it s Canada
Nelzki Mej Arc (10 months ago)
It is the drugs who destroyed them, and it's their choice to do prostitution.
Acheng Oletkett (10 months ago)
💓 heartbreaking
Duje Stančić (10 months ago)
Thats why they need intensive psychoanalytic therapy to reverse their drug addiction and perversion, instead of loose liberal compassion aka bulshit in the long run
martin marigomen (10 months ago)
drugs it destroys life
Rairon Maciel (10 months ago)
Garbage guys, it is so sad...
AL CY (10 months ago)
ten un tit junkie qui s'en fait pour sa sante lol
wakeupscreaming (10 months ago)
As I watch this, some liberals could say the liberalization of drug use is a good thing, because it supposedly harms no one and is a victimless crime. It's supposedly a triumph of individual rights. But alas, we're not islands. I see all these guys -- their parents messed up on drugs themselves, are harming their kids...physically, mentally and emotionally.
Joey Melliza (10 months ago)
I used to wonder why people heavy into the drug habit can't just quit it cold turkey since they know it's bad and they feel the damage it does on their bodies. Now I know it's not as simple as that, a profound menace in every sense of the word. I hope the film makers do "where they are now" on the men who shared their stories.
CarbonQuellist (8 months ago)
Seriously. Withdrawals will kill you.
Jo Alex Sg (10 months ago)
It´s so poignant that I´ve had to skip some parts, it´s too heavy to withstand watching it through directly.Nevertheless, from the testimonies I´ve been able to watch, I can say it´s utterly devastating and I prayed they found some guidance and light in their lives, comfort and true affection and of course, shelter for their bodies as well. Thank you for this most touching documentary.

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