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DIY Magazine Holder from Cereal Box - Desk Organization and Storage Ideas (2)

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Part 2 of DIY Desk Organization series - cereal box file holder! Stay tuned for giveaway coming soon!
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A S (9 months ago)
Shekhar Ponkiya (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video . your video is 👌👌👌👍👍👍
Wishy Mason (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video, you should continue making videos like this. :)
Damodhar Naidu (2 years ago)
good video. My room is now organised.
Marivic Canuel (2 years ago)
FlyingMonkies325 (3 years ago)
I just drew around a holder i already have, cut along the line and something you can do to reinforce the box is the long piece you have hanging off when cut down the lines of both sides of the box, just fold it over into the box, make a crease line, then put some pieces of double sided tape across it then tape it into the box, this reinforces the front and half of the bottom part, then the trangle bits left over that i cut off to make the shape, measure it inside the box, then run your nail across any small pieces on the sides that don't fit making a crease, fold that crease over a couple times then snip it off, then put double sided tape on these trangle pieces and tape them into the sides, this reinfoces the sides. The little extra piece hanging off at the top of the box just fold it over and tape it in too, you will see the front and the top of the box also looks neater :), any other extra pieces use it to reinforce the rest of the bottom of the box. A Cherios box is the best to use.
Phoebe Makes DIY (3 years ago)
+FlyingMonkies325 Great ideas!
Loba Haider (3 years ago)
thank you it is a very good video xx
Phoebe Makes DIY (3 years ago)
+Loba Haider Thank you very much! glad you liked it :D
Mukkta K (4 years ago)
Ooosum loved ur diys... U r so creative.. Totally subbed to ur channel n wud reely appreciate if u can sub to mine too n support... Wud love to be friends wid u... Loads of luck :*
Mukkta K (4 years ago)
Welcome :)
Phoebe Makes DIY (4 years ago)
+Mukkta Karandikar Thanks so much!
Georgina Pereira (4 years ago)
Nice! Keep the videos coming <3
Phoebe Makes DIY (4 years ago)
+Georgina Pereira Thanks so much!!

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